Remanufactured iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot with Scheduler, Case/Color May Vary

List Price: $329.99

Our Price: $149.99

You Save: $180.00 (55%)


  • Case and color may vary based on manufacturer's choosing. All units (including units with Discovery cases) include Scheduler technology.
  • Robotic, battery-powered floor vacuum and remote scheduling device
  • Remote scheduler sets and changes vacuuming times and zones
  • On-board artificial intelligence navigate between walls and furniture legs and self-adjusts for carpet, tile, and wood floors.
  • Remanufactured to "like-new" condition; may contain minor cosmetic blemishes. 90 day manufacturer's warranty.
Customer Reviews:
  • Roomba Magic!
    I've had my remanufactured roomba scheduler from Amazon for about 2 months now. I LOVE it!
    It has saved me a lot of time and made me feel like my home is SOOO much cleaner. Before the roomba, I would only vacuum once every week or so. Now I let the roomba go at it every other day in the living room. You would not believe all the dog hair it picks up EVERY time it runs!
    You do have to spend some time cleaning off the brush bars, etc., underneath, every few times you run it. But it's not much effort and worth all the other time it saves me.
    I don't use the scheduling feature at all, so I can't comment about that....more info
  • misled
    When I purchased this item I did not see anywhere that it was remanufactured. I've never had any luck with remanufactured items. We'll just have to wait & see how long it lasts....more info
  • Love my little 'Critter'!
    I researched a lot before buying my Roomba. Having 3 cats, one long haired, having this little 'critter' on a daily cleaning schedule has been a backsaver! My Romba scheduler does it's business and then parks itself to charge until the next day! Definitely get one that docks itself, or you'll find yourself hunting for it when it loses it's charge under the bed! Now, if only it could climb up and down the stairs! ...more info
  • very helpful product and good price
    It's very helpful to clean the floor even the carpet.
    the cost is good, so I even bought the second one for my parents....more info
  • Title
    This product was awful and a waste of my time, effort, and excitment. It only worked for about 5 or 6 minutes the first couple times I used it, then stopped working all together. iRobot was very difficult to work with....more info
  • Missing Parts
    The shipment arrived on time but when the box was opened the remote was missing and I ended up having to purchase another one. An inventory should be made before the item is shipped to ensure all required items are present....more info
  • Roomba with scheduler
    Meanwhile we ordered a iRobot 530 from the manufacturer.
    1. the 1st roomba did a much better work than the one we ordered from amazon, a refurbished one.
    2. the 530 we bought is clearly a better deal, because the enhancements in cleaning and performing are a fact.
    3. cleaning carpets is a not to prefere for this roomba, hard floor is ok.
    4. sellind this roobot for a about $150 is not a good deal to keep roomba reputition
    5. My wife and I like the one we bought, knowing there are allready a new generation on the market, better than we bought: the price is the fact...more info
  • works like a charm
    what can I say. it works and works and works.
    the unit drives back to it's charging station, when done.
    you only have to empty the compartment where the dust goes and clean the brushes once in a while.
    cannot live without it any more.
    I let it go, when I leave the house and the cleaning is done until I'm back....more info
  • The Roomba that could!
    We are very happy with our little robot friend! We have him setup to vacuum three days a week and he does a great job! He didn't make it back to the charger one day but only because he sucked up the corner of a throw rug. We just put in hardwood floors and he keeps the grass out of his part of the house. He runs for a little less time then advertised but still goes for almost an hour. I dump out his collection bin every day he vacuums and I'm always happy to see all the dog hair he picked up. I'm thinking about another one for the living room (this one does the bedroom and hall). ...more info
  • quite a timesaver, but not a lifesaver
    delivered exactly as promised. This roomba is great. Haven't had any of the problems other users have complained about. Take a chance, I highly recommend it. 'Alfred' rocks! ...more info
  • Refurbished Roomba
    It was difficult to rate this item any higher because I got one that was defective & had to send it back. The cleaning was not in question, but the dirt bin kept falling off. I had had an original Roomba & wanted to update....more info
  • Just a novelty, doesn't clean
    I'm a gadget guy. I've owned 3 of these now. Each time I hope the upgrades will be great. They simply don't work. The roomba cannot find its way back to the charger, and you spend the evening playing find the roomba. There is next to no vacuum power, but the exhaust is just enough to blow the dust bunnies and cat hair under the furniture. The little rotating "corner" brush flips crumbs like a hockey puck to the far corners of your room. It leaves little piles of debris in the crevice of the threshold and next to the area rug or kitchen mat. Pet hair and dust get inextricably wound in the brushes. Roomba can't seem to climb onto an area rug from the bare floor, but has managed to tumble down the cellar stairs more than once. It won't pick up cereal or kibbles or chips, and when I put a pile of dust in the center of the floor to test it, it only found half of it.
    It's a neat gadget. It just doesn't clean. Don't waste your money....more info
  • iRobot Roomba
    This is a great product. The floors have never been so clean. It's great how you can set a timer for it to do its task, usually while everyone is out of the house at work or something. I have a cat that sheds constantly and it was a hassle finding tufts of fur around the house the day after vacuuming and now there is hardly ever any fur to find under the tables and even our very low sitting coffee table. I highly recommend it, especially to people with hardwood floors like us....more info
  • Effective, fun, but with some minor drawbacks
    Well, I bought one of these a few months ago, and I have to say that I'm rather satisfied with the purchase. The Roomba succeeds in being both a cool geek toy and also a practical way to keep an area cleaner.

