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YEAR - ROUND gardening, in the comfort of your kitchen! Aerogarden Indoor Grower, ON SALE! Grow herbs, vegetables and flowers INDOORS, all year long! The Aerogarden uses state-of-the-art aeroponics to grow plants without the use of soil, and with 95% less water than soil-bound plants. Instead of dirt, each plant's root system is suspended in a 100% humid, oxygenated and nutrient-rich growing chamber. Full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs provide robust, healthy growth night and day. Make every meal more delicious with 100% natural, freshly grown ingredients... with your first harvest after only 28 days! Includes 7 different seed packs to get you started: Italian basil, cilantro, mint, dill, parsley, chives and purple basil. With two more seed packets offered separately below! UL-listed. Measures 16 x 10 1/2 x 15 1/2"h., adjustable to 21"h. to accommodate plant growth. Entire Set weighs approx. 11 lbs. Order yours today! Aerogarden Indoor Garden Grower, Black

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for fresh herbs, brightens the kitchen, kids maintain it :)
    We've been growing our own herbs in the AeroGarden for more than a year already.

    We do have our 'real' garden, outdoors, but the growing season in Pennsylvania's Poconos is not that long and the regular supermarket greens are usually yucky. So, between the expensive 'organic' stuff and the AeroGarden, I'd say the purchase price plus what we pay for the seeds, the nutrient packs and the electricity is not really setting us back too much or at all. The advantage is the nice 'garden' we keep all year. And it does brighten our kitchen, it gets the kids interested in plant growth and adding water and keeping the nutrients schedule is an interesting chore for them and, of course, we get the fresh herbs, including the famous 'arugula' we've heard of recently. Of the harvest, we've been most successful with basil so far and we constantly failed the cherry tomatoes with all else somewhere in-between but we are overall pleased.

    The positives in brief:
    + provides fresh vegetables at times it's hard or impossible to grow them outdoors
    + relatively low maintenance, our kids are in charge and they seem to be doing a good job at it
    + bright light in the winter can improve mood
    + preferable to the 'organic' supermarket alternatives
    + my wife's girlfriends are all impressed and it makes her look like a hi-tech indoor gardening genius

    The less impressive aspects in brief:
    - Relatively expensive
    - Seed packs can be expensive
    - It does burn a lot of electricity on a 17-hour lights-on mode
    - Couldn't grow cherry tomatoes and we did try 3 times. Growing tomatoes inside a pod this small is too ambitious a goal
    - Customer service not always helpful

    I find the negatives total adding up to about one star. It's a little more than one star, really, but I'm rounding it all up to a 4-star. We do not regret purchasing an AeroGarden and we are still using it, one year later. The only regret we have is that we bought it off the TV campaign because we could have saved a lot if we watched Amazon for a sale....more info
  • Poor customer service,
    I have received AeroGarden as a gift but some of the seeds were never germinated. Called AeroGarden customer service more than few times but they never sent a replacement seeds. Some herb were never growed as PR picture. It was waste of my time. It is much cheaper to buy a herb in super market. My AeroGarden is in my closet. Do not waste of time and money on this products. My friend told me a same....more info
  • Nice product
    I was a little skeptical at first, but this thing really does grow some nice plants. I have been enjoying fresh basil and mint lately, and they are very nice and quite flavorful....more info
  • Terrible Product
    I received the Aerogarden as a gift. I have a green thumb and can grow anything. I looked forward to having fresh herbs to cook with. There are several things that make this product quite bad.

    1.) The light is a beacon! The grow light has to be on 14-15 hours a day and is incredibly bright. This won't be a problem if you have a kitchen far away from your bedroom but if you have an apartment it will present a problem.

    2.)It does not work. I tried once to grow the herbs exactly as instructed. It didn't work. The plants grew only a little bit and then died after a few weeks. I ordered more seed pods to try again, trouble shooted using the FAQ's on the Aerogarden website and again the plants grew a little bit and died. I am a gardener the product does not work.

    3.)Complete lack of customer service. I called and emailed trying to get ahold of the company to tell them the product does not work and try to get some support. I got an auto reply from Aerogarden that said "we are experiencing a high volume of emails and are currently 3 weeks behind in replying" Well it has now been 2 months and I still have not heard a thing.

