Swiffer Carpet Flick Carpet Sweeper Starter Kit (Pack of 2)

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  • Easily sweeps up everyday carpet messes
  • Picks up crumbs, leaves, dirt, grass, glitter, fuzz
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Cleaning cartridge has super-sticky adhesive on both sides
  • When cartridge is full, simply throw away and insert new one
Customer Reviews:
  • Works great on pet hair
    I use this at my back door where we get a lot of dog hair tracked in on the mat. It picks up the hair and bits of dirt, leaves and such. The dirt, hair, etc. sticks to the bottom or gets tossed into the top, just as the description states. It is not for use on anything but carpet as the box states, so it does NOT work on linoleum, tile, hardwood, etc. The only thing I don't like is that I have to change the sticky insert about every 2 days. ...more info
  • Great product. Love not having to drag out the vaccum for everything!
    Works great up picking up stray at litter that my two crazy cats drag through out the house, and little spills of crumbs, stuff tracked in, and just whatever on the carpet. This is not a vaccum though, so don't expect it to be one....more info
  • Not good
    To tell you the truth, more stuff sticks to the bottom of our swiffer than
    actually going in the filter. I tried to pick up little seeds with the swiffer, and they just stuck to the bottom. Very rarely do you get to see the stuff pop into the filter
    wich would have been entertaining. True, it's good for just those messes where they're just small pebbles all clustered together or something but it's not good for your
    every day messes. ...more info
  • Forget It!
    We got this for the area around our litter boxes (2 boxes, 2 young cats). The boxes are on a carpeted floor at the bottom of a flight of stairs, over which we placed woven throw rugs. The litter boxes are only a couple inches away from a vinyl tile floor. The Swiffer picks up a little bit from the carpet and the throw rugs, but not near clean. On the vinyl tile it doesn't do anything. A broom works better on all three surfaces, though the carpet and throw rugs really need to be vacuumed. It also doesn't work for the loose cat hair (that's what we were told to expect). I wouldn't buy one of these at a garage sale for under $1.00....more info
  • Great Item
    I was very happy with this purchase. It is perfect for those quick cleanups and picks up everything. No more having to pull out the big vacuum for small cleanups....more info
  • Easy-to-use Swiffer Carpet Flick
    Very nice product for those little jobs when you don't feel like lugging your vacuum cleaner out. Does a nice job of picking up dog/cat hair, dirt, and small debris. It is easy to use and easy to handle. Convenient item to have on hand (especially if you have pets)....more info