Madhava Raw Pure Organic, Agave Nectar Natural Sweetener, Light, 11.75-Ounce Squeeze Bottles (Pack of 12)

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  • Case of 12 11.75-ounce bottles of natural sweetener (total of 141 ounces)
  • Organic; fresh, neutral flavor perfect for all sweetening uses
  • Low glycemic index-32GI
  • Easy to use; dissolves readily even in cold drinks; no refrigeration necessary
  • Product of Mexico

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Sugar Substitute
    Unless further research reveals that agave syrup has a higher glycemic index rating that previously thought, this sweetener can be used as a substitute for other sugary items. It works well for sweetening tea and coffee and is thick enough to be used on pancakes. The light syrup doesn't have an odd taste or aftertaste - the taste is very similar to a simple syrup made from sugar and water....more info
  • Agave, natural sweetner is just okay
    I can attest that the product gives an initial taste of being really sweet, but it seems to have a lingering aftertaste to it. It looks like regular honey but is not as dense. If I had nothing else to use, I would be okay with it, but since I have a choice I tend to still use regular sugar sometimes. I have never enjoyed using sugar substitutes....more info
  • great tasting good for kids
    We have started using this instead of sugar and honey. It tastes great and is easy to find uses for it. I use it in my tea on my childs waffles and oatmeal he loves it. I will continue to buy this....more info
  • Good stuff
    Great stuff to replace sugar. Just a light, sweet taste without effecting the food or drink like honey or other substitutes tend to do. ...more info
  • Cactus Nectar
    I was told about Rooibus (sp?) tea and the use of the Agave Nectar to sweeten the tea. I tried it and my entire family loves the taste. My husband is diabetic so anything that does not affect his glycemic index is of interest to us. Product is a little thinner than I expected but we use it now instead of honey in our tea and cereals....more info
  • Super Agave Nectar
    This sweetener is absolutely wonderful - greater than honey and MUCH better than sugar, which can be so harmful. I endorse it wholeheartedly!...more info
  • delicious!
    Madhava Agave Nectar has a suprisingly mild flavor- pleasantly sweet, but not overwhelming. I purchased the "light" nectar and have found that it is perfect for coffee and tea, hot or cold. It also works well in recipes that call for honey as an ingredient. I have made dressings and dips with it and have been delighted with the results. Take note, however, that the consistency is a bit thinner than honey, so you may not need to use as much. I strongly recommend this product, which is delicious and so much healthier than processed sugar products. ...more info
  • A Great Tasting Sweetener, at last!!
    I could not believe how good this nectar tastes. I was expecting it to have an aftertaste or be bitter, like most artificial sweeteners. I was pleasantly surprised at first taste. I then had my husband taste it because he doesn't like artificial sweeteners, and he loved it, too! It will come in handy on the Perricone Weight Loss diet, because of it's low glycemic index. The price for the case here on Amazon is really good, too, so I'm stocking up.

    If you are a diabetic, this is the best tasting sweetener with the lowest glycemic index out there right now....more info
  • Great item!
    Never heard of it. Did some research and decided to try it. Extremely satisfied with my choice! I went for the "Light" version since my research mentioned that it was the one with no strong after-taste. Much better, natural choice than artificial sweeteners. Does have calories, but the glycemic index response is very good; translation: it doesn't give you that "sugar rush". I like things fairly sweet, so I use 2-3 teaspoons per cup of coffee. You may need less. DEFINITELY get the 12 pack!!! Best value and you'll be amazed at how much you start using it! ...more info
  • excellent!!
    this is an excellent product esp. for those who'd like to try & continue eating as naturally as possible....more info
  • Agava Nectar Light
    I really like the light better. It is good in everything. I add it to my protien drink in the morning. The pack of 12 is great and I saved not only money, but free shipping....more info
  • Sweet Nectar
    Excellent sweetener for those that want to stay away from sugar. Good bargain and was shipped quickly....more info
  • Sweet natural flavor
    We love the flavor and health benefits of agave nectar.
    I use it for my hot or cold tea and my kids love it on oatmeal, ice-cream,
    pancakes. It is more healthy than syrup and sugar....more info
  • Agave Experience
    Agave nectar makes an exellant sweetner for cooking as well as for teas.
    Agave is better for your health than refined sugars and other manufactured
    sweeteners on the market today.
    My only wish is that will soon be available in larger containers for bulk sales and use. Thanks, Ed...more info
  • Not tonight, honey.
    When you want a syrupy sweetener that's delightfully neutral in flavor and doesn't threaten to put you in sugar shock, agave nectar is a good choice. Other syrups like honey and maple contribute a strong taste component to the foods they sweeten. Agave nectar seems to fade into the background providing only a mild enhancement for your foods and beverages. If you want more personality, by all means add a spice or extract....more info
  • Great sugar substitute!
    My search for a non-bitter (stevia), non-artificial, non-refined sugar sweetner is over at last! I hesitated to buy this because of the requirement to buy 12. Boy, am I glad I did buy the whole box! We use this in everything, including baking, and find that it has a really good taste. Most sweetners ruin the taste of our fine coffees, but the agave simply supplies sweetness. We'll be trying the amber agave next in hopes of a heartier sweetness for winter baked goods....more info
  • Bill
    This product is one of my wife's favorite for sweeting her cereal in the morning. It was shipped via US Mail. The box was demolished by the postal service. On a call to Amazom via the 800 number, a mew shipment arrived via USP. Very nice service. Thank you....more info


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