    SAVE YOUR MONEY! This product does not work....more info
  • Great product, but fluctuating price
    The AeroGarden "classic" is a nice product; I've had it for over a year. It works as designed and has produced herbs and greens with little effort. For a gardening enthusiast such as myself living in Pittsburgh PA, having off-season "fresh" produce is a welcome change.

    One of my only gripes about the product itself is the price of the seeds. I was a little bit surprised to see that in the tomato seed pack, I only received 3 seed "pods", with blank fillers provided to fill the other four holes. I understand that tomatoes need space to grow, but does that justify a price of $25 for 3 tomato plants? I'm still a bit bothered by that although the plants are growing nicely.

    Overall, I enjoyed my AeroGarden so much that I intended on buying one for both my mother and father this holiday season. However, the pricing on Amazon kept fluctuating; at one point it was $129, then it was $89, then back to $129. It changed so much that I couldn't keep track of it from day to day. Finally, I bought it through another online site. This isn't the first time I've noticed this; I have no idea what Amazon is doing with their pricing this season.

    My advice -- buy this product, but do your research about where you get it from so that you don't get ripped off. I bought it for $99 elsewhere....more info
  • Great addition for any cook!
    I have been using my Aerogarden Classic for over a year and absolutely love it! It is great to have fresh herbs on hand anytime I need them and definately beats buying the packaged forms that go bad so quickly.

    I love mine so much that I just purchaed a second one to grow an additional garden! I would suggest the Pro 200 or Deluxe if you want to grow full size veggies but for herbs or salad greens the Classic is just perfect....more info
  • Two Tomatoes
    The AeroGrow AeroGarden is a wonderful, unique product for someone who wants to have fresh herbs or gourmet tomatoes all year round. I purchased this product as a birthday gift and would give the product 5 stars if ALL the plants had started to grow. Two out of the three plants are growing beautifully. The company that sent the garden 6 weeks ago, has still NOT replaced the one plant that didn't sprout. The design of the garden is great and we are still pleased....more info
  • 1 year and growing strong
    I got this last year fro Christmas and have been growing seeds preety much since. After one year I have never had a failure with seeds as some writers have. The plants grow pretty quickly as advertised and need little care. i have ordered two this year as gifts for family....more info
  • May be bad seeds
    I bought this unit on special from Amazon. I have followed the instructions to the letter and after 7 weeks, the only thing that can be harvested is the chives. Dill is doing ok, but looks nothing like the pictures. Basils, mint, parsley and thyme have barely past the sprouting point. I will try one more kit and if this doesn't work it is going in the next yard sale....more info
  • Herbs grown this way taste bad, sucks electricity like crazy
    I am a culinary school grad and a part-time caterer and so I know what herbs should taste like. It must be something in the liquid soil, but the herbs that come out of this taste awful and metallic. I grew two separate crops thinking that something was wrong with the first one. The second one tasted terrible, too. I mean, they taste like a mercury thermometer that I accidentally bit on as a kid. It was just gross all the way around. I had several friends try the herbs too. I tried repeatedly to use them. I served a salad with a few sprigs of these herbs included just to test them at a dinner and everyone complained about the pungent, off-putting flavor that the few sprigs lent to the dish. So this isn't just me.

    I thought, "OK, I'll grow some flowers." But the reality is that for the increase in electricity that this requires, I can buy at least two bouquets of fresh flowers each month. This increased my electricity bill by nearly $20 per month over my average consumption for the same period last year. This was pointed out to me by a friend who works for the local power company said that these devices are notorious power consumers.

    I got this as a gift from someone who knows that I am a cook but who has not been to my home. It was a well meaning gesture. But the reality is that I have been growing herbs in pots for years in my little, urban kitchen window without any real difficulty. I do have an inexpensive grow light to nurture along newcomers or to extend the "day" during the winter by three or four hours. Those taste great. It isn't that hard. You don't need to spend nearly $200 to grow herbs in your kitchen that taste bad. ...more info
  • It worked--but BUGSSSSSS!!!
    So, this thing worked pretty much as promised--no noise issues here. What I did end up with is a caterpillar infestation. The plants were decimated. I have grown lots of herbs on my counter with no problem, but my husband thought this might be a bit neater. It was gross. I finally threw all the plants away when the caterpillar count exceeded 100....more info
  • Will probably buy another
    I've been using this a little while now and all the included pods sprouted with no problems. I actually removed the dill and parsley seeds from the pods and used cilantro and sweet basil instead and they have been growing faster than the included seeds. I've seen some complaints about how much electricity this unit uses but I haven't had any issues. I have a kill-a-watt meter and the unit pulls around 47 watts with lights and pump on. Assuming you use the herb setting on your Aerogarden then monthly energy cost would be... 47 watts x 17 hours = 799 watts / 1000 (converting to kwh) = .799 * 31 days in cycle = 24.769 kwh * $.14/kwh the electric company charges on average = $3.47 increase on the electric bill per month. The Master Gardener kit is a great add-on kit you can buy that allows you to plant whatever seeds you want plus a year supply of nutrient tablets as well. Also you have an option on the manufacturer web site to create your own kit and chose what individual pods you want in your set.

