Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale

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Omron Body Fat Monitor Model: HBF-400Omron developed optimal algorism through hundreds of data collection to provide better accuracy than other scale manufactures.This body fat monitor with scale is designed for family use with large display and 4 persons profile memory.It provide weight up to 330 lb, % body fat with 0.1% increments, BMI with previous reading.Chrome metallic giving upgraded image in bathroom.Bio impedance method:Body fat and muscle tissue have different levels of electrical conductivity. The Fat Loss monitor with Scale sends a safe, low-level electrical current through your body to calculate the amount of body fat tissue. This is known as the Bio-Impedance method.DXA and MRI have been the established method for accurate evaluation of body composition. Omron conducted the data collection from several hundreds people that reflects US population to develop the optimal algorithm. Even it takes long time and requires huge investment, quality/quantity of data collection is directly related to accuracy level.Only Omron is collecting MRI data for better accuracy. Many other body fat monitors are probably using poor equation w/o collecting enough actual data.Pharmacy customers, diabetes patients prefer to purchase body fat monitor designed by healthcare companySpecificationBody fat % (0.1 % increments)Weight capacity up to 330 lb (0.2 lb increments)Body Mass Index (BMI)2" extra large display4 person profile memory plus guest modeDisplays previous reading % Body fat /BMI level indicationUp-graded Chrome Metallic finish1 year warranty

The Omron HBF-400 Fat Loss Monitor with Scale is the perfect way to track your weight loss goals, thanks to its fast, accurate measurement of weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI). Just step on the HBF-400 and in seconds you'll have much of the information that's vital to any

Simple controls and a large, easy-to-read display make fat and weight monitoring a snap. View larger.

Just step on and see your data in seconds.
weight loss or weight maintenance program.

For the Whole Family
The HBF-400 supports up to four personal profiles, so each member of your family can track their own measurements independently. Plus, an easy-to-read and large digital display makes it a snap to get the information you need.

Detailed Measurement
The weight display measures weight up to 330 pounds in .2-pound increments, while body fat percentage can be measured from 5 to 60 percent in .1 percent increments.

One of the keys to weight loss and management is tracking your body mass index, or BMI. The HBF-400 rates your BMI from 7.0 to 90.0 in .1 increments. BMI is classified at three levels: underweight, normal, overweight, and obese.

Made for Just about Everyone
The HBF-400 is set up to provide measurements for folks of nearly all heights (3'4" to 6' 6-3/4") and nearly all ages (10 to 79 years). Measurements are customized for males and females, as well.

Power and Dimensions
The HBF-400 runs on four AA batteries, and you can expect about a year of battery life when the device is used four times a day. The unit measures 12.2 x 11.8 x 2.1 inches (L x W x H). The unit weighs 4.7 pounds.

What's in the Box
HBF-400 unit, 4 AA batteries, and instruction manual.

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  • Body fat percentage
  • Body mass index
  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat level
  • Skeletal muscle percentage
  • Resting metabolism
  • Body mass index
  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Body mass index
  • Heart rate and pulse
Product Placement Flat level floor Flat level floor Hold in front of body Watch on wrist
Transmitter around chest
Memory 4 person profile
with previous reading
4 person profile
1/7/30/90 day(s) memory
9 person profile None
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Batteries 4 "AA" (included) 4 "AA" (included) 2 "AA" (included) 2 CR2032 3 volt (included)
Estimated Battery Life Approx. 1 year
(when used four times a day)
Approx. 1 year
(when used four times a day)
Approx. 1 year
(when used four times a day)
Approx. 1 year
(varies depending on storage and use)

