Cervical Collar Hot & Cold Therapy Ideal for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Neck Pain Microwaveable - Cold Therapy 20F - Five Year Warranty - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Product Description

Elasto-Gel therapy products are made utilizing a tough, flexible high glycerine gel that is covered with a four-way stretch material that allows maximum conformity, hot and cold transfer and comfort. A single Elasto-Gel product serves for both hot and cold applications. Elasto-Gel Therapy Wraps are especially suited for use in the home, on the athletic field or in a health care facility. Individuals using Elasto-Gel therapy products can move about once the wrap is secured in place. If the product is used for cold therapy, the product will remain flexible even at a -20 F. All Elasto-Gel therapy products are microwaveable and will not leak if punctured. Key Benefits: Microwaveable, Single Product Hot or Cold, Will not leak if punctured, Will not dry out, Exceptional Conformability, Durable and Comfortable, Easy to Use, Elasto-Gel Products are Latex Free

  • Ideal for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Neck Pain
  • Microwaveable - Cold Therapy 20F
  • Designed to fit the Neck, this product may be used for hot or cold therapy.
  • As with all other Elasto-Gel therapy products, the tough, flexible gel and 4-way stretch material assures long lasting product performance.
  • Five Year Warranty Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Customer Reviews:

  • Not cold enough!
    For years I've used a gel wrap made by Medi-Temp for my chronic neck pain which I love because it is ICY cold. I purchased the Elasto Gel because of the good reviews and because it looked like it would cover more of the neck and back area. I am extrememly disappointed in the Elasto Gel's temperature. Even after overnight in the freezer it feels more like a cool washrag out of the refrigerator rather than an Ice pack. If I'm not able to return it, mine will soon be available on Ebay....more info
  • Relief
    Very comfortable - the cervical spine coverage is very good; can also be placed (but not fastened) over a shoulder. Prompt shipping and good customer service from the company....more info
  • Elasto-Gel Cervical - Neck Collar with Velcro - Elasto Gel #CC102 - Lycra Cover
    Really like this one. I can work on the computer and treat my neck and shoulders at the same time. Keeping it dry is important because if water (ice) gets on the outside it gets messy....more info
  • Best Cold pack Ever
    This is simply the best constructed cold-pack I have ever had! My only complaint is that is isn't quite cold enough, even when in the freezer over night. Very comfortable, with soft lycra cover....more info
  • Quick (but temporary) relief for sore shoulder/neck muscles
    My identical Elasto Gel is at least 5 years old (and cost twice as much b/c I bought it locally). I got this one was for my 90 year old mom. It is a WONDERFUL quick-fix for sore, achy shoulder/neck muscles. My mom LOVES it, so much that she brings it WITH her when she travels.
    I heartily recommend it: easy to use; inexpensive; and WORKS....more info
  • Many years of relief
    I've owned my elasto gel cervical and lumbar pieces for 10 years and they are still as effective as they were when I purchased them. I'm disabled from failed spine surgery. I love the heat wraps sold in the stores but sometimes I don't need 8 hours of heat. I can toss these in the micro again and again. If I'm very stressed ( I also have FMS ) I can slip a scented fabric softener sheet between the cover and the gel and get a little aromatherapy along with the heat! Hats off to elasto gel for their fine product. My next purchase will be the cranial cap for my migraines....more info
  • great idea, but not effective
    This item advertises to be exactly what cervical neck pain sufferers need but it does not live up to its description.
    The concept is excellent but the fit is awkward, complicated and does not hold the cold or really get that cold. The add says 20F but I seriously doubt it. Other reviews mention it not staying warm either. We thought the cold might be more lasting but it wasn't. Try something else....more info
  • Outstanding in several ways, cools off too quickly
    If this just stayed warm longer, it would be perfect.

    On the plus side: Perfect fit. The velcro works perfectly and keeps it as tight or as loose as I want it. It has a nice heavy feel. Heavy enough to stay close to the skin for good therapy, but not too heavy to be uncomfortable. The neck is a difficult place to treat/fit. This does it very well. It's great to be free of electrical cords. I can move about freely. It fits snugly agains the neck so I can wear a sweater over it without a problem. Being able to do hot and cold is a plus, although I have not used the cold yet.

    The only negative is the temperature control. It takes a bit of experimenting to find the right time, since each microwave is different. Then it cools off very quickly. Even if I heat to the point where I can barely stand the heat, it is almost cold in 15 minutes. This means I need to keep running back to the microwave.

    The TheraTherm shoulder pad is a better option for me. It is electric and has excellent temperature control. The cord is long enough to make it usable. I just wish it's strap was as good as this one....more info
  • Great heating collar
    I have used this ever since I injured my neck in a car accident. It is great b/c it conforms around the neck & also heats the upper shoulders a little bit. I have only used it for heating, and it stays warm enought for at least 20 minutes, which is the recommended heating time from my physical therapist. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Not quite perfect
    Unlike other products; I doesn't leak, it's more durable, lasts longer, it's more comfortable, BUT is just doesn't get cold enough for me....more info
  • is great
    Am able to wear to bed at night and does not shift or interfer with sleeping. Have only used as a cold compress....more info
  • Great idea but the Velco is scratchy
    I'm sure I can rig a way to get the Velcro parts off my neck, but you'd think they would have considered this design element. It doesn't get or stay too cold--especially if you're up walking about and not leaning against a pillow or chair back to help target the cold therapy. You can add a second gel pack underneath this one to intensify the cold (or heat)...more info
  • Just what the doctor ordered
    I bought this neck collar based on the suggestion of my physical therapist. I have degenerative disk disease in my neck which spasms on a regular basis when inflamed. This collar was able to touch all of the right places and the velcro band secured it into place. It really helped to calm the spasms as much as possible. ...more info
  • top of the line
    I generally ice my hip before sleep, and i find the elastogel cervical collar to be very useful for this purpose. Soft and flexible, it molds well to any inflamed or painful area. A friend suggested it to me, and hers has lasted many years! She also uses it hot at times, but i'm a fan of cold. ...more info
  • Great!
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He is a student,mountain biker,and a daddy. This product has really eased the pain in his neck and shoulders. Very easy to use and comfortable. Thanks for a great product!...more info
  • I did not know the exact product
    I wanted a stiff collar. I did not know the product. Product description should be more informative.
    I returned it back via my American Express....more info
  • Great office relief
    I have muscle tightness in my neck 24/7, and working on my computer all day isn't helping to relieve it. I pop my elasto gel in the microwave and use it at least twice at work. It does its job. You just have to keep reheating it because it cools down easily....more info
  • Best cold pack ever!!
    My husband has an atlas issue and the cold really decreased the pain and swelling. We are going to buy another to leave at work....more info
  • Help for pain in the neck
    ASIN:B000FHZNQO Elasto-Gel Cervical - Neck Collar with Velcro - Elasto Gel #CC102 - Lycra Cover was recommended to me by my massage therapist for pain in my neck and shoulder. I have found it very convenient and helpful although it is somewhat cumbersome to use....more info


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