    I've purchased a 2nd unit and decided to try using distilled water versus tap. I have had much better results with distilled water. Plant growth has been 3 times faster using the same seed kits and the plants look healthier/greener....more info
  • Very great gift for mom
    I got this as a mothers day gift. It is amazing how well the herbs grow in this system and it is very low maintenance.

    Be sure to trim down your herbs or they'll be touching the ceiling in no time.

    We have not seen how well the other seed packs work with this system or if its possible to use normal seeds in this system....more info
  • Electricity drainer.
    Got this for Christmas last year. It drains electricity like crazy - my bill was almost doubled! In addition, the lights are on in the middle of the night and are nearly blinding. Not worth it for herbs you can easily grow outside in pots....more info
  • Good product, lousy customer service
    I've spent a total of $1200 on AeroGardens. I really enjoyed mine so I sent them as Christmas presents to my closest friends this year. I also ordered one of the AeroGarden 3 systems for myself as a Xmas present. I ordered it with the English Cottage flower selection seed pods. It arrived with basil, chives, and thyme seed pods. I contacted AeroGrow at the number on the shipping form. I was on hold for 20 minutes before I finally gave up and left my number for a callback. The phone system said to press 2, leave your callback number and you won't lose your place in the queue. Haaa! 3 hours later and I still hadn't received a call. So I sent an email addressing the problem. This was over 24 hours ago. I still haven't received a response. AeroGrow used to be awesome at customer service. Now... not so much. Additionally, the first AeroGarden I ordered from them stopped working at my second planting. The pump is shot. I would tell them this, but I can't get in contact with anyone from the company. Regarding the mistake on the Xmas present I ordered for myself... I can only wonder if the Xmas presents I ordered for my friends were accurate. Not a happy camper.... ...more info
  • unfortunate waste of money
    i was extremely disappointed with this product. after spending all that money, one of the bulbs burned out two weeks after i started the tomato kit and the second is so haphazardly sitting in the plug that occasionally it knocks out and the lights can be off all day. not to mention the fact that i did everything the instructions said but my tomatoes never came, i never got one flower, i never got one tomato. also the water is low button was red all the time despite the fact that the water was filled to the line. don't make the same mistake....more info
  • Not Completely Happy
    Three of the seven herbs are not growing and the selection of plants isn't very good, think they should offer single plants....more info
  • I got rid of it after a few months
    The idea is great, but in reality it's not all that great. In the beginning it is a very low maintenance. Once the seeds start growing (if they do) everything gets more complicated. I have tried four different seed sets and in all of them at least one plant did not come up. AeroGarden will send a replacement if you insist, but it's going to be too late, as new seeds cannot compete with larger plants.

    Seed mixes seem strange and inflexible to me, it's hard to find a set where you could use all of them (what would you use mint for???) and in all the sets that I have tried, plants like basil totally took over and smaller plants did not have much chance of thriving.

    When the plants grow larger you will have to add water on a daily basis, especially in the dry winter season. At one point you will run out of nutrition tablets and will have to buy extra ones. The plants will also start making a mess of dry leaves all around.

    Some herbs, when cut down do not grow back as well as others, so your garden will quickly start looking strange. Cleaning is a hassle and my pump broke after 6 months of use.

    And did I mention that it makes a noise when it's turned on (which is many hours every day) and that the light can be pretty annoying?...more info
  • Aerogarden
    Great product so far. The seeds are germinating as promised. Easy to assemble and set up. ...more info
  • Great for brown thumbs
    I have had my Aerogarden since May'08, and as of this review, 11/13/08, the first seed kit is still going.

    All you have to do is read the directions, takes about 5 mins, and turn it on. 7 weeks later I had fresh herbs to use in my cooking.