Q&A - Fitness Monitors

What is the Bioelectrical Impedance Method?
Bioelectrical Impedance (BI) is considered one of the most accurate and accessible methods of screening body fat. Muscles, blood vessels and bones are body tissues having a high water content that conduct electricity easily. Body fat is tissue that has little electric conductivity. The monitor sends an extremely weak electrical current through your body to determine the amount of fat tissue. The weak electrical current is not felt while operating the Body Fat Analyzer. The monitor is calculated by a formula that includes five factors; electric resistance, height, weight, age and gender.
What is visceral fat?
Visceral fat is located around the organs. Too much visceral fat is thought to be closely linked to increased level of fat in the bloodstream, which can lead to common conditions such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Sedentary life style causes excess visceral fat, and exercise can reduce it quicker than subcutaneous fat (fat located under skin).
What is resting metabolism?
Resting metabolism is the energy to maintain vital functions and it counts 60 to 70% of total energy consumption. Knowing your resting metabolism can help your dietplan. If you can increase daily activity while keeping food intake at resting metabolism level, you can lose weight.
What is skeletal muscle?
Skeletal muscle is muscle attached to the bones that is used to move the body. If you do weight loss without exercise, you may lose skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle is important to maintain your resting metabolism as well as your functionality. Monitoring skeletal muscle during weight loss is key to avoid weight rebound in the future.

  • Provides accurate measurement of weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI)
  • Supports up to four personal profiles, so each member of your family can track their own measurements
  • BMI classified at three levels: underweight, normal, overweight, and obese
  • Provides measurements for people of nearly all heights (3'4" to 6' 6-3/4") and nearly all ages (10 to 79 years)
  • Measures 12.2 x 11.8 x 2.1 inches (L x W x H)

Customer Reviews:

  • Gym quality equipment
    You get the same gym quality diagnostics with the this multi scale at home. Product manual is short but sufficient. its important to read the instructions before using the sale.

    ...more info
  • Can't get it to work.
    I purchased this recently and was looking forward to the arrival. Upon arrival I quickly found that there are a lot of do's and don'ts. Quite frankly, too much to remember. When I did finally figure it out I was unable to get a correct reading for any of the measurements. My weight was off by 60 pounds (too low)!!! I set it up for my mom as a user, and she also had incorrect readings. I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing...completely useless....more info
  • This is Junk.
    I read the entire book, spent a good deal of time working with it. The functions don't work at all. Only the digital scale works and it is questionable. I can notice a 2-4 pound range on the same floor surface over a 5 minute period. This is junk. I give up and I'll never buy another one of these again, it was a complete waste of time....more info
  • Omron HBF-400 Scale
    Excellent value for money scale with the added benefit of body fat monitoring. Although body fat monitoring need only be done occasionally, the feature works well and is easy to setup for individual user. Scale is very lightweight and is therefore easily portable. Construction seems a little flimsy but so far the scale has worked fine with no problems....more info
  • Great scale
    I really like this scale. It's consistent, which I've come to realize is very important when trying to keep a record of your weight. The only (minor) complaint that I have about is that the description intimated that you would be able to store 90 (I think) days of data - consecutively. That's not true. You can weigh yourself today, and compare it against one day, seven days, thirty days, or ninety days ago. But if you want to know what you weighed three days ago, you're out of luck.
    I do like all the features, and would definitely recommend it to others....more info
  • Unuseable
    I had to return this item because I bought it for my wife and nothing in the advertisiment for it said it could not be used if you have an artificial knee (or any other medical implant for that matter). She just had a new knee installed and so she can't use it.

    ...more info
  • Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale
    The scale is a fine piece of electronics. It supplies the user with BMI and BFI each time the user gets on the scale. Further, there is a 4 position mememory bank which allows four people to use the scale and keep track of all weights, BFI and BMI for each user.

