Sunbeam Health at Home Easy To Use King Size Moist/Dry Heating Pad, Blue

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Product Description

Ultra-fast heat up with consistent, even heat for greater comfort. 3 heat settings. Anti-microbial sponge for moist heat therapy. Machine washable cover. 9 foot extra long power cord. King Size: 12 x 24.

  • King size (12" x 24") heating pad with UltraHeat Technology maintains consistent heat for greater comfort
  • Easy-to-use controller designed specifically for arthritis sufferers with limited use of hand and finger joints
  • 3 heat settings
  • Absorbent sponge for penetrating moist, deep heat relief
  • Light blue, machine washable cover

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Product
    Recovering from sore muscles, need help with lactation (breatfeeding moms will help with let down), or have arthritis...this is a great moist/dry heating pad. Well worth the money....more info
  • Hot hot enough
    Just bought this product a few weeks back. It comes with a long cable but the pad does not get enough hot to allow the heat to travel through you normal clothes. I would have preferred it more if the maximum heat was more....more info
  • Very pleased
    I'll be honest. I didn't purchase this for my aches and pains. I live in northern Utah, where it gets cold, very cold in the winter. I recently had to put one of my cats outdoors permanently for destructive behavior (litter box confusion) and when it started to get cold, I needed something to help her stay warm at night.
    The product arrived early and when I opened it I was envious of her. The case is VERY soft, the cord is long and strong, there is nothing cheap about it. The controls are simple, and after testing it outside in my cat's "house" I found that it was doing it's job.
    As for muscle aches, I cannot provide an opinion, but for anyone looking for alternative uses, I recommend this. I will be getting a second one to help keep her water from freezing in January....more info
  • love it
    I love the extra size as i can place it on my couch and lay on it when my back really bothers me...more info
  • Just what I was looking for!!
    I finally found the perfect heating pads. Everything in my local stores were the kind that shuts off after two hours. I have one and hate it. I breed chihuahuas and I have to use heating pads for new puppies. They have to be kept warm and these heating pads are just the greatest due to their size and no auto-off. There are times when I use them also. Nice cozy heat for my arthritis. The extra long cord is nice too!...more info
  • Don't Worry About Getting Burned...
    ...just don't buy this worthless "heating" pad. Towels just out of the dryer are warmer than this piece of junk, and that's when it's supposed to be on "high". Lucky I bought it at Walgreens and returned it the next day. My old Sears heating pad was just right and lasted over 25 years, but they don't make them any more [of course].

    I'm buying another brand, but I'm going to turn it on at the store to make sure it actually works. ...more info
  • Sunbeam heating pad
    Product is good for the $15 I paid. It is a cloth wrapped in the plastic so you can wash the cloth which is good. Wish it was a tiny bit larger....more info
  • New best friend
    When my old heating pad suddenly died I went shopping for the cheapest one I could find. Not only was this one inexpensive but the size of it is amazing. It's my new best friend! I'm 5'2" and have a lot of arthritis in my back and this pad does the trick. Button is easy to use, heats up fast and the cord is long. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Pretty Good
    Good size and gets hot enough. The cover could be better designed as the inside pad tries to slide out and puts pressure on the cover snap. Recommended....more info
  • Good Product
    I ordered this product so I could relieve muscle pain (when I had it) and warm up my bed before I get into it at night. I have really enjoyed having it. It says not to use while sleeping, but I have fallen asleep and forgotten to turn it off before and so far I have not blown up. It must have a safety feature for those of us with forgetful minds....more info
  • not so good
    I bought it for my lower back pain, on high heat it did get pretty hot but after about 5 minutes, it totally loses it's heat, I tried turning it off and then on again, but it didn't really do the trick, I don't know it's just defunct, darn thing, shoulda got a stanley....more info
  • Great source of heat for back problems
    I bought a second one of these for my husband who has chronic back pain. He really likes it because (a) the level of heat it generates is high enough that it helps his back and (b) it doesn't shut off automatically so he can turn it on and let it heat up and then sit with his back against it for a significant period of time. Anything that I buy for him that helps his pain is worth it to me and this heating pad is a good option for him....more info
  • Poor performance
    For aches and pains of arthritis, nothing beats a heating pad behind the back while watching TV. We ordered three of the Sunbeam King Size pads for this type of use because the price was so good. However, after only a few hourse use, the first one quit heating on all three settings. Maybe pad #2 will last longer. ...more info
  • Great product , reasonable price
    I really like this heating pad because it is large enough to cover your back. The only thing I would suggest is that there was an automatic turn off mechanism after 12 hours like some electric blankets have. Also, perhaps a velcro type fastener instead of the snap which pulls against the pad after a while. ...more info
  • Average Quality
    This king size heating pad is of average quality.

    * I don't like the blue cover, it's an uncomfortable polyester fabric.
    * It hums and is kind of annoying if you are using near your head.
    * Long cord, 9 feet long.
    * Large size, 12" x 24".

    * 3 heat settings.
    * Fast heat-up.

    It does not have auto-shut off. I didn't list that under pros or cons because it depends on what you are looking for.

