Tinkyada Brown Rice Spaghetti with Rice Bran, 16-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Pasta Joy Ready. A classic in texture and taste. Wheat free. Gluten-free. Good consistent texture. Not mushy. Al Dente. We specialize - Our entire factory premise and all machines are dedicated to the manufacture of rice pasta--no other grain or cereal to prevent cross-grain contamination at production. Cholesterol free. Low fat. Low sodium. Source of fiber. Easy to digest. Promising a delightful eating experience. From whole-grain. Kosher Certified. Just right! Perfect for a light, healthy and tasty family meal, for serving your loved ones and guests who are sure to appreciate, with joy! No preservatives added. This product is made from quality rice, stone-ground and formed to gourmet class. An ultimate in the enjoyment of pasta. It cooks like regular pasta. Award-winning taste. Al dente and not mushy. Its texture, superb. Product of Canada.

  • Rice Pasta
  • Kosher
  • Whole Grain
  • Gluten Free

Customer Reviews:

  • Our favorite pasta company - really GREAT Spaghetti that holds it's shape!
    We adore all of Tinkyada's products, their pasta keeps it's shape far better than any other pasta rice product we have tried. Friends are never able to tell it isn't a traditional pasta product. I served a cold Rotini salad made with Tinkyada pasta at our BBQ last night and no one knew it was Gluten Free, they all said it was delicious. A guest who was also on a Gluten Free diet said she couldn't believe it was really GF - she has been so disappointed with other rice pastas and was happy I'd discovered the Tinkyada line of products. ...more info
  • At Last
    As one who suffers with gluten and wheat sensitivities, this product was just what the doctor ordered. I love it. I make lots of dishes with this brown rice pasta, spaghetti style. It works great when making spaghetti, pasta with shrimp. Keep up the good work, you've got a customer who's very satisfied. ...more info
  • Best Gluten free pasta
    Tinkyada brand is hands down the best GF pasta around. I hear Biaglut is also good, I have not tried that one, and I hear it is much more expensive then Tinkyada. So I will stick with this one!! I love it!!...more info
  • Good
    These are good! One of my Celiac children rated it better than corn pasta and one didn't. The consistancy reminds me a little of spagettio's. I will probably alternate between these and corn based pasta....more info
  • Excellent taste and texture
    Finally a gluten free spaghetti that is just as good, if not better, than wheat spaghetti. I tried soybean spaghetti but it doesn't taste like spaghetti to me, and the flavor doesn't mingle well with spaghetti sauce. I love Tinkyada Brown Rice elbows as well....more info
  • Not Bad - But Not So Good Either
    The reviews were so good I just had to try this - and the result was the usual fat cold noodles tasting like rice (i.e., nothing much). Tinkyada isn't any worse than any of the others - but I find the thickness of conventional spaghetti makes the rice taste much more noticeable. Take this with a grain of salt, since I preferred vermicelli even before I went on a gluten-free diet (about 15 years ago), but to me, vermicelli works a lot better than conventional spaghetti, because it's thinner, making the taste (or lack thereof) less noticeable when coated with sauce. People not on the diet notice the pasta when I use rice spaghetti, but no one has ever found fault with the Ener-G vermicelli I normally use. I'll use up the Tinkyada spaghetti in soups - fine for chicken noodle soup, etc. - but am going back to what I've been using quite happily as spaghetti for years, Ener-G vermicelli (also available from Amazon). Not only is the rice taste less noticeable, but it also cooks in 4-6 minutes - 1/3 the time it takes to cook Tinkyada spaghetti. (Given my attention span, this also makes it easier for me not to forget and overcook it into a gooey mess.) ...more info
  • Best gluten-free pasta we've tried
    I've known about my celiac disease for over 25 years, tried many brands and varieties of gluten free pasta, and Tinkyada - hands down - has the best in this variety and all others they make. It's not particularly sticky, and very much like "regular" semolina pasta in texture. The taste is excellent. My (non-celiac) wife loves it! She doesn't even bother making two different pots of pasta anymore because she finally found one of "my" pastas that was quite satisfactory for her too. I don't feel like I'm giving up ANYthing with Tinkyada's products over what I used to to eat in my "BC" (Before Celiac) days.

    One other nice feature is the price. It seems to be a bit more expensive than some other gluten free pasta products, but compare the price AND the weight. Once both are taken into consideration, I've found that Tinkyada doesn't cost much if any more than the much less desirable brands of gluten free pasta, and it's often less expensive. This truly earns 5 stars, and I try to reserve that for the best of the best....more info
  • Better Than Wheat Spaghetti
    This spaghetti is the best ever.... it is even tastier than wheat varieties....
    It does not get gummy like regular wheat spaghetti...
    Even if I were not gluten intolerant, I would choose it over wheat spaghetti. It is that good. I love it!!!!...more info
  • Yummy
    My husband got us this since we are avid eaters of brown rice. We love it. The secret is that it is closer to whole wheat pasta, and it does not stick together to form a big noodle bundle! If you are into wheat-free stuff, this is just for you. ...more info
  • The Hype is Excessive
    I really have to question the bias of the people who wrote the previous 25 reviews. They must have been Tinkyada employees, friends, or family because there is no way that it tastes five-stars.