    Nice scale tht I would recommend to all. Good price too!...more info
  • consistant and accurate
    I would suggest reading the instruction manual (less than five minutes of your time) before you use your scale. The measurements seem to be quite consistant and accurate. I like the design as it is quite sleek and subtle....more info
  • Finally, a scale that works
    This product works great for us. My husband went to the doctor Friday and weighed just before he left. When the doctor weighed him on the office scale in his office, the weight was the same. Finally, a digital scale I can trust. I have not used the other features yet, nor do I have anything to test them against, so I can't rate those....more info
  • Omron HBF-500 Body Composition Monitor with Scale
    Works great as a scale. The body fat percentage calculations are a bit suspect as they are +/- 19%, on average, higher than two other sources that closely relate to each other....more info
  • Excellent Scale
    Great scale. Very interesting to see this much information about your body. Helps monitor weight over a long period of time. Very consistent....more info
  • Almost all I could ever want...
    I've tried many body fat scales and handheld monitors and have usually been disappointed, especially in cases where the monitor was seperate from the scale. Its just too much work to have to first weigh yourself and then input the weight, etc., every day.

    This is the first scale I've ever used that does a great job of tying both functions together. It is consistent and easy to use, which are the primary concerns for me. In addition, it takes a multitude of other measurements which can be tracked up to 90 days. All in all, it is the best home scale I've ever used, and I heartily recommend it. Granted, it seems to be more expensive now than when I picked it up last year, but I still feel that it is worth it. Making it easy to monitor your body fat/weight can help motivate you to do something about it, i.e. get off my arse and go run, at least in my case.

    In the future, I'd like to see this same scale with the ability to view all the stored data, such as in a simple chart format. As it is, you can only view it in 1, 7, 30, and 90 day increments from the current day which is useful enough for most people....more info
  • Good scale
    I really like this scale. I do not use the body fat functions. I use it for measuring my weight only. It is a nice, light, dependable, electronic scale. The numbers are easy to read without glasses. The only feature I would like to see is a lighted display....more info
  • Arrived extremely quickly, easy setup, good device.
    The device arrived packaged well, was easy to setup and use (multiple users share it), and the display is easy to read - even in the early morning. :)....more info
  • Sturdy accurate scale
    My husband and I both like this scale. It is easy to use and accurate based on weekly weigh ins at our doctor's office. It is very sturdy and looks attractive. We haven't taken the time to learn about all the features but we are very happy with this product....more info
  • Not Worth it!
    I am a physically fit 5'7" 155lb Marine who bought this product mainly for my wife mainly on the manufacturer's description; I have to say I am VERY disappointed. The body fat and BMI measurement are totally wrong. Their error margins is about 6-10 error points (off). Simply, you will be miss informed. You are better off going to a fitness center for an accurate check of your weight, BMI, and body fat. My body fat and BMI according to this scale are 19 and 24 respectively. This is way off as the less accurate tape measure method is about 8% body fat; and my gym's computerized pinch method have me in the ball park of 5% body fat and a BMI of about 18.

    My advice to those looking to buy a sclae is that you look beyond this scale. It is not worth wasting your money on. The only thing it's good for is as a decoration or a place to rest unwanted rubbish. ...more info
  • A bit awkward to use.
    We have just started using this scale in the past week. It seems to work well and the numbers it reports seem reasonable. I like the history function. It is just a bit awkward to use. First you must turn it on and the handles must be in the base. Then when the scale shows zero you must pull the handle out, select your person number and step on the scale. When it completes the weight and that blinks twice, you have to raise the handle to shoulder height for the rest of the measurements. Get anything a little wrong or out of timing and the measurements are not correct or don't get recorded properly. Seems like they could have made it a little smarter/easier.

    ...more info
  • Waste of Money
    The only read out I could get was the weight. The purpose of this particular scale was to read my body fat and that's the one thing that didn't work. ...more info
  • Love It!!!
    I love this scale. It has helped me become very aware of what I am doing each day; eating, exercising and feeling better about myself. I find it very easy to use & program. I would definitely buy it again or give as a gift even. It is very reasonably priced for all the features that it has. I have found that standing very still and not holding the handles super tight while weighing gives more accurate readings over time....more info
  • consitent measures, but inaccurate
    The Omron HBF-400 was far from fulfilling my expectations. The ONLY reason I bought this scale over a "simpler" one was because of the %BF feature, which happened to be a fiasco. My %BF oscillates around the mid 20s. According to this scale I'm 38% fat!! My body composition was measured in a BODPOD (a VERY VERY expensive machine) last summer and it was 34.5% back then, when I did not even work out. You get the picture. If you are out to monitor your body fat, I highly encourage you to stay away from this product. Even if it works for you initially, once you become an "athlete" (translate: not sedentary) it won't work. I'm returning this product NOW (first one I return ever in Amazon)....more info
  • Good product
    Seems to be accurate in weighing, but body fat registers much higher than at the gym....more info
  • Wife Likes It
    I am going to keep this short and sweet. This baby replaced our older scale. It has bells and whistles my wife was looking for....more info
  • A Very Happy Customer
    I've never written a review before, but was looking up another health and beauty product and this was one of the "other products I might be interested in" and I love mine.

