Reliable Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop

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Product Description

Steamboy Floor Steam Mop Steamboy is the safest way to clean your home, keep your family safe and protect our fragile environment! This Chemical-free floor steam mop is such a delight to use! Simply fill the removable tank with water, plug it in, and you are ready to clean with the power of steam. Whether you have sealed hard wood floors, or ceramic floors, Steamboy is tough enough for the job. You won't believe the difference that steam makes. Each unit comes with 2 washable cloth pads and a replaceable water filter to protect against scale. Features: Powerful 1500W heating element Steam starts immediately 11 inch cleaning path with 180 degree swivel head 3.3 cup water capacity 30 minutes continuous steam Ergonomically designed handle 16' electrical cord 2 cloth pads 1 water filter

  • Steam starts immediately - No waiting
  • Powerful 1500W heating element
  • 180o swivel head to get into tight spaces and under furniture
  • 3.3 cup water capacity
  • 2 microfiber cloth pads, water filter and carpet glide included
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Pleased
    Really happy with this product. It doesn't leak, has quality covers, with strings that don't break or any of the other complaints I have read about the other products. It does the job it was made for. And these days that can be especially nice. A longer cord would make it 5 stars...more info
  • Finally!
    No more bending! What a fabulous product.
    I vacuum first and do the floors with this floor map in no time at all.
    I love the fact that it can reach in small spaces, around the toilet, and kitchen cabinets. Even sticky spots disappear. All this while I save my back. Wonderful tool!...more info
  • out $103.95 and no mop -NOT 3 STARS- not reliable at all!!
    Never purchase a reliable steam mop from Living comforts or Reliable. The customer service is not a priorty or for that matter even exist. The lady who answers the phone for Living Comforts will do all but hang up on you if she can. I purchased this mop in Sept. 08 and it either doesn't work properly or it leaves too much water on the floor as a normal function. After contacting customer service and being hung up on, I resolved to the fact that I'm stuck with it either way. I called Reliable and they told me since I didn't buy it from them they couldn't help me either. One week later the UPS man arrived with a pick order for my mop to be sent to Reliable. I was so surprised and hoped that it meant they were going to help me. I have contacted them several times now after sending my mop to realiable and no one seems to know where my mop is and who requested it's return. (Of course I haven't recieved a refund!) Buyers beware, I'm out $103.95 and no mop...more info
  • I love it
    Simply put it does a fabulous job.I am a home appliance junky if it gets the job well and saves my back and time I'm all for it.I have a floor mate as well and it does a good job but I love this much better,and I have used a swiffer for years this is so much better the money you will save on cleaner will pay for this I have hard well water.So i did have to used 1/3 vinegar to the water to get it unstopped.We have clay in the water.After that back to functionning like new.I really can't say anything negative.Do yourself a favor and get the extra pads,it's worth it.We haven't worn shoes in our home in 18 years but I am amazed at the grime that comes off the floor....more info
  • reliable steamboy
    reliable steam boy.leaks badly. Has parts that are not well described in instructions.
    would suggest that you pass it by....more info
  • I love this thing!
    I haven't had any issues with this little darling. I put it together, put on the cleaning cloth, added water, and voila! Ze floor, she is clean! In fact, I've had so much fun with it, I've found myself grateful that I have such a large kitchen. ...more info
  • Awful Product
    The SteamBoy is a flop! Each time I've used it, puddles end up on the floor. I have to sop them up with paper towels. I am going to toss this product in the nearest dumpster I can find!...more info
  • Only ok. Not great.
    The television infomercial made this device look like it would work well on carpets. It helped mildly with the pet odor, but I had to go back over the carpet with a dry towel. The steam does last for a long time and this does tile & vinyl floors well. I use old towels clipped around the base after I have used the two covers that come with the product.

