Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave, light, 23.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

A low glycemic organic sweetener, Wholesome Sweeteners Premium Organic Agave is a natural nectar made from of the Blue Agave plant. Agave has a Low Glycemic Index (GI), so it is slowly absorbed into the body, preventing spikes in blood sugar. It is 1-1/4 times sweeter than sugar, so you need less. The sweet mild taste is perfect for sweetening beverages, baking and as a multipurpose sweetener. Use wherever you would table sugar. USDA Organic and kosher certified. Suitable for vegan, vegetarian, Halal and plant-based diets. Product of Mexico.

  • Organic Blue Agave; A low glycemic sweetener
  • 25% sweeter than sugar, Organic, GMO Free, Kosher
  • Gluten Free and Vegan
  • Natural Sweetness without the blood sugar spike

Customer Reviews:

  • I love this stuff!!
    I love this brand and I have a time finding it here. The price is great! I use it in almost everything. Toast, plain yogurt, baking,etc... You have to decrease by a 1/4 compared to sugar and decrease liquid when using. Less sugar is always a plus and my kids LOVE IT!!...more info
  • Very good
    I read up on agave nectar and decided I wanted to try it for a healthier sugar option, and this was definitely the best price I found. I got it just in time for my peach tree to get ripe and used it in making cobblers and muffins and other peach recipes. The agave nectar tasted perfect, making it a great substitute for white sugar. I've used it in tea and lemonade, and it worked great in both of those as well. I would definitely recommend trying it if you've been thinking about it....more info
  • agave
    Agave is great product for people who are diabetic. What disappointed me was the delivery service and how it was delivered. my first delivery never came so I had to call to put in another order. When the second delivery came the content inside had spilled over. Three of the bottles inner seal was torn and spilled onto the bottle and the box....more info
  • Screw the cap tighter
    Love the product, it was the packaging. Out of the 6 bottles two of them had leaked agave out into the packaged box. Since I knew the product was still good, being a sugar source, I just washed off the agave outside of the bottles. Am I concerned about ordering again this product? Yes, even though getting a great deal on the product, paying for sloppy work isn't my cup of tea.
    The agave has a smoother taste then honey and the flavor blends in better to what it is added to....more info
  • Natural sweetner
    As a diabetic, I really like this natural sweetner because it does not raise blood sugar. It has a nice taste with no lingering after-taste. It it not calorie free....more info
  • Best sweetener you can buy
    I discovered this sweetener a couple of months ago and have been a huge fan ever since. I have tried stevia, Splenda, and any other sweetener that claims to taste "just like sugar" and always find that they do not, in fact taste anything like sugar. I am not one of those supertasters either, but I definitely am one of those people who never drinks diet soda or any food that has been processed to make it lower in fat or calories. They never taste right, so because of a fundamental unwillingness to compromise flavor, I believe that it is better to eat less of something than load up on chemicals. Blue Agave nectar is absolutely as close to sugar in taste as you can get without actually being sugar. It is low in calories, tastes like sugar, is natural and has a low GI index. The only things I have used it in so far are coffee and ice tea and for these things, it is perfect. I cannot vouch for how it stands up in baked goods but I am going to be trying that soon....more info
  • Great stuff!
    I totally agree with most everyone out there that this is THE sweetener to use in iced tea. The flavor is much more neutral than honey, brown rice, syrup, or barley malt syrup. Mixed with pure lime juice, it is a wonderful tropical fruit salad glaze...try it over strawberries, mangos, bananas and blackberries. Mmmmm! Free shipping makes this the best price around. Love it!...more info
  • Very Happy
    Having first tried this brand at Trader Joe's and liking it, I decided to take the plunge and buy more in a larger amount. The shipment arrived with no problems. I use agave nectar for my morning coffee instead of white sugar and like it because it adds sweetness, not other flavor like honey does (agave has a slight flavor). While there were no container leakage problems during delivery, I have had some occasional leakage after using the bottle. Just a drop or two that will run down the side to the bottom, even with a tight cap. Not a big deal as it cleans up easier than honey with just a little water. I am very happy with Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave....more info
  • Great alertnative to sugar
    I've been using Agave in my tea, coffee, cooking and on pancakes for over a year. I'm a type 2 diabetic, and need something with a low glycemic index. This product is the best - and it tastes wonderful. My kids don't miss honey on their pancakes any more, and this keeps everyone from having sugar highs and crashes.

