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CivCity: Rome invites fans of Sid Meier's Civilization to shift focus and get really hands-on with city design. Players can shift focus from building an empire to building a single city within an empire. But it's not just any city - this is Rome, the crown jewel in the largest empire of its time. Your job is to handle building, nurturing and managing this great city, guiding Rome from its humble beginnings to its mighty apogee. The CityPedia delivers actual facts about ancient Rome -- learn all the humorous, scary and downright disgusting facts about life in Roman times There's never a dull moment in Rome - You'll be riveted by gladiator combat, debates in the senate, chariot races, temple ceremonies and more

  • For the first time in a city builder you can look inside the Villas, forums, and even the Roman baths
  • Create your own living community simply by choosing and placing the wide variety of buildings
  • Place hundreds of unique buildings across the city - more options than any other city building game
  • Manage and interact with real Romans - bring high drama to your city with their emotions, state of health, and candid feelings about the city
  • Build mighty wonders and monuments to influence your city and make it look great

Customer Reviews:

  • Combat Bugs ruined it.
    Well its a great game after the patch is installed except for one crucial area...combat.
    Put it to you like this. Sometimes your troops will not engage the enemy. Period. They will stand close by and die by the dozen while one or two fight valiantly. Then try to control them and you never know what your going to get.
    I had full legions at times that wouldnt even leave the fort! Its a known bug but are they going to fix it since it basically ruins gameplay? Do NOT pay full price for this its not a completed game yet.

    The game had major potential in the fun department until I ran into this issue. The economics of it are intriguing and very well done....more info
  • Average City Building Title
    Average city-builder game that brings nothing new to the table. Suppossedly, it's inspired by the Civilation series (specifically, Civ4), however it clearly lacks any measure of the in-depth experience and obsessive fun the Civ games bring to the table.

    Game play is clunky and not as obvious as one is used to in either the Civ games or city-building games in general. For example, it's not obvious where you would send your tribute to Rome, and it took me several failed Roman requests for me to realize that I had to go to a menu, select the tribute in question and then dispatch it. The game is also buggy, or, perhaps this interesting "feature" is by design. My city was filled with two-thirds homeless and unemployed people, and yet my city happiness was at 100. This was without toggling any of the indicators that would affect my city's population.

    Other lacking features include the exceptionally small map sizes (whereas most city-building games allow for large maps and ample opportunity to grow), build times being instant (very un-Civ!), and uninspired campaign missions. To name a few.

    Overall, considering the claimed inspiration for CCR, the game is uninspired and uninspires. Pharoah and even Zeus are much better titles and have aged well, and you're more likely to want to play those games over CCR....more info
  • Disappointing City-builder game
    There have been many great city-builder games. Caesar III and Pharoah, while dated, are still the cream of the crop. When a new city-builder comes out, you have to compare it to other games that have already been done.

    The idea of building an ancient city from the ground up is a fun one, and CivCity does a moderate job of doing this. You place houses, roads, resource-mining buildings, resource-processing buildings, et al. You have to make your people happy, create income-producing improvements, avoid bankruptcy, and avoid external problems (including wild animals, fires, disasters and invading armies).

    A recurring theme in all these "city-builders" is creating a flow of luxuries - with each new luxury or two, your houses can upgrade in stats - initially huts, to hovels, and so on. Each upgrade produces more taxes, but takes more resources to maintain. This game is a lot more complicated in some ways than sim-city - you control a lot more aspects of your city than zoning and taxes. If we were only comparing this to sim-city, this would be a great game - it has more depth and better graphics than most of the sim-city games. As mentioned, there have bene other Civ-City type games before.

    Civcity only adds one new feature compared to the older city-builder games: a "tech tree". Your city is able to research new technologies giving it additional advantages. This makes one think about Sid Meier's Civilization games (all of which are great), but the implementation is lacking in this game. Techs are easily acquired by spending some money and waiting patiently, and they do not have a huge impact on the game as they do in the Civ series.

    CivCity's competitors (Caesar III and Pharoah) are both 8+ years old. Both of these games were more enjoyable to play, and better implemented (more intuitive to play, and visually pleasing). CivCity is not a bad game, but better ones have already been done....more info
  • Horrible
    I bought this game because it looked interesting. It was on clearance for $10 bucks so I figured "good buy" but it was the opposite, I should have known that it was on clearance for a reason...I cant play it on my computer. I have a 2 yr old laptop that can play every other game I own, but this one makes it overheat and black out... I have only played for 5 minutes but from that five minutes it didnt seem too special. Nothing like Civ......more info
  • Sadly disappointed
    I was really looking forward to this game, and I was prepared to overlook one or two things. Every game has it's own personality, right? I found instead this game actually doesn't have much of one at all.