    ...more info
  • It makes cleaning almost fun!
    My mother had a Steamboy that I borrowed to see how it would work on my wood and tile floors. I loved it so much that after one use I went out and bought my own. The steam gets off all those little stuck on bits in the kitchen without having to get down on your hands and knees to scrub or pick away at them with a fingernail. In the bathroom it removes the stuff that gets stuck to the hairspray residue and gets into the grout lines. The triangular head lets it fit in and around things much better than a rectangular one, and it swivels easily to maneuver places. One tank of water lets me clean the kitchen, dining, two baths, and laundry room areas without having to stop to refill.
    About the only complaint I could have is that the bonnet heads are a bit difficult to get to stay on. You really need to position them and then make sure the drawstring is *tight* if you're going to do any back-and-forth scrubbing motions. However, if you take the time to make sure they are on correctly it isn't a problem....more info
  • Do not buy!
    This thing is terrible. Barely no steam, the mop head cover keeps coming off (no matter how much I tried to tighten it) and the cord is super short. I returned it the NEXT DAY!...more info
  • Awesome Product
    This product is WONDERFUL. I have ceramic tile floors through out my home. I have a 4 year old boy that loves to play outside and come in frequently to cool off. My floors are filthy until I clean them with the steamboy. Here are some things to consider. Reuasble mops are unsanitary and the chemicals that you use to clean with are expensive, unhealthy for people and pets, and are bad for the environment. This product does a wonderful job with just hot water! Some compliants I have read are unfounded if the product is used the correct way. Here are some tips pump the trigger on and off while pushing the steamboy back and forth. Allow a few seconds for steam recovery when the sound of steam seems to be lessening. Some people complain that the cord is too short - it shouldn't be an issue if you take two seconds to move to another outlet. Some complain that it doesn't hold enough water. By the time you run out of water you would need to replace the filthy pad with the clean one. Do both at the same time! As with anything, this is NOT a miracle item - it's a cleaning tool. With a little common sense and expectations that are set correctly you WILL LOVE THIS PRODUCT!...more info
  • Handy little guy beats cleaning the floor with mops and buckets
    I really like this product. However, make sure you follow the directions and vaccum before you use it. I thought I could skip it and ended up having to go back and vaccum up big, wet clumps of hair/dust/ick that had accumulated along the baseboards and in corners. The cord is kind of short which is mildly annoying because you have to switch outlets alot. It works in my house in Japan with the lower voltage which was a pleasant surprise. Also, the pad came out of the washer perfectly clean. I'm not sure this guy is massively better than a Swiffer wet mop, but it definitely does what its supposed to do. A battery pack would definitely make it five-star material. ...more info
  • Works GREAT!
    Reliable T1 Steam Mop Deluxe Kit
    We just moved into a new house and had over 1600 sq. ft. of porcelian tile installed. We moved from a house with all carpet, so cleaning the tile was a new experience.
    We started with a dust mop for sweeping up (a daily chore), then cleaned the dog prints with a sponge mop. The dust mop was OK, but the sponge mop was becoming a major chore. We did find a web site that recommended some O-Cedar mop products we tried them out, but still a major chore.
    By accident, we were watching a Infomercial on TV that raved about a steam mop product. It looked so easy, we almost bought one on the spot, but common sense prevailed and we went to the web to check out reviews. Oops, the TV product got pretty poor reviews, so back to the drawing board.
    While reading the steam mop reviews we ran across the Relaiable Steamboy at Amazon. Most of the reviews were good, and as always there were some poor ones to go along with the good. After careful review it appeared that the poor reviews could have been user error.
    We were getting desperate. Since the Steamboy had a number of good reviews we felt we would give it a try.
    What a WONDERFUL product. We have been using it for a week with excellent sucess. Just water and the proof is in the pad. From the looks of all the dirt on the pad as we are cleaning, we must have been living like pigs. (Actually we have two dogs and they don't help).
    FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Just water, wait 20 - 30 seconds for it to warm up and when you first start it is a little dry so you need to push it around a bit while holding the button down to dampen the mop. Within a minute the mop is damp and the dirt comes up.
    We bought extra mop pads, which is a good plan. We use at least two pads to do the house, but it is shiny clean. The floor dries in around 5 minutes and all is great.
    We highly recommend the product....more info
  • As seen in my living room...
    This mop will leave a wet mess.

    Unless you're looking for a wet mop (sure you can find one less expensive than this), don't waste your time and money on this product.

    I received this as a wedding gift from bed bath and beyond...(by the way, it took almost a month to receive), I'm going to return it for store credit......more info
  • Well ... I like it
    It works. I guess it could be lighter - but I kind of swing it back and forth, and it's pretty good in corners with it's pointy shape.
    IT COULD USE AN ON/OFF SWITCH. Four Stars because I have to unplug it and remove the water holder to stop it from steaming and leaking! But, as far as I'm concerned, it beats using a mop! I made some extra pads from yellow Micro-fiber Auto Cloths 16"x16" - cheaper than buying the extra's, I use 6 or 7 at a time. I just trade them as I go and toss the dirty ones in the washer. These days, I use a light weight vacuum and then my Steamboy - I try to make it easy on myself! The Steamboy is sturdy, works well,fast shipping, I recommend! ...more info
  • Reliable and Good Performance
    Reliable Steamboy is very handy for cleaning tiled floors without the use of chemicals, especially when you have little kids who tend to drop their favorite cookie and then picks up and eat it.

    It uses very small amount of steam therefore the drying time is quick.

    Raji Johnson
    ...more info
  • Easy On The Trigger
    Before buying this item I read some comments about too much water released during use. I bought it anyway and after using it, it's great! I found that if you keep your finger on the trigger, all the time, it does release a lot of steam which stays on the floor as water. I used it again and didn't hold the trigger all the time and it still cleaned well without a lot of water left behind, although it still needed a few minutes to dry. Great tool that is easy to get used to....more info
  • Reliable Sreamboy T1 Steam Floor mop
    Works great, and I have three dogs, so sanitizing is important, I would however fix the button on the pad as it was hard to close and I had a problem with slipping. I do love it however and feel I can work this problem out.
    Dressie...more info
  • Disapointing
    I bought this to steam clean my new hardwood floors. It heats up fast, but the floor quickly becomes a wet mess. It cleans no better than a regular mop, yet leaves floors very wet. As a second, chance, I let me cleaning lady use it while I was gone and asked her to give me an honest review. She said "Return it. It leaves the floor way too wet." Sent it back to Amazon, awaiting my refund....more info
  • Great for muck
    We just built a house in the country and of course right now there is lots of mud. With 2 large dogs, a 5 year old, and a husband I can never keep the hardwoods cleaned. I bought this mop even though I have seen complaints from all the models on the streaking.

    Yes it does streak and leave a film if you use tap water. The main difference is how much work it takes to get the muck off the floor. Instead of scrubbing and breaking a sweat all that caked on mud comes right off usually in one or two passes of the mop. That in itself sold me since I can sweep steam mop and then I go over the whole thing with the orange glow cloth to get it to shine up. I just enjoy that it helps the reduce the amount of stress on my back from having to scrub all that mud and gunk off the floor before.

