Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner with Remote

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Product Description

Blue Diamond is computer controlled and pre-programmed to scrub, vacuum, and filter dirt and debris from pool bottoms, walls, water lines and steps automatically. Use remote control for quick touch-ups or to guide the cleaner to specific areas. Includes reusable micro-filter bag. Self-contained cleaner doesn't require backwashing, installation, hoses, pumps or suction lines. Programmed to aviod ladders and underwater obstacles. 4-Year Warranty. Includes Caddy Storage Cart! Also available from Blue Diamond: Blue Diamond Standard and Blue Diamond for commercial pools.

  • Blue Diamond is the fastest and most sophisticated pool cleaner ever made.
  • Cleans the entire pool in 1 hour!
  • Caddy cart included for easy storage.
  • Cleans all sizes, shapes and types of pools!
  • 360 degree radio remote for quick spot cleaning.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Blue Diamond Pool Cleaner
    I bought this pool cleaner to replace a Polaris that worked (poorly at best) off the suction line of my pump. This unit works off of an electric transformer that steps the voltage down from 110 to 12 volts. It's pricey but thoroughly cleans my pool in 1 hour. It takes the load off the pump by working off an electric line and capturing even fine particles in a fine mesh, cloth bag. The bag is cleaned after each use - takes about 5 minutes. I did have some problems wuth the first unit I purchased; but the customer support was excellent. After the first repair failed to solve my problem; the manufacturer replaced the unit. The 5-year warranty also eases any worries regarding future problems. All in all, it's the best pool cleaner I have ever used....more info