Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, Original Flavor, 3.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, Original Flavor, 3.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Delicate & tasty. Your salad never got such a lift! The pea has played an important role in dietary life and culture since the dawn of recorded history, and because of its nutritional value it has great potential for our dietary lives in the future. We are expecting to see the continuing development of Snapea Crisps as a delicate and tasty product which has taken advantage of the pea's original goodness, and we propose this product as a new type of snack. No artificial flavor and no artificial color.

  • Box of 12 3.3-ounce pouches (total of 39.6 ounces)
  • Baked snack formed in pea-pod shape from dried peas and a little rice
  • High in fiber and protein
  • Eat as snack from pouch or sprinkle on salad for crunch
  • Produced in Sebastopol, CA

Customer Reviews:

  • Yummy!
    I first found these in a neighborhood store. Now I can't get enough. I am on my 3rd case now. I eat them instead of crackers or chips with my lunch, or as a late night snack. I guess since they have vitamins, I don't feel like I'm cheating! I recommend them to EVERYONE!...more info
  • Great snack alternative
    I use these to snack on when I get that chip craving. They are a little greasy but more healthy and I love the taste....more info
  • and contains calcium too!
    If you are craving a savory snack and want a healthier alternative, these are great. In fact I seek these out at the grocery, and love that they are baked, have natural ingredients and score on the calcium content too! Glad to see I can order them by the case at Amazon. The danger is that once you start a bag, it calls to you until all the crunchy crisps have disappeared....more info
  • Snapea Crisps
    Excellent taste at an affordable price. The snapeas arrived in tact and in a timely manner. I will definitely order them again....more info
  • Tasty, but not really a healthy snack
    These have a nice pea flavor and are tasty. However, I can't see how these are much better for you than potato chips (the only difference is really a pea vs. a potato, as they have about the same amount of fat.) They claim they are baked but they are very oily. Eating a serving or two of steamed peas would be a much healthier, and perhaps tastier, way of snacking....more info
  • Oily and Salty
    I haven't had any American junk food in so long, so I found this snack a bit too salty for my taste, and oily as well. ...more info
  • The Perfect Snack
    The fact that I ordered myself a case of these rather speaks for itself. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of offbeat snack foods, and these are my favorite of all time. Slightly sweet, slightly salty, slighty greasy, everything in perfect balance and a very nice mouthfeel. Heavenly!...more info
  • YUM!
    I tried the original flavor and loved them! Can't wait to try the Caesar flavor. Calories aren't too bad, the serving size is decent, pretty low in sodium as far as crispy snacks go and 5g of protein. A yummy snack when you are looking for something "chip-like"....more info
  • Crunchy Good

    I think these are very good. They are not overly salty, and the taste is mild. The best part is they are not unhealthy and they crunch so nicely. This is my latest "favorite snack". Just a little on the pricey side, but cheaper on Amazon than in the stores. Good snack for any age....more info
  • good! but greasy
    I love these!!....the only thing is they leave your hands greasy.....I wonder just how healthy these things are....more info
  • Already addicted, Amazon is cheapest buy!
    I was already addicted to this snack! Thankfully, Amazon suscriber program makes the cost a lot more reasonable. These are great and a lot healthier than "chips"!!
    You have to like peas or dried peas as this is the flavor! It is a great, light snack! (I bet this is great on salads too! But, I usually just grab the bag and "chow down"!)...more info
  • Fantastic snack, great alternative to potato chips
    These (and the caesar flavor) are tasty, crunchy and seem to be a healthier choice than chips and crackers. In my own experience and when talking to friends, we find that kids like them as much as adults....more info
  • excellent snack
    I love them- I dont know whether they really are much healthier then any other snack- but they sure taste great!I plan on reordering them- the only recommendation I would have is to cut the salt in them- they are a bit saltier then i like....more info
  • The Next Generation of Snack
    You know, they used to say that smoking was good for the lungs. Now, we're told that a greasy little snack in a bag is "healthy." But, while this isn't an apple or a cup of yogurt, Snapeas are a far cry from bright orange Doritas or Ding Dongs. They are baked (not fried), and perhaps there is merit to the pea foundation, as opposed to the potato or corn chip format. They are major addictive - full of unique flavor, a pleasantly crisp but foamy (as in styrofoamy) texture, a dash of saltiness, and just enough oilyness to satisfy. Try these and then spread the word....more info
  • The Best
    These are the best snacks ever. I am hooked and so are anyone who tries them. YUM...more info
  • Great Scack!
    I love these crisps! They taste good and they are hard to put down once you start eating them. What is great they are a good snack that you do not have to worry about the fat, as they are baked! I am on a special diet and they are allowed!...more info
  • tasty way to eat veggies
    These are a easy way to eat your veggies. Not as healthy as raw veggies, of course, but they're a good "middle ground" for getting kids (and adults) to add more vegetables to their diets.