    Overall, it's a fine heating pad but I like a cotton cover much better.
    ...more info
  • Barely gets warm
    This thing barely gets warm. I don't think you could keep a hamster warm if you rolled it up in it. It isn't a heating pad it is a lukewarm pad. It is a 50 watt pad. The hundred watt lamp next to me keeps me warmer. It even has warnings on it about skin burns! What a joke. The only way this will burn you is freezer burn.
    Sheesh!...more info
  • Just What The Doctor Ordered!
    Perfect for covering your entire back, which after shoveling this winters snow has become a necessity! It also can be wrapped easily around your elbow or knee if needed....more info
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad
    I like the size of the heating pad. It does NOT have an automatic shut-off, which is fine with me because my old one would shut off when I didn't want it to.

    The thing I do not like about this pad is that it is very stiff, and the chord is also very stiff. The chord won't straighten out without pulling on it, and then when you let go it goes back to being all kinked up again. It is hard to handle. NOT recommended....more info
  • Great Deal!
    I purchased this product for my hurting back, and i loved it! I do my "heating sessions" twice a day, and my back pain is improving. Great deal for the price. I would highly recommend this....more info
  • Sunbeam heating pad
    I like this heating pad a lot. Most of the locally available ones have a 'time out' feature, after 1 hour. This pad just keeps on heating....more info
  • Lovely and therapeutic
    Lovely product. I use it to warm my lower back and reduce painful spasm. It works well. Only wish they included a cord of some sort to help keep it in an upright position on my chair. It keeps sliding down....more info
  • Good value
    I've been using this heating pad for about a month, and it is better than other pads I've had. The large size allows me to cover my shoulder and upper arm. The long cord is nice, but a bit stiff. Control is easy to use. Reasonably priced with no frills....more info
  • Great ! I love it.
    This is the most great item I have ever purchased with such low price. I bought two of this item, one for my sister, and one for myself. We both love it. ...more info
    Finally found a heating pad without the annoying auto shut-off AND it's king size with an extra long cord. Heats-up quickly and hot is HOT!!! Only negative is the very stiff cheap plastic cord; has yet to soften up & I bought this heating pad in January. Despite the cheap cord, I would definitely buy this product again....more info
  • Very good unit
    This has been a very good, reliable unit. We like it because it doesn't automatically shut off after an hour or so. ...more info
  • Not for short people!
    Once upon a time I lived in a house designed by a man who happened to be about 6 and a half feet tall. He hung the mirror in the bathroom so that he could see perfectly. I had to stand on a stool to put on mascara and never could see my lips. The same guy must have designed this heating pad!

    The new controller is nice and easy to use, but it is placed so far out the cord that I have to fish around and reel it in to turn the heating pad off. Not so wonderful when my bursitis is acting up at three in the morning....more info
  • Is it on?
    This pad might get warm enough to make yogurt or hatch chicks (I don't know), but it certainly doesn't get hot enough to make your back feel better. ...more info
  • HEATing pad?
    This thing BARELY works. It's supposed to be a heating pad, right? Doesn't get very hot at all. They should call it a "slightly warming" pad. I'd understand it losing some heating power if it were, like, 3 years old or something, but this thing's brand new. Try another product. I wish I did....more info
  • No annoying auto shutoff!
    The main features I look for in a hot pad is: larger than the small, typical square pads, doesn't have auto shutoff, and when on high was hot. While this hot pad is not as hot as the old one 5 years ago, and that's probably good I suppose, but still good). This pad met all three of my requirements!...more info
  • Great Product
    My husband purchased this for my back. I was 9 months pregnant and needed relief. The heating pad is quite large, and covered my entire back!
    The low setting is quite warm, and could have been a little less hot, but still acceptable. Medium, and high are noticeably hotter.
    Wonderful product, and even better price than you can find at the store!
    Delivery was very fast...more info
  • great product- comfortable and good size
    I think this is a good size and the cord is long enough to make it flexible in use....more info
  • Satisfied - No auto shut off, be careful not to burn yourself
    We love our heating pads. Please be careful tho...
    Most heating pads theses days have auto shut off to prevent
    burning you. This one DOESNT, aside from that we really like them ;D...more info
  • Not the best
    This pad is a nice size but I found the plastic felt like it was over-heating. I also didn't like that the cover twisted all over and pilled in the wash. Fortunately, the pad died after about 2 years of use. I won't buy another one like it....more info
  • King Size Moist/Dry Heating Pad
    I have really enjoying having a king size heating pad, I have had a lot of back aches, this product because of the size it helps my back a lot.
    The only thing it is so big that it rolls inside the cover, I have to keep taking it out of the cover and make sure that it is straigh.
    ...more info
  • Lead From Imports
    I bought 2 of these heating pads. I didn't use them for a couple months. When I did use them, I noticed a little tag on the cord. "This product contains LEAD. Wash your hands after using" Thank you Sunbeam. Just another example of manufactures going over seas, getting cheap products and making big bucks, while we the people are being exposed to lead.



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