Amcor PLM12000

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Product Description

mfr: Amcor, Inc. • Portable and easy to move from room to room
• 14,000 BTU Air Conditioner
• Dehumidifier for moisture removal (upto 80 pints a day)
• Built-in Washable Filter
• 3 tier adjustable grille to control air flow
• LCD display with remote control
• Built-in Castors for easy moving
• Ideal for rooms upto 400 sq. ft.
• Power Supply - 115V/60Hz
• Power Consumption - 1100W/9.8A
• 3-speed Fan
• 24-hour Timer
• Dimensions (WxDxH) - 22 x 31.5 x 18"
This product can not be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Please accept our apologies.

Customer Reviews:
  • Random shutdowns, but sure is pretty
    I like the jet blast of cold air off this thing. The description reports this is a 3200 Watt unit, but that's crazy. The specs on the box are right, it comes in at 1100 Watts.

    If it WERE using 3200 Watts, that might explain why the AFCI plug trips over and over again. I have it on a 20 Amp circuit with an old computer, and it trips just like all the other people report, in all the other flavors of this thing. The inclusion of such a flaky AFCI plug is just a really bad decision. AMCOR needs to acknowledge the problem they've foisted upon everyone. I actually set the AFCI plug on the output grill of the unit with the help of a heavy appliance cord, just trying to see if it was an issue with the breaker getting hot. Well, that is not the problem.

    Luckily I did not get mine at Air-n-Water, who apparently have dumped these units in peoples laps, but Frys. I will put it on a real simple dedicated 20 Amp circuit (normally used by my clothes washer) tomorrow, and see if it keeps tripping. If so, I will then consider voiding the warranty and switching out the AFCI, or going through the hassle of taking this back and selecting a different brand.

    I have to say I like the cooling capacity and the looks of the thing, that works well with all the swell new IKEA furniture here in my office. And the powerful white noise of the blower is great for the newborn ;) . So, two stars from someone who is willing to void the warranty. Otherwise, ZERO stars for the stupid, stupid selection of AFCI plug. ...more info
  • Too noisy, shuts off every 5 to 10 minutes
    The unit has good cooling power but the circuit breaker that comes in the power chord shuts the unit off every 10 minutes. Also, it is very noisy even when is runned at half fan speed. The remote control is dificult to interpret. Amcor representatives claim that the units are defect free and perform very well on bench test. They claim that the residential wiring is not designed to withstand the air conditioner current load. However, they have never done field test to determine product reliability or obvious problems like excessive current load. ...more info
  • Large, cumbersome, loud
    This unit has very powerful 12000 BTU cooling power, but a number of things make it unsuitable for domestic use in my opinion.

    First off it is very cumbersome to move around. Also, many of it's features are quite cheap looking, such as a short hose, 1.5 metres long only means you can only vent it through patio window, or side window opener, far too short for top window opening. The hose attatchment is very flimsy, making it easy to get loose, common among protable air conditioners.

    Although a lot of water is evaporated, still excess water has to be drained, and the tray they supply is so small it takes about three journeys to fully drain.

    The main problem, as is so often the case with Amcor machines, is the excessive noise output. The lowest fan only setting is 49DB, but in cooling goes up to 62DB, about as noisy as my Tumbledryer. If your room is small, this unit will take up much space, and sound too loud to watch TV, and sleep, you need to be well practised to sleep near an airfeld.

    The unit has luminous face showing clock, a totally useless feature, as all it does is light up the room, if a bedroom, then an unwanted feature, for sure. The modes are represented on the unit, and the remote as icons, and you have to remember what icon represents which mode i.e fan only, cooling, timer ect.

    It does cool quickly, but airflow is only from side to side, and blows too fast, even on a hot day it will feel uncomfortable blast, rather than a more desired flow of air. In this way, even the units most effective feature, it's power, is also an irritant.

    Because of it's cooling power, this may be a useful air conditioner in a large office or workplace, but in my view, totally unsuitable for domestic use....more info
  • Cooled -- but finicky and troublesome.
    1.) Looks great
    2.) Cools well
    3.) Noisy on anything less that 100% level floor (carpet is not really a good floor for this model)
    4.) I live in a dry climate (Southern California -- no where near water -- 30% humidity TOPS) and the water container filled up overnight... even though it is not supposed to really ever fill up according to the manual.
    5.) The overheat switch in the power cord shut off constantly... after 3 minutes of use the first time I plugged it in.

    Basically, if you have a hard wood or linoleum-like floor in a room where you dont mind some noise AND you don't mind emptying the water from it by hand -- go for it....more info