    For the most part, I'm the only one who uses it and I vary between using it once a day to once every couple of weeks, but the original battery is still in it almost a year and a half later, so you're not going to have to deal with a lot of extra expense with batteries. My brother and sister think it's cool too and use it whenever they visit me.

    The displays are large and easy to understand. Setting up the individual profile is really simple. But one of my favorite parts originally was the sheet that came with it that let me record all those varying stats. Which was important because reviewing my previous measurements was a bit complicated to figure out to suit me without reading the directions. :-) Even so, the sheet lets you see how you compare in each measurement over time side-by-side while the display just flips through the days. This is the only reason why I didn't give it a whole five stars - it's more of a 4 1/2. Now I record them on [...] though.

    All said and done, this is an excellent product and I highly recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Happy Shopper
    I am so pleased with my new Omron HBF-400 scale. I found the product easy to use and extremely accurate. I have a digital scale and I checked that with the Omron and then a recent doctor visit assured me that the scale is very accurate. I have not yet had my annual physical so that my body fat will be calculated with a caliper but I am anxious to compare those as well. I would recommend this scale to my friends. In fact the reason I purchased one was from a friends recommendation!...more info
  • Works great!
    It is just as described. It works well... and it's great that I can save my user setting....more info
  • Accurate scale
    To me, consistancy is the most important aspect of a scale. If the scale is off a little but is consistant, that is fine because it will tell you whether you are gaining or losing wieght. This scale is fairly consistant although not as consistant as others. If you get on the scale 4 or 5 times in a row, it will give you a consistant read out 2 or 3 times with the other read outs being plus or minus 1/2 lb. Hope this helps. ...more info
  • So far, so good!
    I've only owned this scale for about a month now, but I am very pleased with it. It seems accurate and consistant, easy to program, easy to use, and doesn't make any beeps or other annoying sounds that announce to the entire house that you are checking your weight. I especially like the meters on the bottom of the display that show if your BMI or Body fat are within, below, or above range....more info
  • Very pleased with product
    Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale

    Received scale and had little difficulty in programming. It does everything I want at a very reasonable price....more info
  • Scale by Omron
    Its nothing to look at (cheap plastic which the silver will rub off eventually). It works as far as I can tell --- I don't have any means of checking its accuracy....more info
  • love it
    The product was shiped when it was said it would be. Use it every day and love it great product and company. Thanks....more info
  • I like the scale
    I have had this scale now for 3 was easy to set up for three people if you are educated enough to read the directions. Body fat measurements do seem high but then again I could just be fatter than I like. I am working on that and this scale will help me. I would recommend this to a friend. It's a value....more info
  • Consistent, easy to use, packed with features
    Title says it all..... My household loves it. If you have more than one person in your house that's committed to getting in shape this year, this is the digital scale you want. Add one to your Cart now....more info
  • Great device and value.
    I have no real complaints. My only fustration was the very vague explaination of BMI and Body fat % and what it means and what are targets for each person body type. You'll have to do that research on your own. Otherwise, buy this....more info
  • maybe as good as they get
    The weight measurement seems to be very accurate. As for the other features, I'm not sure. I went to a nutrition lab and they had a scale that measures in the same way as this one, only a much more expensive, commercial model. The weight was the same as on my Omron, but the body fat was about 5% more on the Omron than this commercial grade machine measured. The resting metabolism rate was almost 200 calories lower on the Omron. So all I can say for sure is that the scale is accurate. As to the other features, like the body fat %, it is probably not very accurate. But for the price, it's probably as good as it gets. For me, the important thing is that I see it is consistently increases/decreases in the various measurements, as I'm trying to get in better shape. ...more info
  • It broke - and they won't help you.
    The scale looks nice, and yes, its got kind of a nice feature set. But mine broke after only six months. Put in new batteries, nothing happens. No problem, right? its got a 1-year warrantee! Sucker. I called the company to get some help. They were brusque and borderline rude, accusing me of not knowing how to work it. I was at work, but they said I'd need to call them from home with the scale and to go out and buy four brand new batteries and put them into the unit while they were talking with me on the phone. Hey, I know how to put batteries into a scale, okay? The kicker was that if they signed off on that part, I'd have to pay to ship the scale crosscounty and back!! By the time I did that, it would almost be the cost of a new scale. No wonder they offer a "warrantee". Some customer service. I just trashed it.

