Patton PX306U High Velocity Fan

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Product Description

Holmes PX306U Patton High Velocity Fan

  • 25% better performance by having innovated CVT blade projects a column of air further and deeper with seven fin blades forces air with power and efficiency
  • Pivoting head tilts back up to 90 degrees for full room circulations
  • Oversized control knob which could be easy to grab even with gloves
  • Reinforced industrial construction built tough enough for the job site
  • Durable grill with maximum air flow and protection

 Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty good for a smaller fan.
    I'm satisfied with the purchase. It is a little noisy on the top speed. But that is true with most fans. I was concerned if it would put out enough air. It has plastic blades. It puts out plenty of air. If you just want a fan for your room, this fan will probably be enough. If you want a fan for your work shop, maybe you should go with a larger metal blade fan. I like it. I also like the way it looks. ...more info
  • This fan works for me!
    I wanted a small, sturdy fan to sit a the foot of my bed and circulate air while I slept. When I set this Patton fan on low, and point the fan directly at the ceiling, this fan runs quietly doing its job.

    The noise level increases as you turn the fan from low to medium to high, as does the air flow. Unlike a box fan, the direction of the air can be zeroed in by tightening the side knobs, and they don't vibrate loose.

    On high, you notice the increase in noise. If it was in the same room, then you would have to turn the TV up slightly. I would compare it to the level of my microwave running. On low, you wouldn't notice it. Either way, you wouldn't have to raise your voice to talk over it while on the phone.

    I believe this fan was really designed to work in a shop or garage. Its built sturdy with many quality plastic parts, and easy to move. Its clean and functional design would also work in an office environment or nursing home setting. Easy to assemble, smaller footprint than I expected, and should last many years....more info