Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker

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Product Description

Fit and Fresh Salad Chiller With separate dressing dispenser and foldable fork! Keep your salad fresh and cool on the go with our distinctive dome shaped Salad Chiller. Dressing dispenser in lid allows you to keep dressing separate from salad. When youre ready to eat, just twist and shake. Distinctive dome shape allows: Reusable fork Lid contains foldable fork- a great help when eating on the go Removable Ice Pack - Snaps into the top lid, keeping salad fresh and chilled until mealtime. Salad Bowl - Holds up to 4 cups salad. Dressing Dispenser - Holds up to 4 Tbsp. of your favorite dressing. All Fit & Fresh products are easy to clean, freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe (except for the ice packs). All Fit & Fresh products meet FDA regulations for food grade plastic.

  • Salad bowl compartment holds up to 4 cups of salad
  • Built-in dressing dispenser holds up to 4 tablespoons of dressing so you can twist and shake when you're ready to eat
  • Lid contains storage department for fork and knife (included)
  • Durable plastic, easy to clean, lid fits tightly and securely
  • Keep your salads cool and crisp with the specially designed ice pack that snaps right into the lid.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great help
    I have not forgotten the salad dressing once since I got this clever container. My salads are always fresh....more info
  • Great idea -- Lousy execution
    I've purchased a couple of this company's items, and they all have drawbacks.
    The salad container, while nice and large, also has drawbacks.
    First, the container itself is huge. I mean, really huge. This is good for those of us that like our salad to be our main meal. However, the size is deceiving.
    You can't really fill the container, as you must leave room for the lid. And, you must leave room for the dressing container lid to pop open, so that you can shake out all the dressing.
    Before you can shake, you have to open the little hatch that holds the pretend cutlery.
    Hopefully, you left enough space for the dressing to come out onto your salad.
    After shaking, you have to take the lid off, and deal with the flopping dressing lid, now covered in dressing.
    If the ice ring in the lid doesn't leak, count your blessings, as I never got the replacement that I was promised, when mine leaked.
    I'd like a different lid. Plain, flat. I'll do what I do now, which is haul my dressing in a separate little container and pour it on myself....more info
  • Nice idea... but only got one use out of it!
    Loved the idea of this product... was hoping to find something to fix a nice sized salad with lean protein for my husband to take to work. I bought this at a local store, and took it home, quick hand-washed it and made a salad for hubby that night. Size was perfect.

    He took it to work, told me the dispenser worked great and that he really enjoyed his very fresh and crisp salad! I am ecstatic!

    However, I disassembled the dressing dispenser and put the salad shaker (minus icepack) in the top rack of the dishwasher as the instructions said that was safe.

    Next day, unloaded the dishwasher and attempted to re-assemble the salad dispenser. GOOD GRIEF! You've gotta be Arnold Schwarzenegger to do it! The instructions clearly say you just screw it back in level with the lid, but try DOING that! It took all my strength and I still couldn't get it in quite the right position for the little compartment lid to lock down!

    Worse, then, I couldn't get it undone. And messing with it actually physically HURT me, I developed a bad crick in my shoulder/neck and couldn't turn my head all day. That's how much force it took to reassemble this thing!

    Hubby managed to undo it with a huge effort and several tries, but he could not get it to go back properly either. This thing is going to the animal shelter thrift shop, in hopes they can get money out of it for a good cause, but it ought to be going in the TRASH!

    Nice idea, but obviously a poor design for the dressing dispenser.

    This is a great pity, because I like their drink shaker bottles a LOT!...more info
  • i love this thing
    This is an excellent item. I eat a salad for lunch every day, and this container makes it so easy! You just put your protein and other "heavy" items in the bottom, top with lettuce, add your dressing to the little compartment and you're ready to shake up a fresh salad at lunch time....more info
  • Great in theory, not in practice
    An excellent idea- all in one for your salad and dressing!

    However, if one uses oil based dressing, it's hard to clean out of the cup. You must handwash, which is a no for me.
    I also was never able to put the knife and fork back in the top of the container once I took them out.