    If you like chips, you'll like these. They are surprisingly tasty!...more info
  • You cannot have just one...
    I first tried these at a local health food store and was immediately hooked. It is hard to believe that they are baked and not fried... Everyone I've shared them with likes them, including picky toddlers. Very yummy! ...more info
  • Amazing snack
    These are extraordinary. Crunchy, tender and tasty. I use them in salads, added at the last minute like croutons. Also terrific for snacks....more info
  • Delicious alternative to chips
    I bought these because I've been looking for a healthier alternative to my beloved Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. Every time I find something more healthful, it tastes cardboardy. Not this time-- I was shocked to find I actually prefer these to potato chips. They're perfect... light, crispy, flavorful (but not TOO flavorful), and no scary ingredients.

    I wish they made a larger bag, though. I finish these little bags in 2 sittings. But I'm so glad Amazon carries them-- I could no longer find them in grocery stores near me. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    This is a wonderful snack even if these snapeas are quite addictive. Even my five year old granddaughter eats these when she won't eat any other vegetables!...more info
  • excellent
    I have a 5 year old son who is allergic to many things including wheat. He absolutely loves this snack!! They have become popular with the rest of our family as well as visiting friends!! Maybe they aren't as healthy as a dish of fresh organic vegetables, but I can get a picky, severely allergic little boy to eat them....more info
  • Delicious
    I like the taste and crispiness of the Snapeas but I find it very salty. I hope that they reduce the sodium content....more info
    OK...They kinda grew on me but you can only have so many...(I don't eat much
    greasy snack food, Thats problly why) They kinda taste like a bland "Cheeto"
    with a slight PEA kick to them. They are puffed like a "Cheeto" as well.
    I havn't tried them in a salad as a substitute for Croutons. That might be good! ...more info
  • Fabulous Gluten-Free Snack!!
    My whole family loves these, right out of the bag no less, including my 8 year old son! (In fact, this is the only "vegetable" I can get him to eat!) Very flavorful, great texture. One of the best "healty and gluten free" snacks I ever eaten!! No "deprivation" here!! ...more info
  • Oh my!
    I tried this product at a friend's house and immediately went home to order a case of them! They are delicious and healthy too!...more info
  • Calbee Snapea Crisps...5 Stars
    Snapea Crisps taste so good. I ordered a second case. The whole family likes them. 5 Stars ...more info
  • Healthy alternative to potato chips
    Crispy, salty, tasty -- and healthy. For me, a bag holds two servings. But if I occasionally pig out and eat the whole bag, no harm done. Snapea Crisps have fewer calories and less sodium than potato chips. They are baked but contain some corn oil so they feel slightly greasy like potato chips. I much prefer the Original flavor to Ceasar (which tastes a bit tangy). ...more info
    I am so glad I can get these by the case. They are my favorite snack. I brought a bag to work, and now three others are buying in volume. Such a unique taste. Nothing like them. Buy these! You will not be sorry....more info
  • Great, healthy snack
    My co-worker tried these snacks and we were happy to find the product online. They have a nice crunch and are made from healthy ingredients, making them a great alternative to other "puff" snacks. They are very oily on the hands but that's the only drawback IMO....more info
  • Awsome
    These things rock! All three of my kids, all under 9, love these snacks they do not even realize that they are the same thing they cry about eating at dinner time. They would never ask to snack on snap peas if it were not for this product, now if only they create green beans and lima beans!!!! ...more info
  • Tastey!
    I really enjoyed these. They were hard to find but I got them at Trader Joe's. Like Doritos, you can't eat just one!...more info
  • Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, original flavor
    I love this product. It is so good that I hate sharing them. I eat them just like they are a bag of potato chips. ...more info
  • Snack Peas
    Wonderful healthy snack and is very affordable. A great way to get your children to eat their peas!...more info
  • Leave a weird sensation
    These are a little salty, a little greasy, and a little 'powdery'. The taste is not bad, BUT, I did have the strangest sensation after eating a couple handfuls - I don't have any known allergies or 'texture issues' with food whatsoever, so it was really bizarre: they started to sort of taste prickly, like the outer part was sharp or rough, and it was unpleasant to continue eating them. The closest thing I can compare is imagine chewing on a mouthful of roasted peanut SHELLS. Very very weird. I wouldn't buy again, not worth it....more info
  • So addictive
    These taste like pistachios. I'm ordering a case today. They are highly addictive and better for you than potato chips. They're baked and do not have trans fats....more info
  • An insanely delectable little snack!
