ANNIE Jumbo Detangler Comb (Model:121)

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Product Description

Annie detangler comb is designed to allow easy combing of hair after shampooing, great for combing conditioning treatments through hair.Overall length is approx 10 inch, length without the handle is 6 inch, width is 3-1/2 inch.

Customer Reviews:
  • Great for Super Curly to Kinky Hair
    I searched long and hard for a comb with very long teeth and finally found this one. Why is it so great? I have relaxed hair that I touch up around 16 to 20 weeks, so the roots and even previously-relaxed hair gets pretty kinky. I noticed when pulling other combs through my hair that hairs often break right at the point where the bar attached to the teeth is pulled through. I reasoned that if the teeth were long enough so that the bar rarely touched my hair it would save me some breakage. And happily I was right!

    It's also pretty durable (I've dropped it many times and it has yet to break)and has a smooth construction that's kind to your hair.

    I highly recommend this comb....more info