    Do you know how great it is to put fresh basil on all of your Italian dishes? Without even going to the store?

    I love to cook, and using the fresh herbs has opened up a new arena.

    Some of these herbs are $5 for 4 oz at the store in those little plastic containers. This is right in your home.

    The "value" of it will pay for itself in the long run, but defiantly, not within the first year of so.

    Flat out, this is a great machine, it does what it says, and it does it well, with little effort.

    EDIT: 1/2/2009 My Basil has finally died. Time to start a new garden!...more info
  • Worked beyond expectations
    I bought the AeroGarden Classic with the Gourmet Herb Seed Kit in white August 13th., 2008 on a special for $99.95, and I can honestly say it has worked beyond my expectations. Actually it has worked so good, meaning the herbs have grown so rapidly, that I had to cut back on lighting hours and nutrient tablets. Having it placed in our kitchen, the the smell of fresh herbs have been nice too. I was also so tired of buying expense herbs in little plastic packages at our supermarket, only to have the unused portion go bad within a few days. Actually this product have now inpired me to build a large (24.5' x 11') attached solar pit greenhouse, mainly using hydroponics to supply my family with other produce.

    Now there was one reviwer who gave this product one star, saying it almost doubled his electricity bill. Actually if his bill before buying this product was only about $20 a year, he would have been right. But more likely he is just an idiot, making an azz out of himself not having done a bit of research (Googling) about wattage and electricity cost.

    There are two 26 Watt bulbs in each of the Classic AeroGarden systems. That is 52 Watts per hour. For the Herb settings the light is on 16 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sure the water pump, which is active whenever the lights are on, also uses a few Watts, perhaps 5 Watts but let me just use 8 Watts rounding the whole usage up to 60 Watts and hour when on.

    So total wattage consumption is 60 Watts x 16 hours x 365 days = 350,400 Watts which equals 350.40 KW (Kilo Watts).

    On average one KiloWatt in the United States cost about 10-11 cents, so 11 cents times 350.44 KW equals $38.54 per year! So about $3.20 a month, not bad for about $20 dollars worth of monthly organic herbs.

    Also this means my intial investment of $99.95 was made back in herbs in 6 months, as I did not harvest anything the first month. Even if I went ahead and bought new bulbs ($20), nutrient tables ($14), and seeds every 6 months, which in my case would mean to much production, I would still save about $60 a year, plus my herbs are not sprayed with who knows what poisons. As it's only been 4 month and a week since I started, I can't say for sure how often I will need to replace bulbs, nutrient tablets, and seeds, but I guessstimate every 8 months. When my nutrient tablets are depleted, I will try to experiment with filling up with water from my fish tanks, perhaps it will contain enough free nutrients....more info
  • Still not working
    I received this product three months ago. The first seeds started to grow then died within a few weeks. The customer service center is taking a month or more to get back to customers. Two months later they say that they will send me a new package of seeds. Great except after one week the bulb burnt out after only a total of three weeks of use (2 at the beginning and one this time). So, now these seeds are going to fail too. Ridiculous to pay so much for nothing....more info
  • More work, but it works
    It took 2 kits to get a full garden. Only 2 seeds grew on the first kit. I wrote to aerogarden and they sent me a replacement, told me to use distilled water (the kit said not to use distilled water, to use tap water). I received the replacement kit quickly and was able to get some more growth from new seeds, but took a few more times. There are 7 spots, 2 grew with first kit, 3 more grew with second kit, and 2 more are still waiting on. I like this product, but should be as easy as they said. I really like the customer service that went with the product though....more info
  • It really does what it says!
    I got this for my Girlfriend, who admittedly has a black thumb. In 2 weeks, we have watched the plants not only grow, but thrive. it is simple, easy to care for, and there are real plants that will be a salad in just another week or so. Incredible!...more info
  • Fresh Herbs & Salad Greens Year Round
    I now own three AeroGardens. One for herbs, one for salad greens & one for chili peppers. Living in the Inland Northwest with 4 seasons, I can now have fresh herbs, greens & peppers all year. The AeroGarden is very low maintenance and is fast growing. I'm on my third planting of greens, my third planting of herbs and just starting my peppers. Their customer service is the best and I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Fantastic Product - Fantastic Shipping
    Bought this product as a gift for my mother-in-law. Herbs starting growing within days and she was harvesting by the beginning of the 4th week. She loved it so much I ended up getting one for myself. It is doing fantastic also. Easy to set-up and use....more info
  • Totally AWESOME!!!!
    I purchased this product because of comments from friends & family & they were right on! I can't tell you the pleasure I get from harvesting fresh herbs & tomatoes all year long. Either from health reasons or saving time or even saving on gas all these are valid reasons to give this product a go. To top it off it looks great & is a number 1 crowd pleaser no matter who comes into our home.