    If there is a good way to reduce the amount of streaking I would love to know. I have tried using vinegar but that doesn't do a great job and then the house smells like pickled stuff afterwards....more info
  • Steam boy
    Product was shipped at promised time and was ehat it was supposed to be. Cleaner works well and that makes my wife very happy which makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • steemboy works great
    this product worked fantastic. We no longer have to spend money on floor cleaners and with a baby in the house its perfect!...more info
  • No more mop and bucket for me!
    My husband laughed at first when I bought this, because he had seen a similar product on tv and thought it looked gimmicky, and he knows I'm a sucker for gadgets. But even he was impressed at what a good job the Steamboy did on our tile floors, and how easy it is to use. Of course, no product is going to work miracles, and there are still some nooks and corners that are never going to get 100 percent clean without some old fashioned elbow grease. But overall, the Steamboy does an excellent job, and cleanup is a snap. I'm very happy with this product....more info
  • steamboy mop
    This mop is great. After i mopped my floor with a conventional mop i went over it with this one. I have tile floors, I could see where the grit came off and smelt like it had removed sludge..whoa.. Now my floors feel cleaner when i walk on them, and i can smell the difference in the air.......more info
  • Leaves floors wet!
    One star is too much for this thing. This is advertised as easy to move across the floor but they accomplish this by making the mop pads thinner. Because of this, they get saturated quickly and the floors take a lot longer to dry. Get the Bissell Steam Mop (If you can find them) My first one lasted 5-6 years before it stopped working and I had to try something else. The pads are much thicker and more of a terry cloth material. The floors dry much quicker and I can't tell the difference between the two as far as requiring less effort. Returned this one after 1 use because I knew there was a better product out there....more info
  • Quicker than mopping!
    I have owned mine for almost 4 months now. I love it. Cleans the floor much quicker than mopping and just as well. And the cleanup is simple, just throw the cover it the washing machine. I love that I don't have to use any chemicals with it. The only thing you need is water. My only disappointment would be that it doesn't clean out the little divets in my flooring any better than the mop. I will still have to use a toothbrush for that. Great product....more info
  • Steamboy
    Too messy to deal with very often! Doesn't give that flow of steam that they show on TV -- disappointed....more info
  • Rip Off
    For the amount of money I paid for this "mop," I was taken to the cleaners. I also cannot believe all the positive reviews here. I thought it was something I was or was not doing that caused me to have such poor results trying to mop my floors. First of all, the design of the pad is such that it will NOT stay put on the mophead no matter how much you adjust or tighten it. Then the steam ended up as hot water all over my floors, which I had to carefully soak up because it left water puddles that took forever to dry without assistance. I finally gave up using the pads and wrapped a towel around the head using safety pins to secure the towel! Using this mop has been the worst mopping experience of my life. After reading the other negative reviews, I see it's hopeless and will take it to the Goodwill or Salvation Army and hope that someone may be as thrilled with it as all the "alleged" satisfied reviewers, since I paid too much for it to dump it in the dumpster where it rightfully belongs. Between trying to keep it steaming and trying to keep the pad/towel from slipping off making an even bigger mess, I spent much more time wrestling with this than I did with a regular mop and bucket. One reviewer posted that it was "lightweight." That was not true in my case. It was very heavy and cumbersome to push around. I wish I had returned it sooner instead of hoping it would get better. An expensive ripoff....more info
  • it's a great mop
    I think this is a good product at a reasonable price. I have used it twice and find it works great on my tile floors. I find that it is best to let it warm up a little longer to get the steam going, but it cleaned up fine. It is a little hard to push around, but it is a mop, after all, and better and easier than the traditional mops. I like not lugging a bucket around the house. I like not having to use detergent. I like not having to rinse and squeeze a mop. It is a good product and very convenient....more info
  • terrible company
    ordered mop thru Allergy Be Gone. Despite promised delivery of a few weeks, product was never received. Did receive an email from Amazon advising me of late shipment with a suggestion to contact the seller directly. I did this and was promised a tracking number for the shipment shortly. The next day I received a second email from Amazon advising me that the order had been cancelled. When I contacted the seller directly to inquire why my order was cancelled rather than backordered, I was told that Amazon had cancelled the order. When I tried to repurchase the item I found that the price had now been increased from the $89 I had ordered it at to a new price of $149. And although the seller asserts thru Amazon that it was in stock, it was not. Worst internet buying experience I have ever had. Stay away from Allergy Be Gone....more info
  • Wonderful Product!!
    I just got my Steamboy Steam Mop a few days ago. I had searched and read all the reviews for the past month. It was extremely easy to put together as well. I am very impressed with the performance. I have half wood laminate and half tile and it does a great job on both. I like the head on this mop better than the Bissell and Shark, because its small enough to go around toilets and narrow areas. I will say that you may want to purchase extra pads. They get very wet and dirty fast and you have to keep washing the 2 they come with.Other than that I love the product!...more info
  • I love this product
    I love the steamboy. It is easy to use and cleans very well. So much easier and cleaner then a mop. There is no extra waste like there is with the swifter mop pads. The fact that no chemicals are needed is a plus. There is no need to spend extra money on floor cleaner. I did not give 5 stars because I do wish the cord was longer....more info
  • Difficult for me to use
    Found this to be very good at producing the steam. Heated fast and did a good job of cleanng.

