Drinkwell with 50 Oz Reservoir
Drinkwell with 50 Oz Reservoir

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# Filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. It satisfies the urge for running water and so helps eliminate jumping on counters in search of dripping faucets. Even cats who don't jump on counters to drink from faucets may drink more water using the Fountain. Why is this important? As the veterinarian who created the Fountain for her own cats knows, many cats may not drink as much water as they should. This is one reason the urine becomes so concentrated and predisposes some cats to urinary tract disease. Cats with urinary tract or kidney disease have a critical need for water to support kidney function or prevent crystal formation and obstruction. The DRINKWELL PET FOUNTAIN is veterinarian designed and recommended by vet urinary specialists. It encourages water intake and proper hydration in healthy cats, and is especially beneficial in cats with kidney or urinary tract disease. AND it discourages jumping on counters in search of dripping faucets! Drinkwell Fountain + 50 Oz Reservoir

  • It completely dissembles for cleaning and has a 6-foot power cord.
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • 6 cup bowl capacity + 50 Oz Reservoir
  • Charcoal filter to absorb tastes and odors, as well as overflow protection.
  • Pet's prefer running water like faucets for freshness!

Customer Reviews:

  • It's a great product... but...
    It's a great product, but my cat still stares at it confused. She still insists on drinking water from a faucet. Anyway, nice fountain for a kitchen counter! The point is not all pet will adapt to change quickly or at all.

    ...more info
  • My cats love it
    My cats loved this water bowl as soon as I got it set up and plugged in. Both of my cats love drinking from water faucets and are always bugging me to let them drink when I am near a faucet. I thought this new bowl would help them get the feeling of drinking from the faucet. They both love it! It's quiet and the water lasts a long time before having to refill.

    The only downside that I have encountered so far is that my cats sometimes put their paws in the water and then fur or little particles get in the water and sink to the bottom of the bowl. I then have to unplug the fountain and take it over to a sink (while trying not to spill) where I can dump the water and refill the the bowl. That can be a real hassle and certainly isnt as quick as just dumping a normal water bowl and getting fresh water. It is definitely worth it though because my cats love the feel of getting fresh running water.

    They still bug me for faucet water sometimes, but not as much as they used to. ...more info
  • Great product for travelers
    It is a great product, but if you travel make sure that you buy the Reservoir. Otherwise, when fountain is empty it can become a fire hazard since it does not have the capacity to turn off automatically....more info
  • Excellent product and easy maintenance
    I was worried that His Magesty, our cat Scar, would be intimidated by this device, since he is quite the scaredy cat. On the contrary, he loves this bubbler and partakes of it regularly. We love it because the reservoir keeps him supplied with fresh, aerated water. The only time we think about this device is when we clean it once a week. Otherwise, it's very quiet, so after you get used to the noise of trickling water, the sounds tend to fade into the background. The pump is very, very quiet. We live in the country where there is not much outdoor noise, and in the early, quiet mornings before the television and other entertainment devices are on, all you hear is a quiet hum and small fountain noise. I would recommend this product for anyone wanting to provide fresh water for their four-footed family members....more info
  • Healthy delight!
    I've had the Drinkwell fountain for three years. It's easy to clean, requires no repair, and my cats (3) are healthy, nourished and hydrated. I use about 5-6 filters per year, clean it every two or three weeks, and take comfort knowing I'm encouraging my cat's good health. I've really gotten my money's worth and will definitely replace this with another Drinkwell Fountain if it ever needs replacing!...more info
  • Perfect for multiple cats, no problems.
    I bought this to encourage my cats to drink more and it has definitely done it's job. Within 5 minutes of hooking it up they were already very curious and sticking their paws in the water stream. Within a few days they were drinking from it without hesitation. I find the water stays cleans for 4-5 days without having to change it. Other reviewers of the this product without the reservoir mention it getting funky after just one day should realize it has to do with the quality of their water and not this product. Residential water supplies that are not of very high quality will cause this or any water bowl will need to change every day. Other than figuring out how long your water will last this product can be a great addition to your pet filled house....more info
  • An ease for the large dog owner
    I really enjoy this product. I have two Heelers (Austrailian Cattle Dogs), a yorkie, and a cat. I only have to refill the resevoir a couple times a week were I was refilling their dish a couple times a day. I find that they drink more since it's not sitting and it seems to keep it cooler. I did not like how the little bits of the filter get washed into the dish. The manual says it's not hazardous to the animals, but it still bothers me. :-)...more info
  • Great product
    My cat loves this, in fact she likes to lay near it (maybe because it makes a soothing kind of noise/vibration, and she likes to watch the water). I'm honestly not sure how much she drinks out of it, but I was tired of turning on the faucet for her (and sometimes forgetting to turn it off!) so it has helped me feel better about her having constant, fresh water. The reservoir is fantastic, we went on vacation for 5 days and didn't have to worry about it at all, it was fine. It's low maintenance, decent cost, and seems durable, so in my book it's a worthwhile investment....more info
  • Great item
    Love it. My dog has all sorts of allergies and I was constantly cleaning her water dispenser. I clean this one about every two weeks and there is never any slime, food particle or anything in it. She does drink a lot more water now, which is good for here. I'm really glad I bought it....more info
  • Love the fountain, NOT the cleaning
    I've noticed that since I got the fountain, I have to scrub the sides where the water line was. My cat seems to love the running water which is why I bought this product. I did not need the extra resovoir which by the way leaks. I've decided to look for some other type of scrub brushes just so I don't have to pay $8 for 3 little scrub brushes. ...more info
  • Fountain great, reservoir not so much.
    First of all, I know that on the other versions of the fountain (with or without this extra reservoir) there were reviews stating that the fountain was noisy or that their cats would not drink from it. This was not my experience, the fountain runs pretty quietly you just need to make sure there is enough water in the bowl (enough to cover the little hole at the base of the bowl where filtration gets cycled through.)