    The ice does keep lettuce cool on a warm (not hot!) day. ...more info
  • healthy salad
    This product is great for salad eaters and is complete with a place for your utensils and for the dressing. It washes clean without the oily residue that most plastic containers keep. Overall a great buy? I think so....more info
  • Eh. It's just okay.
    I purchased this because I liked the idea of not needing seperate containers for my dressing and salad. So I like that there's a dressing holder in the bowl. I also love the spork and knife in the top compartment. It's very handy! I'm notorious for forgetting my fork, or I end up with half a dozen in my desk drawer because I forget to take them home. I have not tried the ice pack because I have a fridge at work.

    What I don't like is 1) the design of the dressing dispenser. It would work better with a plunger or something to push the dressing out. Cream dressings don't come out at all. I had to shake like a maniac, and still couldn't get quite a bit out. Oil based dressings poured out fine, but landed all over the lid because it doesn't really swing out. 2) The size and shape. I love that it holds lots of salad, but it's extra tall to accomodate the swing out lid which doesn't really swing out anyway. Also, to me the square shape of the bowl is akward. I guess I just prefer eating out of round ones. ...more info
  • Useful, but bulky
    I love the idea of having a way to have the salad stay fresh and mix the dressing right before eating it. This product executes that idea well enough, but there are a few faults:

    * If the dressing is creamy, it takes a while for it all to drop. It's a lot easier to just open it all and scoop it out with your knife.
    * The fork and knife are way too short. If you're trying to grab something from the very bottom of the tupperware, you are basically sticking your hands in there.
    * It's way too "boxy". I wish it was wider and not as tall, so it would fit better in backpacks and bags and the like....more info
  • Love all these products
    I have many of the Fit and Fresh products and this is just another in the great line. This is actually an improvement on another salad kit from them I had that got eaten by my dog. Works great!...more info
  • The only one that works
    So, out of all the fit & fresh products I have tried, this is the only one that really works. I would recommend this product as it works just like they say it does....more info
  • A fantastic aid if you're trying to bring a healthy lunch to work
    Okay, so after a 3-year wait, I finally got a spot in my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. As a result, I have loads of great produce and resolved to start taking lunch to the office. For a few days I used a plain square Rubbermaid thing, but a) there's no room in the teeny fridge in our office pantry for it (all the space gets filled up by 8AM) and b) if I wanted to bring dressing, I had to bring either a teeny jar or pour it on in the morning, resulting in soggy salad.

    Yesterday, my Fit n Fresh arrived, and I gave it a test run today. Granted, I did spend a good 20 minutes last night figuring out how the salad-dressing magic valve worked, and snapping/unsnapping everything to loosen them up (it DOES ship very tight). Then I washed everything, made my salad, put herb oil and herb vinegar in the little dressing thingie, and put the cold pac in the freezer.

    Well, today, as per usual, there was no room in the office fridge so I just let my salad stay in a plastic bag in my tote bag. I took that salad out at 7:45 AM this morning and didn't get a chance to eat until 1 PM, and it was still cold! As per instructions, before eating, I removed the ice pack, replaced the lid, popped the little dressing container, and shook my salad up.

    It was fantastic. Everything worked the way it should, my salad was yummy and the correct temperature (a good thing 'cause it's as hot as the surface of Venus in NYC at the moment).

    I see many are complaining about the cheap little spork and knife they ship. I'm not nuts about them either, but in the future I plan to use that compartment to store dried cherries or other salad sprinkle-ons anyway. Also, I have access to real flatware at the office, so this isn't such an issue for me. Note that if you're toting your own lunch to work and have to bring this home anyway, you may as well bring flatware from home also.

    What would make this product extra-special-super-perfect would be a second snap on compartment that fits OVER the main lid--one thin and flattish--to hold stuff like a slice of bread or something. Otherwise, I say get one or more of these--I can see myself using mine every day.