    Highly recommend!...more info
  • Nice Idea
    A friend introduced this product to me and I dear say, it's excellent! I am so happy I can use Agave instead of sugar substitutes if I desire to deviate from my norm. Agave, pronouned a-gar-vee, taste good, it's nice and sweet, it dosen't raise my blood sugar levels and it hasn't caused me any weight gain. It's a natural....more info
  • Great slow metabolizing sweetener with no aftertaste
    Love this product. Great for sweetening "wet" things such as drinks, fruit, custard... that sort of thing. I would like to figure out how to use in baking but I haven't gone there yet. It seems problematic for that....more info
  • AWESOME alternative to refined sugar
    Absolutely the way to go if you're cutting refined sugar. Low glycemic index, tastes like sugar, great for diabetics....more info
  • Blue agave sweetner
    This is a great product for anyone who can not have sugar, great to cook with, use as a syrup or to sweeten drinks. ...more info
  • A Sweet Deal...
    I was pleasantly suprised that all the bottles came intact and not broken like many reviews said. I love this stuff for baking and would definitely order it again from amazon. The price is cheaper than in grocery stores too....more info
  • Agave review
    Good product. Bottles, however, leaked in the shipping process. They should be more airtight than they are. ...more info
  • Sweet
    We use Agave in our coffee every morning, and its also used in a variety of recipes. We've tried different brands of Agave, and find this brand to be the best quality....more info
  • Sweetness for Diabetics
    My husband has diabetes and dislikes the aftertaste of artifical sweeteners. Agave is a wonderful solution. It provides good taste and no spikes in blood sugar levels. It does contain calories, so moderation is the key, as in anything we eat or drink....more info
  • just like sugar
    i think this is an excellent and healthy alternative to sugar for sweetening anything. i made some ginger cookies using this and molasses as my only sweeteners. the batter is runnier than if using sugar, so i added a pinch more baking soda and a little more flour. their website has recipes. i disagree that this is like pancake syrup. it is much healthier than maple or imitation corn syrup-based syrups, but it is watery. also, in cold drinks it thickens up like honey does, so it takes longer to dissolve. sweeten your iced tea when you first make it before adding ice and hot drinks or hot cereals or baking is no problem. it has no after taste or unique taste (like honey does) whatsoever, so is equal to sugar in its uses without the spikes in blood sugar. i think this will become the new sweetener of the future due to its lower glycemic index and that it's much healthier than the lab-created high fructose corn syrups or artificial sweeteners. i hope the price comes down as well. this sells regular price for $5.99/each at whole foods market here, so it is not a huge savings to order online considering you have to buy a case, but convenient especially with free shipping. i am going to order the dark next time to use in place of brown sugar in recipes and maybe for pancake syrup. i highly recommend this syrup for all your sweetening! ...more info
  • Great low glycemic index sweetener / Buy 6 23.5 oz & save $
    at this writing, the Subscribe & Save price is the best value that i have found on the web or in stores on this great item. We've been able to use it in many cooking applications (cranberry sauce comes to mind first) as well as in beverages, though we've not attempted to make pastries or the like with it as yet. Where there's a will, there's a way :-)...more info
  • I love this stuff!!
    The Blue Agave tastes great and doesn't elevate your blood sugar making you want more & more. Go to the Wholesome Sweeteners webpage and you will be impressed with the company, too. Patte...more info
  • Good for Some Things, Not So Much for Others
    I bought this because I'm trying to find a decent alternative to Splenda that I can use in beverages and baking.

    I drink LOTS of iced tea, all year round and that's primarily what I hoped to use this for. Unfortunately, I did not like the taste of it in my beloved iced tea. I admit I'm picky about my iced tea and this just didn't taste good to me.

    It's pretty good in hot teas and I made an apple cake that was heavenly! I'd recommend using the tartest apples you can find such as granny smith because the recipe called for one cup of sugar and I used only a scant half cup of the agave, it was plenty sweet. When I make the recipe again, I'll use slightly less.

    I made peanut butter oatmeal cookies and they were good but I did notice that the bottoms brown MUCH MUCH faster when I use this syrup than when I use Splenda. I'd definitely recommend using insulated cookie sheets or slightly lowering the oven temp for cookie recipes. Also though my recipe calls for creamy peanut butter, next time I'll use crunchy because the cookie batter was pretty sticky which can also cause the bottoms to brown faster. To "fix" the cookie batter I made, I added chopped peanuts and that seemed to help.

    I also made banana bread with this and usually my banana bread (made with half whole wheat flour and half white flour) has a pretty dense texture. Using this syrup made it have a "fall apart" density/texture which sort of annoyed me though it did have a good flavor. Next time I'll try using slightly less and see if that doesn't help it hold together more.

    The downside to this syrup is that I, like many other reviewers, received one bottle that had leaked and WHAT A HORRIBLE MESS! Also the bottles are just wrong. The opening causes drips and no matter how hard I tried not to let it, it would always drip down the side of the bottle and required wiping off with a wet paper towel. I didn't see on the bottle if this required refrigeration after opening or not. I just refrigerated just in case and it fell over inside my refrigerator and though the cap was tightly screwed on and closed, it leaked in there too and was a big pain to clean off the glass shelf and I cannot imagine the nightmare if you have the open wire kind of shelves because at least it was contained on just one shelf in my fridge.

    Bottom line: Unfortunately, I still like the taste of Splenda better though I'm afraid it's not good for me and also, the agave is NOT portable and cannot really be taken with you easily to use away from home. I would buy this again to use in baking but will continue to search for something else to use in beverages....more info
  • Love this stuff - best of the brands I've tried
    Of the several brands of agave nectar that I have tried, this one is by far the best. It has the least "taste" to it - it is just sweet (very similar to simple syrup that you would make with sugar and water)....more info
  • Organic Blue Agave LIGHT
    I ordered Blue Agave Light but received the DARK version. I am very disappointed with Amazon's mix-up...more info
  • By far the BEST Blue Agave Nectar!
    This is by far the BEST Blue Agave nectar on the market, and trust me when I say I have tried them all.......I have read several reviews were several reviewers critize the packaging, actually I had the same problem with other brands, but with this brand they came individually and extremely well wrapped, thus no sticky stuff anywere but were it should be inside the bottle, also I like the taste of this brand over all others specially in my coffee, I gave this product 5 stars ;) ...more info
  • Great low glycemic sweetener
    I really like both the light and dark agave nectar as a good tasting alternative to sugar and honey. I get the sweetness I want without the sugar spike and crash. I've been using this now for a couple years, and will continue to do so. The nectar is a touch thinner than honey so it flows easily, but not too thin and runny for easy use....more info
  • Agave Nectar
    This is the greatest product because it is natural and healthy. For those of you that want a substitute to sugar, try Agave. You won't be dissappointed! I have been using for over 4 years now....more info
  • A great substitute for honey!!
    I have been using Agave Syrup as a substitute sweetner for over a year and will soon need to send for another six bottles.!!

    I is so smooth and light, healthful and tasy. Fewer calories also. Can't beat it. Even thought it is a little more expensive, this one seemed very well priced.

    Give it a try!...more info


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