Tinkyada Brown Rice Penne Pasta with Rice Bran, 16-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)
Tinkyada Brown Rice Penne Pasta with Rice Bran, 16-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Pasta Joy Ready. A classic in texture and taste. Wheat free. Gluten-free. Good consistent texture. Not mushy. Al Dente. We specialize - Our entire factory premise and all machines are dedicated to the manufacture of rice pasta--no other grain or cereal to prevent cross-grain contamination at production. Cholesterol free. Low fat. Low sodium. Source of fiber. Easy to digest. Promising a delightful eating experience. From whole-grain. Kosher Certified. Just right! Perfect for a light, healthy and tasty family meal, for serving your loved ones and guests who are sure to appreciate, with joy! No preservatives added. This product is made from quality rice, stone-ground and formed to gourmet class. An ultimate in the enjoyment of pasta. It cooks like regular pasta. Award-winning taste. Al dente and not mushy. Its texture, superb. Product of Canada.

  • Rice Pasta
  • Kosher
  • Whole Grain
  • Gluten Free

Customer Reviews:

  • a migraine saver
    I love this product. It tastes great and doesn't have any wheat or gluten to which I am allergic to. My husband who doesn't have the allergies notes decreased bloating and thinks it tastes better than regular pasta. I also love the energy saving cooking directions. You boil the water, throw the pasta in, bring it to a boil, then take it off the heat. In 20 minutes, you are done! Fabulous!...more info
  • Perfect for a non-gluten pasta
    This is an amazing pasta for those with a gluten intolerance. The price is excellent for the 12 pounds of pasta you get. Just make sure you have somewhere to store it all. 12 1-pound bags take up a good amount of space....more info
  • Can't taste a difference between this and wheat laden pasta
    This stuff is great & even my husband can't taste a difference between this and wheat laden pastas. I use this anywhere that would call for a regular pasta and it works out just fine. My son has a gluten allergy & I order this by the case with the free super saver shipping and it's a real deal. It tastes great and cooks well. I've tried other pastas and they come out tasting sticky or off... this stuff tastes similar to a whole wheat version I'd find at the grocery store....more info
  • Tastes like the real thing!
    Tinkyada Brown Rice Penne Pasta with Rice Bran, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)Tinkyada makes pasta that actually tastes like pasta. I have tried many different brands and nobody comes close to Tinkyada. If you are allegeric to wheat you can have great tasting pasta again. ...more info
  • Just like the "real thing"!
    If you can't eat wheat pasta, Tinkyada is the brand to buy. The white rice pasta I bought at the store was mushy and didn't hold its shape. It was a pale imitation of the "real thing." But Tinkyada's pasta I can enjoy eating. As long as you cook according to the directions, you can't tell it's not "normal" pasta. I usually add a bit of oil to the water with the pasta to discourage sticking, because I don't do a very good job remembering to stir it! It's also brown rice-based, so it's healthier for you. One warning, if you put plain pasta in the fridge, it will be hardened when you pull it out. But, heat it with some sauce, or reheat it in a pan of water on the stove, and it's nice and soft again.

    I like the penne shape. It holds its shape well when cooked and doesn't fall apart. It's great for a casserole to be made ahead of time, as the pasta won't fall apart with reheating and lots of stirring. This shape is good with a smooth sauce, but I especially like it when there's something chunky mixed with it, such as diced tomato or meat chunks. Definitely recommend this brand, as well as this particular shape.
    ...more info
  • Best GF pasta
    The best gluten free pasta brand I have ever tried. The texture is just like "regular" pasta. Don't overcook! I cook it for 10 minutes.
    It tends to get a dry texture when stored in the fridge. But add some sauce and microwave it and it gets nice and soft again. For cold salads, if I make a tuna pasta salad, I try to make just enough, because of the dryness factor....more info
  • Tastes Great
    This is the best gluten free pasta I've eaten. Best of all my kids love it....more info
  • Best Pasta Ever!!!!
    This is by far the best pasta you can get. If you suffer from wheat allergies. Then I urge you to try this. You'll never be disappointed from anything for this company. Italian food is still on the menu. Try the lasagna, It's great!!!...more info
  • The best, the best, the best!!!!!!!!
    Before Tinkyada came into my life I tried almost every other "pasta" that is made, they all tasted like cardboard or worse.

    Try this you will not be disapointed. Every gluten eating friend I have served this to could not tell the difference.

    Hey if you don't buy it... just leaves more for me!!!

    ...more info
  • Very good
    This pasta tastes like regular pasta. I eat along with my husbad who has to eat gluten free. ...more info
  • Best Gluten-Free Pasta Available
    There are three generations of celiacs in my family, and between us we've tried just about every GF pasta available on the market. Without question, this one is the best. Nothing is ever going to be semolina pasta, but this is the closest thing available. One piece of advice: DO NOT OVERCOOK IT! I always cook it for about seven to eight minutes, and no more. It's slightly al dente and very much like semolina pasta....more info
  • Best gluten free pasta I can find
    I have been on a gluten free diet for one year plus due to having DH. This is by far the best pasta for gluten free needs. Other pastas get soft and slimey when cooked. This pasta holds together and has good flavor. I acutally discovered it at a natural food store but the expense drove me to look for a better deal. I found it on Amazon.com
    ...more info
  • Best Gluten Free
    This is by far the best gluten free pasta I've tried. It's great to buy it in bulk and save over health food store prices. I love it for Mac and Cheese. It requires less cooking than traditional wheat but withstands a little over cooking unlike other gf pastas....more info
  • Never know the difference
    You will never know the difference from the wheat pasta. Great pasta and good for you to boot. I always cook it a little less than the recommended time and I always rinse off the starch. A staple in our house!!...more info
  • Great Pasta!
    This is the absolute best gluten-free pasta out there. There is no way to tell the difference between this and regular wheat pasta. We have tried most of the other brands and nothing compares to this. ...more info
  • Good GF pasta!
    This pasta tastes good and has a great texture. Almost as good as "real" pasta....more info
  • Best GF pasta ever
    Simply put this is the best GF pasta I have ever tasted. I is virtually the same texture and taste of normal pasta. Thanks Tinkyada you are the best....more info
  • Hands down, the best GF pasta!
    All the Tinkyada pasta products are awesome. One recommendation, don't overcook. I bring the pasta to a boil then turn it off and let it sit for about 9-10 minutes. The texture is very similar to wheat pastas....more info
  • Best rice pasta I've had.
    This pasta is not bad at all! Some of my friends who tried bites of other rice pasta, all agreed they could eat this brand anytime - even in place of regular pasta. As for me, I will only buy this kind. No more from the grocery stores again.
    There was one thing I did not like about the penne, and that was the size. It's smaller than regular pasta and was a 'little' bothersome trying to pick up with the fork at first. ...more info
  • Tinkyada is the best!
    I have tried just about all their products and they are all excellent. You really can't tell the difference from regular pasta. If you're gluten free try Namaste stuff too, the pizza dough (only one I tried so far) is superb. I liked it better when I made the pizza crust thin and then cooked for about 10 min before adding toppings then cooking for the remainder, makes a better texture this way, imo....more info


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