Alen C475A Portable Air Conditioner with Built-in Water Pump

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  • This AC is just a fan.
    After the bad experience with Amcor PLM14000E (I wrote a review), I bought C475A and C360 together from Web Stores America after a lot of research. C360 works good, it blows always cool air, but C475A does not. 10 min after turning on, the unit starts working like just fan -- no cool air at all. The 450 sq room never gets cool at all. I compared between C475A and C360. I run both at the same time in the same temp, it is much difference between them. Again, C360 blows cool air all the time, but C475A becomes just fan soon. I thought the C475A is defective. Web Store America replaced with new C475A, but the new C475A works exactly the same as the old C475A. I don't get it why C475A works so poor although C360 works good. Also all of these units got body damages from shipping or whatever. Way of packing is so poor. This time, I asked the reseller to replace with C360. I hope the new C360 will work good as mine.

    Anyway, Customer Service at Web Store America is very good. Quick responses by email or phone. Quick shipping and they are responsibility. No any fee for return with defective unit. I am just disappointed from their review about C475A. They say C475A is best AC from their tests. I am not sure if it is right from my experience....more info