    I didn't mind the graphics. Not cutting edge sure, but not that bad either. A little muddy but a change from cartoony. It was hard to enjoy closeup views, however, when so many buildings lost their roof on zoom. No way to toggle that feature. The camera angles were frustrating and it was very difficult to pick anything out with the mouse accurately.

    Not that there was much time to look at the scenery. Immigrants came. And came. And came. Whether there were houses and jobs available or not. As long as city happiness was high enough, which meant that everyone was happy. Which they were not. Because they had no houses or jobs.

    To keep city happiness up was the only way to ensure a somewhat stable economy. Forget planning. Forget balancing resources with workshops and markets. It wasn't clear what the balance was in any case. It would take trial and error, and you didn't have the time. For you were building worshops like mad, trying to guess at how many citizens would be employed by each, and researching for temporary bumps to keep your city from being deserted in droves.

    The best income boosts were not through sale of goods or trade. It was through research, maximising the tax base with the development of currency and so on. You hit those early on, and reached a certain population level, you made money. The rest of the time you spent trying to keep people from leaving. There was no stability in reaching any level.

    It quickly became a game of keep up. There was no way to control immigration or set the pace of development. And for all the decorative options, more than the similar games out, you really didn't care in the end what your city looked like, because it just cost time. Money too, but that was really not the relevant issue. Unless people were unhappy. Then you could stick a few things, quickly, somewhere. You just can't enjoy a leisurely pace of planning, building and finishing it off with a nudge here and there and watching it have to be constantly involved in the process, staying ahead of the curve. You don't have to worry about maintenance, such as city fires or engineers, but the cities cannot not be made self-sufficient or self-sustaining with this inherent instability built into the gameplay. Five or ten minutes away from the screen will bring most cities, if not all, to a screeching halt.

    While I enjoyed the research options, and the ability to move homes I thought was a great innovation, not having the ability to control the flow of immigrants to the city and pegging success to city happiness makes this game a poor economic simulation and the gameplay ultimately very shallow and unsatisfying.
    ...more info
  • rip off
    I brought this after having played Caesar3 and loved it but wanted something with a bit more scope for controlling dynamics of a city - and I thought being a civcity game this would offer me the extension - WRONG - this is a bad rip off of Caesar3, sure, graphics are more advanced with the zoom in view but other than that I was playing the same game but with less involvement or control. This is a sit back and let it happen to you game - keep the people happy and build everything and they'll stay. Caesar IV - that's what you're wanting, it looks like everything this sets itself up to be that it isn't. Feel like I've wasted my money....more info
  • Keepin up with the Civ Name
    This game is very fun to play if you are one who likes to focus on the city building aspects of a Strategy game. I have been lost for hours playing this game. However it does require a good vid card. MIlitary functions could be increased but im sure that it will happen in an upgrade.
    Very Fun ...more info
  • Great Game
    It has great graphics. It was a good game overall Do not use this to study because it has some inaccurate facts.I really liked how you can command the army and how you can make your own scenario in the map editor.I also like how you can make wonders like the Colloseum....more info
  • Ancient Fun
    This is just an awesome game. You learn a lot of the strategies as you progress through the game. It definately makes you think....more info
  • Short, Buggy --- Bad!
    This is a very frustrating game, and once you figure out how to deal with the more buggy aspects, it doesn't last very long.

    To get it going at all, be prepared to fight with their copy protection system. It wouldn't let me into the game saying something about software emulation until I shut down absolutely everything that was running on the computer before starting it. This means going into the task manager and killing processes like vptray.exe. I almost sent it back rather than going through this couple of hours fighting with it, but I perservered on the promises of the game.

    Once you do get it going, there are two options for resolution, 1024x768 and 1280xNNN. If you use the higher resolution, the mouse is never hits what you're trying to click on, you have to move it around until you get it just at the right offset. This is particularly bad if you're trying to remove something, as you'll often end up removing things you want. This is better at 1024x768, but there's still a strange offset and you'll often find yourself clicking on something other than what you're aiming for.

    The game is fairly fun once you get past these problems. But it only lasts maybe 20 hours at the most, and then there's nothing else to do. I guess you could replay it on the hard difficulty, but that's it!