    However, I found it difficult to move around. It would not slide across the floor. I have to physically lift it and move to a new spot. Did not do a forward/back move by pushing/pulling. Also, the pads were white, which is a poor choice for floor cleaning. It might be nice to see just how much dirt is coming up, but they are a pain to clean. A darker color would have been better, I think. ...more info
  • great mop
    I love steam mops. They're better than any other type of mop because they actually clean your floor really well. I had the Bissell steam mop before but the water reservior broke so I thought I try this one instead. It's basically the same thing but has a longer cord and I think glides on the floor easier. Just make sure not to throw the pads in the drier like I did with the Bissell ones. They'll never fit on the mop head if you do....more info
  • "Waterboy" not "Steamboy"
    This product cannot generate steam. The water cools the coils too fast and simply runs out on to the floor. If you like tepid water on your floors and carpets, this is the steam mop for you. If you want a mop the generates steam, stay away from this product. I see that they have raised the price since I bought mine. Now the product is $50.00 worse than before! And do not expect any instructions with the unit. It comes with no instructions and a terrible guarantee. Yes, I got taken....more info
  • Tried them all...this is the best!
    I have owned the Bissell Steam mop and the Conair steam mop. The former was pretty good, and I recommended it to lots of folks. The latter was really light and flimsy. I gave it to a friend who has only tiny kitchen and bathroom floors to clean. But this Steamboy is nearly perfect!

    First, it is substantial and goes together with 2 screws, not little plastic push tabs. Second, it has a huge water tank. Third, it heats up fast and puts out real clouds of steam. And fourth, that crazy triangular head is super-efficient. It does get into most corners pretty well, and is fantastic for running along baseboards.

    The only flaw is something none of the manufacturers has mastered: the cleaning pad. This one is just a bit better than the others, but it still doesn't come up on the mop head far enough to stay on securely after the pad gets damp. Maybe it's because my floors are not perfectly smooth. At any rate, I use a huge rubber band to fasten an old towel folded over the mop head, and it works great. This is a small inconvenience for the cleanest floors possible.

    I have been steaming my floors for five years now, through teenaged kids and great danes. It's the only way to go as far as I'm concerned. Squeaky clean floors and no's easy!...more info
  • Stick with a wet mop
    I'm very surprised to see so many positive reviews for this prouct. The cloth bonnet constantly falls off and there is an anooying string with a hard plastic ball on the end of it that drags along the floor and potentially could scratch your wood floors. After wasting 20 minutes trying to clean an 8' X 8' area, I shut the unit off and got myself a wet mop and finished the rest of my house the old fashioned way. Do not believe this company's claim that this product is a time/labor saver. I find it ironic that the manufacturer is named "Reliable". I hope the next person who uses my unit has as much fun with it as I did. They can pick it up in front of my house on garbage night....more info
  • Steamed about Steamboy
    I am not pleased with the performance of this product. I have tried on three different occasions to use it. It never produces steam, only leaks very hot water which soaks my floor. I have followed the instructions very carefully and it still only produces hot water onto the pad but not steam. I am disappointed in this product, and I wish there was some way to receive a refund on this useless mop....more info
  • gets floors CLEAN!!!!
    my floors were a little more dirty than normal because our last mop was broke and we hadn't mopped in a while. It took about a week and a half for the mop to be delivered, and it was about 3-4 days before i placed the order. So we're talkin about 2 weeks of dirt on the floor. before i mopped with the T1 steamboy i mopped with our old mop just to get some of the dirt off the floor. the mop water from that was as you can imagine very dirty. the T1 steamboy got even more dirt off the floor, and a very noticeable amount at that. if i hadn't used the old mop first the cover for the steamboy probably would've been jet black. this thing cleans amazingly and i had no problems with it's operation. the floor dried very fast as the steam evaportates a lot faster than a wet mop. also to be noted, there were stains on the floor that were difficult to get up with the first mop and came up very easily with the t1 steamboy. ...more info
  • CAUTION for wood floors!!!!!
    I bought this in the hopes of using it to remove a horrible build-up on my PRE-FINISHED HARDWOOD FLOOR. While it effectively removed the build-up, it also lifted the finish at the ends of the individual boards. Thank god I used the steam mop in a small test area! When they say for use on 'sealed hardwood floors' they mean wood floors that had its finish applied after the raw wood pieces have been installed. Overall, the mop did work fairly well, but I was a little disapointed in the amount of water that the unit left on the floor which left streaks....more info
  • T1 Steamboy floor mop
    I love the idea of this product. I have used to once, and was not happy with it's performance, I found is messy to use. And plan on returning it....more info
  • This mop sucks
    I just saw this mop on the channel 16 News station on 12/7/07
    A woman bought this mop and was so disappointed she called the news station and it does not do the job the ad show's, so buyers beware!!!
    Willaimsport, Pa...more info
  • Disappointing
    This steamer/mop leaves a lot of water on the floor without actually cleaning the floor. In retrospect I should not have expected steam to clean a floor....more info
  • Reliable T1 Steamboy Steam Floor Mop
    Very nice product- I am very happy with it. I would give it 5 stars, but I have to agree with a previous review- it needs a longer cord. Even after mopping x2, my floor would still be dirty (white sock proof) this mop has resolved that!...more info
  • I no longer dread mopping
    I love this steam mop. I use to dread mopping but now I don't mind at all. It's easy to use, and works great. I do use distilled water as others have suggested. The cord could be a little longer, but it's not that big of a deal. Be careful when removing the mop cover because it will be very hot. I give this mop an A+....more info
  • Pads are poorly manufactured, but cleans well
    The first day I opened this cleaner, I started cleaning the tile floor of one room of my home and the pad fell off. I put it back on and tightened the drawstring, and the drawstring broke. I got out the other pad and put that on, and it fell off. I put it back on and tightened the drawstring, and that one broke too! The pads are very cheaply made and the drawstrings break with a wimpy woman's touch, so beware. It cleaned my floors great for that 15 minutes before it broke, though. :)...more info
  • Reliable T1 Steamboy Steam Floor Mop
    The Steamboy Floor Mop did not disappoint. I have a high gloss, white tile floor in the kitchen, dining room, and hallway. When cooking, the tiniest of greasy splatters would smudge-track everywhere. I used to get down on my hands and knees with a spray cleaner rather than drag out a mope and bucket or my Swiffer Wet Jet that always over-sprays and stains my stainless (more work). The mop heats up in minutes and the floor is back to squeaky clean in no time. One hint: after filling the water tank and plugging it in, pull the trigger for a minute to gurgle the water down into the the lines. I didn't and wasn't getting any steam. This company's customer service dept. via Chris took the time to open up a Steamboy, assemble and trouble shoot my issue. Incredible!( I know it says to empty the tank, but I keep water in mine and just whip it out of the closet for a quick clean-up.) Enjoy yours. ...more info
  • Steamboy steam floor mop
    This product did a wonderful job of cleaning a stained white linoleum kitchen floor. I used a windex cleaner with the steamboy floor mop and it took all of the stains out, with very little effort on my part. It has worked flawlessly so far!...more info
  • The only reliable thing about Steamboy is it's name
    This steam cleaner is worthless!

