Sharp AF-S85FX ENERGY STAR? 8,000 BTU Air Conditoner

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Product Description

Sharps AF-S85FX ENERGY STAR? qualified air conditioner provides cool comfort all summer long. Sharps air conditioners not only exceed federal efficiency standards, they exceed design standards as well. Sleek and stylish, they will fit into your home design beautifully. Saving you energy and enhancing your decor, Sharps air conditioner line is too cool to pass up. 8,000 BTU, EER 10.8.

  • ENERGY STAR? Efficiency - Sharp's ENERGY STAR qualified products exceed the existing federal efficiency standards for air conditioners by at least 10% which qualifies them to bear the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR logo for energy efficiency.
  • Comfort TouchTM Controls - Convenience is standard with Sharp's user-friendly Comfort Touch controls. With a 12-hour timer delay on/off feature and two-degree temperature control, there's no more temperature guessing. Simply set the controls and forget about it!
  • Slide-Out Washable Filter for easy removal and cleaning -
  • 4-Way Air Direction ets you direct the cool air where you want it most.
  • 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds
Customer Reviews:
  • good if you are deaf
    cools the room... I can't say it if cools well since I have not owned any other window units... but the worst possible thing I can say about this unit is it is LOUD.. i mean LOOOUUUD.. so unless you are hard of hearing or have this in a workshop or lumber mill... then it will not matter.. even the lowest setting is very loud... i am actually going to return it and look for another manufacturer... i had to edit this to add more.. another thing that is not good on this unit is that it does not have a power saver mode or sleep mode... power saver mode is great for when u sleep.. this is what power save mode is: you set the temperature you want... the the compressor and fan both turn on until the room temp meets what you want.. then the compressor turns off, then the fan turns off a minute or two later (very similar to a house ac unit)... saving energy and will not be constantly running... just when it needs to... this sharp model does not have that... the fan runs constantly even when the desired temp is met.. and the fan is what makes so much noise... for the higher price and 8000 btu.. this model lacks what pretty much most other 8000 and up btu models have for OTHER manufacturers that is... never will i buy another sharp product without testing it in person before......more info
  • Just ok
    VERY LOUD!!! Decent price, but doesn't cool as much as we hoped for, and it's loud even on the lowest fan setting....more info