    I would highly recommend for your health & your families....more info
  • Good Idea, Terrible Product
    I bought this as a present for my dad, who loves to grow tomatoes. We did everything as directed. Although the tomatoes grew, the harvest was small, and the flavor was bad, in fact, that they actually went to waste, and in a family our size, that is hard to do. The next project was lettuce...disaster. I called the company, they replaced the bulbs and seeds, and the next round was...below average. For such an extravagant appliance, the results should be great. Don't buy it....more info
  • Great Product
    Very nice indoor garden. I've only tried the Gourmet Herb Seed Kit so far, but they have grown very fast and the herbs are great. I can't wait to try the cherry tomato kit. My son and I come home each night to see how fast the plants have grown. The aroma of the herbs are great and they look awesome! Very good product for someone who does not have outdoor space or for anyone who wants to have fresh herbs/vegetables in the winter....more info
  • Good idea but somewhat shoddy construction
    I've had the AeroGarden long enough to have grown one full crop and start another. Basically, the product works as advertised. You stick in the seed pods, fill it with water, toss in fertilizer tablets and repeat when the little control panel light prompts you.

    The good: Its small and it does grow the plants quickly. We grew the herb garden and once it sprouted, it took off pretty quickly. You do have to trim the plants back to keep them from turning into a total tangle of herb jungle. If I do the herbs again, I will likely not put in all of them. I never use Dill or Mint, so I'd just as soon not be trimming them all the time.

    Once the plants are ready to trim, they will keep on growing for at least a couple months, providing you with a decent supply of whatever your growing.

    The Bad: Its pretty bright. You won't want this sitting in an area where you would care to have a couple of bright lights going nearly all the time. The picture makes it look like a nice glow, but the light spreads out quite a bit. We have it sitting on a low table in the formal dining room and it lights up that room pretty well. Imagine talking one of those clamp on shop lamps, putting a hundred watt bulb in it and pointing it at the ground. The ambient light is enough to read the manual standing ten feet away. And if your eye level is below the lamp shield, its impossible to ignore.

    The unit was quiet at first, but developed a buzzing hum after a few months. I've taken the unit apart and checked for anything that may vibrate and made sure the pump is clean, but it still does it. The buzz is loud enough that it would annoy the heck out of someone in the same room.

    The light bulbs are the fluorescent type, which saves on electricity and keeps the heat down, but the sockets seem rather loose. The bulbs are in no danger of falling out, but they frequently go out and I have to jiggle them around to get them to regain contact and light up again.

    Final Conclusions: I give it a 'mostly satisfied'. Its a bit shoddy on the construction, but so far there are workarounds for the faults. You will not want this if you cannot put it somewhere isolated. The light and noise would be very annoying in a typical apartment kitchen. The seed kits are a bit overpriced. If they are going to rake you over the coals for the kits, they should drop the price of the unit. This seems like the kind of thing many people may get as a gift and then sell at a garage sale after using it once. You really only want it if know for sure you will use what you grow. ...more info
  • Everything's growing with my Aerogrow!
    Well, I'd always wanted to try one of these and when had the price at $99.95... I talked my husband into it.

    So far, I have to say all is well and the product looks nice and is performing just as advertised. Every herb plant (from the Gourmet Herb seed pod kit that came with it) came up and before the full time allotted ran out. Most were nicely ahead of schedule. I am just about to the end of the first two week germination period, so we'll see if the "add nutrient" lights come on properly.

    The unit has been through several short power failures and nothing has disrupted the scheduling of the lights going on and off at the proper times. The light is bright, yes... but not so bright as a sunny window. My unit is in a finished basement room where I can keep it shut away from my plant-destroying young cats. Were it not for the cats, it *would* be on my kitchen counter!

    However, before you buy one, you should be sure you have a good place to keep it and won't be bothered by the light. It is on 17 hours a day during the herb cycle. Me, I like light.

