Eureka 166DX Boss 2-in-1 Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Boss, 2 In 1 Bagless Vacuum, Converts To A Hand Vacuum Removable Floor Nozzle For Cleaning Stairs & Upholstery, Telescopic Handle & Easy To Empty Dust Cup, Light Weight Less Than 4 LB, Includes Bonus Crevice Tool.

  • Lightweight bagless upright vacuum cleaner quickly converts to a hand vac
  • Works great on bare floors, delicate rugs, stairs, and upholstery
  • Removable floor nozzle; telescopic handle; bonus crevice nozzle
  • Clean Air system protects motor; 15-foot cord; easy-to-empty dust cup
  • Measures 9 by 5-1/2 by 27 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • its a broom
    It is just a broom
    its not like a vacum- doesnt have any power behind it
    and I felt like it didnt pick up hair at all ...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    I would spend a few more bucks and get a vacuum with a decent suction. Its light weight which is grand, but the suction sucks. I wanted it mostly to clean my stairs. I had to place the adapter on and rub really hard a few times before it picked up anything. I would not recommend this product....more info
  • Eureka Boss light and amazing.
    I bought the Boss for my wife because I was tired of her complaning about our vacumes weight. Well when I got the Boss she was so happy, oh yea the kids love useing it to, which is great. Thanx for a great product....more info
  • It's not cordless!
    My only mistake was thinking the sweeper was cordless. It needs a longer cord for general use....more info
  • Nice.
    It's nice. Easy to lift, don't feel tired any more. I feel ok with it. Even couldn't do best job, but a lot fun with my 6 years old daughter. She can use it to help me, and I don't need worry she could handle the weight or not. It's good to help your kid be the helper aroud the house.
    o(¿_¿)o......more info
  • Worked really great...for a while!
    My vacuum worked really great. For about two months. I have hardwood floors and I really liked it. I mean, the cord is WAY to short, but I just hooked an extension cord to it and went on my way. That is until the part that keeps all the crud in the cup and not in the motor broke. I heard this strange noise and smelt something odd, I took off the bottom part and there was a huge wad of cat hair jammed in the motor intake. I pulled it out and it worked fine for a few days. Then there was a light coming from the vacuum when I last used it...i don't know if it was a small fire or a bunch of sparks, but nonetheless...I shut it off. And promptly threw it away. I think I paid 25 dollars but for only two months of use I sure don't think it was worth it....more info
  • A little diaspointed
    I received it quickly in the mail, however, to me, it does not pick up well on carpet. It leaves pieces of string, etc. I tried going over and over and it just would not pick up.
    It worked okay on the bare floor. The cord is too short. I would have to do one side of the room and then un-plug and re-plug on the other side of the room.
    ...more info
  • cheap as quality
    It's not work for thick carpet and dirty dust. If you use for small job it s ok....more info
  • Great for dust bunnies and pet hair!
    Works great on bare floors....not good for carpets but bare floors is what I bought it to use on. VERY lightweight. The only thing I don't like about it is that the cord is not really long enough....I have lots of floors! Otherwise good product and great price....more info
  • Big dustbuster - that's it
    I bought this vac for my RV, so it would see relatively light use. Our camper has carpeting, so I needed something that will pick up dirt that gets tracked into the camper. This vac did a fair job on the bare linoleum floor but did horribly on the low pile carpeting. I returned it and just got a Hoover Flair S220. It is a little heavier but does a much better job and still stores in a very small space. It even does a good job with pet hair! I recommend you spend the extra $20 and get the Hoover Flair....more info
  • I wouldn't buy this again
    I had an electric broom for years to pick up dust and dog hair from the hardwood floors. I bought this one to replace it after it died a noble death and it just doesn't work as well. I have A LOT of dog hair in my house and I have to basically hand feed the clumps into the bottom of the machine. Apparently it picks up dust motes but not a whole lot more. My friend has one of those electric Swiffers from the grocery store that seems to do a better job....more info
  • Useless on kitchen rugs
    I should've listened to the few negative reviews for this vacuum, but the positive ones won out & I ordered this item for my kitchen. Just received it today & was disappointed in the performance of this vacuum. Basically just a dustbuster with a handle & cord!! Has no revolving brush head to clean low pile kitchen rugs of dog hair. Was okay on kitchen tile...doesn't pick up items the size of cheerios & larger. Very loud motor & plastic wheels clank loudly on tile & grout. Unfortunately, it'll be banished to my kids' playroom since it's short enough & lite enough for a child to operate. I just ordered the Hoover S220 flair bagless stick vacuum with 7.5 amp motor on Amazon....I figured that with over 500 positive reviews that it will be worth the extra $25!...more info
  • just what I was looking for
    seems to work great picking up dog hair and sand from my family who never takes off their shoes without dragging out the big vacumn, would have liked the longer cord too!...more info
  • Pleasently surprised
    I bought this vacuum after lots of research for a good hard wood floor vac. I needed something good at picking up dog hair. I read lots of great reviews on this vacuum and so bought it. It was much smaller than I thought it would be. At first I thought I had bought a toy vacuum but after I tried it, I was totally satisfied. I only had to pass over my floor once and it got everything. Easy to empty and store. It has a short cord which is annoying but I just went and bought a 9 ft. extension cord and I'm good....more info
  • Wish I could rate this ZERO stars!
    Normally I like Eureka products but this one SUCKS - and I don't mean that in a good way. As for suction - there isn't any. At least not enough to pick up anything more than a hair or a miniscule crumb. If that! What a waste of money. I'd have sent it back but the shipping fee & my time and trouble (not to mention gas to go to the post office) were not worth the effort. My kids love playing with it - they think they are vacuuming with the real thing, like Mommy. My advice - use your regular vac (even tho it may be a pain to drag out) or a mop.