    To be fair, I do eat gluten and it is my wife who has the gluten allergy. So I do have my own biases as I eat gluten on a daily basis. My wife tells me that she forgets what gluten tastes like after months of going on the gluten-free diet, and she is able to eat alternatives that I believe do not taste as good as the wheat-full version. However, my wife is not particularly fond of this product either.

    Based on the reviews, I bought this thinking this spaghetti was going to taste exactly the same as regular pasta, but the consistancy, though constant, is kind of slimy. Additionally, the "energy saving method" turns the pasta especially gooey, so I do not recommend that method of cooking should you be persuaded based on the other 25 reviews.

    There are lots of other gluten-free pastas out there, like corn-based, or a mixture of potato, soy, and rice that taste a lot closer to the "real-thing." I haven't found too many alternatives on Amazon yet, but my local grocery store has a few and my wife prefers them over this brand. So at the moment, I have 11 packets of gluten-free spaghetti that I would be happy to get rid of....more info
  • Best gluten free pasta. Your kids will love it.
    Being gluten free can be a challange to find products that can be fun to eat not just a substitute that reminds you that you are being deprived of what everyone else eats. So far, (and I have tried several) Tinkyada is the only GF pasta that I have found that is close in texture and fun as wheat spaghetti and I am including other pasta shapes in this review. My husband even likes it and I have served GF pasta with chicken and sauce over it to guests and they were suprised it was GF. It doesn't bloat you like wheat pasta. You just feel comforatbly full after a big wad of "sketti". One downside of any of the GF pastas is that they are stiff and breakable when cold so it is hard to use them for cold pasta salad. However, I had some that I had overcooked a little and that seemed to work pretty well for cold salad. You will have to experiment for yourself with that. At any rate, I would definitely suggest you try the spaghetti especially if you have a child who is gluten free. Also the pasta will make great mac and cheese. ...more info
  • Very happy with this product
    This pasta is delicious, the best I have ever eaten and I highly recommend it. I would like to see Amazon stock all the different types of pasta that this company makes. I would order some of all....more info
  • Yahoo!
    This pasta is GOOD! You really can't tell much difference from wheat. I was surprised. I'm fairly new to the world of gluten free eating and have not been won over by products other people say are tasty. My taste buds haven't become accustomed to many years of wheat free living yet but they gave this product two thumbs up!...more info
  • Gluten-free Mom
    This is a very tasty gluten-free product. The noodles are comparable to those with gluten and are never mushy. They also have "green" cooking instructions. ...more info
  • THE BEST!!!!
    We have tried several other GF pastas and this one tops them all. The whole family loves it!! Great taste & texture...not mushy, like others....more info
  • DELICIOUS & made with rice from North America!!
    I was a little nervous at first, trying out this pasta, but it was DIVINE! I looove this pasta, and have purchased all different varieties/shapes that they have. Yes, as other person said, do not boil it for the same duration as you're used to boiling regular pasta. Taste is EXCELLENT, and it's an added plus that they are using rice made in the US, or Can. One of the two (I believe it was US, but can't remember which one exactly)...I called the company to inquire. Fantastic product. If they only made this with organic now..... :)...more info
  • Yummy
    title says it all. Great exchange for wheat pasta. I prefer it wamr rather than cold in salads. But it is still tasty....more info
  • Wonderful pastas.
    I tried Tinkyada pasta at the urging of my favorite health food store. I have switched our whole family over to it because it is healthier than regular pasta and it tastes great, even though only one of us needs a gluten free diet. All of the Tinkyada pastas are great. I recommend to everyone without the slightest reservation. I buy it by the case so we never run out....more info
  • best GF spaghetti on the market today
    I have tried every brand of GF pasta I can find -- stuff made from corn, rice, quinoa, you name it -- and it all has a funky aftertaste, cooks up poorly, and falls apart if reheated. NOT TINKYADA!! :-) This stuff ROCKS! My hubby is super picky and not GF, but HE LOVES TINKYADA. When I serve it to my gluten-eating friends and family, they take a bite and say, "oh, too bad you can't eat this..." SURPRISE! GF doesn't have to mean icky-tasting! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) There's LOTS more great stuff from Tinkyada you can get here (and prices here beat the other online GF grocers as of 3/2008)....more info
  • Just like regular spaghetti.
    My husband, who doesn't have to eat gluten-free, loves this spaghetti. Other than an awesome flavor and texture, it reheats very well, allowing leftovers to save money. ...more info
  • The next best thing
    This is the only gluten free pasta product that I have eaten (I have eaten most of the pastatutes out there)that tastes like real pasta. Cook it according to the conserving energy method listed on the package as this delivers the best taste and texture....more info
  • The Best Pasta!
