Amcor 16000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

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Product Description


  • 16,000-BTU portable air conditioner for rooms up to 500 square feet
  • Evaporative booster technology provides more efficient cooling
  • 3 speeds; full thermostat control; LCD control panel and remote control
  • 24-hour timer; washable air filter; carbon filter; exhaust kit included
  • Measures 16 by 20 by 33 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Never got one that worked
    Ordered one from Amazon, next day shipping. Opened box, parts fell out. Returned no issue for another one. Instead of honoring the next day shipping, Amazon shipped it ground. Seven days later, opened box, parts fell out. Returned for refund, 2 weeks later, still no refund....more info
  • poor customer service. leaks water. would never purchase again
    Unit arrived late one evening, in the dark, via UPS. On inspection the following morning realized the box was damaged... unpacked unit and two rollers were smashed. I immediately called the company and asked for replacement rollers and told them I was suspicious that it might be more damaged because of the condition of the box (bottom corner of box and foam smashed. I asked if I should send it back and they/she said no, they would make it "right".

    A few hours later, after completely unpacking the box for set up and checking the directions, I realized that I was missing the drain hose and the remote holder was cracked. There was also chewed gum stuck to the unit bottom which ended up in my wool oriental carpet. I called the company again and got a helpful agent who said that customer service would call me within a few days. I gave them a home and cell number so as not to miss the call while away on a business trip. No call and now, after 2 weeks in operation, the unit started leaing a lot of water out of the bottom. (An aside is that the unit is noisy and not as efficient as I had hoped but would have been good for my application without the leak.) The water leak has ruined a 2x2 area of the hardwood floor. I drained the tank... no hose so made do... and the unit still leaks.
    Since this happened on a Friday night, I haven't been able to call the company. I may have also missed the return '30 day window' while waiting for instructions on the return from the company. The A/C isn't usable at all since it leaks water from underneath the very heavy unit at a rate of about 1 tablespoon per minute.

    I've been purchasing over the internet for years and have never had this problem before. I was duped into believing that the company would help (my experiences have been positive up to this point) and now I have an expensive A/C that doesn't work and has damaged my floor.

    I'll call again on Monday to find out if Amcor has any resolution but beware of buying from this company and this particular product.
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  • Amazing Air Conditioner for the L.A. heat!
    I bought this unit from Brookstone for my dorm room because we are not allowed to have the traditional window units. It cools the air very quickly and is very powerful. It looks real modern and is very reliable. I am very happy with it and it really helps beat the L.A. heat!...more info
  • Can't sleep with this one!
    I had to return this unit, after 3 nights. I bought it for my bedroom but the fan does not go quiet enough. The unit would be ok for a game room or someplace where noise is not an issue. It definitely produces cold @ 20 degrees across the coils, which is Industry Standard. Unfortunately you can not tell which speed the fan is on, other than the pictures are still on the wall, so it must be on low. This unit has a very agressive fan unit, it will literally blow the pictures off the wall, if it is aimed correctly. There is no speed fan indicator on the unit nor the remote. The drain is a dust pan, not a drain pan. The remote is not lighted, so at night forget it. I traded this unit for an Alen C 535 which is better, but has a less aggressive fan. There is room for improvement, and I would even pay more money to get more, if it was available....more info
  • Working Well So Far
    1 day into it. Bought two units.

    Why Did I Buy It:
    Got a $7500 qoute for central A/C for our 1500 sq. ft. condo. Figured if two or three of these worked, great, we just saved $6K. Worst case I use them to cool my garage. So it won't be wasted money either way.

    ** Powerful - This is a very powerful unit for running on 11.8 amps in my opinion.
    ** Relatively compact.
    ** Stable - The units are well balanced, not top heavy, and aren't at all tippy.
    ** Controls are easy to use and easy to read even for my 46 year old eyes.
    ** Three fan speeds - Might seem like a should have feature, but it's good to see they did it. This allows you to balance cooling power with load.
    ** Doesn't generate too much condensate. The product literature indicates they have done something to minimize condensate. I have not tried to push it. I've gone with continuos draining which I elaborate on below.