    Save your money for a more expensive model that really works. Gives off little puffs of steam. Works for 20 min tops then stops working. Sent it back to the manufacturer and they say it works just the way it is designed to. AND it only took 3 WEEKS for them to figure that out before returning it to me!!! Bottom line....Product is terrible as is the company that services it!...more info
  • Had High Hopes from Reviews, Later Impressed
    When I first used this product, I wrote the following review (Look below review part 1.) However, when I used the product the second time, I was quite pleased, moreso, than the first time. I think it takes awhile for the machine to "break-in." Among some helpful tips are: use hot water as this does speed up the process and possibly cleaner cleaning, and experiment with using some chemicals. I noticed that this is designed for hard floors, but can work well for soft floors as well. Those people who may not get the results they want may have soft floors. (I think repition with the machine will yield better results). As this was the case with me, second time around, a day later, the floor was much cleaner.

    Among other things, this is DEFINITELy better than the old mop. First, if you're cleaning only one room, all you need is a small container of water, no need to fill up a big bucket of water just to mop your floor. Secondly, clean up is SO EASY. You just take off the microfiber cloth, throw it in washing machine and that's it.

    I think if you haven't used steam cleaner before, first time around it'll be a little weird. However, the more you use it, the more you realize how good it really is. And add to it the convenience and ease. I would definitely recommend after using it a second time.

    (Review part 1)--------------------------------
    I had high hopes for this product after reading the reviews. I was very excited to get this product thinking it would do the "job." I recieved it quicky, and it was easy enough to assemble, 3 simple steps.

    Put in some water, and started cleaning. The manual said something about it should be ready when the LED light comes on, but from another review, you obviously have to wait a little for it to steam up. It says to use tap water, but I think using hot water and maybe adding in some chemicals could help. I added some Mop and Shine and I guess it helped it.

    My first impression was that, it would go ahead and tear up the dirt from the floors and blow me away. This did not happen. Instead, it steamed up and looked like it was cleaning. It took several swipes to clean up areas, and still I wasn't that satisfied. Afterwards I went to look and see, and I guess it's cleaner than before, but not really. I would say it's a little bitter than a $10 microfiber mop from Walmart. It didn't pick up everything.

    You have to hold down the button for the steam to come out or else it seems like you're not doing much but wiping the floor with the cloth. It would be nice if there was a on/off button because you really have to hold the button for the machine to do anything. The cord could be longer.

    Overall, it seems to work alright, but I was not completely satisfied. This is a good start with the technology, but I think there could definitely be improvements to performance and the quality of cleaniness. Final comment, still looking for the steam cleaner that will do the job....more info
  • Good Product... but proof read your manual !!
    The mop seems to work pretty well. But I have to wonder about it's quality based on the User Manual that comes with the mop.

    For example:
    The manual refers to the "enhancing absorbency" of the "100% cotton floor cloth." But... the tag on the cloth says its "70% Polyester."

    The manual says the "Cloth Pad can be machine washed in hot water and tumbled dry." But... the tag on the cloth instructs: "Do not tumble dry" and shows water temperature to be 60 degrees (cool). I'm guessing the tag is correct since the cloth fits snugly and any shrinkage would ruin it.

    The manual says the "LED will illuminate when the steamer is ready for cleaning." I put cold water in, plugged it in, and the LED light came on immediately. Obviously I had to wait a few minutes for it to heat up.

    The cord is a little short but should work in most rooms. Nothing that an extension cord (3 prong) can't fix easily.

    I just hope the mop was put together with more attention to detail than it's manual!!...more info
  • Does a good job for the money
    I was very pleased with this toughly built commercial grade machine. It does a great job cleaning tile floors using tap water. No expensive solutions or other gimmicks. I came with two cloth cleaning pads which should be good enough for home use. For commercial use I'd order more pads. The pads need to be laundered between uses.

    Note that like similar devices, this is not a vacuum cleaner. It sanitizes an already vacuumed tile floor.

    The machine I received was made in Canada....more info
  • I Have Throw My Mop and Mop Bucket Away, Amazing time saver!
    The Reliable T1 Steam Boy saves me so much time when I'm cleaning my floors. No more filling and emptying mop buckets! The T1 cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects all with the power of only water. No nasty chemicals to breath, or hurt the environment.

    I having been seeing the reviews of this product online, and because of the amazingly good feedback I've read and heard from our customers, I decided to try this out for myself.

    I will say the assembly to this product is not as easy as I would like. Also the instruction booklet leave ALOT to be desired. After fumbling through the assembly process, I was able to get the machine together.

