Sunbeam Health at Home HeatFlex Stingray Shaped Heating Pad with 4 Heat Settings and 2 Hour Auto-Off, Grey

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Product Description

New Contoured extra-flexible wrap ideal for relief of neck or back pain Patented Extra Sensing Power technology self-regulates to prevent hot spots and provides consistent therapeutic heat 4 Heat Settings 2-Hour Auto Shut Off Moist heat option for deep penetrating pain relief Vinyl storage bag

  • HeatFlex with patented ESP Extra Sensing Power technology self-regulates to prevent hot spots and provides consistent, therapeutic heat
  • Contoured, extra-flexible wrap ideal for relief of neck or back pain with moist, penetrating deep heat
  • 4 heat settings
  • 2 hour auto-off
  • Machine washable pad and reusable storage bag

Customer Reviews:

  • having a hard time deciding on what heating pad u should get?
    It wasn't too big or too small but just right in size and did the job. Loved the heat settings and it does get pretty hot. i usually have it only at warm/low and that's good enough for me. Also to top it off the heating pad turns itself off after two hours. HIGHLY recommended and it's decently priced. ...more info
  • heating pad
    I got this for my boyfriend whose back bothers him after days of laying carpet. He likes that the shape fits the body well and that it is flexible and says the heat levels are really good....more info
  • Sunbeam heating pad
    I had this sent to my son at OU so he could put it on a sore throat, so I haven't seen it personally, but he says it was a great relief when it came and that it worked great! The auto-off is a neat bonus, and the price couldn't be beat at $11. We're thrilled....more info
  • heating pad
    best of the heating pads. The last pad we had burned itself as the plastic lining stuck together. This one has no plastic. It has enough weight to stay wrapped over the shoulder....more info
  • Broke after 2 hours
    I think this is the first time I've reviewed an item on Amazon. I bought this heating pad and it worked for the first 2 hours but it never really got hot. After about 2 hours a red light started blinking on the controller. I unplugged the pad and plugged it back in, the light still blinks and the pad won't warm up. I read the directions wondering if this was some sort of bizarre auto-off function but it's not. The product is busted so i'm off to return it. Luckily Amazon will pay the return shipping since the product is defective.

    It says "MADE IN CHINA" so the quality control is most likely poor. Half the pads probably work well; I just happened to receive a lemon....more info
  • Do not waste your money on this heating pad!
    Sunbeam Health at Home HeatFlex Stingray Shaped Heating Pad with 4 Heat Settings and 2 Hour Auto-Off, Grey
    This has to be one of the worst products that I have ever purchased from Amazon. I plugged it in days ago and I am still waiting for it to warm up. Only one small area in the very center of the pad gets minimally warm. I am extremely unhappy with this product and will be returning it for a refund!...more info
  • So Far So Good
    When I found this heating pad, I was excited to find one that wasn't too big or too small, but was also a good price. So far this one has worked well. I can even fold it and it doesn't lose heat. I'd definitely recommend this product....more info
  • So versatile
    Our old heatpad wore out and I choose this one to replace it after looking at many models. It was a good choice. The pad is comfortable against your skin and is flexible so you can wrap it around your arm or your shoulder or where ever you need it. The low heat setting is perfect. I sometimes use it just to warm up or a cool winter evening. The pad is washable although I haven't tried to wash it yer. This pad should be a part of everyone's first aid kit. I really like it....more info
  • heating pag
    I received this item in excellent condition. I have used this item many times and it has worked perfectly. I am a satisfied customer!...more info
  • mild mannered
    This heating pad is pretty mild mannered and inoffensive. That's good if you want a slightly warm something on your body. It's bad if you really want some decent heat. On the highest setting, the pad challenges the definition of "hot." It never gets there. If you like very gentle warmth, this is the one. If you want a wee bit more, keep shopping.

    ...more info
  • Sunbeam Stingray Shaped Heating Pad
    I like almost everything about this product. The only thing that I don't like is that I don't feel that it gets hot enough. It is well constructed and I like the automatic shot off after 2 hrs. ...more info
  • just not hot enough, and what's with the alarming warning??
    This just doesn't heat hot enough. There is no discernible difference in the heat settings. Sometimes it feels like it has turned itself off even if the indicator light is on high. But what I really didn't like is a tag on the cord indicating it contains lead and that I should wash my hands after use!! What is that about?? Who wants to jump out of bed to wash their hands after this thing has supposedly eased their cramps (or other aches & pains) before sleep?? Does this mean all my appliance cords contain lead?? I will be forever washing my hands! How about just not putting lead in the cord?? ...more info
  • Does a good job!
    I really like the shape. It seems to mold to your body better than flat ones....more info
  • Just what I needed
    convenient, effective.

    I wis that the control was a few inches farther from the pad...more info
  • Excellent product.
    Excellent product! It is all one piece, so the inside does not come out and will not burn your skin. I love the auto shut off....more info
  • Gets very hot!
    This little sucker gets so hot. It's small and thin, but i really love this heating pad! The shape of it is great and it gets really hot, i don't think i've ever even put it on "hot" yet. lol...more info


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