    My family loves pasta and this brand is outstanding. I have learned to treat any hollow (penne, etc.) pastas gently when I rinse them as they will tear if you shake the colander too vigerously. Celiacs take note - Tinkyada is the one you have been looking for! This gluten free product is every bit as good as a wheat product....more info
  • Oh so wonderful!
    I didn't think there was a gluten free pasta out there that I'd like. I'm really picky about taste and texture. Tinkyada pasta products are superb. My husband, who does not eat gluten free foods, ate this without noticing the switch. It's texture remains firm and the taste is good even with just butter and salt! If you've tried any other GF pasta's and been disappointed, you'll jump for joy with Tinkyada!...more info
  • gluten free pasta
    All Tinkyada brand pasta is wonderful, it holds up just like normal pasta, and it flavor and texture are very similar. My family can't tell the difference anymore. You need to watch how long you cook it, don't over cook any gluten free pasta or you get mush. I have tried other gluten free brands and rice pastas, Tinkyada beats them all....more info
  • Tinkyada Brown Rice gluten free products are great!
    Tinkyada Brown Rice gluten free products are simply some of the best imitations of wheat noodles. Our one child has gluten sensitivities so we're switched to some alternatives. Tinkyada is one of the best finds. The noodles cook over a reasonable length of time (around 15-17 minutes) and have a firm texture and a taste that is quite indistinguishable from regular noodles. We've enjoyed the noodles with spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and casseroles. For texture and taste these cannot be beat for those needing something gluten free due to Celiac disease or other reasons. Everyone in the family is willing to eat these noodles. There is a slight taste difference when tried side by side with regular noodles but not pronounced at all unlike the yucky after taste of noodles made from bean flour....more info
  • Tastes the most like "regular" pasta
    We have tried all kinds of pasta -- quinoa, whole wheat, veggie, etc. This was the first pasta where my husband and I both liked it and could hardly tell the difference with regular pasta. We have five kids. Three out of five can't tell the difference. One hates all pasta and the other will eat it as long as their is sauce on it. We make a big batch and reheat in the microwave. It holds up nicely and doesn't dry out like regular pasta. Highly recommend if you are looking for an alternative to regular noodles....more info
  • Better than wheat pasta!
    Since being diagnosed with Celiac's disease I have had a hard time adjusting to the gluten free lifestyle. This pasta really helps. In fact, I like it better than "regular" pasta! And that is high praise as I have not been able to say that I like any gluten free products more than their gluten-filled counter parts (but I haven't tried all the products yet!) This pasta has a creamy, smooth texture. It is wonderful! ...more info
  • Surprising quality
    I tried this product out of the blue because I live in Japan and am not able to `shop around`. I basically hit gold on my first try. The consistency of this pasta is suprisingly good, and really, it is NOT MUSHY. Follow the instructions i.e cook for 16 minutes then rinse under the tap. It comes out perfect every time. It doesnt have a particular strong taste therefore kids wont be able to tell the difference, I couldn`t either. For those who need to avoid wheat this is a perfect substitute. This product comes in a pack of pack of 12, so please bear this in mind when you place your order....more info
  • Tinkyada Pasta always deserves Five Stars
    The tittle says it all. Tinkyada is the best gluten free pasta company in the world. PERIOD. All tinkyada products are exceptional. Their pasta tastes better (by quite a bit) than wheat based pasta. (And I don't have to eat gluten free pasta). ...more info
  • The BEST gluten free pasta!
    Tinkyada makes the best gluten free pasta. We tried many other brands before this and most were mushy. This pasta is excellent. My entire family loves it! ...more info
  • The first rice pasta I ever enjoyed
    I am allergic to wheat and thought i would die, Italian food was my favortie. All rice pastas are mushy and taste much like health food. This one is far better than all of the rest. The first time I had it, I actually had to check the package to make sure it was Rice and not Wheat. My husband even ate it(without knowing) and didn't notice anything. I would recommend to anyone. It is also half the price on amazon with no shipping so it pays to buy it online. Also, make sure to follow the cooking instructions and rinse very well to get all of the starch off. ...more info
  • great product
    I bought this for my grandson (5) celiac, but we all eat it. It is absolutely delicious. Fool you friends and family, it tastes so much like regular wheat pasta. And it stores wonderfully. Great product!!...more info
  • Best Brown Rice Pasta
    Have tried many products this is by far the best Rice Pasta!...more info
  • Better than wheat pasta!
    All Tinkyada brown rice pasta products have been wonderful! You do need to learn not to overcook them. I find using the energy saving technique (boil a minute or two and then cover pot and wait about 15 minutes) works perfectly. We love this pasta and find it better than the pasta we ate before our gluten free days. ...more info
  • great gluten free pasta
    Tinkyada pasta always cooks well. I am pleased with all their gluten free pastas and I have tried many I truly disliked. ...more info