    My Kitchen floor was filthy, and was the perfect place to test the power of the Steam boy. I installed the micro-fiber pad to the bottom, squeezed the steam trigger, and watched with delight at how easy the floor came clean. With a very large dog in the home, this machine is a delight to use, and saves a lot of time from the mop and mop bucket method.

    I only 2 complaints after using this machine. First the cord is very short. This is a hassel to plug/unplug the machine, and even though heat again, it still is a hassel.

    I noticed it was leaving a lot of water on the floor, so I tried laying of the steam trigger. Because the pad is already moist and hot, it worked just as well. I sprayed the trigger only when I need it, and the floor was dry! There was no drying time when I didn't go trigger happy.

    Overall this product is a great time saver, easy to clean up. All you have to do is take the mop head off, and throw it in your washing machine. The machine is also very green. It works better then any harsh chemical on your floors. 5 Stars all the way....more info
  • Hurrah!
    It's a bit pathetic I'm getting so happy about a cleaning product, but here I am. This is simple to use, no buckets of water, and it cleans beautifully! I found the water lasted just fine, and what's the big deal about refilling it anyway - it's light and easy to do. Couldn't be more pleased....more info
  • Steamboy
    I like the product very much. The pad however did not work well and didn't last very long. I would like to see a disposal pad. It would have to be made strong. ...more info
  • T1 Steamboy Floor Mop
    This product is great! I have Metroflor (vinyl flooring) and have had a tough time getting it clean with traditional mopping. This steam mop got my floors extremely clean. I have a toddler and I no longer worry about him being all over the floor with the dirt and chemicals. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that the cord is very short....more info
  • It's amazing!
    I've used the steamboy for three weeks and LOVE IT! Cleans my floors quickly and perfectly. Floors dry in minutes. From start to finish - its takes me 5 minutes to wash my kitchen floor. Another 3 minutes to do the bathrooms. - great time saver. The pads wash in the washing machine (read the label - don't put them in dryer). No muss no fuss....more info
  • Very good purchase
    I purchased the steam mop because I have travertine tile flooring and cannot use chemicals to clean the floors. The Steamboy certainly fit the bill. It cleans well, getting up dirt much better than a traditional mop & bucket, and without all the setup & mess. It does leave a lot of water on the floor, but it dries quickly and clean. The only negatives are that you have to hold the trigger down the entire time you want steam, and the spade-shaped head doesn't seem as efficient as a rectangular head. Overall, good buy for under $100....more info
  • Steam Floor Mop
    This mop is amazing! I thought my floor was pretty clean before I used it. I did sweep it well and wiped up spots. Then I used the steam floor mop, and I couldn't believe how "black" the pad was when I finished. I used it on a tile floor. Is supposed to be used on hardwood also, but I will refrain from that, because there was a lot of water left on the floor, and it did take a bit long to dry. Not a problem on a ceramic tile floor, but my wood floors are not supposed to have water on them. It did a great job on the tile though. My neighbor wants to borrow it now!...more info
  • Love it!
    This is a great product. I have a one year old and i now let her into the kitchen. I was worried about the chemicals i used when i moped. This, you need no chemicals and after the floor is cleaned, it feels brand new. Only thing i didnt like was the fact it left the floor wet like any mop would. The product is supposed to steam the floors, kill bateria, and dry them all in the same stroke. Still love it. and the pads are easy to toss in the washer. Cord isnt all that long, but i have a big kitchen....more info
  • Very dissatisfied
    I had very high hopes for this product and I have been very disapointed.

    I could achieve similar results by pouring out a bucket of hot water on my floor and wrapping towels around my feet to move the water around. I can only assume that something is not functioning correctly and there is too much water too fast. The "tank" is supposed to last 20 minutes (according to the instruction book - 30 min according to the Reliable website) - mine was empty within 10. In addition, there was more steam coming out of the swivel head connection than the bottom of the mop.

    I read the assembly instructions carefully and I am confident that it was assembled properly (even let my husband double check! ;-))

    The short troubleshooting guide mentions nothing about my two issues 1) too much water on the floor 2) steam coming from the swivel head more than the floor

    I contacted Reliables technical support group and received a call back telling me that I should not be holding down the trigger continuously but just hold it until the steam starts and then stop and hit it again when I need more steam. While this definitely cut down on the water I fail to see how this can be classified as a steam cleaning of the floor. As soon as I release the trigger the steam stops. So, instead of steam cleaning my floor, I get a burst of steam followed by wiping the floor with a damp, hot cloth. I hit the trigger again, burst of steam, let go, steam immediately stops, push the floor mop around hoping that the damp, hot cloth is actually doing anything to effectively clean my kitchen floor let alone "Sanitizing"

    The description on the website says " 30 minutes CONTINUOUS steam"

    - The instruction manual mentions nothing about clicking the trigger on until steam starts and then letting go. It says to hold down the trigger over the area you want clean - I assume this means continuously as I would like my entire kitchen floor clean!

    I contacted the technical support again explaining that I was still unhappy and either wanted verification that my unit is defective and be sent a replacement or if it is working properly to send me instructions on how to get a refund. It has been almost two weeks and have not heard back anything. I just resent the email to their customer service department and hope to get an acceptable solution to this.

    I noticed in the forums that there have been other customers who also had "leak" issues. I THINK mine is defective but I cannot recommend this product in any way given how it has performed as well as the lack of quality, fast customer service and resolution to product problems.

    If I am told by Reliable that my unit is defective and I am sent one that performs better, I would gladly update this review.