    As a vacuum, it is considerably less powerful than a standard corded variant. It has neither the holding capacity or the power. But it makes up for this in other ways.

    I've got it set to go off three times a week at this point, using it twice a week on my living room, and once a week on my bedroom and hallway. At this point the carpet is much cleaner than it used to be, the cat hair is largely gone, and my sinuses are considerably clearer.

    I've had no maintenance issues and encountered no defects so far.

    1. Can fit under low areas, such as under beds, sofas, and chairs.
    2. Can be scheduled to go off when you're absent.
    3. Effectively covers the entirety of a small or mid-sized room.
    4. Is really fun to watch.
    5. Does not require supervision or direct efforts.

    1. Requires several uses to match one solid vacuuming with a cord vac.
    2. Rooms require some preparation before the Roomba can be used. Extension cords, throw rugs, and small objects need to be removed from the floor.
    3. Requires the dust pan to be emptied and filter/rollers to be cleaned after each use. ...more info
  • Hunk of Junk
    I purchased this item and used it once a week for a couple of months. It took a long time to clean and was not thorough. It's especially poor on floors. The filters get clogged easily. I had to use my old vacuum to do a more thorough job. I then stopped using it for a while and kept it plugged in. I tried to use it after this inactivity. The battery was dead and could not be re-charged. As it was an old model Roomba would not replace the battery. They would give me 15% off the $85 price to replace the battery. I considered it until one CS rep told me the whole unit was probably bad due to the long charging with no use. He suggested buying a new unit. I am throwing the hunk of junk out and going back to my Kenmore....more info
  • Roomba
    I love it. Although you should not try to sleep in the same room where the Roomba is working because it can be a bit noisy, it gets the work done. The walls it came with work great to keep the roomba away from any cables or areas where you don't want it to go. We call ours Lloyd and I am glad he is with us because at least one of us is cleaning the house. At the beginning Lloyd would get stuck under furniture or beep to get clean often (yes our apartment was dirty) but now he gets himself out of trouble and we only need to empty him at the end of the cleaning cycle.

    I bought one for my mom a few months ago and she loves it too, although all her floors are tile, which is easier for the roomba to clean. If you have carpet it will take longer and the roomba may have to take a rest to charge in the middle of cleaning....more info
  • Unexpectedly Good
    I bought the Roomba for my husband, who is greatly bothered by the dog hair and birdseed mess we have all over the floor in the dining and living rooms. He also loves gadgets.

    The first time we ran Roomba, it got clogged up and stopped running before it got back to its base. My husband cleaned it out really good, vacuumed the floors with the old vacuum cleaner so we would have less accumulation (assuming a week's worth was too much for it to deal with), and set Roomba to work in the middle of the night every night.

    It works great! We have to remember to empty it daily, but it is very good at maintaining a clean floor for us and we never even hear it running....more info
  • Bad Battery-"Customer Service" is NO help.
    I bought a Roomba because I have two pets in a one bedroom apartment. I loved it...until a month later the battery won't hold a charge. I contacted "customer service" and they said they would send me a new battery. Then they tell me the next day that all their batteries are back ordered and they don't have any to ship. They also don't know when they will get any. That was a month ago and now I have an expensive paper weight in my kitchen.

