Farouk CHI GF 2100 Rocket Professional Hair Dryer Low EMF

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Product Description

The revolutionary CHI Rocket will dry your hair in half the time. The ultra-lightweight body and quiet motor ensure gorgeous hair every time. The CHI Rocket Professional Hair Dryer is the most revolutionary hair dryer in the industry and the latest in Advanced American Technology. This lightweight quiet dryer utilizes ceramic technology, negative ions, far infrared heat and low EMF to provide the healthiest hair-drying experience around.

  • Ceramic heats up faster and produces moist heat that dries hair 40% quicker
  • Produces ionic positive energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft; negative Ions also help to reduce frizziness and static electricity while leaving hair shiny and healthy
  • Infrared light indicator on the side lets you know when you are producing infrared and ionic heat
  • Lowest output of EMF (electro magnetic frequency)
  • 1800 watt with 2 speed settings, cold shot button and comb attachment included

Customer Reviews:

  • Love It!!!!!
    Best hair dryer I have ever used!!!!! I hardly even have to use my CHI flat iron after drying my hair with it!!!!...more info
  • Best Hair Dryer
    I love this hair dryer!!! It is better than any hair dryer that I ever had before, and no cheap Kmart dryer can compare to it. I already dealt with the cheapies and this one is way better!!!! Its worth the money....more info
  • No more frizz.
    This dryer makes your hair look smoother and without frizz better than any dryer I have used. It eliminates the need for so much product. If you have naturally curly hair and you straighten it, this dryer is for you....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    This the best blow dryer!!!!! It dries hair SOOOO fast!!!!!!
    It gets pretty hot!!!...more info
  • Not expensive so quiet it saves cost of hearing aids
    I bought this for the wife who didn't want me to spend the money. Once she used it she was glad I did and she really likes it. It is incredibly quiet on the low setting. You can have a normal conversation it is so quiet. Easy to use and dries your hair reasonably quick. I also noticed the statement about the warranty being voided if not purchased from a hair salon. I hope I don't have to find out but I would think that is not legal to do. If they sell it to Amazon to resell then they should be required to honor the standard warranty. Whatever it is a great dryer that is quieter and should help prevent hearing loss. Definitely much cheaper than a high tech hearing aid. I am planning on buying two more for birthday presents for the daughters....more info
  • CHI Rocket Professional / Hair Dryer
    Love this dryer! Even though it's pretty pricey, it's the best price I found on the web. I've been using it for 8 months without a problem. It really dries fast, and doesn't seem so hard on your hair. I also have the CHI flat iron, which is great too....more info
  • Fast and light
    The Rocket cut my drying time and I like that it's very light so my arm doesn't get tired when I dry my hair. However, when I read some reviews before purchasing it sounded like this hair dryer would give you "super model hair" just by using it. Remember: It's just a hair dryer. A good quality hair dryer is just one factor in the overall health and appearance of your hair.

    I think it's a good value for the money, but haven't owned it long enough to know how reliable it is....more info
  • Worth the splurge.
    Lighter than it looks, more powerful than expected, with a definite advantage over average hair dryers and wanna-be chi's. Not sure how to explain it, but hair dries faster, smoother and shinier. Also easier to control and style. ...more info
  • Don't buy it for the low EMF claim
    Most if not all "low EMF" claim for dryers is a marketing gimmick. How they do it? "Low EMF hair dryers use an elongated tube to route hot air to your hair without placing the motor/heater assembly close to your head."

    Farouk doesn't even know what EMF is. In its presss release for the launch of its Valentines Day Limited Edition, Farouk spells out EMF as "electro-magnetic force". Well, that EMF is Einstein's concern, whereas ours is "electro-magnetic field".

    It's also utter nonsense that "moist heat that dries hair quicker". Moisture in the air always slows down water evaporation, that's why we take wet towel out of shower enclosure to dry.