    ...more info
  • Eureka!
    This electric broom is great! It's small, lightweight and really does the job. Just what I wanted!...more info
  • The best little tool ever!!!
    Great job for a little tool. Gets the job done and only about 5 pounds. Love it. ...more info
  • Powerful suction, though a little short
    I had to replace another model that I bought 8 months ago. I liked the other one, but could not buy replacement filters (the model is not made anymore.) I chose this one because it was on sale for the same price as other similar products. Before I turned it on I was disappointed. The handle is a little short (I'm only 5'7"). And I thought it seemed a little heavy. I also thought the telescoping handle would have multiple heights, but it does not. After the first time I used it, all those disappointments disappeared. This vac has great suction. It even picks up cat litter. I think the fact that the dusty air does not go into the motor is the reason. The height thing wound up not to bother me, but if you are a tall person that might be a factor. I read reviews complaining about the short cord, but it is the same length as the previous one I had. I use this vac almost every day of the week since we have tile floors everywhere except the bedrooms. We also have a cat that sheds a lot of clumps of hair. I would highly recommend this vacuum and only gave it 4 stars because of the handle height. ...more info
  • better than my big vac
    I got this little vac to clean around my long legged cat's litterbox,after a few uses I decided to try it in place of my big vac around the house,it does a much better job than the monster I usually drag around.the only downside and it is a small one is I need to empty the cup a few times if I do a few,love,love this thing....more info
  • Very Versatile Vacuum
    I live in a medium to large studio apartment with tile floors and a few area rugs. I also have a very large cat who likes to sleep everywhere. This vacuum cleaner has now almost completely replaced my trusty broom; it gets the tiled floors, the rugs, and is small enough to fit under cramped spaces like my low coffee table, behind my futon (without moving it), over the futon cover, and even gets about an inch or so under the stove.
    It sadly doesn't do that well picking up cat fur that has balled up on the rugs, but it works great for picking up loose hair floating around the floor -- I'm continually amazed at how dusty and furry the receptacle is after I finish vacuuming, and the machine is light enough to allow me to vacuum every day without much hassle. I haven't found much use for the smaller hose attachment, but I imagine it would work well for people with real couches. The thing's honestly so small and light, though, that I don't think anyone would really miss it.

