Amcor PLM14000EH 14000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with 4,300-BTU Heat

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Product Description

PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONERS This multifunctional air conditioner cools, heats, dehumidifies and ventilates easily through the window using hoses, removing the need to install in window. Features for this portable air conditioner includes casters for easy mobility, remote control, LCDI surge-protected 120V power cord, washable replaceable filter, auto defrost and quiet operation. Features include 24 hour timer, 3-speed fan, thermostat and heater to provide all-season climate control. AC uses evaporative booster technology; water is extracted from air to help cool unit. Includes built-in water tank with drain outlet. Compressor stops running when tank is full. Removable carbon filter and 3M Filtrate filter removes odor, dust, pollen and animal dander. 7L cord. 1 year warranty. Watch Video Below

  • 14,000-BTU portable air conditioner with heat for up to 400 square feet
  • Evaporative booster technology provides more efficient cooling
  • 3 speeds; full thermostat control; LCD control panel and remote control
  • 24-hour timer; washable air filter; carbon filter; exhaust kit included
  • Measures 16 by 20 by 33 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • STAY AWAY from AMCOR and Their Products.
    The Unit is JUNK. The customer service is THE PITS.

    When the AC works, the unit is LOUD but cools as advertised.

    But my unit (as did apparently several other customers' units) failed (the compressor) before it reached 40 hours of usage. When I called AMCOR for a warranty replacement I got a customer service voice recording saying someone would call me back within three business days. And that's exactly how long they took to call me back to see what was wrong. What?!

    Then, they charged me a hundred bucks for shipping. Junk product with poor customer service and ridiculous warranty terms = AVOID AMCOR.
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  • Amcor portable A/C with heater
    Purchased a PLM14000-BTU A/C heat unit.
    The A/C compressor did not come on.(no cold air) Called Amcor and was told there was nothing wrong with it. "Turn it on and wait for ten minutes" and it would come on. After several ten minute tries, it still did not work.
    After three calls to Amcor customer service, I received a case ID number and was told that they would ship me a new one the next day. Ten days later, still no A/C
    I called again,and was told that it was not shipped but they did not know why.They would look into it and let me know.A week later, still no responce from Amcor!
    Called (6th time)after four weeks and was told they still didn't know why it has not been shiped
    At this time, I do not want the unit nor do I want to do any business with Amcor. ...more info
  • An Odd Duck
    Overall, I've been pleased with the performance of my Amcor unit. It cools and heats as advertised. I've used it for about three weeks now, and so far I haven't had any of the problems reported by some of the other reviewers. I use a ceiling fan, in addition, to distribute the cool air more evenly, and I recommend the procedure unless you want only spot-cooling.

    While the unit performs its essential functions of heating and cooling very well, there are some serious physical constraints that might affect your decision to select this unit. First and possibly foremost, is the location of the hot air exhaust tube: Rather than exiting form the side, it exits from the back of the unit, so its back cannot be placed any closer than about six inches from a wall. The six inch diameter exhaust tube is six feet long, so the unit must be less than six feet from a window - probably closer to four feet, if your window sill is a typical three feet from the floor. The right side of the unit is the air intake side, which needs some clearance for the unit to work properly. The air outlet vent, which is on top of the unit, can be adjusted through a 90 degree range from straight up to straight out to the front, but it does not adjust horizontally. And, of course, an electrical outlet is required. There is a six foot electrical cord on the unit. In summary, you need a window, a near-by electrical outlet, and enough space to accommodate the unit's stringent positioning requirements.

    The unit is on wheels and thus can be moved, but considering its weight and the foregoing constraints, it's not a likely choice if you want to take it with you from room to room on a regular basis.
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  • Variable quality
    Little noisey, but works well. I use fans to enhance the cooling efficiency for larger spaces. Update: Was very happy with the first one of these, the second one got banged up on shipping and was missing parts-did not appear to be new as advertized by Amazon. Since it is a heavy unit I haven't shipped the last one back and have yet to get anyone at AMCOR to supply the missing parts requested. Mixed experience on this....more info
  • Better than I expected
    I wanted a powerful AC unit that could keep up with the computer equipment in my office. The 14,000 BTU handles that load well. It actually gets too cold in my office now for my comfort. It's a little noisy but I expected that in a unit this size. No more than you would expect from any portable AC unit.
    A feature I am very happy about that wasn't listed in the description when I made the purchase was that it has a water line to drain the collected humidity right through the exhaust hose. Even better, it makes mist of the water so it evaporates almost instantly so it doesn't leave water lines outside of my window. I was trying to figure out how I was going to empty the water collector but that is not an issue with this unit.
    The silver look and the big blue backlit LED screen give it a look that fits in good with technology. The cold air comes out the top in a vent that is adjustable enough to point air just about anywhere, from straight up to airflow that is parallel to the floor.
    I haven't needed the heat yet but it's nice to know it's there. The remote is fairly intuitive and also has a backlit screen which is nice. Overall, I am very please with this AC unit and I'm glad I didn't try to save a hundred buck to go with some of the lower powered units. The water issue alone is worth a hundred bucks to me. ...more info
  • Need to constantly empty the water reservoir
    Ok this machine works well when it is operating but it shuts off every 45 minutes because the water reservoir gets full. It is tricky to empty it and I am not crazy about dealing with water with a large electrical unit nearby. The drain pan that comes with it only holds about 2 cups of water at a time and the unit is very difficult to empty without spilling. If you have hardwood floors this will not work well for you without an alternative method of draining it. I am using it on carpet but have put the unit on a plastic office type floor mat which helps, but I need to keep a towel nearby when I am draining it. I am in Southern California and the temperature this week has been 85-90 and humid. I did not expect this to be such a pain. Because of the shut off problem I cannot use it at night or to cool the room down before nighttime because I would have to keep emptying it. Supposedly you can use a drain hose but it has to go downhill from the unit - so how are you supposed to do that? And they don't sell the drain hose as far as I can find out. I am not sure it was worth the expense. It also is very heavy (75lbs) and therefore impossible for me to move from room to room because I have carpet and 2 steps between the upstairs rooms --- forget moving it downstairs!! Think twice on this one. If you live somewhere where you can have a window air conditioner I think that would be a much better, and cheaper, option....more info
  • Excellent so far

    Haven't used it a lot yet, but so far it has done a decent job of cooling our large upstairs area in our house, which is probably >400 square feet of connected. spacious rooms.
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