    You will need to give your pets time to adjust. My two kittens are 6 months old and they have always drank from a bowl. When I first hooked up the fountain they stuck their paws in and played a little, but mostly looked at it nervously for a couple days. I left their regular bowl next to it and noticed after a few days one cat started to prefer the fountain. After a week I took the regular bowl away at meal time and my other cat started to drink from the fountain. I think most cats will need a gradual change to this, don't expect them to like it overnight.

    The bowl itself holds more water than both my cats need for 2 or 3 days. Getting a reservoir attachment wasn't needed, but I got one just so I could always feel secure they'd have plenty of water if something happened and I was away from home. This may be different with dogs, as I think they drink way more water.
    The 50 oz. reservoir container was INSTANTLY KNOCKED OVER by my curious kitten. I had even tucked it by the wall in a position LESS likely to be knocked over... but this is designed so poorly that if your pet likes to jump over it or put their paw up on it, bam... falls over and empties a ton of water all over the floor! (Yes it was "secured" by the little plastic "latch" piece on the back, but it's very flimsy. Plus, there is no way to flip the reservoir over after you fill it without spilling at least a little bit of water.)

    So, now I use the fountain by itself. I add a cup of water directly to the bowl at feeding time every day. It stays pretty clean, way cleaner than the old bowl, so I give it a good scrub about once a week. (Compared to the old bowl which was dirty daily.)

    Unless you have a dog or need to be away from the house for more than a couple days, I'd just get the fountain without the reservoir container. Drinkwell Pet Fountain...more info
  • drinkwell with reservoir
    My cats refused to drink water from a dish . I had to leave the bathtub faucet dripping for them. I bought this product and my cats were immediately drawn to it and now drink water more then ever . Needless to say the faucet is no longer left on . This is a great product . I highley recommend it....more info
  • 7 cats and 1 dog
    This has been a great replacement for the 2 large water bowls that I used to use to water my seven cats and one dog. Granted I still have to fill it more than most folks I'm sure(once every day and a half)...the cats enjoy it sooo much! My cock-a-poo looks at it with her head tilted sometimes, but drinks from it just the same. I think the cats still prefer the bathroom sink faucet, but they all gather round the fountain and argue about who goes first. My only regret is not getting the 70 oz reservoir which I will end up getting anyway....more info
  • My cats approve!
    My cats love the falling water and I am happy with the product as well as the service!...more info
  • Like the fountain but not the reservoir
    I agree with EnchantedGal. The fountain itself is quiet and holds more than enough for several days (and I have 3 cats). I bought the extra reservoir so I wouldn't have to fill it as often. One of my cats has found a way to actually detach the stand even though there are 2 latches. It would be helpful if it locked in place somehow....more info
  • Kitties love it!
    Love this product. keeps the water clean and fresh for the cats and with the 50oz reservoir we don't have to refill every day....more info
  • still won't drink....
    really cool product, but my 17 year old cat still won't drink from from it.... prefers the drip of the bathtub. Maybe the next kitty...
    great product, great shipping. Hassle FREE....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I was a bit wary purchasing this product as many people tend to complain about water noise. Also, my two cats are afraid of EVERYTHING so running water was questionable. However, they weren't drinking enough water out of their dish and were getting bladder infections so I had to do something.

    I put their water dish right next to the fountain so they could get use to it, and within 2 weeks I had them transitioned. They are bladder infection free and drinking significantly more.

    I love the reservoir and the filter. The water stays clean for days, and when the reservoir runs out it's time for me to clean the unit thoroughly.

    My only problem is that I put it in the pantry off the kitchen and every time I enter the kitchen I have a mini-panic thinking I left a sink running because I hear the sound of flowing water. I'm sure I'll get use to it, but overall I love this and wish I got it a long time ago.

    ...more info
  • Great Product!!
    I am very pleased with the Drinkwell with 50 oz reservoir. The water is fresh and my dog loves the fountain....more info


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