    My cat, however, does not like the vacuum (it's sort of loud). ...more info
  • Eureka Boss Vacuum
    I have a smaller place that doesn't require a monster vacuum, something larger than a minivac and this seems to be it with a minivac option and the suction is good, to my surprise. I think it is a good value for the bucks. We will see in a year how it lasts. ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    Vacuum is more than I expected, I'm very particular about vacuum's and what they can do. It's great on hardwood, tile and plush carpet. It gets into tight spots and doesn't blow dust or hair. I've used it on practically everything and it does work. Buy one, you won't go wrong....more info
  • handy product
    this is a useful product for floors and thin carpets - not for thick
    carpeting....more info
  • Does the job
    This little vacuum is lightweight and easy to use. It is perfect to clean up after my dogs....more info
  • Almost Perfect!
    We got this little guy for our new tile and laminate floors and Wow(!)this thing can suck! We also received it the day after we ordered it - I assume because its free shipping offer isn't part of the SuperSaver shipping deal w/Amazon, but rather just a *free* shipping deal.
    Anyway, we ended up putting it in our RV (for a while) because of the short cord and noise (minor frustrations). Then we ended up trying the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo -- which is a rechargeable cordless vacuum -- but ended up switching it to RV usage because it just couldn't cut it on highly textured tile. We've decided we'd rather hook the Boss stick vac up to an extension cord, deal with the noise, and have a much cleaner floor. I am simply amazed at the suction power of this thing!

    I just wish I hadn't wasted my money on the Bissell. Ah, and learn.

    P.S. If the Bissell can't cut it in the RV, then I'll be getting another Boss stick vac! You can't beat the price and the free shipping deal....more info
  • Very good for what it is
    Some things are difficult to rate with stars, because you can't really compare them to the big boys. This little thing looks like a toy--yellow plastic. It is surprisingly efficient, however, at picking up dust, crumbs, pet hair etc. It is lighweight, which is good, and it can be used as a hand vac also. There are two reasons I would not give this five stars in its category(lightweight quick hard floor vacuums): 1)The cord is too short for what I need. I have an old house with few plugs, and there are places that could not be reached without an extension cord. This would not be a problem in homes with enough outlets. 2)The base floor sweeper part is small, smaller than it looks in the picture, so it doesn't sweep much of an area at a time. Of course that is part of why it weighs so little. In spite of those two things, however, I paid $20 for it and it's definitely excellent for that price. It's a deal....more info
  • Really great vacuum for the price!
    I just got this in the mail today and used it on my Pergo floors and area rug. The suction is great! I am pleasantly surprised! A great vacuum for the price. I have to agree with other reviewers, the cord is very short. I may just use an extension cord with it all the time. The vacuum even reaches corners and edges well. As I was vacuuming the floor my toddler dumped the remains of the pretzel bag on the couch, I took off the bottom piece and it worked great!
    In total you get 3 pieces: The trunk of it with extender arm, the bottom floor piece, and the crevice attachment. A small vacuum, doesn't take up much space, and so far sucks better than my larger more expensive vacuum!
    I'll update my review if my opinion changes!...more info
  • Wonderful
    I have carpet in my dining room and I no longer have to drag out my big vacuum to do a quick pickup after dinner. I also have not had to sweep since I got this. It works very well on hard floors and picks up kitty litter and food. It also makes vacuuming the stairs much easier.

    The dirt cup is easy to empty, but some stuff seems to stay stuck. I have to use the hose for my regular vacuum to clean the cat hair off the filter.

    I really like this product. No, it doesn't work as well as a full size, but it is not intended to. It does exactly what it says and it sure beats dragging 20+ pounds up and down the stairs or out to your car!...more info
  • best buy
    Love this product! I don't have to get out my heavy sweeper each time I need to sweep up some crumbs or pet hair. My kids love to use this sweeper too because it is so light and easy to use. It is also really easy to clean out after each use. If you have pets and children I highly recommend this sweeper for your kitchen. The only thing I would change would be the cord length. It needs to be a bit longer. ...more info
  • Good as it described
    The unit does the work it described. Just 2 problems
    1) The power cord is indeed too short.
    2) It is very easy to fall down when you leave it on the ground.
    Everything else are fine. The short cord is really annoying. I would buy a wireless lightweight vacuum instead....more info
  • Lightweight and Surprising Little Vacuum
    When I first opened the box and put the vacuum together, I was skeptical that it would work. It is very light weight. Once I plugged it in, I fell in love with it. I do wish the electrical cord were longer, but by plugging it into an extension cord, I could vacuum the whole room pretty quickly. It picks up small crumbs and cat hair from my mother's cat who comes to visit when my Mother goes out of town. This is a fast remedy for quick clean-ups. ...more info
  • Vacuuming is not a chore with this little beauty
    I love this little vacuum. It is so light, easy to store, easy to pull out for quick cleanups. The replacement filter cup may need replacing in 6 months, and is a bit of a pain to track down, but is available online. (cheap). I'll keep using this vacuum as long as I can.(In fact, I already have one I've used for the last 2 years without a single problem.)...more info
  • Buy this.....
    Great Product. I going to buy another two, one for the upstairs and one for the A/V room. Let's face it most products in this area are unpowered. This works and for the price you can't go wrong. I am not saying it would replace a full sized vacuum but since I don't have kids, it did for me. ...more info
  • Not as efficient as older model
    This was not as efficient as the older model I have. The body was a bit bulky and it wasn't as lightweight. It doesn't pick up cat litter granules very well, which was why I purchased it. A little disappointing....more info
  • better than the blue bissel
    not good for hte only vacuum to own.. might be good for
    a conversion van.. doens't do well on carpet....more info
  • light weight, great picker upper
    It is a great light weight product that has great pick up. It's very easy to get it out and clean the area you need and then you are done. It gets in small areas easily that larger vacuums can't get to. I love it for my tile and hardwood floors. ...more info
  • Great Little Vac
    Okay, so this is really a dustbuster with a telescoping handle and rollers. But it is fantastic for hardwood floors and tile. Don't even bother with carpet.

