Madhava Pure Organic Raw Agave Nectar, 17-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Specially produced at temps below 115 degrees F. Produced from rooted plants for consistent high quality. BioAgriCert organic certification. USDA organic.

  • Case of 12 17-ounce squeeze bottles of raw agave nectar
  • Organic; produced at low temperature--below 115 F
  • Low glycemic index-32GI
  • Fresh, delicious flavor, suitable for all sweetening uses
  • Raw Agave Nectar has a lengthy shelf life at room temperature, no need to refrigerate

Customer Reviews:

  • Packaging?
    What is going on with Amazon's packaging? When I first started purchasing this item a while back, they would shrink wrap the entire set of 12 bottles together before putting them in the box. Now, it seems as though they just throw them in there. A few of the bottles leaked. It wasn't a crazy amount of leakage, but is it really that much more difficult to send these things through the shrink wrapper before shipping them to ensure that they arrive without this problem? This is still a good product. It's still at a price that's cheaper than I could get in the stores, but it won't be worth it if I don't get what I ordered, because half of it has leaked out. The product itself gets 5 stars, but Amazon's packaging really leaves a lot to be desired these days. 3 stars overall....more info
  • Good stuff - packaging needs some work
    The agave nectar is wonderful stuff! The only complaint I have about this product has nothing to do with the agave at all. When I've purchased this the bottles have come in a little sticky, as apparently some or most of the bottles manage to leak out a little during shipment.

    Otherwise this is fantastic stuff! I use it in everything and don't have the sugar blues any more....more info
  • Excellent sweetener
    Affordable, organic and raw. Seems like a neutral color and taste product. I like the bottle size and cap. Lower glycemic then some other sweeteners. I use with natural peanut butter and also with oats. I use this brand every day and love it....more info
  • Agave for Diabetes
    THe product has lowered my blood sugars by 50-75 mg every day. I'm pleased that there is no aftertaste....more info
  • How disappointing - shame on Amazon
    I've been purchasing this brand, size, type of agave from amazon for about 2 years. The price fluctuates, that's fair. Now however, the price has increased another $2 - again that's fair, but instead of "12 bottles it's 6 bottles for the price of 12". Unbelievable!

    I truly hope this is a mistake and that it's resolved quickly - otherwise, shame on Amazon......more info
  • Went from 12-pak to 6-pak- Ouch!
    I just finished my first order and thought there might be a typo, since I got 12 bottles for less money than they're now selling 6 for. I can buy it cheaper in my local health food store at this price. You are much better off buying the 46-ounce bottles from Amazon now. As for the taste, it is very mild, and works well in place of sugar without the acid after taste sugar gives your mouth. Although it appeared to be packed well, the order did leak some, as others stated. This made for a sticky mess when I opened the box, and all 12 bottles had to be cleaned off. ...more info
  • agave
    love this item! in tea tastes just like sugar and i have an extremely sensitive palate...more info
  • Needs better shipping control
    This is not a bad product but the shipping dept has a long way to go in the quality control section. Ordered 12 bottles but only 11 arrived full and the last was empty. Box was dripping. Don't think I'll order from here again. Maybe try local....more info
  • Very pleased.
    I love this product it is the best natural sugar substitute that I have tried. I would highly recommend to anyone....more info
  • This is the best sweetner ever!
    This is the best sweetner I ever tasted. Its all natural organic, unprocessed, in the Raw, from nature, from the earth. I love sweetness! I put a little of this in my oatmeal in the morning, my brown rice (which I make by the bucket), in tea, and coffee. You can also use it as a substite of 3/4 cup for 1 cup of sugar in any recipe(see "Great American Detox Diet"). What's best about it is not only is this a healthy altenative to sugar but it has vitamins and minerals in every serving. Use this instead of sugar and your body will thank you....more info
  • Yum!
    I love agave nectar and this product is wonderful. The price is amazing, too. Any health food store would easily charge at least double. I highly recomend this item. ...more info
  • The absolute Best sweetener that's good for you!
    I use the Agave on everything. Cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, biscuits, bread,
    etc.. It tastes great! My daughter even uses it now. And buying it through Amazon is the best price on the internet!...more info
  • Best there is
    I looked at buying a competing product after they ran this company down due to claiming their product was inferior. I called the root supplier in Mexico and they were kind enough to send me a DVD with documentation on the low Glycemic testing and how they process their product. This is all I needed to buy and relish this product. You can really save some money here compared to buying it in a local store......more info
  • Madhava Raw Agave Nectar
    This has become a favorite at my house, where we have traditionally used honey, organic sugar, and stevia. It dissolves almost instantly, is very sweet, and has no strong flavor to mask other ingredients. Unlike stevia powder with its aftertaste and difficulty in dissolving, agave nectar is very pleasant to use. It is now our standard sweetner for drinks like tea and coffee. Apparently it can be used in cooking, but I have not tried it yet....more info
  • Good flavor at a great price.
    Agave nectar is a great, low-glycemic sweetener that lends sweetness without altering the flavor of your drink (as honey does). I use it in drinks and to make chocolate candies and sauce. It's natural, organic, light, and I consider it guilt-free....more info
  • Great, healthy product for sweet loving people
    I am married to a lady who likes her sweets in coffee, tea, etc... I've known about negatives in refined sugar, and other more negative substitutes, so, it's been an adventure in discovering various more healthy sweeteners. I've found Agave Nectar is a fantastic tasting great substitute for sweet toothed people. Especially the RAW version, which still has the enzymes and benefitial natural components "unkilled" for natural absorbtion, etc. Great product; highly recommended...more info
  • Happy Customer
    My agave was sent soon after ordering. Arrived in perfect condition and quickly. Very satisfied with the service and product I received. Will definitely use again....more info
    Would you believe that there are people paying more than $10.00 for a 17 oz bottle of raw agave syrup when you can get the Madhava at such a great price. Thanks Greg for doing such a great job....more info
  • Madhava Raw Agave Nectar
    We love using agave and hardly ever use sugar anymore. Amazon has a great deal when purchasing this item by the box. I have finally convinced my sister to switch over to using agave most of time for a sweetener. She just made her first purchase of agave with Amazon.Madhava Raw Agave Nectar, Organic, 17-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)...more info
  • Just what I was looking for.
    I was using orange honey on my oatmeal/granola mix, as well as in my coffee, which tastes great, however, I seemed to be experiencing some sugar lows. Then I read in one of my health food books about using Agave nectar instead of honey, so I bought some at a local health food store and tried it. It's not as sweet as orange honey, so you have to use about a third more, however, it tastes just as good and now I'm not getting any sugar lows. One more thing, it's quite expensive in health food stores...and it's not even the pure organic raw stuff like this I buy this Madhava in the 17 ou. bottles by the case which saves me about half. Great product!...more info
  • Fabulous Sugar Replacement!
    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Agave taste exactly like sugar! I've made muffins and cookies and use it insted of syrup on pancakes. YOu might have to experiment when using this in baking. Most cooks use 1-2 cup - 3/4 cups agave for every 1 cup sugar listed in a recipe. I usualy try 3/4 and adjust from there.

