McCulloch MC1235 Handheld Steam Cleaner

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Product Description

1300 watts - 10-oz water capacity features continuous fill water tank 8-14 minutes of steam time steam control switch ergonomic design UL Listed 8 accessories 1-year limited warranty.

  • 1300 watts - 10-oz water capacity
  • features continuous fill water tank
  • 8-14 minutes of steam time
  • steam control switch
  • ergonomic design
Customer Reviews:
  • I threw away my iron!
    My husband and I are both completely in love with this steamer. We have never used it to clean, but we use it for fabrics all the time. We steam all the wrinkles out of our clothes, and it works great to get wrinkles out of curtains or bedskirts, too. You'll never have to wrestle with your iron and ironing board again!

    This unit is better than a our previous steamer because it's easier to hold and maneuver, and you can refill the water reservoir without waiting on a cooldown period.

    Quick tip though- if you buy this but you find that it's dripping water all over and soaking your clothes, you have the steam up too high. Just slide the lever towards the minus sign. It took us forever to figure that one out. Duhhh....more info
  • Not a Good Steam Cleaner
    I bought this as a replacement for the Shark hand steamer which gave out after about 4 years. The second time I used the McCulloch MC1235 Handheld Steam Cleaner the trigger stuck and I could only get the steam spray to stop by unplugging the unit. Not good! It mostly spurts hot water, not steam; making messy, watery mop-up. Does not loosen greasy residue. If looking for a hand held steamer, look at a different one....more info
  • eh not what i expected
    does clean light grime and buildup, but when i went to clean greasy and extremely dirty surfaces, this product was unimpressive to say the least.
    ... stick with a rag some chemicals and some good old elbow grease....more info
  • Substitute Elbow Grease For Money
    I read a strong review of this in (Forbes?)magazine about how it would kill germs and reduce the need for toxic cleaners. I tried it out for an afternoon and think I could have done just as well with dilute bleach and a toothbrush. I tested the steam temperature which (at best) hovered around 150 degrees. My local health department said a temperature of at least 160 degrees surface (180 coming out of the pipe)is needed to disinfect. The item is bulky and the water tank only holds enough for about 3 minutes of cleaning. I'm guessing that any steam cleaner that is hot enough to really do the job is too dangerous to market to the average stiff (like me)who tests the temperature with his finger. My suggestion is get a bowl of dilute bleach solution and a variety of brushes and'll do just as well and save money and another darned thing to find storage for. I'll report on my attempt to return the item later.
    ...more info
  • My Green Machine
    I bought the product knowing little about steamers. What a pleasant introduction! I'm using it to cut through years of accumulated dirt and mold in my apartment. I can get into those places one forgets about, with great results. With its size and ease of use--the manual explains the parts and the process clearly--the McCulloch steamer is ideal for the urban apartment, and very easy to store. The most priceless thing about it is its non-toxicity. Good-bye to harmful cleaners. Hello to a green machine. ...more info