Dallas - The Complete Fifth Season
Dallas - The Complete Fifth Season

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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 08/01/2006

Blink while watching Dallas: The Complete Fifth Season, and one might miss some of the fastest moving nastiness ever seen on the granddaddy of primetime soaps. Hovering over everything is the tragic loss of grizzled patriarch Jock Ewing (Jim Davis, who died prior to season 5), off on business in South America but dead before he returns to Southfork Ranch and the arms of Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes). While the widow grieves for her loss, charming scoundrel J.R. (Larry Hagman) finds new lows to reach as he conspires to woo estranged wife Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) back to Southfork and blackmail younger brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy) into abandoning his shares in Ewing Oil, thus giving J.R. control. Even J.R.'s schemes mask deeper ploys: getting back Sue Ellen means getting back their toddler son, John Ross, which means adding John Ross's ten shares to J.R.'s arsenal. Sheesh.

There's also more collateral damage than ever from J.R.'s machinations, notably the complete destruction of chronic loser Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), whose romantic overtures toward Sue Ellen stand in J.R.'s way. Not only does poor Cliff lose Sue Ellen's affections, he falls hook, line, and sinker for a fake deal dangled by a J.R. confederate, costing him the respect and support of his family and threatening his health. But there's also the infant son of Sue Ellen's late sister to think about: Bobby and baby-starved Pam (Victoria Principal) want to adopt him, but J.R. claims to be the father and threatens to take the boy away. (How do most of these people manage to live under the same Southfork roof?) Meanwhile, young Lucy (Charlene Tilton) deals with divorce and the emotional aftermath of being held hostage, and Jock's son Ray (Steve Kanaly) threatens his marital stability with impulsive investments in real estate. Everything comes to a head with a new eruption in the old Ewing-Barnes family feud, and an internal fight for control of the Ewing empire. Down and dirty, and completely irresistible. A nice special feature provides a tour of the real-life Southfork ranch. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

    This show just gets more popular as the next generation gets the chance to see it....more info
  • Only one minor complaint
    The fifth season of this classic drama is still very entertaining, if not quite up to the quality of the earlier seasons, and I can't wait for the next season. However: What happened to the English subtitles? I really hope that this blunder will not be repeated on the following seasons, since the subtitles make viewing a little bit easier. ...more info
  • Decent Season Set

    Along with Dynasty, Dallas was one of the most popular one hour drama's of the 1980's. By the early 80's the show had proven itself a solid performer. The casual viewer may not realize it, but Dallas remained on the air during the entire 1980's. The show was canceled in 1991. Dallas The Complete Fifth Season arrives in stores on August 1st. The 5 disc set includes 26 episodes from the shows dramatic fifth season. These episodes aired during the 1981-1982 season.

    By season five the shows major storylines had been established. Things were shaken up during season. The biggest storyline of the season is family patriarch Jock Ewing passes away mid way through the season and the struggle for his fortune begins. Poor old Miss Ellie has to deal with the grief of losing her husband while the others are more worried about themselves. This is only half of the season five drama. The season opens with a body floating in a swimming pool. Each of the Ewing brothers promptly accuses the other of being involved with the murder. Fans of the show will also remember this was the season that included the huge custody fight over John Ross. Sue Ellen and J.R. are splitsville and both want custody of their young son. This is also the season when Lucy is kidnapped and eventually rescued by Bobby.

    Dallas The Complete Fifth Season will be a pleasant addition to a fan of the shows collection. The 5 disc set does include episodes on dual discs but the picture quality is decent. The TV on DVD connoisseur must wonder why shows like The Dukes of Hazzard get the single disc treatment and yet Dallas gets the dual disc treatment. It could be because the running times are longer and this can save cost for the consumer.