    ...more info
  • Makes lunch so easy!
    For years I have been taking a salad for lunch. One container for the salad, another container for the dressing, utensils wrapped and one large cooler to keep it all cool and fresh. Not anymore! This container does it all! No, the ice pack won't last for 8 hours, but it will keep the salad cool until lunch time. And it's so easy to wash by hand, that I never put it in the dishwasher, so I've not run into any problems with the lid not fitting properly. I think it's a great product, and I am very happy with it! ...more info
  • Finally a good way to bring a salad
    I can pack up a great salad, add my dressing and along with the freezer insert everything stays crisp and cold until lunch. The only product design I see is that when I open the salad dressing knob it takes a minutes for it to release and I almost wish the container was bigger. Otherwise I purchased 2 other products from Fit & Fresh and enjoy them all....more info
  • A Salad Eater Must-have!
    This product was wonderful! I love the convience of have the salad and the dressing in both the container. Before I would have to tote the huge salad dressing bottle. The compartment makes it so easy to store your dressing and then add it in when you ready to eat. My only complaint is that the fork storage on top would be better if it could hold a regular size fork. Also the container and the dressing compartment tends to be a little cumbersome to clean if you have to clean it every day. But still, this product makes your life easier!!!...more info
  • High expectations crushed by this cheap product
    I like the concept but the product has its flaws. Spork and knife that come with product are cheap plastic that will break the first time you pick up a radish or tomato. The lid is difficult to open. I don't know if it's too heavy because of the ice pack but I've struggled a couple of times with getting it opened. The salad dispenser dial WILL NOT BUDGE. I have to manually open the dressing lid and pour over the salad. For the price I paid for it, this product is a great disappointment....more info
  • love it but can't open it
    I really like the size, shape of this salad shaker, but am disappointed in the salad dressing dispenser. It only worked one time, then never again! My co-worker also has one and has the same problem. We called the company and they said spray it with PAM. We did that and still it doesn't work. I would recommend the company work on this problem as I probably would not buy another one until they fix this problem....more info
  • Great for taking to school.
    I purchased this container because my daughter wanted to be able to take a fresh salad to school for lunch. I was not crazy about the dressing cup for her as I didn't think she would be able to really make it work right but I think it could work well for an adult or older child. The container is large enough I pack dressing in a smaller container inside the salad container. The ice pack is great and so far no problems with it leaking. The fork and spoon were flimsy as I expected but the spot that they should be stored is perfect for crackers or croutons. Overall we have been really happy with this container....more info
  • Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker
    I purchased this item thinking it would be nice to take a salad to work. The plastic bowl is solid, everything else is cheap. The dressing dispenser broke before I could even put dressing in it. The knife and fork are cheaper than what you would get at a drive thru for disposal. I only rated it a one because zero wasn't an option. Save your money and buy regular plastic tubs. The extra blue ice and so called plastic ware isn't worth it....more info
  • No more soggy salads
    Wonderfully simple idea, and everyone who sees mine asks me where they can get one too.

    It keeps my salad cold until lunch, has ample space for a very generous salad portion, and the separate compartment for the salad dressing eliminates soggy salads forever.

    When it's time for lunch, you just turn the knob to release the dressing into the salad, shake, and eat. It even comes with it's own little spork and knife that nest inside the lid.

    Now if I could just train myself to put the coldpack back in the freezer after washings... ...more info
  • Great!
    My daughter uses it for lunch at school. It works great. I wasn't sure if it would hold enough salad dressing to suit her, but she said it was exactly right....more info
  • Disappointment
    I would have returned this if I wasn't so lazy. The knob is difficult to turn and even when you can turn it, the dressing cover doesn't open so you have to manually open it and possibly spill dressing. The ice pack drips on the food making the food somewhat soggy.