    I would revise this if they follow through with their promise to fix the situation. So far, it looks like they have no intention of sending the battery they promised. I would not recommend this to anyone because they cannot stand by their product. ...more info
  • I thought robots were smart!
    My wife and I have 2 cats and a very small apartment. We were always having to sweep the mounds of hair and clean up around the litter box. The roomba now takes care of all of that for us, our house has never been so clean. Well, that is until today....

    My cat (who is angry we won't let her go outside) left us a little present on the floor. The roomba found it and proceeded smear the gift all over the apartment. I've now had to bleach my entire apartment floor and clean out all the little nooks and crannies in the roomba. Cleaning cat feces out of a roomba is not a pleasant experience.

    I guess I'm going to have to learn how to program my roomba so it will recognize cat doo.

    Advice: buy this, but if you do, don't make your cat angry!...more info
  • We love him so much, we named him...
    This lil fella is great. Does what he is meant to. Can get stuck on a few wires, but they should have been picked up as he's clever but he ain't that clever. Great value for money, product came boxed, with all instructions and components. And he was as clean as a whistle, pretty much as new. Doesn't so much replace the vacuum cleaner as complement it....more info
  • Warning! No repairs available! Poor customer service...
    I own the model 4225 similar to one pictured here, and there is now a grinding noise coming from the gears. irobot has told me that there is no repair available for this unit (even though they are selling re-manufactured ones...I wonder if they pick them out of people's garbage when they get thrown away). While the product works well when it is working, I find the lack of repair outcome very wasteful. So unless you want to spend several hundred dollars for a new unit every year, I suggest you explore other options.

    Echoing other reviews, I also found irobot's customer service unacceptable, as they clearly read from a script and did not care about my outcome....more info
  • Excelent product
    I just love it :-)
    Since I have the Roomba my house looks always clean. Don't think it twice, just buy it! ...more info
  • remanufactured irobot work for four months
    Our irobot worked for four months we loved then it stoped working. I bought it a new battery and it work for 20 minutes. Do not buy this it is junk...more info
    Roomba is not replacing the batteries on these Remanufactured IRobots. I received two in succession with defective batteries that would not hold a charge more than 30 minutes at the most. I am disgusted that AMAZON continues to sell a defective product!!!! ...more info
  • Roomba scratch the wood floors
    I have roomba for more than 2 years .Because I have 2 dog with the dog door it is really hard to keep the floors clean.I have open kitchen with dinning room and living room and Roomba is not cleaning every rooms.I have tried every possibilities but Roomba have never cleaned all floors.And after 1. year I could see everywhere 7 inches from the walls scratching lines. So, I am really surprise nobody mentioned this problem here and I think this is important to know.
    And do not let borrow your roomba .Or make sure they will recharge after each use or your battery will be dead soon.Overall ,I like Roomba because it is helping me with my hectic life to keep my house clean....more info
  • Refurbed Roomba Discovery
    Works OK. Turned out to be the earlier Discovery with the fixed nose wheel. Got what I paid for....more info
  • there customer service stinks
    I had a problem with my roomba after only two days. I wasn't really too worried about it because it was remanufactured so I thought I might have a problem. I contacted irobot customer service. They diagnosed the problem and told me they would send me out a replacement roomba. After a week went by and no one contacted me with any shipping information I went back to the customer service site to complain. Thy had closed my service ticket. I asked for someone to update the status and this went on for more than a week with no response from them. When I asked them to do something to male this experience a little more palatable for me they wouldn't upgrade the shipping of the replacemnet roomba. The roomba may be great I have no idea but the company behind it doesn't take care of it's customers. I would not recommend purchasing a roomba for that reason. ...more info
  • I LOVE It!
    I waited and shopped and thought and read about this little guy and am so glad I made this purchase. I have a couple of cats and wood floors and this is perfect to send out for 30-40 min and it does an amazing job. My floors are so clean and I am still learning about its functions. I've had no problems so far other than when I empty the catch its best done over a bag or in a plastic bag because its little and can spill easily. It comes apart easy to remove hair and fur. It's so much better than trying to chase the dust bunnies with a broom! In a busy world this is truley a blessing!...more info
  • have a robot do your work
    this is our second roomba. our first was a scheduler and ran every night starting at 2 am on our first floor. every morning the floors were clean. after 2.5 years it finally died. with a remanufactured one there is no sticker shock and the floors still get clean. the manufacturer recommends almost 1 per room but we run ours over a 900 sq foot hardwood floor floor (including bath and kitchen) and it does a great job. i highly recommend buying one at this price especially. ...more info
  • Why I no longer have a housekeeper
    We have had our remanufactured Roomba, Hazel, for 19 months. At the time we bought "her," I was ready to rehire a housekeeper who hadn't been around for a few months. But with Hazel, no more housekeeper.