    So buy a long tube with lower wattage from Target or Walmart, save money, save energy while also saving yourself from EMF exposure....more info
  • Love this CHI!
    I purchased this Chi hair dryer one year ago. I have thick hair, the Chi Dryer dries hair quicker and leaves hair soft and shiny. The Chi dryer also comes with a extra long power cord. I have dropped the dryer many times, and it still works, I'm ordering another today, in case it does fail, and to keep my daughter out of my bathroom. ...more info
  • quiet, fast, and lightweight
    Nice dryer and amazon has a nice price on it. Has a ten foot cord (amazing) and is ultra easy on the ears. Heat/air output very good, and dries hair in far less time than old "good" standard dryer. Salon recommended this brand and both my wife (long coarse hair) and I (long, fine hair) could not be more pleased. The "lock in" cold shot button is nice feature too, and well located....more info
  • Nice results, dryer whines and cord tangles
    I bought this exact dryer with attachments from another online retailer. I have now had it nearly 6 months. The GOOD: The dryer dries well and saves me approximately 7-8 minutes of drying time. I have shoulder length highlighted hair. The BAD: when you get the dryer close to your brush when styling your hair dry - the motor whines. And, the cord is cheap, tangles easily and does NOT have a swivel cord. The cord is not a coated industrial (professional) quality looking cord. This is a normal cord and it is tangled up (from blow drying with a round brush). I don't wrap the cord around the dryer after use, which might have been the cause for the cord tangling so badly - but not in my case. So, I would really like to return mine. Not worth the $139 I paid for it. I also have a red/black Chi blowdryer (gets a little too hot for me) and a 7-year-old Super Solano, so that is why I spent the money on this one...only to now regret it. I don't have cord issues or the motor whine with my older Chi and Super Solano. All in all, I would keep the dryer if it had a nice quality cord on it - swivel or no swivel, I just can't stand the cheap tangled up cord. ...more info
  • Awesome!!!!
    My stylist has this hair dryer--so I had to have it. It works great--nice heat level and power--light weight--long cord--haven't used the cold shot button so cant comment on it. I would highly recommend this hair dryer. I have medium length thin hair thats curly to wavy in places--straightens great with this hair dryer and my round brush....more info
  • Hair Dryer
    Great dryer. It gets really hot but the cool shot colls it down quickly. Just wish it has a medium temp setting. Otherwise, it dries your hair fast and leaves your hair shinny and soft and not dry and brittle like most dryers. I guess the drying inside out really makes a difference. My beautician even likes this dryer better than her own....more info
  • Great Product
    This is the best hair dryer I have ever owned. Chi lives up to the hype. If you want smooth great looking hair... this is the one for you....more info
  • Perfect for my takes-forever-to-dry hair.
    I am loving this hair dryer for two reasons. The first is because my hair is thick and usually takes a long time to dry. This dryer is powerful enough to get the job done quickly. The second reason is because I used to blow a fuse with my old hair dryer if I had it on for more than a few minutes. The Farouk seems more compatible with my home's electrical system, or more likely, it's a better made product.

    ...more info
  • Buy on sale!
    I read other reviews that this dryer dries hair really fast but I did not understand how it could be so wonderful as they described.... but, IT IS! It really does dry my hair faster than other blow dryers that I've had and cuts down the amount of static I get in the winter. I didn't pay full price for this because I got it on one of the daily "deals". I'd never pay over a hundred dollars for a blow dryer, but this one is worth paying more than you would usually pay for one. It cuts down that getting ready for work time quite a bit! Down side: the cord is a pain. It tangles and I expected a higher quality cord for a dryer this pricey....more info
  • Good quality!
    Love the quality, but find that it's unbalanced and a little heavy. Not portable but not too big either. I recommend this though it dries my long hair quick and leaves it healthier than a regular blow dryer! Use the cool setting to set your hairstyle after it dries and blow in the direction of the hair to close the cuticle. Leaves my hair smooth....more info
  • WARNING RE: One (1) Year Guarantee/Warranty
    I purchased this hair dryer as a Christmas present for my wife. So far, she is happy with it and says that it works good. But I noticed some language in the Owner's Manual that I wanted to warn everyone about. On the last page at the end of the "Service" section (which is separate from the "Guarantee" section), the following language appears:
    "The appliance is only under warranty if purchased from a professional salon. The purchase of the appliance will not be guaranteed if purchased through any other outlet including the internet."
    So be forewarned that if you purchase this product via the internet, the one year warranty will not apply....more info
  • Great Hairdryer
    I bought this hairdryer over a year ago and its still working great. I haven't noticed it drying my hair that much quicker but its definately less frizzy and feels somewhat softer. I generally use the lower heat setting b/c the high heat is really hot! If you're wearing earrings or a necklace while blowdrying they will start burning your skin. I've bought a universal diffuser to use with this hairdryer and even on low heat it really heats up the diffuser attachment. I have to use a towel to remove the diffuser when I'm done. The cool shot button is great and the lights on the side of the hairdryer are neat even though they're unnecessary. I definately recommend this product but just take precautions so it doesn't burn you. Its also so much quieter than my old Conair. I don't feel like I need earplugs to use it. Low EMF was also another selling point for me....more info
  • Love this Chi Rocket
    This is the best blowdryer I have ever purchased. Usually I research items online before I go buy an item like this, but I was in desperate need - I went to the closest salon to see what dryers they were selling and they had this one only. She said all her customers love it, I can see why. It is easy to operate, so much quieter than my old dryer, and dries my hair quickly w/o it getting too dry and overblown. I am now going to check out the other Chi products, too....more info
  • Everything I expected it to be and more.
    There are only two settings: high and low. Because I have frizzy hair - I've been taught by my beautician to use less air and more heat. In-other-words: medium air, and high heat. You don't have that option with this hair dryer - because you don't need it. High is high air and high heat; that doesn't frizz your hair. So it really does cut drying time in half. My hair has never looked better and taken less time to do.

