Eureka Lightweight Bagless Upright - 442A

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"EUREKA" THE BOSS SUPERLITESTICK VACUUMThe lightweight upright forcarpets and bare floorsPowerful 2 motor systemEasy empty dust cupEasy to storeTelescopic handleOn/off brush rollAllergen Micron filterBaglessThis is the replacement formodel 402A

  • The lightweight upright for carpets and bare floors
  • Powerful 2 motor system
  • Easy empty dust cup
  • Easy to store
Customer Reviews:
  • Bought as a gift, my mother loves it!
    I bought this vaccum as a gift for my mother who didn't have one. She loves it and likes the fact is it bagless. She said that the first couple of times she used it it was full quickly, but now after using it several times she says it must have pulled all of the dirt out of her carpet because she rarely needs to empty it. Great value for the price!...more info
  • Awful!
    I swear, I don't know how this thing is getting positive reviews. I just used mine for the last time. It doesn't suck so it sucks. It hardly picks up anything. I've tried to figure out if there's something wrong with my particular unit, but everything seems to be working properly. It's practically worthless and I should have sent it back. It would be great if it worked as advertised because of its lightweight and ease of use. I do not recommend! If I come across as peeved, that's because I am. ...more info
  • cute little vac
    I really like my new vacuum. It is extremely light weight. I have not had any problems with it so far---although I have only used it three times....more info
  • Good for touch ups and light jobs
    So far so good - Since getting mine about a month ago, I've used it several times for quick pickups, and it gets the job done. ...more info
  • Okay for last minute or back up.
    I bought because of the price and needed a quick fix. It actually sucks up quite a bit, but the dust and grime just packs onto that filter and when you empty the cup, you have to pull off the hair and gunk from the filter... gross! Kind of messy. Bagless vacuums are such a hit now...but I don't see why! I'd rather buy bags than inhale or touch the dust inside when it's time to empty!...more info
  • great product

  • Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    I ordered this for my daughter and she loves it. It works great
    and the handle folds down for smaller storage - great for
    small living quarters....more info
  • V-u-n-d-e-v-a!
    This one works great! It is a quality-good loooking, lightweight, powerfull, easy to clean vacume.....AND it's inexpensive. The filter is tough too. You can clean it with a softbrush and water.

    This Eureka can do as good a job as the big boys on bare floor and thiner carpets. Keep in mind that it is an "everyday vacume", so it's a good idea to clean it out often.
    I bought mine because I have two dogs, one of which is a Jack Russell, and anyone who has a Jack, knows that they can shed quite a bit.

    I love the Eureka Boss Mini, it keeps me on top things! I recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Used to love it, but not so much now! Wish Amazon would allow me to change star rating; I'd give it 3 stars now.
    April 17, 2007: I think any negative reviews may be from people who are trying to use this vacuum as a whole house vacuum and it's not made for that. We bought this vacuum to replace the Eureka Boss 402A (yellow vacuum) Eureka Boss Super Light Upright Stick Vacuum - 402A. We needed a vacuum for the kitchen floor and rugs. We have three dogs and one cat. I have tried practically every kitchen vacuum on the market and so far the Eureka 442A is the best! It is a wonderful improvement over the Eureka Boss 402A (yellow vacuum). It is quieter, it's smoother to handle, the brush roll is wider, it does a good job cleaning. This one even vacuums up the dry leaves that make it into our attached garage. I wiped our vacuum down with fabric softener to prevent static build-up which could make dog hair stick to the vacuum. You could probably use a dryer sheet to wipe it down, too.

    Update as of June 6, 2007: After using this product for a couple of months now, I have encountered a couple of issues. 1. The power cord cover split exposing the internal wiring. (I did not let anyone else use this vacuum or change the way I vacuum.) 2. The dust cup filter is very difficult to clean compared to the old Eureka Boss 402A (yellow vacuum). And after hand-washing it takes days for the filter to dry. I bought an extra dust cup filter because I couldn't wait days for the original to dry....more info
  • good overall
    lightweight, easy to use
    only critisim is that the filter is hard to get all the dust out of...more info
  • What a bargain!!!
    I have had a Boss Superlite since August of 2005 and love its light weight, power, and convenience. I have a long-haired dog (Pekingese) who sheds quite a bit and this little vac seems to pick up every single hair! It has very powerful suction and the dust cup is washable if you dont want to purchase replacements. My favorite feature is the small transparent window between the brushroll and the tank which can be opened to remove clogs. I admit it can be a little bit messy when emptying the canister, but I have owned several bagless uprights in the past with similar experiences. I plan to have this vacuum for a very long time. ...more info
    I order'd this vacuum after reading other reviews.
    One hour after placing my order I happened to find the identical vacuum @ a Target store and was extremely disappointed with its quality. I came home immediately to cancel my order. I spoke with two customer service reps and was told that I would receive an e-mail within 24 hours to confirm the order was suspended after notification was sent to shipping.

    Twenty four hours later, I rec'd an e-mail notifying me that the vacuum had been shipped. I was very upset at this news, as I had purchased this item as a gift to be sent to someone who is not capable of handling such transactions on her own and I now had to suffer the inconvenience, frustration and embarrasment of handling the mistake with her and the shipping carrier.

    Usually, I am thrilled at the speed of service from Amazon with all other transactions. I just wish there was more than a two hour window for cancellations....more info
  • Quick picker upper
    I just love my little Eureka bagless vacuum- it's lightweight,picks up cat hair and crumbs easily. No need to drag out the big heavy one. The price is easy, compared to the big ones, many of which don't do as good a job!! Can easily be taken upstairs. I heartily reccomend it....more info
  • Most Bang For Your Buck!
    Okay, I bougth a competitors's vacuum because of their warranty, I swear to you as soon as I opened the box and attempted to put the handle together it broke. Forget it, if the simple parts are breaking down I don't want to know about the mechanical ones! I bought this vacuum because of it's good housekeeping promise seal and I was not disappointed. Super simple to put together and use. I was AMAZED by the amount of dirt and dust that it picked up. We don't use shoes in the house and it still managed to find dirt in places I didn't imagine. The reusable filter (and washable!) is a plus. Emptying is slightly messy but best if done inside a plastic bag or outside. Overall a wonderful value!...more info