Bissell Flip-It Select Hard Floor Vac - 7340

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Product Description

Combining power with versatility, this bare-floor cleaner features three modes of cleaning-dry vacuum, heated wet vacuum and drying. The Flip-It Select offers heat for superior cleaning. Get your bare floors sparkling clean with this versatile and lightweight Bissell dual-function cleaner. With one quick flip you can switch back and forth between heated wet and dry cleaning for a complete floor cleansing with one 10 pound machine. The dry mode picks up crumbs, pet hair and dirt. Switch to the heated wet mode and a fingertip control dispenses cleaning solution while the soft-scrub brush and an interchangeable pad does the job on various floor surfaces. The built-in heater with on/off switch allows you to select heated cleaning for sticky, hard-to-clean areas. Other handy features include a cord clip, quick-release cord wrap, carry handle, filter, cleaning solutions and separate clean and dirty tanks. Brush and pads are machine washable. Includes trial size hard floor cleaner, trial size wood floors cleaner and an extra pad.

  • Origin: China
Customer Reviews:
  • Waste of $100
    I'll split this review into two parts, the vacuum and the water cleaner.

    The Vacuum: Embarassingly pitiful suction, no rotating brush, and the machines sticks on the squeege from the water cleaning side making a back and forth cleaning motion difficult. This vacuum couldn't pick up small dustballs, little scraps of paper, or loose dirt. The suction part of it is so far back that it's impossible to get into corners or near edges of walls and no attachment to supplement.

    The water cleaner: Pitiful. Uneven distribution of water, uneven suction of water, the brush falls out any time you move the machine from left to right even gently, and the brush was almost spotless after 15 minutes of cleaning on 'heated' mode with floors that hadn't been mopped in 2 weeks. The 'heater' fails to produce even tepid water. The squeege leaves puddles every time you pull back and any small variation in your floor will leave large streaks of water. On my tile floor it left puddles in all of the grout. Water in the 'dirty' water collection bin was as clean as the water coming out of the cleaning solution compartment. The cleaning pad is in the dead center of the machine's base, so you can't clean within 2 inches of the wall going front to back, and more than an inch going sideways. The really sad sight was how dirty the mop water was after I turned off this garbage and cleaned my floor the old fashioned way.

    Horrible design, worse functioning. This machine took more time and did a worse job cleaning than a $5 broom and $10 mop....more info
  • Love, LOVE, LOVE IT!
    This product is definitely worth the money. The first time I used it, I knew I would never go back to the old mop and bucket. It saved my back, time, and a whole lot of sweating. I have a NYC apartment that is all wood floors. With our extra many legged "tenants", I knew I wanted something that would really clean my floors so that I had piece of mind while my boys played on the floors. I was sooooo impressed with the amount of dirt and grime that this machine sucked up. All i can say is YAHOO! Buy it, you won't be sorry....more info