    I had also heard, right after I bought this, that there are fakes being sold on Amazon. So when I got it - I did some research and I can tell you that mine was an authentic Chi.
    ...more info
  • FAKE
    This was a horrible product - a complete fake. It looked extremely cheap, and when i plugged it in and turned it on, and it would not even get hot. Amazon charged me for returning it too. I would NOT recommend this purchase - its better to spend the extra money on a real one from a reputable retail store....more info
  • Broken within a year
    i took a chance and bought a CHI dryer in july 2008 and it's broken just a little over 8 months later. for a $120+ hair dryer to break within a year, that's poor quality workmanship. it was never dropped, exposed to water, or mistreated in any way. for what it's worth, i wouldn't recommend buying any CHI product to anyone- my CHI flat iron also broke within a year from the date of purchase. what's funny-- if you read the warning labels on the CHI products, the english is very broken. for example, the warning on my dryer read "push reset button if not turn on." it begs the question of where are these made and with what quality of products? ...more info
  • Great Gift for your Wife
    Had it shipped express for Valentine's Day. Much bigger hit than flowers and/or dinner at her favorite restaurant. Every day when she uses it, she THANKS me again!!! You cannot beat a gift like that....more info
  • Impressive dryer!
    My wife is a cosmetologist. Who knew that one hair dryer could be so much better than another!? - I didn't. I got this for my wife for her birthday about 6 months ago after I heard her talking enviously about one another girl that works in her salon has. I was a little baffled when I saw how much they cost - so I did my homework. The technology used to dry the hair (ceramic heat & negative ions) makes the difference. She is able to dry hair in about half the time it used to take and without "frying" the hair. She absolutely loves it - I got lots of brownie points! I'm not sold on the "Low EMF," but I don't have a way of testing that out. I suppose it is a plus if indeed it does have a low EMF rating. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Professional Quality
    I have Three Chi Rocket dryers at my Salon, they are good in performance but short in life of use by electrical problem at switches and power cord. The first one bought at Amstrong McCall were exchanged two times with the same problem at the power cord. The second and third bought through Amazone.com had problem at the ON/OFF switch and sent back for exchange. Overall, they are good in performance but bad in life of use.
    Good: Fast drying hair, Good price, Sleek-look design
    Bad: Hot and burn at ON/OFF Switch...more info
  • Favorite hair dryer
    I have gone through a number of hair dryers over the past 5 years as I grew my hair out and it is thick and heavy. This is the fastest, most efficient dryer for my hair (by far). It gets very hot, it blows fast and yet it does not seem to damage my hair. I am very pleased with it. I found a better price at Drugstore.com (of all places) so shop around. ...more info
  • Great fast and quiet blow dryer
    It's fabulous. I use it everyday and everyday I am pleasantly surprised at the speed, gentleness, and quietly way this dryer is. I get so many compliments on my hair. I also use the Chi curling iron. ...more info
  • Nice Hair Dryer
    I got this as a gift for my wife for Christmas 2008. They were sold out in real world stores when I went out looking for them. Luckily, I was able to not only find it on Amazon, but for less then I would have paid otherwise -- and it came on time. This replaced a $15 pharmacy bought hair dryer and is a vast improvement. My wife loves the thing. Being as manly as I am, I don't use a hair dryer; however, I can attest to its quietness (my wife gets up for work before me and it does not wake me up like her previous ones used to). I would recommend it to a friend. Don't be disheartened by the four stars I gave it -- I typically don't hand out five stars....more info
  • It gets really, really hot
    I am African American with unrelaxed, mixed texture hair (kinky/curly). This dryer worked really well on the low setting. I tried to use the high setting (setting II), but couldn't stand the heat. I've used it only twice but it makes a huge difference when compared to my old $20 dryer. It was quick and left my hair feeling great. It's also lightweight, making the task of drying thick hair a lot easier. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Can I just say awesome!! This dryer is worth the money, I have long curly hair and it dryed my hair quick with NO frizz and left it very soft and touchable. Its worth it, I used a cheapo walmart one for years and I finally took the plunge and spent the money and I am glad I did!...more info
  • If your hair is thick or extremely course
    Ok~ so i did all the research in the Pro dryer by CHi, googled the reviews and watch all the youtube reviews on the dryer and i was sold. HANDS DOWN Amazon is the cheapest price , Minus shipping. I works WONDERFUL, myself and my daughter have extremely course hair, if i permed it it would still look natural. But with the CHI PRO~ Ladies please believe me i look like i have a brand new silky wig on. An it fully dry's the hair in minutes. SO YEAH it was so WORTH THE MONEY:)...more info
  • Great value
    After about a week of debating and looking at blow dryer after blow dryer I decided to spend the extra money on a good one. I am so glad I took the plunge! This blow dryer is exceptional. Well worth the price. I have purchased other Farouk CHI products in the past and have never been disappointed. This is no exception.
    One of my favorite features is the 'cool' setting button. Once you press it, the air stays cool. You do not have to keep pressing it like other blow dryers. Once your done with the cool setting, press it again for hot air.
    This product is a little heavier than other dryers I have had in the past but I got the hang of it after a couple of uses. It dries my hair in about half the time and eliminates the frizz.
    If you are ok with splurging a bit, I would definitely recommend this dryer. ...more info


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