    We have primarily hard surfaced floors in our two story home. The only two rooms with carpet are 2 bedrooms upstairs. Hazel takes care of them wonderfully. But the hard surface (wood and tile) floors are even more remarkable.

    We have two Maltese dogs who really don't shed much. But after running Hazel, the brushes and dustbin are loaded!

    We have had no problems whatsoever with the Roomba. But we are very careful to clean it THOROUGHLY after each use.

    We love Hazel so much that we got her counsin -- Swabby the Scooba. He does an amazing job on the hard surfaced floors.

    These are not carefree products. You do have to prepare a space for cleaning. I move all the chairs from around the dining table to another room so that they don't get trapped in the chair legs. You need to make certain that loose cords aren't around. Once Hazel got trapped under our low slung massage chair and didn't clean at all -- maybe she just really wanted a massage!

    All in all, we love our robots. As a matter of fact, we are considering getting another Roomba for downstairs, leaving Hazel to be the upstairs maid.
    ...more info
  • Time saver
    I was weary about buying a remanufactured roomba, but I'm so glad I did. I have two dogs at home that shed like crazy, I just schedule the roomba to run during the day when I'm at work and when I come home Blue (that's his name) is back on his base and ready to be emptied, what a time saver, I was sweeping two times a day before just to keep the floors clean. I would definitely recommend the roomba to anyone with pets....more info
  • This IS the droid you are looking for!
    Okay, sorry for the Star Wars pun in the title of this review.... I purchased the Remanufactured iRobot Roomba about a year ago, I wanted to give it this long before writing a review because I wanted to be as objective as I could be. Firstly, let me make clear that the iRobot does have it's limitations - It can't clean stairs to begin with and although it does do a great job at trying to clean square corners within the room, it doesn't always pick up something that might be lodged right in there. But on reflection, my upright cleaner had the same problem with corners and was not fun to use cleaning stairs either... I suppose what I want to say is no machine is quite perfect. That said, the Roomba does a simply fantastic job in my home.

    I have a mainly one level home that has a combination of both ceramic tile and carpet flooring, the Roomba manages to clean up both surfaces equally well. In the last year I've had a number of new carpets fitted and the Roomba was able to cope wonderfully with the frankly massive amount of lint associated with brand new carpets. Best of all it releases me from this mind numbing cleaning task so I can focus on the other things around the home that need to be done.

    Thus far I have experienced no operating problems, the battery charge has remained great and by following the maintenance advice regarding the cleaning of brushes etc. I can honestly say the Roomba continues to perform really well - very much exceeding what I expected when I bought the product.

    If I were to suggest any refinements to the design at all then it would not be to the robot, rather I would like to see the base station use power more intelligently, perhaps going into a sleep mode and not drawing electricity after the Roomba has recharged.... but it's a minor thing really.

    I allowed a couple of friends who have two children under four years to borrow my Roomba for a few days to see how practical it would be for their more conventional multi-story home. Within a week my Robot was returned to me because my friends had purchased their own. They tell me that the children love the Roomba and follow it around fascinated when it's operating and whooping with glee when it turns around and heads towards them! (Whereas they were always a bit afraid of the more noisy upright Vacuum cleaner).