    Get this one when it's 1) fixed and 2) is in the bargain bin for ten or twenty bucks. It won't be long before it's there......more info
  • Flawed, but fun
    I agree with some of the reviews about the rush and need to keep up with the happiness tied to immigrant status. That being said - I spent endless hours researching and building and thoroughly enjoyed this game. Well worth the cost and enjoyable. I am not familiar with the other Civ games - and was looking more for a city building game set in the past, similar to my favorite game Children of the Nile - perhaps that explains why I was not disappointed....more info
  • CivCity Rome
    Starts out fun, but soon becomes impossible to play. You can never satisfy the town's people and although you are asked to build new homes for them, you have no more space to do so. A lesson in frustration......more info
  • Same old same old
    Nothing much new in Civcity Rome besides the tech tree and the ability to move a house instead of deleting it. The homes you build have a limited range of how far the individuals are willing to travel for work and supplies. Which means you aren't building a city so much as a clump of houses in this spot to handle the farms, another clump over here to handle the docks, another clump for services so the houses can evolve to the next level which then get moved to a different classier clump. It all goes by a formula: a number of seperate block of houses which sit in the square middle of work places and services, just like in the old games of Caesar III, Rise of the Middle Kingdom, Pharoh etc. Same old same old. I would have thought that tired formula was sent to pasture. What city looks like that? Certainly Rome never did! The people are hard to please, too. Your future workers pile into the city before you have homes or jobs for them (you have no control over this)and hang around as vagrants until you need them. However, the employed people don't like the vagrants and get unhappy. So you give the vagrants a job, any job, just stick something somewhere to stop the complaints. People happy? No, because now they are unhappy that these new workers don't have a house (actually, the city is Ok with 50% homeless workers as long as they have a job, no jobless vagrants, please). So slap in another block of houses anywhere. Ok now? No,new vagrants have arrived and we start all over. Most of the game is placing homes and jobs in random places to keep up with the flow of vagrants. And don't forget about the statues, fountains and flowers. The people get upset if you don't have enough. Not necessarily in the city, but somewhere. I stick a lot in the woods since there is no room in the congested squares of city blocks. The people don't care if they can't see the decorations, they just need to know they exist somewhere. Lastly, despite your best efforts, and the fact that all services are within range of the people's homes, they will not partake of a lot of these services sometimes and that makes them unhappy. Don't know why they can't see that what they are looking for is down the street, but they don't. I can only build things so close to their homes. It's a bug in the game, including things like the meat vendors won't go to the grainery to get the meat or the warehouse won't deliver wood to the shipbuilder etc. The military didn't work all that well, either. All in all it's a poor game and I'm sorry I bought it so quickly. I'm placing my hopes on Caesar IV....more info
  • A bad knock-off
    Hey, have you ever played Caesar II from the 1990s? Yeah, well this game is basically a knock-off of that game with better graphics. And quite frankly, Caesar II was more fun. I don't see how CivCity has any point. You build your city and nothing interesting ever happens. There is no progression to the game that keeps it fresh.

    The makers intergrated technologies and wonders from the successful Civilization game series, but they are inconsequential in this game. These people should stick to what they are good at, the Civilization series, and leave city games to people who know how to do it.

    I've heard that a new installment of the Caesar series is out now, Caesar IV, and I haven't tried it, but it has to be better than CivCity Rome. This game is boring, don't pay any money for it. ...more info
  • Take 2, not good enough
    This game sadly dissapoints fans of Sid Meier's civilization. The game's objective is to fuse city building with concepts of civilization. While the confluence of the two may seem conceptually genius, this game fails to encapsulate the true meaning of the two. I have got to admid the graphics are good, but a great game needs more than amazing graphics, it must also be fun to play. The game play is easy, once you get use it. Sadly, Pharaoh is much better....more info
  • CicCity: Rome
    My 14.5-year-old daughter, who is homeschooled and has almost two years of Latin, simply loves this game. Dr. J. Busey, Red Bluff, CA...more info
  • great purchase
    great pc game. It keeps you busy, and it makes you think and use your brain for real....more info
  • This Game ROCKS!!!!!!!!
    This Game rocks. i first played it over at my friends house and I was immediatly addicted to it. the game is great for building a city and the scenarios are cool. you can also build your own city w/o scenarios in free play. you can command armies and build a wonderfulo town by a river. you can trade with other cities and conquer enemy cities. overall the game is terrific and i would highly recommend you buy this product....more info
  • Good game - I like it
    I think this is a great game and my wife and I are currently addicted to it. It's definitely more to the SimCity style of play than the Civilization series; though it allows more granular control of your city than SimCity. The only Civilization aspect is the research which is enjoyable. But other than that there isn't much "Civ" to CivCity (which isn't necessarily bad).