    Also works great on upholstery. Even better that my regular vacuum with a its' special attachment.

    Only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that the power cord is too short. Could use about another 8 feet. Other than that it is fantastic and a steal for around $20....more info
  • good vaccum for the price
    This vaccum is light and easy to use and works pretty well, especially considering the price....more info
  • Better Than Expected !!
  • Decent little Vac
    Our new place is all hardwood floors, so we wanted a decent quality "electric broom". This one has pretty good suction, and does a decent job cleaning with no tendency to blow stuff around instead of picking it up. On the less desirable side, it has trouble picking up items which are right in a corner, or against the edge of the wall. Cord is a little short, but usable, and construction is quite cheap but so far (1 month) it's holding up ok....more info
  • Eureka lightweight bagless upright vacuum cleaner
    It's small and easy to maneuvar, gets in small places. I really like this vacuum cleaner, works great on hardwood floors, for the price, it's a great value. ...more info
  • Great find!
    This little vacuum is great. Cut my sweeping time from almost an hour to 5-10 minutes. Love it!...more info
  • Good but not for Heavy dudty
    This is a good vacume to pick up dust and some crumbs bud don't think you can clean a carpete with it. Had a little diffuclty even with a small kitch rug....more info
  • Decent value for a quick pick-up
    Pro: lightweight, long cord avoids frequent stops to move plug, picks up pet hair and dust with ease, great for kids to clean their rooms

    Con: doesn't lay flat enough to reach to the middle under the kingsize bed, wheels are made of hard plastic & "brush" on bottom is just a thin strip of rubber...wonder what frequent use would do to hardwood or laminate floors?