    Great idea. Lousy execution....more info
  • Great idea, but it doesn't work
    I absolutely love the idea of this product, but as others have mentioned, it just doesn't work. Specifically, the dressing container just cannot be twisted into position. I've tried putting a little oil on the threads, but it's still too tight. A great idea, but it's just way too difficult to actually use. ...more info
  • Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker
    I purchased three of these Salad containers. I liked the concept of the ice pack built into the lid. I didn't care about the dressing dispenser that everyone else complains about, I haven't used it. The size of the container holds alot of salad and has enough room for my small dressing container. It keeps the salad cold all day. However, after two weeks of use the ice pack leaked at the seems and dripped into my salad. I hand washed all the pieces and placed the ice pack flat in the freezer each time, being careful not to let it get damaged. Other reviews claim the dressing dispenser won't turn after the lid has been placed in the dishwasher. This item is useless if it breaks so quickly....more info
  • Best salad container ever!
    I take salads to work every day. This container makes it so easy to carry with me, even if where I'm going has no fridge. There's never any soggy salad since the dressing is only placed on the salad just before you eat (in fact, it's also easy to use if you're a "dipper"). My only complaint is that my forks don't fit into the compartment on the lid... and I don't like using plastic forks because they break too easily. I guess my forks are just too big....more info
  • Fit and Fresh Salad Shaker
    Great product. Can be a bit of a pain to hand wash(if you do not have a dish washer), but it does keeps salads fresh. I was slightly nervous about the size of the dressing container, but was relieved that it holds plenty of dressing (I really like Blue cheese!). Over all I would definately recommend this product....more info
  • Salad Shaker
    Salad Shaker is a great product for making your own salads to bring to work for lunch. Keeps the salad ingredients fresh and crisp until ready to eat....more info
  • Great concept, but....
    This product worked great at first. Crisp, cold salads, convenient design. Shortly, though it got harder and harder to turn the knob to release the salad dressing. I had to start using a pair of pliers that I happened to have in my desk drawer. Then, today the whole dressing compartment fell out and landed face down on the rug. Guess I'll go back to my old, much less expensive plastic bowls....more info
  • Maybe I got a bad one, but...
    First off, I can't turn the little lid for the dressing. The idea is that you open the dressing, shake it all up, and then open the lid to a dressed salad. Unfortunately, my salad ends up dressed on one half, unless I take half a bowlful, which is not enough for my main meal of the day.The ice pack gets hopelessly coated with salad dressing, even when the greens don't. The plastic utensils broke on me within a week. When I finally applied all my hand strength to open the darn dressing cup, the blessed thing broke.

