Hoover F7222900 SteamVac Dual V Carpet Cleaner

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Product Description

Hoover SteamVac Dual V, 12 AMP, 5 SpinScrub Removable Brushes, Heat Cleaning, Removable Tool Rack, Rinse Control Feature, SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool, 8' Attachment Hose, 27' Cord.

  • 12 amp carpet cleaner with 5 rotating brushes to loosen dirt from fibers
  • Automatic detergent-mixing system; edge-to-edge suction; heated cleaning
  • 8-foot attached hose and powered hand tool for cleaning stairs and upholstery
  • Brushroll shutoff; 30-foot quick-release cord; separate clean/dirty 1-gallon tanks
  • Measures approximately 20 by 12 by 44 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Avoid this machine
    I used this shampooer on 3 carpets only one time. I tried to use it about a month later and the brushes have rusted so badly they don't spin. Unfortunately I didn't take it back to the store for a full refund when I first purchased it. The brushes seized up for a short time (but started working)when I tried to resume shampooing carpets after letting it sit overnight.
    According to the serviceman (it is still under warranty) he said this is a bad redesign and happens frequently. He told me this may keep reoccurring and it will cost $40.00 for the part (not under warranty) and $50.00 to install it. There is nothing you can do to eliminate the rusting of the sealed bearings. He also mentioned throwing it out. This is just what I wanted to hear after spending over $225.00. I also wrote Hoover asking for my money back, we'll see. ...more info
  • Look elsewhere, this thing leaks like a sieve....
    Used it twice before it started leaking all over the place. Repairs were under warranty so it wasn't a big deal. Used it twice more before it started leaking again, this time out of warranty. We've spent a ridiculous amount of time fixing this thing. The repair shop says it is leaky valves. My first Hoover worked for 12 years without any problems. I'm very disappointed at this product....more info
  • If you buy this get the warrenty.
    I had a Hoover steam vac for eight years and loved it, I used it frequently and wore it out. I replaced it with this one two years ago. I did not pay enough attention to the warnings about the tank leaking. The tank design is flawed. I did not get the extended warranty because I never do. But if you have to have this model I would say it is a must just because of the tank.
    After cleaning my carpets two times the tank started leaking. I had it replaced under warranty. Again I only used the machine a couple times and the tank leaked. Had it replaced. Third time the plastic around the seals cracked and it was leaking. At this point I was too busy to keep sending and arguing for a warranty replacement. I had switched to using a carpet cleaning service and as part of a move it was the casualty of discarded items. It was more work and effort with out the same results I was getting with my first Hoover to warrant the closet space or the move time.

    Sadly, I would strongly advise against buying this one....more info
  • Poor quality
    The Steam Vac works great... and then it breaks. I had to replace the brush head on mine because a small plastic shaft is used to drive it. I am a mechanical engineer and know that there is no way this soft, square plastic shaft will hold up to the torsion and fatigue stress created during typical use. After this problem, a bearing in the turbine drive for the brushes rusted, so I took it apart and cleaned it. The same day I did this, the plastic shaft broke AGAIN. If I had it to do over again, I would not buy this product....more info
  • OMG this Machine is Amazing
    I purchased this machine last week. I have always owned Bissell's but after years of frustration with odd design (making it difficult to clean) and the various leaks, I decided to give the Hoover a chance. I had limited expectations but was pleasantly surprised to find that this machine got my white carpet back to white (it out performed the Rug Doctor as well). It is much easier to work with as the clean water and the holding tank are two pieces. The design of the detergent dispenser is such that leaks are unlikely. The two piece components make rinsing out the pieces very easy. I also used the upholstery cleaner attachment. It is a little awkward and wasn't able to get into the crevices around my stair railings, but did a good job overall.

