Airpura Industries T600 Air Purifier- Specially Designed to Filter Harmful Carcinogens Found in Tobacco Smoke

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Product Description

Tobacco smoke emits over 4000 chemicals and 60 carcinogens into the air you breathe. Environmental Tobacco Smoke, or ETS, is recognized as a serious health hazard for non-smokers as well as smokers, and asthma, allergies, and other similar conditions are not uncommon side effects associated with tobacco smoke exposure. The long-term effects of smoke inhalation are also serious, as tobacco smoke can lead to ailments such as cancer and lung problems. For tobacco smoke problems, the most effective way to eliminate tobacco smoke and its harmful chemicals is through the use of an air purifier with activated carbon. Specially designed to deal with tobacco smoke in areas up to 2000 square feet, the T600 utilizes a combination of Activated Carbon, TarBarrier Pre-Filters, 2 Micro-Suppress Filters, and a HEPA-Barrier post filter to clean the air. The TarBarrier pre-filter works like a cigarette filter by trapping tobacco tars, and the 26 lb, 3 inch deep activated carbon bed absorbs the 4000 harmful and carcinogenic chemicals and gases found in tobacco smoke. The Micro-Suppress Filters also help suppress bacteria, antigens, and pathogens around the carbon bed, and the HEPA-Barrier post filter traps dust and particles. As well, at 560 CFM, the Airpura T600 has more CFM than other compact air purifier available on the market. The powerful motor and fan located out of the airflow also keeps the air fresh by recycling the air every 30 minutes to remove harmful smoke and odors. All-metal housing, felt gaskets, and the sealed chamber for electric parts increases safety and prevents off-gassing. In addition, the T600 has a wall-mountable feature to position the unit high on a wall or column, making it the ideal choice for areas such as homes and even public areas such as restaurants, bars, and dedicated smoking areas. Clean your air and reduce the dangers of tobacco smoke with the Airpura T600.

  • Removes 4000 chemicals, tars, and gases found in tobacco smoke
  • 18 lbs of Carbon
  • Special tar barrier filter traps tars
  • Effective for large areas up to 2000 square feet
  • Wall mountable