    In summary the Roomba isn't perfect but it is incredibly practical, inexpensive for what you are getting and above all useful....more info
  • Roomba Cleans!!!
    This is my second purchase of a Roomba. I bought one when they first came out, and the poor thing finally died of old age.
    This model is so much better!!
    I have mostly ceramic and wood floors, and three cats!! After I swept and mopped my ceramic, I turned Roomba loose on a presumably clean floor. His little dustbin had debri after an hour. This is dirt I missed with my broom and mop.
    I run Roomba every day, and my house is much cleaner, cat hair is picked up, and my life is easier.
    ...more info
  • roomba is an excellent tool for keeping clean!
    I have had a Roomba scheduler for over 2 years and LOVE having a helper in the house that I do not need to chaperone. We have it set to run in the middle of the night and clean the kitchen area of the crumbs that a family of 5 and a dog create each day. It is a pleasure to wake up to a clean kitchen. I also love using it to clean bedrooms as it gets underneath the beds. The Roomba will not replace your regular vacuum as it does not have the suction and power that a normal vacuum has, however it does a decent job at picking up all of the stuff that you can see and then some (lint, hair, crumbs...).

    The downside to the Roomba... you have to clean it regularly ( at least once a week if using it daily). It is rather difficult to clean; hair and fuzz get wrapped around the brushes and must be cut out. This can take a few minutes, even with the cleaning tool that is provided.
    Maybe the newer models have addressed this issue.

    Overall, I would not be without this gadget though. It definetely saves me alot of time with mid-week cleaning. I probably run my full size vacuum half as much as I used to and set the Roomba to clean for me instead....more info
  • do not buy! waste of money!
    We paid $350 for the 4230 scheduler 14 months ago and this week it completely died. We took good care of it - cleaning the brushes, filters, bins, and even buying a new battery for it because the battery died after 11 months (yes, be aware that the batteries for these things will last maybe a year). Support only offered us a discount on a new roomba because our warranty had expired. I'm not planning on giving any more money to iRobot, and you shouldn't either....more info
  • Ran for 20 minutes and ran out of charge
    For those who like this model, you should check to see if you got bad batteries or a bad charging system. If you have nothing to compare it to, you might not know the running time isn't good.

    I have a brand new model 400 to compare it to, so I knew that when the batteries "drained" in 20 minutes after over 24 hours of first time charge, this was a lemon.

    The yellow battery, which is apparently a longer lasting one, lasted shorter than the gray one on my old model. I know there's some way to try to fix it by holding the off button for five seconds or so, and recharging over many days. I did that and charged for over a day, but didn't want to spend 5 days just trying to see whether that will fix things or not.

    Regardless of whether it was the control system or the battery, this was a bad product that wasn't worth the extra $50 over the old 400 model purchased new....more info
  • Please Stay Away!
    As you can tell if you read these reviews, the Roomba works great until the day it doesn't. On that day you are completely out of luck with any servicing. Ours quit operating properly shortly after the one year warranty expired. I would expect to pay for shipping and even pay to have my unit serviced. But all Roomba would do is offer to sell me another one. Why would I buy another unit of something that already broke once and that no one on God's green earth can service. It is a complex machine. So about a hundred different things can go wrong. If you are beyond waranty period forget IRobot company helping you. Their phone support is pitiful and their service department does not exist. Any company that wilfully turns happy customers into unhappy customers everyday will soon be out of business....more info
  • I love the roomba!
    What I am finding out from the message boards is that a lot of people have to replace their roombas yearly, and roombas official word is that they have a lifespan of 2-3 years.

    We maintained the roomba very well, always charging it and cleaning it after each use, but now it only runs about 5 minutes and then give the 3 beep message which means it needs to be cleaned.

    Regardless, our floors have stayed very clean, and the roomba has done and excellent job of navigating in between chair legs, going under furniture, and untangling itself from shoelaces and floor length curtains. It went effortlessly from tile to carpet, and observed the virtual walls.