    The only thing that could improve on this machine would be the storage of the upholstery attachment on the back. The tool cady is made so it can be mounted on a wall or on the vacuum. This "freedom" means that it isn't tightly seated on the machine. I say mount in a closet and be done with it. A minor inconvenience to see my carpet looking good. ...more info
  • Leaking tank
    My machine is 13 months old and has done 9 rooms of carpet cleaning in two sessions. The clean water tank (top) leaked a little my last use. With this most recent attempt, the tank leaked profusely. Upon inspection, the opening that supports the clean water valve was cracked and extremely friable so that the plastic around the rubber gasket just broke apart with any attempt to examine under the rubber lip. Hoover customer service said the tank has been redesigned (I'll assume they recognized the flaw) but they are unwilling to replace the defective one. The tank replacement is $40 and has no warranty. When not leaking, the machine did a very good job but I will go back to Bissell....more info
  • Works Great until the Tank Leaks
    I had this cleaner for 3 years and had no trouble. It did a good job of cleaning and sucking the excess water out. I needed to pre-treat any stained areas but then it got the carpet clean. But I am disappointed that the water tank just started leaking for no reason. It isn't a cheap unit and I did not use it all that much. In the 3 years I owned it, this is probably only the 6th time I used it and I took good care of it, rinsing and cleaning all the parts before storing it. So I am very disappointed to say the least....more info
  • Great SteamVac
    Just used this for the first time, and already I love it. The parts are not flimsy. The SteamVac does a great job at picking up dirt and various stains. I have not had a problem with it leaking, either....more info
  • Just like the Neighbors
    We bought this after borrowing one from our neighbors about 5 times. Works just as good. For the price it is a great cleaner....more info
  • Good cleaner. Poor quality.
    This is my second Hoover machine. They clean well. This one cleans better than the first one, but the cleaning tank leaks and the handle on the dirty tank broke off. $57 to replace the tank, so I passed on that. The attachments on this one is completely detachable so it is not as compact and convenient as the first model. I am undecided on whether I will go with Hoover again. I have an old dog so I have to have something. The unit is very loud....more info
  • Leaky
    I read many reviews on this vacuum before purchasing it so I thought I was getting a quality product. This vacuum LEAKS! And I've done everything I can to prevent it from leaking. Even if the container is empty, the remnants leak out of it. So watch where you park your vacuum and make sure it isn't on any carpet or you'll have a stain you can't remove! like I do now... ...more info
  • Good Cleaner, but some design flaws.
    I have given this machine 3 stars, because when it is working well, it is one of the best home extractor units out there! The machine has nice features, like the rinse feature. You can just rinse the carpets without shampoo. The parts that I see break frequently are the Shampoo tank itself, and the part the tank connects to on the base of the machine. I can't even tell you how many shampoo tanks we have sold for this machine. It is designed in a way that the normal consumer will break 6-10. Be carefull when reattaching the shampoo tank after refilling with water/shampoo. ...more info
  • Great suction and a great job!
    I just finished cleaning my whole house with this steam vac and I loved the results! I didn't follow the instructions exactly for cleaning because it used a lot of water and I was having to change it too often. However, I used vinager to clean with (very cheap solution to the shampoo and you don't have to rinse) and I loved the results! I got out some stains that the professional couldn't get out 3 months ago; plus, the vinager cleaned the machine as well as the carpets! The suction is great! My carpet and upholstery look and feel clean again. With three young children, that is very important!
    ...more info
  • Bad News/Good News Story
    The Hoover F7222-900 Steam Vac I ordered was, unfortunately, lost in shipping somehow. After about 10 days and no delivery from only 300 miles away I called Amazon customer support. The person I talked to refused to consider the possibility that it could be lost in transit and refused to initiate a UPS trace until the order would be about four weeks old. One more week went by and still no delivery prompting another call to customer support. This person understood that the Hoover was lost and did an immediate re-order with free expedited delivery. I received the re-ordered Hoover two days later. ...more info
  • carpet cleaner
    The carpet cleaner worked very well and while I hadn't really thought about being able to finish an area with clean water, it did make a difference!...more info
  • Hoover steam vac dual v
    I purchased this machine one year ago. I love how it cleans and it is easy to use. I have 2 dogs and a cat and it is great whhen the dog has an accident on my beige rugs. the only problem whhich I will address with Hoover is that after a few uses one of the latches on the recovery tank broke in half. My husband was able to repair that with Crazy glue. this forces me to be extra careful when closing that particular latch. This model I have has the clean water and detergent tank attached to one another. It states the detergent tank is NOT to be detached or removed form its postion. I used it this past week and the detergent solution holder fell off. Now I have "jimmy-rigged" the solution on onto the clean water tank with heavy tape. It works, but the problem is that a piece of plastic broke off the bottom and it has not sit correctly onto the machine to dispense the detergent in the way it is supposed to. Other than these two problems I love the machine. I know i could purchase a replacement tank but I feel the machine is too knew for this to happen...more info
  • Beware!
    I had a Hoover steam vac for eight years and loved it, I used it frequently and wore it out. I replaced it with this one two years ago. I didn't use it as often and it didn't work as well. I have already replaced the tank on it once and it leaks again. I went to use it tonight and the motor smells like it is burning up. From the first day I used it, I noticed the parts are flimsy on it and suction is poor. I never thought I would consider a Bissell but Hoover's standards have gone down. It would cost too much to replace the motor and the tank--which will probably leak again. I recommended the first machine to my mother, three friends, and a couple in the store looking at them. Everyone I know was happy with that machine. Sadly, I would strongly advise against buying this one....more info
  • Good cleaning capability, Excellant buy !!!
    I bought this item after doing a lot of research online and offline. Its a very good buy for that price. The positive things about this unit are;

    1) Very good cleaning power. Good suction.
    2) Easy to move around. The handling is good.
    3) Seperate space for cleaning agent and water.
    4) Very easy to clean. Almost everything is detachable including the brushes on the bottom.

    The only negative thing I found about this unit is the noise level. Its very loud.
    ...more info