    This game reminds me heavily of a german title "Knights and Merchants" (1998) but with much better implementation. On that note, if you find that this game isn't for you, try the VERY similar but much easier "Glory of the Roman Empire".

    This game is definitely challenging, but in a good way. Someone complained about small maps - the maps get bigger as your progress through the game and the small maps are small for a reason - it adds challenge to the game (for example, there is an island map with limited resources which requires that you build a shipping fleet). The interface is generally good, but there are some non-intuitive things like sending tributes.

    I think the graphics are nice, especially the temples, but it's definitely not the end-all as far as graphics go. There are a lot of city beautification enhancements (fountains, gardens, etc) that I don't tend to mess with, but they are pretty and increase your city's happiness. (Your citizens will candidly tell you if they think your city "is a dump". I think they did an excellent job on the citizen interaction - amusing yet useful.)

    Regarding the "game breaking" click-select bug. I'm playing at 1024x768 resolution and I barely have any problems with it. When I do, I simply rotate my map and I'm able to select what I want. I don't consider the bug to be "game breaking" or even all that annoying; though I'm glad they're coming out with a patch to fix it.

    All in all, I think the game play is excellent. Like all modern games, the implementation was rushed (nothing that a patch won't fix, though). I suspect the game will age well and have a high-replay value....more info
  • Enjoyable & Challenging City Builder Set In Ancient Rome...with a few bugs.
    Disclaimer: I am not employed by or associated in any way with the game's publisher or developer. I am just another consumer.

    I put that disclaimer because people have a tendency to point out all the positive game reviews here as "planted by the developers". That may be true in some cases, but, not here.

    CivCity:Rome is not without it's flaws. The mouse cursor bug is a known issue on high-resolution settings, and the game developers have acknowledged this and will be releasing a patch soon. How this slipped by their beta testers is beyond me, but, I'll agree with some others here, it is nearly a game-breaker.

    That aside, if you love things set in ancient Rome, like me, and if you love city builder (CB) PC games, like me, you'll absolutely love CivCity:Rome. Don't be fooled by the title, the game has absolutely nothing to do with the Civilization series of games. It is more like a blend of Caesar III and SimCity, with a heavy influence of Stronghold II thrown into the mix.

    I personally have spent many hours playing the game, on medium difficulty, and I find the interface and in-game advisors extremely easy to navigate. Some have stated the game's interface is "clunky" and hard to navigate...I would love to know what game they are comparing CivCity:Rome to, because, the interface is slick and very easy to use.

    Graphically, the game is beautiful to look at. Those who say the graphics are dated are living in a fantasy world. Just take a look at the screenshots! Admittedly, the graphics are not as pretty as those in the upcoming Caesar IV game, but, they are very well done, especially on newer systems.

    The tutorial and the manual were both very generous and well done, the in-game voice acting is charming and appropriate, the gameplay is challenging and addictive, and the learning curve is about what you would expect for any city-builder. I strongly suggest anyone interested in city-building games, and especially ancient Rome based games, to check this game out. It is well worth the 40 bucks and you'll get many hours of enjoyment. If you have a high resolution monitor, you may want to wait for the first patch, though.

    Cheers....more info
  • Excellent strategy game
    I've been playing this game for quite a while and as I said, it is an excellent strategy game. Although it does have some military action, it is very related to cities development. In some ways similar to Stronghold, in the sense that you have to build complete commodities chains.
    I really like this game and recommend it to people who enjoy adding details to cities, and that would like to know more about Rome....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    It has pretty much all been said, let's just say it again 'cause I'm sure Firaxis/Firefly will plant positive reviews here. The game takes ages to load, the voice acting is silly (British? Australian? Herman's Hermits?), the progression is totally linear (ie the game fails to become more complicated at higher levels), the graphics date to 2002, and the citizen 'fetching' system is completely random and opaque. Sit and watch for awhile: your huts will change size every thirty seconds.

    Most importantly, boo Sid, boo. You could've produced this bad Caesar3 ripoff and called it anything, but you called it "CivCity", and even put a tiny Civilopedia in it. Haven't you got enough money? The Civ Series is brilliant. Don't cash it in....more info
  • Civ City Rome
    Totally amazing. Graphics ok but gameplay is the best. If you're looking for a game thats fun and not very violent, this is the game for you....more info
  • Very thin
    This game has no depth. It was kind of fun for an hour, and I felt there was no challenge left after 2 hours. The entire challenge is essentially one of geometry, getting all the right buildings within range of your houses.

