Trace Minerals Research Liquimins Ionic Zinc, 50 mg, 2-Ounce (Pack of 3)

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Customer Reviews:
  • Like drinking pool water
    If I had the dang receipt I would also return it. I got scared after squirting it in my mouth because thought that I may have misunderstood the directions. Like, the taste was so bad I was not sure this really was supposed to go in my mouth! SERIOUSLY tastes like pool water times three. I believe its probably very good for me and my zinc deficiency and I'll keep taking it, but it tastes like poison. You ARE supposed to drink it right? I hope?...more info
  • OMG DON'T DO IT! You won't be able to rid your mouth of this vile taste...
    I can still taste it... it's forever burned it's acidy chemical goodness onto my tastebuds. Seriously, if you've ever wondered what battery acid tastes like (and who hasn't), well then try THIS.

    I cannot believe anyone would market something so heinous, so vile and expect you to be able to take it more than once! And don't believe there is a liquid that will help you mask this detestable flavor... there isn't.

    I returned mine the second I was able to stop gagging... Do yourself a favor and buy tablets. Your tastebuds will thank you....more info