    We did have one scare, when my husband smelled a burning smell coming from the unit one night. The smell was completely gone by morning when he told me about it and I checked the unit but I called Customer Service anyway. I was pleasantly surprised not to have to wait on hold. They said that sometimes there is a coating on the plastic that burns off within the first 3-4 days. OK... this happened perhaps just past that point, at about 4-5 days, so I assume it was just what they said. No further instances of strange smells since. Still, it was quite worrisome at the time, so I could wish the company might mention this possible occurrence in the manual so one might be prepared!

    They did give me a quick way to check and be sure it wasn't my pump burnt out... and it clearly wasn't. So I felt safe continuing to run the unit and appreciated the quick help.

    The pump has so far been VERY quiet, almost silent, actually.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how my herbs grow. If they do well, I think I'll start looking for a place to put a secondary and possibly a third unit. Perhaps using one of those accessory wall stands. I already feel tempted to buy one for a friend as a gift, but will see just how well mine does first.

    The one drawback of course is that you get hooked into needing to buy their seed or master gardener kits, their nutrient tablets and their grow bulbs (which are supposed to be replaced at six month intervals). So this is probably NOT the most cost effective way to grow. OTOH... I can look forward to basil that is not half-destroyed by earwigs! And FRESH herbs when all is frozen and brown outside. It's surely an EASY way to garden!

    I'll try and update the review at some future date. But so far, so good!

    ...more info
  • if you live in an apartment or condo for the sake of GOD do NOT buy this!!!
    I am writing this review because my sleep has been ruined for a month by this horrible contraption and I don't even own the damn thing. I live in an upscale triplex in the hills of LA. One of my neighbors bought the AeroGarden and it has ever since ruined my sleep.

    My neighbor purchased the AeroGarden last month right around the 1st. The reason I know is because the first night when I got home from work, it looked like 1970s aliens had taken over his entire apartment. Every window had a bright blueish fluorescent glow emanating from an undetermined source inside. Later, I got into bed and heard the source of the light loud and clear. Something new was permanently on upstairs and it was loud.

    The next day, I went and knocked on my neighbor's door to see what the deal was. We are on good terms. In the 2 years I have lived in this apartment, I have only had to ask him to be quiet a couple times---once, when he was watching 'gladiator movies' too loudly and another time when he was having a wine tasting party with his friends that got a little too drunk. It is always uncomfortable to tell someone that they are being too loud so I try to avoid it but this noise was loud enough that I had to go up there.

    When my neighbor answered the door, I told him that whatever was making this bright glowing light was also making a noise that was hindering my sleep 1 floor below. Interestingly, our floor plans are identical and I realized, his AeroGardern was not directly above my bedroom for this very reason. It also was not in his kitchen, which is directly above my kitchen adjacent to my bedroom. His AeroGarden was in the hallway next to the bathroom on the other side of the kitchen way over on the other side of his apartment farthest from his bedroom because it was so loud.

    We talked about how many hours this horrible device was going to be on. He said it needed to be on about 16+ hours a day. That means that if you buy this thing, not only will it be buzzing for 16+ hours a day but it will also be lighting your house in an unnaturally weird way 16+ hours a day. In my neighbor's case, it seems to never turn off because on the original cycle nothing grew for the first couple of weeks, so he went to a longer light cycle where things actually grew.

    Essentially, if you buy this thing, it is going to be on lighting your whole house 16+ hours a day and making a super loud noise for 16+ hours a day. Maybe that is appealing to you but unless you do tons of crystal meth, I would assume this would be a downside. Also, unless you have tons of money to spend on electric bills, which would offset any cost saved by growing your own food on a surface that is smaller than the average American salad bowl, I would guess this might be a downside for you as well.

    Further, if you think by growing your own tiny garden like this is somehow "greening" your life, google how electricity is made and how much more of it you will be using to grow one salad bowl worth of food each couple of months. Instead, ride a bike to buy organic vegetables at a local Farmer's Market and support sustainable local economies. Then you can brag to your friends that you are greener than they are when they pick you up in their Prius to go out to the local organic vegan sake bar.