    All in all, a terrible experience - crappy product and crappy, weasel service....more info
  • Omron Scale Review
    I love my new scale. It's very accurate. In fact, it's the very first scale I've ever owned that actually matched the doctor's off scale which I love. I would have to say the only thing that I do not like is that I get a 3/4 pound difference when only weighing on it versus when I am weighing and taking the fat percentages. This is due to holding the hand monitor. Other than that, it's perfect. Wouldn't change anything. Very easy to use, very accurate, set up is simple, love that I can keep track of progress several days out. I give it a 5 out of 5....more info
  • Choosing a Bathroom Scale
    This is one of the more popular bathroom scales you could buy. But is it the one for you? What exactly should you look for in a bathroom scale? Consider the following:

    -keep in mind that digital scales use batteries. This is a future expense, and can add up over time, especially if you use the longer lasting lithium batteries.

    -if the whole family is going to use a scale, look for one with a memory that can remember several people's last wieght measurements.

    -it's questionable if you can get accurate body-fat measurements from a commercial scale

    -a scale should be consistent- meaning it can give you the same reading each time you step on and off. Therefore, make sure when the scale is returnable before purchasing

    -perhaps most importantly of all, look for one that has a display that can be easily read. Remember, the larger the dial or window the better.

    Regularly weighing yourself is a great way to monitor your progress towards your exercise and diet goals, so use these tips wisely!
    ...more info
  • Not happy with complicated operation
    Had the scale for several months; took too long to read the manual to get this thing to operate. Body Fat monitor and memory? now, I just want to get on the scale and tell me. I use my big toe to turn it on and off and no longer try to compute or retrieve data. Waste of my time. If I had a personal trainer to do it; that would be helpful. My husband doesn't believe in scales that have manuals....more info
  • Great scale for weighing yourself, but haha bf% is way off
    I dont know how they figure the bf% is accurate. I mean haha its off by at least 5 points. I'm about 6'4" 180lbs and the machine is telling me that I have 20% body fat and am slightly overweight Im practically skin and bones with a little muscle. I've used the Navy formula for calculating body fat and im at about 15% and have got it calculated professionally and it was around 13%.the weighing aspect of the machine is spot on, but the bf% is consistent but no where near accurate. ...more info
  • Very nice!
    Excellent product!. Very consistent and accurate lecture of your weight, nice design ,easy to use and lightweight....more info
  • It's consistent, if inaccurate
    I actually started weighing myself without first using something I know will always weigh the same, but now I always weigh a 5 lb plate before getting on to make sure it's reading the plate the same, and it does.

    The body fat percentage is super inaccurate, but I think this too is consistent. I always weigh myself in the morning, wearing the same clothes, always after urinating and before eating/drinking anything. With this consistency, I can pay attention to the direction of the change of body fat percentage instead of fixating on the actual number....more info


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