    Beyond these complaints, the interface is bugged. You often have to experiment with clicking as far as 1-2 inches (on the screen) from a building to actually get that building. Often clicking on Building A brings up menu for Building B a block or two away. This is especially frustrating with the delete function, as buildings you did not want to delete disappear.

    Avoid. Get sim city, civ 4, or wait for caeser 4...more info
  • OK, but lacks principles
    ok, i wanna get one thing straight first. i LOVE this game! it has great graphics, and decent gameplay. it isn't generic, like Glory of the Roman Empire, but it isn't the best, either. i still have yet to see a city builder where you can kill of some of your citizens for being mad for no reason. one of the flaws is SOMETHING that gets them angry, unemployment. It'd be nice if you could turn off immigration for awhile, or lessen the flow of immigrants. You just can't keep up with the tide of immigration. another flaw, though i thought otherwise later, is the fact that your watchtowers don't react effectively. they don't go down and put down the bad cats that are killing your citizens with clubs, instead they use slings, which isn't very much of a change, just a little less accuracy. and the third thing is the LAZINESS of the citizens. the butcher can be right next to a goat farm, and they'll just sit there. sadly, the military aspect is just so generic. you sit there and wait for an attack, you build up your military, then you slaughter the enemy in an age of empires kinda style. On a scale of 1-10, i'll give this game a 7.5....more info
  • Civ City Rome
    It's a good game, I haven't played a lot yet, you can actually see the characters going about their business, but does not have the same vibrant colors as Caesar III and IV have.
    Good 3D and maniobravility
    ...more info
  • Just below gaming standards
    2k Games got me. When I saw CivCity and the 2k Games logo I figured that it's from the makers of Civilization 4 and it will be great. Wow, was I wrong. Although the graphics looked good in the previews as well as the upcoming gameplay, it was a disapointment. The gameplay is very buggy, and the tasks don't keep you active. You can build and build, then wait and wait. When you are playing the game, the graphics are slightly choppy. Caesar 4 has better graphics and gameplay if you look at the side by side. So if you are looking for the latest in historical city building, I would pass this one and get Caesar 4. ...more info
  • A Great Game!
    For a person who LOVES city building, this one is great! It's simple to play, you can make your own scenarios and it will keep you occupied for hours! This game is great for people who just love building games with an historical theme....more info
  • Wait for it to hit the discount bins
    Like the other reviews, I find this game a rip-off of Caesare III. (I didn't know there was a IV! Must look into that.) While the graphics are admirable, the gameplay wasn't challenging at all. It didn't take me any time at all to win, and I'm one of the worst game players ever. OTOH, it's a good afternoon waster if all you want to do is build and perfect your city in open play with no goals. Don't buy it now. Wait until it's cheap, like $9.95 or something. ...more info
  • Guilty by Association
    The Civ name has been tarnished. Analogously, one thing I have been learning is that just because Sid Meier's name is on a product, it doesn't mean the product is good.

    In the case of CivCity: Rome, unfortunately, it doesn't just come in at "modestly good" - it comes in at "dismally poor." I've tried hard not to let this influence my beliefs about Civilization in general, but after Civ4 came out, I am starting to believe that Firaxis Games and Sid Meier are on their way out. And now this...

    I regret to inform that the great Civ titles were made a long time ago. The offerings of today have a simple pattern: the production was rushed and the title came out with major bugs; the games add unnecessary features designed to justify the overall cost; and the consumers are often abused with ridiculous expansion packs containing features that should OBVIOUSLY have been included in the original release - they take advantage of our love for the franchise.

    This pattern is so evident that the whole Sid Meier and Civ franchise is degenerating. It almost seems, especially with the release of CivCity: Rome, that we are once again expected to simply drop cash for new products based on our love for the old. But the developers are not living up to our expectations for producing great games!

    Stay away from CivCity: Rome. Besides the obvious blunders associated with all the bugs, you will see that even the best patch cannot make the graphics look good, the narration and sound effects better, or the interface to work properly. The game is a dismal failure, and I am sorry to report that. It seems like Firefly Studios had an idea and got the license from Firaxis, but they just cheesed it.

    Watching what Maxis (The Sims and SimCity franchises) and Firaxis (Civilization franchise) are doing to their most loyal fans is like watching your dad get drunk....more info


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