    I'll be buying her a new one since she cannot imagine going back to regular vacuuming (we have 3 sitting in the closet). It's one less thing for her to worry about, but this time I think I'll buy a brand new one rather than a remanufactured one. ...more info
  • Midget's Review (Robot)
    This is my second IROBOT but I have a problem with this one. The charger unit must be broken because you have to barely touch it to get it to light up - if it is bumped in theleast little bit, the lights go out and it is difficult to get the connection again. Therefore when Roomba goes to dock it knocks the lights off and the docking does not complete itself....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    This is a great little vacuum especially on hardwood, tile, or any other smooth floor. It will never take the place of a conventional vacuum but does a great job during the "in-between" times. My cats just watch this little guy work from a distance. It really works as advertised.
    So why do I rate it only 2 stars ??? The battery has a very limited life and are very expensive. When new it seems like it would run forever on a single charge. Each subsequent use the batterys' capacity is reduced slightly and before you know it, it will barely last 15 minutes and the warranty period is up. I'll stick with the upright sweeper for now and put roomba in storage until the battery issue is resolved....more info
  • I have never had such a clean house
    I was leary but the reviews were so good. Now roomba is a part of the family. My husband turns the light on for it to "see" while it is cleaning, the 15 year old siamese gives it the evil eye, the 6 year old grandson thanks it for cleaning up his room and I have stopped being worried that it will fall off the edge of the loft (it usually goes right up to the edge then veers but if it does begin to go over then its foot catches it while it cries for Mom. It is amazing how much dirt it picks up. It goes in all the nooks and crannies that I avoid and of course it goes under the bed and other furniture. And it is soooo easy. If you have oriental rugs then make sure the fringe is tucked under....more info
  • If you have indoor pets, you can't be without this machine!!!!
    I bought the Rhoomba strictly to clean up pet hair from my 2 dogs and 1 cat that stay indoors. I have been very pleasantly surprised. It works like a charm on my hard floors while my family and I are away and I can spend the time I'm home working on other things (or playing). Great product!...more info
  • It's cheaper to sweep!
    I really, really wanted a Roomba, but it's just not what I thought it would be. It would probably work better if we didn't have any furniture, because once it runs into a table leg, it has to keep hitting it until it works far enough to the side for the sensor to send it off in a new direction. I have tile floors through my home, but in the kitchen the Roomba will wedge itself under the cabinets and get stuck. In the living room it will bounce itself off of one sofa leg into another, same thing in the bedroom, it bounces off of one leg of the bedframe into another. The result is that there are a lot of spots that the Roomba never covers and some that it covers over and over. If you have huge rooms and minimal furniture the Roomba may work for you, but if you live in an 1800 sq foot home with the average amount of furniture, it's much faster and more effective to just use a broom....more info
  • Be careful! Fun, works well when it runs
    The good:
    I was impressed with the amount of dirt/dog hair/dust it collected. I began to think it was manufacturing the dirt since the rugs and floors looked clean. The nicest aspect is that you can tell it to clean the area and then leave the house while it (hopefully) runs. We used it on both carpet and hard floors. It does a good job of cleaning up after the dogs and cats.
    The other important things:
    You will have to clean it after every job. This involves more than just emptying the dust bin. The brushes need to be cleaned as well. However, they do make it fairly easy to do this. Basically, you'll spend 5-10 minutes standing over the trash can cutting the hair away from the brushes. A utility knife is handy. This makes you appreciate what a fine job it did at cleaning. There is one small part that can fall off during cleaning and you have to be careful not to lose it. After the first couple of times searching for it, you'll get good at putting it aside.
    It's not noisy but it's not quiet either. You can carry on a conversation in the room but I wouldn't suggest talking on the phone.
    The bad:
    It would get stuck occasionally on some items that you wouldn't expect.
    It's algorithm for cleaning is a bit random. It's doesn't appear to learn the layout of the room. Sometimes it would do the same area of the room repeatedly.
    The ugly:
    My remanufactured roomba died after 80 days or 94 days (depending on who you are talking to). I ordered it Dec 7th for Christmas. I received it December 15th. We opened it December 25th. It died March 11th. The company said it was 94 days old and therefore was out of warranty. I fought them on this but they didn't care. They were going to let us get a new one for about $200 which we declined. After thinking about it, we have decided that cleaning it took as much time and work as doing it ourselves and our vacuum cleaner is expected to run for 15 years. However we did get a steam cleaner (sort of - it heats the water but not to steam temp) for about $150. This also is expected to last 15 years and does a better job picking up the pet hairs on the rug than either the roomba or the regular vacuum. Plus it takes care of certain spots that might appear.
    ...more info
  • Great, once I got one that worked!
    My first Roomba arrived quickly and I followed the directions for a quick startup. The unit never powered on. I repeated this several times and finally contacted Amazon about a return. That went very smoothly and another unit was to me within days. This one powered up, but wouldn't hold a charge for more than 20 minutes, not the 120 minutes that the paperwork indicated I should get on the MAX mode. I contacted irobot and received some advice on how to get it to hold a charge, which was only marginally helpful. I went on their website and found a blog about troubleshooting which told me that I should only expect about 60 min. with a reman battery, but still I wasn't even close to that at 20 min. Another blog indicated that my battery needed a deep charge of nonstop three days and a complete depletion afterward. They said I should repeat that up to three times to get the battery completely functional. I did that and immediately got an hour and a half operation. I repeated it and have consistently gotten the hour and a half. I WOULDN'T have known this by the paperwork it came with nor the help line on their website! I have since started the remote function and the scheduler and have been very happy with it. It doesn't do as good a job as my Rainbow, of course, but it keeps my hardwood floors mostly grit and dog hair free with a daily vacuuming. I previously lived with the mess because I so dreaded getting out the big vacuum; it was an ordeal and meant a thorough vacuuming, not a quick once over. The emptying isn't bad and each time it gets a good bit up. It has twice found it's way home when I thought it was hopelessly lost, so I'm optimistic about that. I will be putting it through its paces during the 90 day warranty period and if I remain as satisfied, I may even purchase the Scooba. ...more info
    This is the best $150 I've spent. It's like having a maid that cleans my floors daily. I've never been happier with a purchase!...more info
  • Well worth it to upgrade to 500 series
    I bought a Roomba Discovery back when it was IRobot's latest model, and at the time I was very happy with it. I had a low pile (commercial) carpet, and Roomba was very effective at cleaning it.