    As for bonus features, this DVD set includes a brand new feature titled A Living Landmark: A Tour of the Real Southfork Ranch.
    ...more info
  • Dallas Season 5 is the best!
    I can't imagine anything better than watching the custody battle between Sue Ellen and JR over little John Ross. I also can't imagine anyone hotter than wealthy, blue eyed, rodeo guy Dusty Farlow. It's kind of a sad season since Jock dies, but it's also great fun watching JR and the rest of the legitimate and illegitimate Ewing boys fall apart without Jock. If that's not enough, the emotional breakdown of the stunning Pamela Ewing and the loving care her hotty husband pays her is worth the watch. The season did puzzle me in one way, why would someone who looks like Mitch ever date someone like Lucy?...more info
  • dallas the fifth season
    I loved every eposide there was I loved the show when it was on the air I love it better now that I am older to understand it and know what is going on I love this drama I wish that show was still on the air. I look forward to ordering the complete set.Thanks sincerely jonathan carmical...more info
  • A year of obsessions and tragedy

    Major points of the season are as follows:

    After suffering several miscarriages, Pam (Victoria Principal) is obsessed with motherhood.

    Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is obsessed with finding the father of Kristen's baby.

    Ray (Steve Kanaly) is obsessed in proving tht he can make it on his own without his wife Donna's (Susan Howard) money.

    Cliff (Ken Kercheval) continues his obsession in destroying the Ewings.

    Rebecca (Priscilla Pointer) is obsessed with proving herself a "good mother" after having abandoned her children when they were young.

    In light of his impotency, Dusty (Jared Martin) is obsessed to show how much of a "man" is he.

    Lucy (Charlene Tilton) is obsessed with winning her husband back, while hubby Mitch (Leigh J. McCloskey) is obsessed with making it on his own.

    Lucy's photographer, Roger (Dennis Redfield), has an unhealthy obsession with her, leading him to begin stalking the model-wannabe.

    Katherine (Morgan Brittany) begins her obsession with brother-in-law Bobby, which will come to a head when she mows him down in a couple of seasons.

    Vaughn Leland (Dennis Patrick) returns in his obsessive quest to bring down J.R.

    And J.R. (Larry Hagman) continues, after a few missteps, to run over everyone!

    Also, the writers were able to stretch out the absence of "Jock" (the late Jim Davis) by having the character noticeably absent and finally "announcing" his death in a mid-season installment, thus opening the door for the fight for control of Ewing Oil.

    "The Search" becomes a tribute to Davis, interspersed with clips from previous episodes that showcased the towering and much beloved actor.

    Boy, did a lot happen in these twenty-two episodes!...more info
  • another Classic Season
    Dallas was One of my shows back in the 80's. this is truly One of the Greatest Shows Ever. JR Ewing was always must see Tv back in the day on friday nights. alot of drama, twists&turns happen during this season. this was Dallas during it's peak&Prime. can't wait to Buy it real soon. back in the day I had to wait every friday night to tune in for th next episode,but now I can watch all those shows in a whole weekend sitting. this is Classic.the whole Cast holds it down....more info
  • It Never Got Any Better than This.
    This season of "Dallas" is probably the very best of the series. From the beginning of the following season there were already the early signs of the short falls that would plague the series in ensuing years (sub plot characters that received too much screen time etc) here was the central cast doing what they did best;fly through the crazy story lines with wonderful panache and a sense of humour and Barbara BelGeddes was in her element in this series slowly dealing with the death of her husband. The following season saw the disruption of the Bobby/Pam marriage which was never fully put back together. Here those two characters suffer their traumas but remain strong and loyal to each other, something that was never the same when the script writers started to play havoc with their story lines. Larry Hagman has a ball in this season , plotting, conniving etc and , as stated, the drama is all about the central characters.One disappointment is the lack of audio commentary and the special is a pretty poor show (a tour of the southfork ranch). ...more info
    I have all the DVD's up to this point, love this one just as much as the others.