    This is the first time I have ever written a product review - I must be pretty "steamed" ;-)...more info
  • Finally: clean floors
    I am very pleased with the Reliable Steam Mop: it leaves the floor immaculate, it gets up hardened messes that would have required scraping before, it gets in small, convoluted spaces, it is very light-weight, the water reservoir is big enough to do a lot of floor, the mop-head cover is very easy to use and to wash, it uses tap water or distilled water. Now my suggestions for improvement: first and foremost, there should be an on-off switch in the handle; and second, the cord could definitely use another ten feet. Also, not really a complaint, but good to know, it does leave quite a bit of water on the floor, so it takes a while to dry. I turn on the ceiling fans, and that helps a lot. I would recommend this product!...more info
  • Most Effective Floor Cleaner Yet
    Of all the methods of cleaning floors that I have used, including the scrub and vac machine, the Steamboy was the most effective. Additional to that, it was the simplest; clean-up was easy (toss steamer cover in the washing machine and wind the cord). ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I receive my SteamBoy 3 mos. ago and absolutely LOVE IT! I live in FL and have a home full of light colered tile. It drives me crazy when the floor has anything on it so this mop is heaven sent. I used go around trying to spot clean the floor btwn. moppings, but I always found when I was done, it would've been less of a PIA to just break out the bucket and mop.

    The great thing about this is it's so simple. It takes about as much time to mop as it does to vacuum. I have learned that if you keep the trigger pulled, unless you're moving really fast, you may end up putting too much water on the floor, so I've learned to lay off the steam trigger so often. The pad is already moist and hot so it really doesn't need the constant steam while moving it around. Plus, there's NO drying time when I do it this way.

    The other great thing about this mop is you can keep a pad on it, and do quick clean ups as fast and easy as taking out a dustbuster. I'll definitely keep this in mind when looking for a gift for someone. I just love it and anyone that has to mop will love it to....more info
  • ok product
    Took a long time to recieve this product. THe first initial use, took over 45 minutes to heat up to a steam. Once heated up it cleaned great. However, when I needed to refil the water, it took a long time to once again heat up. It is very light weight and cleaned the best of anything I have tried....more info
  • THE BEST!!!
    I just received my "Steamboy" today! Fast shipping considering July 4th was this week!! I ordered on 7/2 & got it on 7/6!!! I highly recommend buying from Allergy Be Gone!! As soon as I opened the box, I put it together & used on my kitchen floors. I mopped last week & just thought my floors were clean. It's amazing how much dirt & grime that steamer can pull up!!! It's easy to assemble & use....I will never use a mop & bucket again!...more info
  • Couldn't be Happier
    My stock value went up a lot when I surprised my wife with this mop. It did a far better job of cleaning our tile floors than expected. It was so easy to use that even I could operate it. It moves so smooth on the floors that the strain on the back is virtually eliminated. It is a "no nonsense" product and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great for Tile
    My house is all tile. This steamer makes mopping a breeze. Dries quickly and get into the corners....more info
  • Best floor product I've ever owned!
    I've been using my Steamboy for a month now and I still think it's wonderful! I like that you use plain water which can easily be seen through the see through tank. It's nice to be able to see how much water you are using, although I've never had to refill it and I usually clean a bathroom and my kitchen/dining room and front entrance with it, all in one shot. It starts to steam right away but I have found it helpful when first beginning to clean to lift the head up and push on the trigger for about 30 seconds, then the steam really starts to kick in and you don't end up with a wet area on your floor.

    It gets up the mud and other sticky items my 3 little ones get on the floor. I have a bad back so mopping was extremely painful. The Steamboy works fast at getting the area clean and dries quickly too. My back has considerably less stress on it by using this. They could make it a little lighter and it would be perfect! It cleans wonderfully but don't think that it will immediately get sticky residue up, you might have to go over it and then come back again once it has loosened up a bit.

    I use it in my bathrooms and I like that the swivel head will get into the tight places and around the toilet. I've never had my bathroom floors feel so clean. I think the most surprising thing after using this is how the floors feel, clean on my bare feet. I guess I never put the effort in with regular mopping to get the floors that clean since it would take forever plus having to going back and forth to the sink. I would say that the Steamboy is going to cut your cleaning time in half, probably more than half if you count how quickly the floors dry.

    I still wish that the cord was longer, but oh well! I can live with it. The pads are really easy to put on the cleaning head, just make sure you remember to pull the string and fasten them tight or they will slip off. You also have to remember that the pads will be REALLY hot when changing them. I use both pads while cleaning my areas. I think having two more pads would be helpful too. I'll probably end up buying extras.

    This is one of the few hard wood steam cleaners available that performs well. I did a lot of research and I would say this comes the closest to the beloved Bissell that most people have liked. I would stay away from the floor cleaners that merely get your floor wet, otherwise for the cost just get a mop. If you want to make the most of your cleaning time then spend the extra money to get a steam mop. Go in for an extra 2 pads if you can too....more info
  • Steamboy
    Very dissatisfied with the seller. Item came 2 1/2 months after I ordered and after writing a poor review here I was contacted and told it would ship the following week. I was also told that the shipping charges and extra pads I ordered would be free. I received item 2 1/2 weeks later and was charged for everything. After writing the contact and waiting a week with no response I am writing this review to say I would NEVER order from this seller again. If there had been a selection of 0 stars I would have chosen that....more info
  • Excellent Steam Mop!
    I think that reviews should be rating the product and not the seller. It's too bad that this steamer has such a low rating due to sellers and the price listed here, not the performance, because it is fantastic. You can purchase this mop elsewhere and get it MUCH cheaper, I found it in stock on the biggest auction site for $99 with shipping.

