Fujitronics Portable Air Cooler - FH797

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Product Description

Do you live where it is hot AND dry? Do you want an air conditioner but they are too expensive? A Fujitronic FH-797 Portable Swamp Cooler will help you keep cool and keep bills down. This portable, evaporative cooler works without Freon and compressors that are expensive to run and hard on the environment. Use the multi-purpose swamp cooler as a cooler or a fan. Weighing thirty-one pounds, the Fujitronic FH-797 is still portable and since it uses ordinary tap water, it can be used anywhere there it can be plugged in!

  • Evaportive Air cooling System
  • Three selections of wind speed and mode
  • Unique Magnetized Remote Control included
  • Water sprinkling cyclic system
  • 7.5 hours time design
  • Adjustable air vents
  • No. 1 Powerful Air flow: 2,296 CFM
  • Power: 160W
  • Weight: 30.86 lbs
  • Dimension: 17.7 X 15 X 35 inch
  • One Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty
  • Features:
    • 3 selections of wind speed and mode
    • Remote Control for convenient operation
    • 2,296 CFM of cooling power
    • 7.5 Hour Timer for While-You're-Away Operation
    • Light-weight, easy to move around
    Customer Reviews:
    • FH-797 Fujitronic Swamp Cooler
      This cooler does not have a pump. It's the kind that has a kind of a ribbon that is dipped into the water tank. Water crawls up this ribbon and the fan blows on it. You'll have to fill the water up about every 4 hours of high speed. It holds about 2 gallons or so. The timed functions work very nicely. In the remote, it was very difficult to insert the batteries. Very tight in there. This product falls somewhere between a fancy fan and a pump type cooler. In AZ I think I'd rather have a pump type product. It's all plastic and can be damaged with a drop on anything hard. On the plus side though, it uses very little power to run. It can be run from the floor and moved about with ease. The manual deflector can be set to not blow directly on you....more info
    • Misrepresented inventory status
      When product was ordered the supplier claimed 'ships within 24 hours'. Five days later I was informed that they had no product in inventory and shipment would be delayed at least two more weeks. Not very truthful. And the only way they provide to cancel is to place a long distance call at my expense. Amazon needs to rethink this cancellation procedure....more info