    Nice idea, poor execution. There's got to be a better way. I'm very disappointed - looking at other reviews for Fit & Fresh products, I think I'll just steer clear of them. I'm back to Lock&Lock containers in a lunch cooler, or my Lock&Lock bento set. ...more info
  • Love it!
    The Fit & Fresh sald shaker works great for me. It is definately better than having a container for my salald & a container for my dressing. I also like the freezer pack. The salad shaker fits nicely in my lunch box....more info
  • Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker
    I really like this container for taking salads to work, it really keeps the greens crisp, and because the dressing is in it's own container, you don't get to lunch and find wilted, soggy salad. It holds six cups and the first time I used it I put the salad in too tightly making in hard to dispense the dressing and shake up. You need to leave the salad loose enough to allow the dressing container to turn when you twist it to release the dressing. If you do, you will have a great salad for your lunch!!!!...more info
  • Luv these Fit & Fresh Products
    Ok they over thought this one. The dressing holder would work better if they just had it sit in the hole and allow you to remove it with bottom lid attached. Then you could just pull it out quick and easy and pull the bottom open and dribble the dressing around the salad as you wish or even use it as a dip holder. No screwing it in and fiddling with the bottom opening thing. Easier to wash too. A gal didn't invent this one! I also like the way the cold pak sits on indentations on another one of their containers better than forcing it to click into the lid on this one. So it takes some management skills to handle it. It's large and holds a whole lot of food. Even sandwich cut in half on one side and salad on other. Pull bagged sandwich or food out and have plenty of salad to enjoy. Salad dressing or not. Many of the Fit & Fresh products have great basic ideology behind them but then they go and over think or unsimplify the simple genius of the idea to begin with. So you have frustrated people who can't manage the complicated screw in and bottom-lid only dressing jar etc, Keep it simple is the best policy. We have two and given two more as gifts. And 4 three part containers they make design was kept simple and 4 two part snack cups that though a tad awkward isn't bad. You can fill that one with carrot sticks/deli-meat rolls/nuts/small crackers etc. For plane trips and get through the airline gestapo. Might want to check the dips:) Another hint take empty drink containers through check in lines and fill once inside with water or drinks and ice from the cafe courts. Choose one that allows you to fill your own cup so you can get plenty of ice and use get large moutch containers. Another hint take individual sized cooler and extra strength or doubled zip locks to fit and fill with ice and pop from machines inside food court. Many small frozen packs would be allowed through. Also some meds need to travel chilled. Enjoy life and think outside the box or container & yes even rules while being forced through the one size fits all molds:)))) of these days! But never break the law !!!...more info
  • Works great, but you need more than one.
    I love this salad shaker. It holds plenty of salad. As a side item, in a plastic baggie, I put crackers or bread. It would be really neat if they had a compartment for that. I only gave it 4 stars because the spfork and knife that come with it are a little small. However they are made out of a stronger plastic than what usually comes in a picnic utensil pack. The dressing compartment holds the perfect amount of dressing for the size salad you can pack in there. And with everything except the ice pack being dishwasher-safe, it's pretty easy to clean. I need two or three of these things just to last me to my next wash cycle! Great product....more info
  • Salad Shaker
    If you don't have a refrigerator available for you it's great that your salad will stay cold with the freezer pack. The downside is it only works right if you use an oil based dressing. Any creamy dressings don't "shake" out of the salad dressing holder and don't coat your salad completely. If you like an oil based dressing, you're set!...more info
  • Salad made easy
    I love this thing. The lettuce stays fresh because the dressing is kept separate until you 'drop' it from the small yellow container. I also like the fact it has it's own ice pack, now I don't need to hunt for a lunch bag and ice to keep my salad cool....more info
  • Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker
    Love this product. We purchased a number of Fit & Fresh products and keep them in a handy drawer in our island. So we didn't expect this to hold a full meal deal. Although we use salad recipes often with beans in them and that provides a very filling salad. My husband did ask that I send another fork with it - it's a little hard to eat salad with the one provided here. On the manufacturer's website there are wonderful recipes to use with these products. It's so nice to have the "ice" right next to the salad. My husband was a sceptic and didn't think it would stay cold if he didn't have it in some type of thermal lunch box, but it does keep cold for 4-5 hours....more info
  • Buying two more
    I like this item so much that I am buying two more! I find the salad container very roomy and holds a good sized salad plus I like the salad dressing dispenser. Works great! It can be a bit hard open though as other reviewers have stated but I have not found it to be an issue. The utensils are too small for my liking and I choose to bring a "regular" fork to eat with. I now eat salads for lunch everyday because this item has made it so easy. A great product overall.
    ...more info
  • Big salad, tiny spork
    First off: this is a really great container. There's plenty of room for a good-sized lunch salad; honestly, if you can't fit a full salad with all the goodies on top, then you probably need to double check your portion size. I actually have enough room left over to tuck a baggie of sugar snap peas on top for a snack. The ice pack works just like they claim, and it's still almost completely frozen by the time I eat lunch!

    The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the included spork is a bit of a joke. It's pretty small, but I guess you could rationalize that it makes you eat slower so you get full before you pig out. I've never worried about the utensils breaking, but I think they could've included one of the bigger folding forks like one of their other conatiners has. All that being said, the sporkette isn't enough of a problem for me to not love this container. ...more info
  • Salad shaker
    The amount of salad it holds is wonderful but the biggest problem that I had was turning the knob to open the salad dressing container! It was extremely difficult to turn and so I don't use it any longer. I would not recommend getting this salad shaker unless you have very, very, strong fingers - ok for most men, but not if you've got a weaker grip....more info