    Packaging on this set has evolved, instead of the whole thing being in the folding cardboard boxy thing, it is now contained within three plastick cases on the inside of the cardboard exterior boxing. Much more durable, easier to take care of....more info
  • The best TV show ever produced
    It was a real pleasure to watch this show again on a DVD with no commercial interruptions. The plot and the acting is simply superb, and I am looking forward to the next edition(s)
    Jake Santman
    (Netherlands)...more info
  • Excellent transaction
    It was very good price, and fast shiping. What else could you ask for?...more info
  • Dallas-The 4th Year
    What is really the 4th season is a great year, probably my favorite of the entire show, although it ties with 11 several years later. It is exciting for fans because a lot of long running stories get started, with new characters who will play a big part coming into their own after the last year, including Afton, Clayton, and Rebecca. Jim Davis is of course lost, and an episode pays tribute to him, but Susan Howard who had guest starred to this point then joins the main title. Other than that, it is continued goodness as the death of Jock and the divorce of JR and Sue Ellen add more drama than usual. It is great drama, and I hope it sells gangbusters so we can get the rest as soon as possible....more info
    Dallas was one of the best shows on tv back in the 80's. We have bought all 7 seasons that are out up to now 10-30-07 and look forward to the other 6 seasons coming out. Much better then todays tv shows. We watch 2 epsiodes every night. We love this show. This was a great show at it's best. For you younger people that never seen this show back in the late 70's & the 80's, it is worth the money to buy all 13 seasons. There are only 7 seasons up to now 10-30-07 but I am sure WB will release the others one at a time. I Hope. Such good actors that this show offers. To watch it on DVD without commericals is so great. You can't go wrong with this show. It keeps your interest from start to finish, We always look forward to the evenings so we can set down and watch this show to see what JR Ewing is up to this time. Thank you for reading my review.

    Coshocton, Ohio...more info
  • dallas
    Gotta love Dallas. There is not much to say, but that it was sent promptly and in great condition....more info
  • Dallas - The Complete Fifth Season
    Dallas - The Complete Fifth Season
    I was very pleased with the service and speed in which I received this product. It arrived just a few days after I ordered it. Thank You...more info
  • Good Season, Lacking in Extras
    Dallas' Season 5 Season Set was good overall. Right off the bat, the flaw is in the extras. The tour of Southfork Ranch feature is okay, BUT, it seems like we already got that in a pervious set. Why no cast interviews? Without giving much away, there was a departing cast member that got a lot of attention in the reunion special ... yet here on the season set in the extras, the cast, the departure, and all is missing. It seems a bit impersonal.

    Quality wise, Season 5 felt a bit different from the previous seasons. Yeah, it was still good and by far more interesting and higher in quality than most things out there on tv then and now, but, it wasn't as thrilling as the previous seasons. The plots are a bit more tamed and it takes the entire season for certain plots and climaxes to occur. In other seasons, every few episodes would be packed with shocking twists and turns. This one had its share too but it wasn't as fast paced and exciting as the other seasons.

    This was still (as usual it seems) Linda Gray and Larry Hagman's season. Both's plots really drove the season forward and both were right on the mark in their scenes and acting. Surprisingly, this was also Barbara Bel Geddes' season. She really emerged in this season, taking on a more active role in the family's business and personal matters. It was nice to see her have more scenes and be a tough, strong character throughout the entire season rather than in just an episode or two as in the previous ones. There were also other actors who had bigger roles this season (and in future seasons) that really added something new to the show.

    In all, definitely worth your money and time. This was quality t.v. unlike a lot of what makes it onto the air today. Hopefully future seasons will get more in terms of special features and stuff. Other than that, it's a good season and show to add to your collection....more info
  • the BEST season after season 1( but before S.5)
    First of all, all us true dallas fans know this season as season 4.Warners just counts the 5 part mini-series as the first full"season". Thus, this would make the maroon boxset with Lucy,J.R, and SueEllen really season 4 , and not season 5. I disagree with the fans whom say this season is not as good. For me, the green and purple seasons were VERY boring, and my least favorite.its so boring and SueEllen and J.R are getting along, and for the most part, in both those seasons, they are. I dont like Kristen, i think she is a bad actress, and Pams fro in the purple season was repulsive, and so was the troll they stuck her with.And it was totally out of character for everyone to be so concerned that J.R. was shot....cheesy..... in the THIS season, the best season since the miniseries and season 1(the blue boxset),SueEllen takes JohnRoss and flees to Southern Cross Ranch,Pam's acting gets better and she has compelling storylines,Miss Ellie as mentioned before has to deal w Jocks death, we meet Crazy Katherine,J.R. is as nasty as ever,Mis Ellie goes off on J.R,Sue Ellen and J.r divorce, and if I am right, this is one of the few seasons where she is SOBER throughout.Cliff gets set up by J.R and has another affair w SueEllen, and if you thought it was good in season 1, you aint seen nothin yet! five stars! I promise if u get this season, you too will mark it as one of your favorites....more info


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