    I received my Steamboy Mop this week and it is wonderful! It was easy to assemble and use out of the box. The steam came immediately and I was able to get to work on my kitchen linoleum floors. The swivel head works great to get into hard to reach places. Dried-on sticky residue came off quickly along with a ton of dirt, yuck! It's hard to believe that was my floor! The floor dried quickly due to the hot steam so it was safer to use with my little children around. In the past there would inevitably be one of them slipping as they ran across the floors as I was mopping. I also liked that I wasn't using any harsh chemicals, just plain water.

    I went through both pads that were provided in cleaning my floors. After finishing I couldn't believe how clean my floor felt on my feet. I won't ever go back to a mop and bucket! I only have two complaints. One is that the cord could be longer. I had to unplug several times to reach all of my kitchen and dining room areas. Also, don't leave it on your floors for a prolonged time or you will have a cloudy build up where it was. I wish that it came with a small plastic tray to set it in if you need to stop for something and continue a little bit later. These small negatives in no way outweigh the positives of this mop.

    After all my searching and looking at reviews I found it extremely hard to find a steam mop that performed well. From all my searching I think this is the only steam mop you can buy in stores today that performs well. I'm glad that I went with it!...more info
  • Definitely a PRICE JUMP!
    I just recently (less than a week ago) bought the same EXACT product for only $89! I was completely surprised to see that the price has gone up to $299. ...more info
  • Price Jump???
    I haven't used mine yet, but I ordered it here Jan 15th, 2007 at $79. It wasn't on special either. Now they are selling it for $299?????? This is the SAME one I bought too. You might want to check around for a better price?...more info
    From all that I have read about the Reliable T1 Steamboy.... it sounds like a fantastic product.... unfortunately, even though I ordered it from Allergy Be Gone on February 25... I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT. Oh they informed me and apologized that it was out of stock... they even gave me a new ETA for delivery... that date has passed and still not Floor Mop. On March 13 after I contacted them.. they said they were expecting shipment from the manufacturer in early April. It is now April 22, I have not heard from them and still no Floor Mop. I don't want to cancel my order because I ordered it at a good price and I really think (from what I have read) that it is an excellent product. MY LOW RATING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RELIABLE T1 STEAMBOY... IT IS THE UNRELIABLE ALLERGY BE GONE VENDOR. I understand it is not their fault... but it is not mine.... they are not keeping me updated and made no offer to ship the mop via overnight at their cost (when it arrives in stock). Based on how long I am waiting.... they should ship the mop at no cost to me at all....more info
  • Be careful which vendor you buy this from...
    I ordered the Reliable Steamboy about 6 weeks ago from Allergy Be Gone, it never showed.

    I contacted them, they didn't have any in stock (oversold by 100 pieces) and wouldn't for several weeks - but were still selling it on Amazon.

    I left negative feedback for them (don't sell me something you don't have)- which Allergy Be Gone begged me to remove. They offered to refund my shipping, and overnight the steamer for delivery on 4/2/07. I understand small business, I agreed, and as a nice gesture removed the negative marks.

    It is 4/6/07, I still have not received the steamer, shipping reimb, and the seller isn't responding to contact. Did I note that they are selling it on Amazon for $149, and alternatingly $89.00?

    My thinking is that this is probably a really great steamer, but I would definately buy it somewhere else.


    ...more info
  • LOVE this product
    I just recently purchased this product and I am very happy with the results I have received. I have a light colored ceramic tile in my home and therefore keeping it clean is a chore. This product is very easy to use and gets the job done. My only dislike, which is farily minor and why I rated the item a "4" instead of a "5", is that I have noted water spots on the tile- not all the cleaned tile but only in certain areas. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution?? Otherwise I love it- there is nothing better. ...more info
  • Not suitable for laminate & certain hardwood flooring
    If you put steam on laminate flooring, be prepared to buy new planks. If you put steam on improperly-sealed or unsealed hardwood flooring, same outcome....more info
  • Great product!
    The Steamboy works great! Easy to use and cleans well. Start off with hot water in the tank - it helps speed up the process significantly. I've used it on tile and my laminate hardwood floors. The pads wash up easily but DON'T put them in the dryer or they will never fit a second time! ...more info
  • Look No Further
    Halleluia! When my Bissell Steam Mop finally 'died' and I found out they didn't make them anymore I was devastated. The only place I found to buy them was ebay at a whopping $250! Anyway, I searched online for other models and read all their reviews. None of the reviews for other products sounded any where near the quality and hard work of my old Bissell. I saw this model (The Steamboy) and it looked similar to the Bissell, however - nobody had written a review, so I was a little skeptical.

    I'm here to tell ya - this product is as good or, dare I say, even better - than the Bissell for several reasons: 1. it is lighter weight (but not flimsy) so my arms don't get tired 2. the head pivots easier and it is triangular in shape so it gets into the nasty corners under my kitchen counters and behind my toilets even better 3. the pads are easier to put on than the Bissell and the draw string to tighten them on is longer and therefore easier to work with and lastly 4. it has a carry handle and doesn't fall over when standing upright as my old Bissell did. Cons are 1. you have to make sure that the tank is all the way in or it is a little drippy 2. the cord could be longer, but I can't remember the Bissell's being any longer than this one.

    So, if you want to replace your Bissell or give one as a gift this is definately an affordable option. If you've never used a steam mop, you will be amazed - and disgusted - by how clean your floors get and realize how dirty they REALLY were all those years when you used the ol' mop and bucket. This is faster too and requires no chemicals to clean!...more info