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Fit & Fresh Chilled Lunch On The Go makes a workday picnic in the park an everyday event. Eat right and eat well when you pack your own delicious lunch and open up to six hours later to a level of freshness you never thought possible. You can, with fit & fresh. Ingredients: Durable plastic, easy to clean

  • Large compartment can hold a sandwich, salad or entr¨¦e
  • Smaller compartments are perfect for side dishes, condiments, yogurt and cottage cheese
  • Ice pack fits between the two compartments to keep food evenly chilled
  • Durable plastic, easy to clean, lid fits tightly and securely

Customer Reviews:

  • Convenient Bento Alternative
    I got this after seeing it in my local supermarket. I wanted to use this as a substitute bento box and it has worked as advertised! I like how you have the separate containers which gives you more options for packing your lunch. I have had no issues with warping but then again, I don't have a dishwasher. Everything locks up tight and food stays cool and fresh....more info
  • No problems here
    I purchased this for my 6 yr old son's lunches for school. It works just wonderful! The frozen part causes no problems with with fitting when frozen. Everything snaps together fine. I do hand wash it because the plastic is not heavy duty plastic. For under $10 this was a great purchase and if it fails I would have no problems buying another one at that price point and it saves plastic bags from landfill. I also purchased the ceral bowl and the salad bowl containers. They both work well with no problems! I highly reccomend this. I am not sure what the complaints are about when it comes to this product. We love it!...more info
  • Adorable and Functional
    I bought this item at an Albertson for $7.99. I was so excited to find it there since I had seen it online. I love it. It's design is clean yet functional. I packed my lunch and when I got to school it was still cold. Its great that I don't have to carry separate containers because there is 2 small containers within the big one. I even got compliments from my friends at school. The proportion size is just perfect...not so big that you can't even place it in a bag and not so small that you are still hungry. I recommend the veggie bowl and salad shaker as well. ...more info
  • Tweet
    I was discusted, I purchased Mr. Bento. Have fun????? I will use it for the kids puzzle pieces or to place crayons in.
    ...more info
  • Exellent Box with Separated Subboxs
    Just bought 5 for myself and some friends of mine, they saw I use it and immediately fall in love with it. 5 stars!!!!!

    Pros. Separated boxs ensure fresh and no interference between different dishes; Iced plate keeps food cold and fresh; All the caps seal perfectly without leakage;

    Cons. Minor things like no choice in size; No place for fork, spoon and chopsticks; Hard to wash because so many parts; No handle for carrying;...more info
  • Great lunch box - needs a color option
    What a great little lunch box this is! I find the size to be perfect, and being able to separate the various items is such a good idea! Couple that with an included ice pack to keep everything cool, and you have got yourself a winner!

    I have been using this everyday since i bought it, works great for every type of lunch i have thrown at it. The little containers are just the right size for one portion or meat or a side dish. i really like the size of this unit, it works perfect for me.

    I have not had many problems with the lids that the other reviewers have mentioned. I will say, though, that there is a certain technique to get them on. You kind of have to line up one of the corners, and then glide your fingers around the perimeter to get it to seal. This is because the manufacturer made really small connecting rails for the lid to snap onto. There have been no problems with the material after many cycles in the dishwasher, though i do not use Heat dry because i like save energy. So maybe that is the root of alot of problems.

    Other than the lids requiring a special technique, the only other thing i can complain about is the color. I am a guy and carrying around a purple box looks a little feminine. Not that i care, i am more concerned with utility and functionality over looks, but they should offer some other color options. ...more info
  • Love this product!
    Not much to say except that it serves the purpose intended well. I can pack up a sandwich or leftovers in the bottom, add two sides and the freezer insert and everything stays cold until lunch time. It also allows for portion control, so I don't pack more than I need. I purchased 2 other products from Fit & Fresh, with the same results....more info
  • A little shallow on the bottom
    I really like this box and I use it everyday. However I find it a tight squeeze if I want a salad on the bottom or a small sandwich or a pita. It's great, but I don't think you would often bring anything more than an a little less than inch thick with this little number....more info
  • Disappointing quality; tops rendered useless after a single washing
    I've now bought and used practically every Fit & Fresh food storage item, including this one, and can back the claims about the tops becoming warped and unusable after a single run through the dishwasher (top rack). This line held such great promise, but really fell down where it counted. The only Fit 'n Fresh product I've not experienced this problem with is the Healthy Food Snacker, and that's because that lid screws on. I've resigned myself to going back to Lock n' Lock containers, which don't feature the built-in coolers but which at least feature flawless sealing and locking capabilities, no matter how many times you run them through the dishwasher, on ANY rack. I'll go back to throwing them in a Built NY neoprene bag, with standalone cooling insert. I wish I could find a manufacturer who could get this one right....more info
  • Wonderful Lunch Option
    I bought three of these at Target and love them. I bought one for myself and two for my daughters for daycare. We just finished a long road trip from PA to IN and they worked great. I packed a sandwich in the bottom portion for myself and some rolled up turkey for my daughters. I put some chips and goldfish in one small compartment and oreo's in the other. These boxes fit very well into our L.L. bean Lunchboxes. We traveled for about 5.5 or 6 hours before stopping for lunch. Everything was fresh and still cold!