    The best part is that Amazon offers this product cheaper than anywhere else. I usally pay $5.29 at the health food store for the same size bottle!...more info
  • Agave is Awesome!!!
    My whole mexican family and myself the gringo love agave nectar. We mainly use it for our Yerba Mate tea. It desolves very well and fast! You need to try some!!!...more info
  • Healthy AND tastes great? IT CAN'T BE!
    But it is...

    I wish I had known about this stuff a long time ago. I wonder what the shelf life is. Oh well, I only got a case of 12 17oz bottles so it may not have much shelf time at all... This HAS replaced my sugar for coffee, and once I am out of white sugar this will replace IT too for my sopapilla and other baking that I do. THE only exception is candy (unless this can get to softball and hardball stage for sponge candy). This stuff is awesome. For anyone that is a non-believer, go to Trader Joes or a place online and get a small bottle. It is thicker than syrup but thinner than honey, and it tastes great! I can't believe that it has such a low impact on blood sugar too. WoW. Nature knocked it outta the park with this twist......more info
  • Pleased with Item
    I am very pleased with the Agave Nectar and will buy more when I run out. Thanks...more info
    FAB...more info
  • What's the deal?
    What's the deal here - I've ordered product numerous times. Now the price has gone up and the quantity has been cut in half. Is this an error or a rip-off?...more info
  • Pricey!
    Let me start out by saying the product itself is wonderful. There is a bit of flavor involved, but this flavor is pleasant, unlike the various artificial sweeteners on the market. We use it for coffee, tea and occasional baking with perfect results. If you like your coffee sweet and creamy, it will take a few days to adjust to the flavor, but you will not be dissatisfied. There is one thing I do take issue with however.

    Price. At $43, the price is just outrageous. There are many other brands of equal quality (or better in my opinion) which don't suffer from this huge price tag. I do notice a small flavor difference between brands. That is undeniable. However, the price difference is not in equal proportion to that change in flavor. One other thing worth noting is this is less viscous than the others we have had and seems to require a bit more to achieve the same level of sweetness.