    On the other hand, maybe you are a really rich person with tons of leisure time and money and you just want to watch the grass grow (literally)---and you do not have neighbors within earshot. If that is the case, buy some Rock Star energy drinks, have a seat and go wild. However, if you are a somewhat normal person, living in a normal apartment or condo in the city with normal neighbors, this product is not for you. Instead, go Whole Foods to buy some organic herbs and salad because there is no way that this thing is worth more than a 4th grade science project oddity or a comical plot for an episode of Seinfeld. When you get home, go on Amazon and get 10 new DVDs with the money you will save if you need passive home entertainment.


    It has now been a month since my neighbor has bought this horrible device and I have been to his apartment 4 times to complain. Today, I will go there for a 5th time to tell him that if his "AngerGarden" (my girlfriend made that up for me), is not permanently OFF from the hours of midnight to 7am, I will have to make an official complaint to the landlord. This is the last thing I want to do but I have resorted to sleeping on my couch, wearing ear plugs and chewing on Valerian Roots before bed. My neighbor is committed to his AngerGarden though. He is a nice guy, he acknowledges the fact that it is loud and tells me he will do something about it every time I go down there but he doesn't do anything that stops this thing from getting louder and louder every week. He moves it, cleans it, puts more water in it, spends hours talking on the phone with the people who sell it to get a new pump or some new light bulbs but nothing he does makes this thing socially acceptable.

    The last important thing I want to say is that in the month my neighbor has owned the AngerGarden, it has definitely gotten louder and louder and louder almost daily. My neighbor agrees with this. I have also had friends over just to verify that I am not going completely insane. The pump was loud enough from day 1 for me to hear it a floor below and across the room from where it is but now the pump is so loud that it cannot be ignored from ANY room in my 3 bedroom apartment. Seriously. If I am in my living room, I hear it. If I am in my office, I hear it. If I am in the laundry room, the kitchen, in the bathroom or in my bed trying to sleep I can hear this thing and it is driving me INSANE! You can even hear it still while my washer and dryer are both running in the laundry room! My neighbor is in denial because he spent money on some snake oil called The AeroGarden but I am about to pull a Yosemite Sam on him if he doesn't turn this POS off!!!

    PLEASE do not buy this product if only to offset the karmatic imbalance in the world left from me losing a MONTH of sleep because my neighbor bought this horrible scam of a product.

    Thank you for reading....more info
  • Good So Far!
    I got this for my wife for Christmas. She planted the herbs on Christmas day, and they are doing great. She planted Basil, Chives, and Parsley. The Chives are growing like weeds, and the Basil is looking good too. The Parsley just sprouted. They tell you on each pod how long it will take for them to sprout and they are right on. It took her about 10 minutes to put everything together and about another 5 to get it going. Very easy set up. Great so far!...more info
  • I never thought of myself as a gardener before
    What an awesome little product - 8 fresh herbs, growing like they're on steroids, available freshly every time you cook. The planting and maintenance could not be simpler, and as long as you can stand the sound of running water 16 hours a day, the unit is as unnoticeable as it is productive.

    Since fresh herbs tend to cost $2.99 a pack from my local Safeway or Trader Joe's, we should break even on the unit within 12 weeks. To be honest though, Aerogrow's herbs taste fresher than their supermarket counterparts, presumably because they haven't been trapped in a plastic box shipped around the country! What a great product....more info
  • Love it (I have two units). Payback less than one year!
    I orginially purchased the space saver 3, loved it so much I came back to get this bigger one the Classic model with 7 pods because the white one was on sale this week for $89.00! I remember paying almost that much for the space saver 3 model. I'm so glad because there is a huge difference in the Space Saver models and getting the classic. The space saver units are noisy (I have a small place). The classic model is very, very quite. And, the space saver 3 only has 3 pods while the classic has 7 pods--grow more stuff at once.

    Bright Lights
    Yes, it runs for 17 hours on and 7 hours off (no surprise here, that's what it does). I run it during the day, so it's off when I sleep (again, my place is small and these lights are bright especially with 2 units running at the same time). So, having them come on when I get up is no big deal.

    Electrical Costs
    Like most folks I wondered about the electric bill. As these are compact flourescent lights (CFL) they do save more energy than traditional bulbs, but they are running for 17 hours a day. I sat down to figure out what that would really cost. The company recommends changing the bulbs every 6 months. Yes, they do last longer than that but CFL lose their brightness over time so changing them out frequenty will significantly increase growing. I think most folks are changing them at or near the one year mark (perhaps after 2-3 harvest). I just had to calculate wattage on CFL for a kitchen remodel because of the energy requirements in California. So, here's a rough estimate:

    The classic unit has 2 bulbs that each put out about 1500 lumens each. This is about the same as 23 watt bulb. So, at 17 hours a day on a 23 watt bulb, 285 kWH per year, $.xx wKh depending on your energy bill charge, and run for 12 months. It should be about $30-40 a year.

