Garden Fresh Fruits & Veggies, Soft "peel-able" fruits and veggies

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Product Description

2 years & up. Children will enjoy these "peel-able" fruits and veggies. Slice them apart with the safe, plastic knife and then Velcro? them back together again and start all over! Canvas shopping tote is included for storage.

  • Promote healthy eating habits in children with this "peel-able" fruits & veggies set
  • Peel or cut fruit and veggies and then Velcro? them back together again
  • Canvas tote included for storage

Customer Reviews:

  • Good
    I got this for my 2 year old son. He loves cutting the veggies but I feel there are not enough items to cut. They are sturdy and it is nice to have the carrying case. ...more info
  • Love IT!
    I love this toy almost as much as my daughter. I bought it for our upcoming flight. She is 15 months old and this toy occupied her for a good 15 min. allowing me to relax a little on our flight. She loves to take them apart, the Velcro holds just firm enough to give some resistance without frustrating young players. The only misleading part is that the toy is made of hard plastic, easy to clean but not 'soft' as the title suggests. For the price I don't think you can do better. She even loves to carry around the little shopping bag. We give this toy four thumbs up :)...more info
  • Great (tiny!) product
    This item is great. The fruit is sturdy, not squishy plastic. My daughter loves these. My only surprise was that the bag it comes in is tiny. I was expecting a much larger bag. The fruit and veggies are great, though a little smaller than I expected. I don't think that's a problem, because it's just the right size for small people!

    Much better quality than the mass-pack foods that are full of junk foods and are flimsy. These are well made and sturdy, should hold up to lots of playtime.

    ...more info
  • love this product
    This is such a great product! My kids (3+1)play with this "peel-able" fruit bag everyday since they received it for christmas. Items are peeled or sliced with the provided knife. They just love taking them apart. All the pieces fit in the bag whether together or seperated. The pieces are hard, but this does not take away from the product in the least. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Fun toy that has holds my toddler's interest
    My son seems to really enjoy playing with these veggies and fruits. He cuts them up and puts them on his little kitchen and then into bowls and "eats" them. I think they are great for the price and the little farmer's market bag they come in is cute too. It didn't take long for my 2 year old to figure out how to cut them up and they definitely hold his interest for long stretches of time (and mine too actually)....more info
  • good toy!
    Good toy! My daughter loves it, and so does my 8 year old niece!...more info
    This is the best for a little one's kithchen set. I bougth it for my daughter whe seh turned 1 year old and she's now almost 4 and she still loves it! The quality is outstanding. The whole set is in perfect condition 4 years later. I'm buying it for my niece who is turning 2. Enjoy!!...more info


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