Better Living AVIVA TRIO Dispenser, White
Better Living AVIVA TRIO Dispenser, White

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  • Eliminate shower bottle clutter; fits flat on the wall or neatly in the corner
  • Dispense liquids with a push of a button
  • Large 14 oz. refillable chambers save money by buying your favorite liquids in bulk. Easy to refill
  • Mylar coated labels -identify your liquids neatly
  • Quick easy installation: No Tools Required. Installs in minutes with two way tape and silicone or screw option (included) on any tile, marble, plastic or other wall surface.

Customer Reviews:

  • soap dispenser
    Our family has really liked this soap dispenser. It has leaked a few times from the middle section where we have the shampoo, but nothing too serious. It has made our shower stay so much cleaner not using bar soap....more info
  • I love this!!
    I absolutely love this dispenser. It works exactly as it is supposed to. It was extremely east to install. I did take some of the other reviewers advice to fill up with water before installing to make sure there is no leaks. I would recommend that and making sure you give the adhesive 24 hours to set. I haven't had any instances where it wasn't 100% secruely fastened. The only issue that I have had is that when you use less viscous liquids, there is a tendency to have one last drop cling to the dispenser nozzle and drop at some later time. So i just wipe the extra drop off before it has time to fall. Other than that small problem, it has been fantastic....more info
  • This is the one!
    After reading the many helpful reviews for the various wall dispensers, I decided that this was the one to buy. It was the right choice. This product is well made and even the instructions are well thought out and clear. It has been working quite well in my shower ever since it was put up, and if you want to reduce the clutter in your shower, this will do the job! It comes in three different finishes, so it will match anyones' decor. I love it!...more info
  • Works great
    I haven't used it much since I bought it since it is in my guest bathroom. But it works great so far. I did follow the suggestion of a previous review though. To test is for leaks first before sticking on the wall. Great bit of advise cause once it's on it's on.

    ...more info
  • it fell apart fast - go to your local store so if it doesn't work, you can return it easily
    you have to glue the base to the shower wall. our canister fell apart and broke, and the base plate prong broke, too. i think it is impossible to remove the base plate from the fiberglass shower wall, so now we have the base there, and can only be replaced with the exact model used. if the first one fell apart in two weeks, why would i want another? last night i saw similar ones at home depot, so i suggest you buy one there. check canisters first to see that they don't leak before mounting any base plates. follow mounting instructions to the t.good luck! ...more info
  • Exceptional product for the money
    I've been using this product for a week and absolutely love it. As some reviews suggested a leaky valve, I first tested the valves with water and found no leaks. Then I cleaned the shower wall and installed the mounting plate (24+ hr wait for silicone to cure) according to the instructions. Everything looks and works great. As a man with a normal head of hair (significantly more than George Costanza, significantly less than Willie Nelson) two pumps of shampoo is adequate. I mounted it fairly high on my shower wall so that I don't accidentally bump it, as a good whack would probably break this plastic unit. But for the price, you cant expect an all stainless steel product. I wish I'd bought one years ago. I'm buying another for our guest bath and recommending to family/friends....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I would recommend that you "didn't" buy this one. Only 1 of the 3 pumps on this worked. I filled all 3 full: soap, shampoo and conditioner. Only the shampoo worked and the other two are useless. Not only did I waste my money on this, but on the products I put in that I can't get back out. And, it fell off of the shower wall after only 2 weeks! It's garbage folks...
    ...more info
  • Aviva Trio Dispenser
    The product is great. Easy installation. NO leaks and the pump dispenses
    the right amount of liquids....more info
  • A Great Product for the Permanent Home Owner
    What can I say about this product? I absolutely love it, but I don't know how our landlord is going to feel about how I used silicone glue and double sided tape to get it to stick to the inside of the shower. It works great, holds more than enough shampoo,conditioner, and body wash for me and my husband (we buy in bulk from costco). It doesn't sporadically leak, and refilling it is very easy. There's even space to stack little things like razors or other little bottles on top of it if needed. If you don't want a permanent dispenser don't buy this one though because you literally glue it to the wall, but it holds like a rock! Maybe when Better Living gets a little smarter they will produce ones that can be hung over the shower head base like caddy dispensers so you don't have to glue it to the wall and piss off your landlord. But for being an overly compulsive organizer, it certainly makes my morning everyday taking a shower with my dispenser!...more info
  • Trio Dispenser a must!!!!!!!!
    This dispenser has sure come in handy. Easy to push buttons and is a breeze to refill. It is a must in my family with small children, spilling and wasting bottles of shampoo, and body wash. Not any more. Love it!!...more info
  • Great idea, but needs work
    We have two of these bath product dispensers and both have trouble dispensing conditioner. We primed it, according to directions, but conditioners that are thick don't work for long. In order to get enough conditioner to use, one has to push the pump about 40 times. We've emptied the chambers, soaked them for a while, cleaned out the holes that the conditioner comes through, but it still does not work properly. The other products (thinner ones like shampoo and liquid shower soap) work fine. I would have returned the product, but it stopped working a while after I'd thrown out the receipt. I think that there is an area, still clogged with conditioner that is impossible to reach and clean.