    Cost Benefit
    Then add in the cost of the unit (in my case it was $90) and additional seed kits $15 for the year. You are looking at inital cost for the first year of $135-145. After that if you buy one set of bulbs ($20) and 2 seed kits ($30), with electrical the cost its about $80-90 the second year.

    Now, I pay about $4-5 bucks for a small package of organic herbs at the store every week. That's about $200-260 a year, and I'm sure it's even more for me during the summer months.

    So the benefit of the unit (including electrical) for me indicates the unit pays for itself back in the first year. $135-145 versus $200-260...and continues to pay for itself in subsequent years.

    Get Rid of the Critters
    Now, as for bugs. That's easy. The first sign of anything like that...remove the bowl and wash the bugs off the plants (if you have pets that's typically a source of transportation for them). Also, if it's near an open window, these small bugs can get through your screen-they are small enough. So, you might want to move it away from window and pets.

    Outdoors in my garden I do not use pesticides, but rather I spray down with mixture of dawn soap and water (most bugs do not like the taste) and it does not harm the plants. I do this weekly, takes about 15 mintues--but worth it. I have not had any bugs with this unit but I would try to wash the plants down with a little bit of dawn soap in the sink.
    ...more info
  • I'll take 5 more please!
    So I absolutely LOVE this little thing. I was born with a brown thumb, and this little gadget makes that brown thumb turn green in the blink of an eye. Aerogarden is as simple as this...
    Turn it on, and check the water levels every now and then.

    Why it almost got 4 stars... Everything was going so wonderfully until about 4 months into it, the pump started getting loud (not unbearable but noticeably) and one day... It just stopped... That day my life felt over. My green thumb, gone. So what did I do? What anyone else would of, took the damned thing apart and shoved it in the cupboard with intentions to one day check if there was a warranty.

    There it sat for a good 6 months... One day while shopping at the grocery store I started day dreaming about the dang thing, that day I drove down to my local hydroponics store and asked if they repaired them or sold pumps. No, they didn't. BUT, the owner gave me Aerogardens contact info. I went to my car and called...

    Why they got their 5 stars. I had no receipt, box, NADA! But I called anyways and the guy was super friendly, asked for my address and within not even a week I had a new pump and my garden is back in action!!!
    SOOO... Aerogarden gets 5 stars from me for being awesome, having great customer service and letting me grow organic goods no problem!...more info
  • Bad pump
    The pump is the heart of this design. If the heart fails after just three months, how good is this gadget? My fish tank pump is over 10-year old and is still going strong. There is no excuse to include a lousy pump like this. VERY disappointed!...more info
  • Farming in the kitchen
    This product is absolutely fabulous. I'm harvesting the herbs for my salads. It really works like a charm....more info
  • Neighbor Torture Device
    Our landlord who lives upstairs purchased one of these about a month ago. He showed it off to us when he brought it home because he was very proud of it. Not too long after, we noticed a loud humming noise in our bedroom right below where the aerogarden was located upstairs. Our landlord is elderly and is hard of hearing. When we very nicely asked him about the noise, he let us in to check and we verified that it was this machine that was the source. He can't hear it but it keeps us up all night long. We have started taking sleeping pills at night because the noise is unbearable. We have asked him to move it somewhere else several times but he's either avoiding it or he has forgotten. It's actually gotten to the point where I am checking rental ads daily so we can find a new place to live....more info
  • Perfect for the whole family
    The aero garden is perfect for the whole family. We live in the city and plan on moving to a rual area soon. This is perfect to teach my boys how plants grow and what is needed for them to survive. They are really interested in using our herb garden in creating raw dishes and salads! Perfect start to teaching them proper choices for the body. I absolutely love it too, especially through the winter months....more info
  • Defective Pump - No Help!
    Ordered the Aerogarden at the end of September and the pump blew out at the beginning of October. Poor little sprouts died even though I tried to hand water them until the new pump arrived. I called today October 20 to follow-up, but they said that they had no pumps in stock! Needless to say, the Aerogarden is going back to Amazon. Not a good product and poor customer service! ...more info


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