    However, I recently moved to a house that has a thicker carpet that is considered high pile - a standard plush nylon carpet. After a couple weeks on that, my dear Roomba went kaput - the motor for the rotating brushes broke. At the time, I didn't link this failure to the new carpet. My Roomba was out of warranty, so I bought an "after warranty replacement" from IRobot directly (it is robot only - no battery or accessories). Well, the new Roomba Discovery broke after a few days too. That's when I looked in the manual and discovered that Roomba is not meant for high pile carpets (which basically means any standard carpet).

    To make a long story short, I returned that Roomba and bought the latest model, which IS supposed to hold up well with real carpets. I've had it for a couple weeks now and am very happy with it.

    For this reason, I would definitely recommend the 500 series Roombas even though they cost a bit more: iRobot 530 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, White. They are more resilient, easier to clean, and have a longer battery life....more info
  • great product
    when I received item, it world not work. Contacted IRoobot and they replaced with new one. Very happy....more info
  • Better than expected
    I was skeptical when my husband suggested getting a Roomba (in response to my complaints about the rapid proliferation of dust bunnies that need daily sweeping or vacuuming). But, I am pleasantly surprised. Yes, the little robot is rather noisy on hardwood floors (not so much on carpet), and yes, it is more cute than thorough (misses under some furniture and in some corners). But, it does save my sanity, meaning that it captures most of the dust, ash, cat hair, and grit that finds its way onto our floors every day. My biggest complaint is that the filter has to be manually removed after every cleaning; that's a dirty job, but no worse, I suppose, than removing a vacuum bag. The robot also seems to have trouble finding the docking station without help, and the docking station is so light that the robot pulls it along when starting from there. And, I have to remember to pick up small rugs, so the brushes don't get entangled with the fringe, and I prefer to be out of the house when the machine is working (noisily) away. But, overall, I like the little guy. ...more info
  • Wonderful. . .When It Works
    We bought our Roomba Scheduler in June 2007. It was wonderful. I have long hair, crappy carpet, and two little boys who always seem to be covered in dust (we live in the desert) The Roomba was a miracle worker. Our carpets had never been cleaner. We never seemed to use the scheduling function; it was just as easy to turn it on before bed or on our way our the door, and the Roomba always found its way back home. We were careful to clean out its brushes after every single use, knowing my long hair would easily get tangled up in there. We were delighted with our constantly clean floors. Not only was the carpet always vacuumed, but the kids started picking up their toys, so the Roomba (nicknamed Baby Brother because it put everything in its mouth) would eat their stuff if they didn't.
    Six months in to happy Roomba-ownership, we noticed. . .a problem. The Roomba would start out fine, but seem to get stuck, constantly backing up in a jerky, circular motion, as if it were always bumping in to something. We checked online, and found that this is a common phenomenon called "Circle Dance." The manufacturer suggested smacking the Roomba on its nose, and spraying it with compressed air. Neither trick worked. We finally sent it in for repair. They sent a replacement, which worked like a charm. For three months. Today Roomba #2 was struck down with Circle Dance. One and a half square feet of carpet are remarkably clean, but he's not moving beyond that point. We will probably give it one more chance. I would definitely recommend the Roomba for its performance, but because of longevity problems, even when very well maintained, I'd suggest buying it from a retailer with a very generous return policy. ...more info
  • Close but no cigar
    I'm kinda dissapointed in this because so many people have raved about theirs.
    My biggest gripe is the cleaning quality. It's not nearly as good as a real vacuum cleaner. I'd say it does about the same as a powered floor sweeper, but it's not a vacuum.
    I suppose it will be good to keep the carpet free of visible debris between thorough cleanings with my upright vacuum, but I was hoping for a real hands free no worry vacuum replacement- this isn't it.
    Also, it gets hung up on small obstacles like the base to a floor fan I have, and it has problems docking properly- it got stuck sideways trying to dock with it's base twice now. Lastly, it's louder than I thought. It sounds like one of those remote control toy cars- non stop for an hour....more info
  • roomba, wood floors, and dog hair
    The Roomba rocks so hard. I have wood floors and two shedding dogs (malamute and GSD). I set the roomba to run after I leave for work. It does a fantastic job. The dogs don't freak out about it either, which they do about the regular vacuum.
    We had to recondition the battery to get more life out of it but that was an easy thing. ...more info
  • Stop thinking about it and BUY IT!!!
    It has been two weeks and the novelty hasn't worn off yet!