    General: This stick-vac offers a good alternative for sweeping the floors in between regular deep cleaning....more info
  • great on hardwood floors!
    I love this product. So light and easy to use... It works really great on hardwood floors to pick up dog hair especially! ...more info
  • Kitchen Sweeper
    Excellent buy. Strong suction for a small sweeper. Ideal for kitchen use. Very pleased with it. ...more info
  • great for hair and dust bunnies
    When we got this in the mail, my husband was pretty skeptical. It's made almost entirely of plastic and does appear to be quite flimsy. The cord isn't very long and the handle could also be higher, but it does the job I need it to do. I bought this stick vac to help with all the dog hair collecting on my hardwood floors and it works great. There's no roller for the hair to get caught on and when I need a crevice tool, there's no attachment to go searching for...I just remove the base and I have a hand held. All in all, it's a great light weight vac to combat hair and dust bunnies--probably not great for carpet though. I would give it 5 stars if it were rechargable rather than a plug in.
    ...more info
  • light and easy to use
    It's very light and easy to use. Very cheap! The only trouble is that you need to clean inside and dry it by yourself. It doesn't have a bag....more info
  • Small light but gets the job done
    Small enough to handle. Big enough to do the job. Good price for what you get. BUT this is no Kirby or shop's not exactly a powerhouse of suction....more info
  • Best $20 I've spent in a while
    My house is mostly hard floors, so with 2 long-haired dogs and a cat there is hair everywhere if you don't clean it up every day or two. I bought another stick vac (Dirt Devil Power Stick) for $45 but it didn't convert to a handheld for doing corners and it was very powerful but the equally powerful exhaust just blew the pet hair everywhere. This little $20 vacuum is just perfect though. It's not a powerhouse but it has plenty of suction to pick up pet hair and most everything on the hard floors. The option of using it like a dustbuster is great for hard to reach areas and it's small enough and light enough to hang just about anywhere. Great product for the price....more info
  • small vacuum for a small room
    The Eureka 166DX is OK for the price. It's not a powerful vacuum cleaner for the entire house but good enough for a small apartment. Because it will loose its power once it gets full. So you might need to empty it once or twice for a large area to clean. On the bright side, it's cheap, very small and convenient....more info
  • Dandy
    Got a shedding dog, lots of bare floors and a bad back? This tiny, ridiculously lightweight vaccuum is for you. It's almost toy-sized (yes, your kids could use it easily). Lots of pluses: it's very easy to one-hand it. Its small width enables it to get into tight spaces, such as between the bathub and the toilet. It does a good job of picking up dust and pet hair from bare floors, stairs, car seats and dog beds. And from your bed also. I had no idea that my house was so dirty. The fabric and plastic dust cup is easy to empty. My previous bagless had the same filter and it lasted for years and years. No bag letter codes to forget or filters to buy. The handle telescopes and the floor attatchment can be removed to make a dust buster. For this ridiculously low price of $19, you could have one in every single room in the house for quick cleanups. The only minus: a longer cord would be nice....more info
  • good choice
    helps to vaccum areas to tight to get with the regular vaccum and its really good to vaccum furniture and mattress's....more info
  • Great for small pickups
    I bought two of these - one for my daughter's dorm room and one for the kitchen. Very simple vacuum cleaner which is great for quick pick-ups when you don't want to get the normal vacuum cleaner out. Comes with crevice tool great for under counters. Easy to empty. Takes up very little space....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum!
    Got this based on the reviews. This is a handy little vacuum for my Kindergarten classroom. It's not heavy duty---more like a dustbuster with more attachments and an extendable handle. Works great for quick clean-ups and I love having the crevice tool....more info
  • good for hard floors
    I have two dogs and this is a life saver in picking up their hairs. It works best on hard floor and small rugs and nothing more. Don't expect to pick up cheerios or nothing bigger than that with this vacuum, you would have to place it directly over the object for it to be sucked up. In general if you looking for something lightweight to use and small to store and a quick fix for animal hair then this is a perfect product. ...more info
  • Misrepresented
    I bought this stick vacuum from Target direct. It was advertised as a new product. When it arrived the box was damaged and retaped. It was obvious it was a badly used return. To top it off, the handle will not stay extended. It keeps collapsing not matter what I do to keep it up. I am disabled so it is too much trouble to send it back.
    This was terrible misrepresentation....more info
  • Much Better Than The "Featherweight".Great for R.V.
    I bought the Boss stick vacuum and the Featherweight vacuum because they were both priced the same and I couldn't decide between them. The Featherweight model had a lot of rave reviews about it but, having bought and used both, I think the Boss vacuum is SO MUCH better! The Boss's handle telescopes back into the unit; the Featherweight detaches. The Boss vacuum has more pick-up ability. The floor attachment of the Featherweight, when used on short carpet,lifts up on the backstroke; the Boss model does not. I put the Boss model in our R.V. to do quick pick-ups while on our trips (we bring our cats and needed a vacuum to get up cat litter as well as dirt)what a lifesaver!!! I kept the Featherweight in our house to do stairs and quick small clean-up jobs on our tile floor but, I wish it was a Boss model instead then I'd be really happy!!!!...more info
  • Quick Pick UP
    This little vac does a good job cleaning my hardwood and tile floors. Light weight and is able to get under furniture. It's a little difficult to remove the basket to empty the dirt, but I expect that's because its new....more info
  • Cheap feel to it
    I've had the Eureka 96B model for about 1 1/2 years and I prefer it MUCH better than this model. I actually got this Eureka 166DX model as a gift through my work. I'm glad I didn't pay for it because it's so much more cheaper feeling than the 96B. I'm disappointed that it has a cord and that it is not chargeable. If you want one that works really well, spend the extra $10.00 for the 96B model. It's really worth it. ...more info
  • Eurika Boss Lightweight Upright Vacuum
    A nice handy tool to keep areas clean between more serious cleanings. ...more info