    I only handwash these items. I rarely use my dishwasher. I find it easier just to give it a quick wash and put it in the dish strainer. I plan on getting the cereal one.

    I think this would be plenty big enough for a salad. How big do you need it? Put the dressing in one of the small containers and add some protein in the other, such as chicken or something.


    I freeze my ice packs horizontally. If you do them vertically they may bulge out making it harder to close, but i have had no problems. ...more info
  • Great for a Toddler's Lunch!
    I purchased it at Wegman's for ~$12.00 (then bought 3 more we love it so much). I was looking for a container to send my toddler's lunch. What I love about this box is that it keeps cool until lunch time - no refrigeration necessary. Note box prob can't be opened by a young child - it stays shut pretty tight.

    We put a sandwich in the bottom, ice pack on that, then put fruit in one small container and veggies in the other. As mentioned, the small containers stay shut and if closed properly (by adult, not easy for small one to close it tightly) then it doesn't leak.

    My only complaint: on the top lid there's a small piece that sticks out a bit so one can easily open the container. On all 4 of our containers, this small lip has broken. All the small inner containers are fine, but the top outer one has broken on all. It can still be opened, but it's a bit annoying.

    We occasionally put it in the dishwasher and haven't had problems with the lid warping. We also haven't had problems with the freezer pack expanding improperly.

    Overall we love this. I know many adults take their lunches in this as well to avoid the office fridge. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Great
    I use this product daily and love it. Only knock is that I thought it could be a little bigger, but it fits in lunch bags great!...more info
  • Not bad.
    I like it. Like the convenience and the ice tray insert. Although, it was cheaper at Bed,Bath,& Beyond....more info
  • Not a keeper!
    I bought this thinking I could use it for sending a salad and some sides with my husband to work. It's just not large enough for much of a salad in the bottom compartment. Also, I don't like the fact that if I pre-dress the salad for him, the oil gets all over the ice pack, which is only hand-washable.

    Also, after ONE washing in the top rack of the dishwasher, the top lid does not seal completely. So now the whole thing is more or less useless. I'm probably donating it to the thrift shop.

    Not a bad idea, but it wasn't large enough or durable. Pity. I love their drink shaker bottles and plan to order more of those....more info
  • If you want your dressing all over the place
    I like packing my lunch and I was really in the market for a product like this. To my disappointment this product does not live up to minimal expectations. Right out of the box the container feels cheap and one can tell that it is not air tight. Bottom line is if you want something that will not leek, this is not the product for you. If you want something that will last, try something else. It is too bad really. But compare this to some other brands and you can tell a difference right away....more info
  • Works Just Right For Me
    I received this as a gift for the holidays. I'm trying to eat healthier and better portions. My first week back at work was a breeze with this container. I was able to pack my lunch and two snacks and they stayed cool until I was ready to eat, even just sitting on my desk! (I prefer to not use the communal fridge at the office since food tends to disappear.)

    Pros (8): three portion controlled containers, perfect for an entree & two morning snacks, chiller pack keeps things cool for 6 hours, chiller pack freezes quickly overnight, compact all in one design is nice-no multiple containers bouncing around, sturdy design, dishwasher safe (except for the chiller pack.)Microwave safe, refrigerator safe.

    Cons (3): This was bigger than I expected. I have one insulated lunch bag that it fits in, out of 3 I have. The first few times I used it I had difficulty working the lid-may be difficult for persons with arthritic hands at first (this eased a little, but it still very tight-would like to see a slightly larger tab on the lid.) The chiller pack separates the entree from the sealed snack bins above, but the chiller pack has 2 hole & the sauce from my leftover stir fry leaked around the unit, so I had to wipe down the compartments at lunch once-this happened because the lunch box was banging around vertically in my backpack-it's not technically a design flaw, just something to look out for in the future.

    All in all, I would never consider going back to my old lunch containers and I am looking to have an array of Fit & Fresh products in my home as I truly believe their design are having an effect on the way I eat. I now look forward to prepping my lunches, possibly because I have a new toy, but also because the product makes it so easy to do so. I am a convert to Fit & Fresh. ...more info
  • Just okay
    I was excited about the product. It's a great concept but the material quality is medicore. The products quality is below the familiar Rubbermaid and/or Tupperware. I'm apprehensive about putting in the dishwasher. However, functionally, it does what it's supposed to do....more info


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