    First things first. Snapea Crisps do have 8 grams of fat (and 150 calories) per serving, with a serving size being one oz., which is approx. 22 of the cute little life-sized pea pod thingies. The good news is that they also have 5 grams of protein per serving, so you can hold you chin up while scarfing down the bag, which has been the compulsion of everyone I've known who's tried them. Kids love the taste, too! These also make great finger food snacks for toddlers, as the little pod thingies are finely textured. My only complaint is that I have to share them with every one else in the house. At this price, tho, you can afford to buy a case and hoard a few bags for yourself. ...more info
  • My kids love these!
    My kids love Snapeas. I personally do not care for the caesar flavor, but stick to the original. They have a somewhat peanuty flavor, but with a cornpuff texture. A much healthier snack than most kids processed snacks out therre, so we bring them along when we go on outings or roadtrips. I do wish the bag had a resealing zipper to it, though... the material of the bag does not like to stay closed when folded down! ...more info
  • So Very Yummy, Like Baked Sugar Peas!
    These are lightweight, super-crisp, taste "green" like peas, and have that satisfying "crunch" factor. When my 12-pack box arrived this morning, I ate half a bag! I like it that they have protein content. They're so delicious I know I'll be finishing off those 11 other bags in no time, and I know these will make the BEST salad croutons, just like they say. ...more info
  • Snack Salad
    Once you tasted these Snapea Crisps you will be wanting more.The way the company can do this to peas is amazing and the good part about these crisps is the fact that they are baked and have natural ingredients. If you can't get your children to eat vegies try this product. My family loves them and they are also great in salads....more info
  • Great nutrition, great buy
    I love these Snapea Crisps! They have a nice crunch, and the infusion of green peas gives great color and flavor. The crisps are baked and have just the right amount of salt. Buying a box is definitely a good value compared to the prices at the supermarket!...more info
  • Must Buy! Great Tasting!
    The bag does not do a good job of advertising the product, but let me say who cares ... these are the best tasting snack I've ever had! You can't eat just one because they're that good! You might think buying 12 bags at one time is to many, well after you have one bag you won't think that anymore. So don't wait, buy them now! ENJOY!!!...more info
  • My new addiction
    I picked up a bag of these Snapea Crisps on a whim at the grocery store... that was it, I am totally hooked on them. I kept going back to the grocery store and they ran out so I ordered them on line. Healthy is happy and happy to me is a bag of snapea crisps. On a salad, as a snack, floating on top of soup, no matter where you put them, they will be gone in a flash and you will have had a healthy snack. Oh so tastey....more info
  • wonderful snack
    I am just wondering why such healthy and tasty snack can't be found in regular grocery store....more info
  • Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps
    The crisps are simply delicious. I feel like I am eating something sinful but they are healthier than potato chips or cheese puff snacks. I was hooked on them and ordered two cases after tasting just one crisp. It was absolute genius to make snap peas into a tasteful snack. I recommend this product as a healthier alternative to Cheetos or potato chips. Enjoy! ...more info
  • New super snack
    Not only do these delicious snacks taste like fresh,Spring peas, they look like slender pale green pods. They have a delicate, satisfying crunch, look festive scattered on a salad or can be eaten right out of the bag. Just a few healthful ingredients, low calories and intriguing flavor have given me a new favorite. Still not found in any of my local stores in a really big city, order yours now and see what I mean!
    ...more info
  • Everyone Loves 'Em
    This is an almost unique product that everyone we serve them to loves. It has a great taste and far less fat and calories than similar snacks. A real winner....more info
  • Great Snack!
    Snapea Crisps do taste slightly like ground peas -- delicious! They are crispy, like potato chips, but better for you. I found a bag of these in a Trader Joe's while on a cross country trip. They were so good, and healthy too, that I had to find more. Amazon is a great source for anything you need! It saved me from running from store to store.

    ...more info
  • How do I stop my mom from eating them?
    I can not eat these due to allergies, but I order them for my mother. I thought the box would last her awhile but within 1-2 weeks, she sheepishly asked me to order more. I then watched her and my boyfriend fight over a whole bag. My 2 year old friend even loves them. They seem to be like a cheeto type texture and my mom says they taste like peas but a little sweeter. She says, "Great snack!"...more info
  • Soooo Addictive...
    Maybe a little too addictive, as you are not supposed to eat the whole bag at one sitting - no, that is bad. Remembering the Weight Loss Mantra, "Everything in Moderation!", I am reminded of an article I read about how easy it is to NOT lose weight or even gain it by eating healthy snacks - just because it is healthy doesn't mean you can eat the whole thing! So keep the portion control in mind and buy with confidence because these things taste great! ...more info


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