    Edited 10/7/2007 - I followed the directions on the product's web site to clean the nozzles, but the one that held conditioner still does not work. I'll probably order a new nozzle and report back to see if that solved the problem....more info
  • Excellent product!
    My wife and I saw one of these at the bed and breakfast we stayed at. She loved it, we looked online and found it from Amazon. We ordered it from the B&B and had it 3 days later. My wife loves it because she can see how much shampoo she has left. I love it because it cleans out the clutter from the shower. ;)...more info
  • great product!!!!!!
    I recently scrolled through amazons website and saw this amazing product.

    I find it perfect for me, as I have a few older kids in the house which takes showers every day,aftter the shower they just leave a mess with all the soap and shampoo they were using.

    after purchasing this it helped with the mess.

    I bought if for all the showers.
    You can put in three things at once
    in one i put in liquid soap,shampoo and conditioner
    now after taking a shower theres no mess as it used to be.

    Thank You amazon you really helped me with your item!!!!...more info
  • Better than expected
    Given the price on this piece, I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised to find an item with a quality that exceeded the price.

    When it came in, I immediately hung it (in accordance with the instructions included). I took heed to the reviews before me, and filled it with water previous to hanging it, just to make sure that it wasn't going to leak. Bear in mind that water will continue to run out, if you keep the button pushed. Soaps and the like don't have quite the same issue.

    I gave it 24 hours for the silicone to cure (and this was only in 2 small areas, as I actually corner-mounted my dispenser) and then filled it to the brim on all 3 chambers. I haven't had so much as a drop of wasted product, and the dispenser sits nicely in the corner, quite securely.

    For the price, you simply can't go wrong on this one....more info
  • Wonderful!!
    This is a wonderful invention. It came as promised. Ontime and in perfect condition. Works perfectly and we love it....more info
  • Awesome Dispenser!!
    this is a great dispenser. i was hesitant to buy any dispenser, wondering if they really worked or were worth while and i'm so glad i bought this one and wish i had gotten it a long time ago. i bought it for my daughter to make shower time easier and more productive. she's 7 and has a tendency to squeeze out either too much or not enough body wash, shampoo, etc. this has been amazing. was very easy to install with the silicone glue. can be put in the corner or straight on the wall (we put it on the wall) of your shower. and priming the pumps was a piece of cake. didn't take very many "pumps" to get it going. all the chambers work great. no leaks this far and have had it for months now. love it, love it, love it. highly recommend it....more info
  • Great - No More Mess
    No more empty bottles in the shower!!! We have 3 younger girls and the shower was cluttered.

    Solid and works as it should. Install a snap....more info
  • Great clutter buster
    I have had these dispensers before in different sizes and colors, but manufactured by the same company. Some here have complained of leakage. Unless they are properly primed when new, they may leak until all air is evacuated from the pumps afterwards,usually only for a day. I have had years of troublefree service from these with the exception of thick grainy hair conditioners which may dry up and occasionally be difficult to dispense. also allow 24 hours for silicone to set on base before installing filled reservoir assembly to wall . just purchased two chrome trio units and love them,i highly recommend.......more info
  • Our customers are raving about the AVIVA Trio Dispenser
    I own a marina/hotel and recently purchased 5 AVIVA dispensers for all the showers. Our cusotmers LOVE it, and our housekeeping crew loves it too. Less to clean. I'll be purchasing many more once our next phase of construction is complete....more info
  • Love it
    This is an excellent product. It was easy to install, works great, and looks great. ...more info
  • shower dispensor
    very handy in the shower, just takes a little time to prime. Other wise a very good product....more info
  • I love this! But I need to replace this because I broke mine
    I accidently broke my dispenser with the pumps and all. I was washing my hair in the tub, reached up to pump some soap and the whole unit came crashing down. I am reordering another one because I cannot tell you how NICE IT IS TO NOT have soap bottles in the tub. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT
    ....the only down side is that the UNIT slides onto the holder which is mounted on the wall ( makes sense) but it could use a way to lock it in place while in use........I am going to make my engineer husband find a way for me...........
  • soap dispenser
    this item is very handy is the shower and no more soap messes. it is some what hard to fill for the opening is weird shape. and it is hard to fill reaching in to the shower to fill it. but other then that is does exactly what it says and i am very pleased with it ....more info
  • Love it so far
    Installation is easy IF you follow the well-written instructions. I primed the dispensers as written and so far everything works. Great for de-cluttering your shower. Saves lots of time since you don't have to struggle with opening and closing shampoo and body wash bottles. Only two caveats: 1) the "Satin" finish looks a little chintzy in my opinion. Better to opt for the chrome, perhaps, and 2) the dispenser with body wash in it has started to drip a little after I dispense some into my hand. Perhaps it is too thin?...more info
  • Works great and cuts down on the clutter!
    Installation was quick and easy and so far (3 weeks) it is working great! Seems to be a quality product and it has cut down on the bottle clutter in the shower. Thumbs up!...more info


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