    My advice - look at all the options and do a $/oz comparison before deciding on this otherwise great product. ...more info
  • Want to know what it taste like? So do I...
    I've read a lot about Agave, and have taken the time to read all of the reviews on this product before ordering it. I've been waiting anxiously for a month for my order. Is this typical???? Anyone else have the same problem?Madhava Raw Agave Nectar, Organic, 17-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12) ...more info
  • Wonderful healthful product.
    This Agave has a delightful taste. It does not cause me to have blood sugar spikes and headaches the way sugar does. ...more info
  • Wonderful sweetener
    I am so pleased with Madhava's raw, organic agave nectar. The flavor is light, the sweetness is much healthier than sugar, and it's easy to use. When I baked with it, I just lowered the heat in the oven by 25 degrees F, and cut all the liquids by 1/3. It's great on pancakes and French toast -- even diluted with a bit of water because it has the consistency of honey. This is great pricing as well!...more info
  • Wonderful sugar/honey replacement
    I use this in tea, coffee and cereals. There is no taste to it other than sweetness. I have not used it in baking yet but those that I know that use it have had great results....more info
  • Agave Review
    This product has been very useful as a natural sweetner on our cereals. I recommend it....more info
  • Great product Great price Packaging improved but items still arrive sticky
    If the bottles were sealed a bit better and the packaging for shipping was better padded there might be less sticky bottles when they arrive. Two bottles showed they had leaked making bottles nearby sticky. Other than that it's a great product for a very fair price.
    Work on the packaging for shipping and you'll have the perfect item....more info
  • Madhava Raw Agave Nectar
    Madhava's Raw Agave Nectar is a delicious low glycemic natural sweetener from the agave plant. Its light flavor does not interfere with any other flavors and it can be used in cooking, unlike artificial sweeteners that lose their sweetness when heated. It is an excellent alternative for people who wish to limit their intake of sugar and sugar substitutes. ...more info
  • I purchase this item on a regular basis
    This is a fantastic product at an incredible price!!!! Delivered quickly and in perfect condition. I am set up on the recurring purchase program for this item!...more info
  • Better than sugar
    This is an excellent product, very sweet, no aftertaste (like honey or maple syrup). I use it in cooking (frostings, baked goods, etc.) or to sweeten drinks (cocoa, tea, coffee). The only drawback is the price, however, thanks to a recent deal on amazon, I bought a pack of 12 at a very reasonable price, saving more than half on what I would have spent at the store....more info
  • Best deal on organic nectar.....
    I have wanted to try agave nectar for quite some time, but have been turned off by the prices I've researched. I was a bit hesitant to purchase this product because of the significantly lower price, thinking it would be of lesser quality, but we have been extremely pleased with the quality and taste of this product and I am especially happy that is is organic as well....more info
  • "Raw" Agave Nector
    The Madhava "Raw" Agave Nector arrived packaged as promised and very quickly thanks to Amazon super savor shipping. I was very excited to try this since I'm a raw fooder and also read that Agave Nector has a low GI value and would not affect my blood sugar.

    It was very disappointing for me to learn that manufacturers can label a product RAW even when it's not. After learning that most Agave nector is usually mixed with cheap corn syrup (also low GI) during processing to extend the product and is heated to above 150 degrees. This is neither a raw product nor a healthy product even if the GI is low.

    I will do more research before trusting "RAW" labels in the future.
    ...more info
  • great taste!
    My family has become addicted to it! Since it mixes in hot or cold foods, it is a great natural sweetner. We enjoy it in our teas, coffees, oatmeal,etc. I have not tried to bake with it yet. It does not have any aftertaste either. It is a great buy and it goes a long way!...more info
  • Alternative (natural) sweetener
    As my husband & I become more conscious of our diet and health; we have removed all refined products (sugar, white flour, etc) from our diet. We use the Agave Syrup in our organic coffee because of its natural sugar flavor and it won't raise our glycemic levels.

    And Amazon has the best pricing of all! Not to mention, it ships FREE!
    ...more info
  • Agave Nectar
    Excellent product. It's less demaging than sugar and provides the sweetnes with a great flavor. I have ordered the product and received 12 bottles of the product I have ordered and 12 in a round plastic bottles with agave in darker color. Next time I will ask not make that choice for me. ...more info
  • Love this stuff!
    I love the taste and the fact that it doesn't spike blood sugar levels is wonderful....more info
  • Healthy!
    At last! Here is a healthy product that will get you off the hard stuff -- the Pink Stuff, The Blue Stuff and the Yellow Stuff! Of course, there are still questions being raised about wether or not that hard stuff is detramental to your health, but why take a chance? There is no question that Agave is a benign product that will do the job of sweetening your coffee or tea without the worry.

    I definitely recommend Madhave Raw Agave Nectar, and regularly use it myself and recommend it to others. Try it for yourself and see!...more info
  • Madhava Pure Organic Raw Agave Nectar
    This is a great substitute for sugar and does not have any after taste. I have used it for years and highly recommend it....more info
  • anita ray
    I had a problem with receiving the first order, but was corrected to my desire. I love the product....more info
  • Meets all my needs
    Agave is a great sweetener. I only use a little and it flavors excellently....more info


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