    First off let me say that if you expect perfection out of the box, look elsewhere. It is a machine and is a bit quirky. That being said, I LOVE this thing.

    I have a large family room with dark green carpet. We mistakenly thought that the dark color would hide everything. Wrong! It shows every little bit of lint or pet hair and there is alot of that around here. BR (Before Roomba) I was never satisfied with how this room looked as the carpet really needed daily maintenance to look even somewhat acceptable. I dragged out my dyson every couple of days tried to get the carpet to look better. But I just didn't have the time for daily vaccuming. But now I do!!! Now I have the roomba go off every night at midnight (I move the dog bed and a few things off the floor before going to bed) and every morning I wake up to an amazingly clean carpet. The carpet fibers are actually lifted up and not crushed anymore after two weeks of daily roomba-ing. I have found that the roomba does not always make it back to his base and one morning I found him stuck under a coffee table. But, all and all, I couldn't be happier.

    I have been running this thing 3x daily since it arrived and on the weekend I was running it 5x daily. I am continually amazed at how much it picks up. Must be from going under all that furniture.

    Expect to clean the brush and roller bar frequently. Also, the dust bin fills up fast. They recommend emptying it every 3 uses, but I empty it after every use.

    Oh - it does not leave perfect vaccum marks in the carpet like a maid. But it does get the job done. I have found that I don't notice the marks as much now, probably because after repeated use in every room, my carpet fibers are no longer crushed.

    The absolute best home purchase I have ever made. It spends an hour in an average sized room. When was the last time you ran your vaccum for an hour in one room?

    I have also added a scooba to my collection. I already had a spot-bot (love it for pet messes) and on Sunday I had all 3 running at once. My 18 yr old son thinks it is a scream that I have 3 robots cleaining the house at once. I told him that it will be much better when I get 2 more roombas (one for each level of the house) and a dirt dog for the garage.

    Seriously, you should get this. The price dropped from $179 to $149 (amazon refunded my $30) and now there is even the option to buy a service agreement. ...more info
  • How did I ever live without her?
    I borrowed a friend's Roomba over the summer and was instantly hooked. I have horses and large dogs and laminate floors, and I live in Oregon. So keeping the house clean has always been a challenge. If the dogs aren't tracking in debris, I am. And I never had time to vaccuum as much as I needed to, which meant I was always scrambling if someone came over and never felt entirely comfortable about how clean my floors were. NOT ANYMORE. Now that Roomba is here, I walk around barefooted and don't cringe when I hear a knock at the door. I have her programmed to vaccuum every night and when I wake up it's so great to walk out into a clean house. SCOOBA is on the way, so I'll be posting a report on that at a later date.

    Is ROOMA perfect? No. Is she better than me? Absolutely. ...more info
  • Minimally effective and dies
    Bought a remanufactured Roomba Scheduler 4290 at the end of Dec. It constantly gets hung up on throw rugs and stuck under furniture. