KIND Bar Almond & Coconut, 1.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 8)
KIND Bar Almond & Coconut, 1.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 8)

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Product Description

All natural. Always. All natural ingredients; Gluten free; Wheat free; Dairy free; Low GI (GI value 46); Good source of fiber; Non GMO; No sulphur dioxide; No trans fat; Very low in sodium. Made in Australia.

  • Case of eight 1.4-ounce almond and coconut snack bars (11.2 total ounces)
  • Made from 100% natural almonds, honey, shredded coconut, and puffed rice
  • Dairy, wheat, and gluten-free; non GMO, no trans fat or cholesterol; four grams of fiber and protein per serving
  • Full of premium whole nuts and the taste and goodness of real fruit flavor
  • Handmade in Australia by PeaceWorks, which donates 5% of its profits to OneVoice, a foundation supporting co-existence in the Middle East

Customer Reviews:

  • Move over Almond Joy and Snickers!
    Unbeatable! I've been cruising the protein bar isle for years, and this product just took first place in my book! I relapsed on carbs when I had Odwalla's Peanut Crunch Bar (though yummy very high in carbs). Who needs to cheat when there are Kind Bars on hand. I do confess, I like this one so well that I haven't tried the others yet!

    I have read on other sites that if the supplier isn't rotating or selling enough to keep fresh stock on hand, you might get a stale batch. That is an unfortunate consequence when the food item is without preservatives, as in this case. I recommend that if you get a stale shipment you notify whom ever you ordered from, and request a replacement. These are not intended to be rock hard or chewy like taffy. Just perfect......more info
  • Yummy healthy bar
    Tastes great, very yummy. Will order again. Healthy for you too. No artificial anything....more info
  • ***STALE***
    In the past I've bought these from a local grocery store and they were soft, chewy, moist, and delicious. unfortunately the batch I just received from Amazon were dried out, crunchy, and stale. wondering if the boxes sold here are expired overstock......more info
  • Best energy bars on the market!
    These bars are naturally amazing. Tasty, simple, no weird funky ingredients or stuff you can't spell hiding in there. They have good flavor and crunch, travel well in a bike jersey pocket or handbag, and stick with you.

    This flavor is my favorite, but we've tried them all and they're all wonderful. How can you beat the simplicity of coconut and almonds? Yum!...more info
  • KIND Almond & Coconut bars
    My first shipment of Kind Almond & Coconut bars contained VERY solid bars that, although delicious, were just about unbite-able. I cut them up with a knife to save my teeth. The second shipment is not quite so crunchy, and my husband suggested warming them in the microwave if they're too crisp. They haven't needed that special treatment, but they're still not as soft as the Almond & Apricot and Macadamia Nut & Apricot flavors. Since all the flavors comprise one sweet that I can eat without triggering allergies, they will all remain on my automatic order list....more info
  • Small slice of heaven
    For those on a gluten & dairy-free diet, these are ideal as a quick snack, something to keep in a purse or glove box. My partner has some very strict dietary needs (Chron's) and seldom is something available for her that not only tastes good, but doesn't come at a cost to her digestive system.
    This is perfect! ...more info
  • Badda Bing of Bars
    Even though a little high in caolories/fat like all other bars, this is a healthy natural fiber filling alternative that actually tastes good too! I hope the fat calories don't catch up with me --- I keep a bar in my car when working it is like a quick fix snack!...more info
  • Awesome and fantastic
    This bar too is great! Just the right amount of sweetness. Again, people at my work are "begging" for bars! Thanks for making something that is not just wholesome, but tastes great too!...more info
  • To much to pay for 4 grams of protein
    No matter how good these taste I would never pay this much for a bar with only 4 grams of protein . A simple candy bar, which would not be as good for you I know, has more in most bars, such as Snickers and chocolate is good for you also . If you are buying a health bar buy one with at least enough protein so it can replace a meal or better yet buy nuts, fruits and eat them as a snack along with a glass of milk or soy milk . Paying for something just because it is in an easy to carry package is not worth paying this much .
    ...more info
  • Excellent bar!
    These bars have a great taste! Just the right amount of chew, wonderful texture. I will be purchasing these again. ...more info


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