    ** Uh, worked out of the box. Yeah, I know it should but things often don't.

    ** Requires a good bit of work to get set up. The window kit for the warm air discharge hose is pretty good but still a bit flimsy for my taste.

    ** The stock draining scheme requires a ridiculous procedure of pulling a plug while positioning the provided drain pan under the drain spout. There's not much room there either. This could be an enourmous pain for some folks. But again, I have not tried to see if the internal condensate evaporation actually works. So maybe it does and the drain is moot.

    ** Not silent by any means. On high it is as loud as a 16 inch fan on high. But if it saves me $6K and I can sleep at night, so what?

    ** Warm air discharge is a mixed bag - The warm air discharge hose is and accordian type hose that "click" into position if you will. Very easy to work with. Nice job on that one. The back of the unit is threaded to accept the hose and hold the hose in. Very, very easy. The hose to window fitting is also threaded to accept the hose. The only funky part is the slide mechanism that the hose end fitting snaps into.

    ** You need a 20 amp plug or an adapter. Adapters are impossible to find since you are not supposed to adapt a normal 15 amp plug to a 20 amp plug. But, that's what I did anyway by making my own. I don't necesarily suggest that you do that, it's just what I did. Careful. That electrical stuff can actually hurt you.

    ** Weighs 87 pounds. I work out a good bit and am not in terrible shape. But it was a chore to get this thing upstairs. I think two ladies could probably do it no problem. My wife could not lift it on her own. It has wheels and is easy to move around, just not lift.

    ** Like all A/C untis the warm air side of the compressor has to discharge someplace. This unit is no different. It's part of the game, but none the less a bit of a hassle.

    My Drain Solutions:

    On one unit I just ran a 3/4 inch vinyl hose out the screen door where I have the warm air vent hooked up. Piece of cake. You'll need about 6 feet of clear 3/4 inch ID vinyl hose. I got mine at OSH.

    On the second unit I took the idea in a review here and took it a different route. Made a platform, kind of a big step stool, that the unit sits on top of and where I can slide a plastic storage tub under. The tub extends past the platform in the back. A 3 inch piece of the vinyl hose hangs off the back of the unit, over the platform and above the tub. So the water drains right into the tub. The tub will probably hold 6 gallons or more. Based in current performance it's only making a pint every hour or so. But it's pretty dry today.

    We might need one more unit. It's not too warm today and they are keeping up. But I think a hot day will push it.

    Delivery - One of the units is damaged pretty badly but still works. But I think it might have a leak. Amazon has already set up a new unit to be sent and given me 30 days to return the damaged one. Pretty nice that they trust their customers like that! I did that all over the web and e-mail.

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  • Wrong Style Plug
    Perhaps this isn't an issue for you, but the electrical outlets in my house don't have an extra slot cut in them at a 90 degree angle to the standard direction (on the left prong).
    Normal configuration is: ||
    This Plug is: |-

    This normally isn't a problem (most manufactures put standard plugs on their products) but this AC unit only came, as per Target, with this ridiculous plug. Luckily for me someone else had opened this unit before me and broken it. So Target, very nicely, handled the return. The 14000 BTU unit does not have this problem and seems to work fine - although it shuts off before my thermometer says it's at the indicated temperature. This is a minor inconvenience by comparison. One more note - you must have a 20amp circuit to run this unit (some ads mention this and some do not) it will trip 15amp breakers....more info
    sucks up too much energy, noisy, doesn't even cool a small studio (seriously). The worst thing is that, you have to go put away the water inside almost every time you turn it on. Don't buy it....more info
  • A Great Air Conditioner
    We purchased this air conditioner because our apartments do not allow the standard window units. This air conditioner has been amazing. It's in a large room that is nearly 500 sq. ft. and it easily cools the area. It's about as loud as a fan, which isn't bad at all. Overall, I definitely give it 5 stars!...more info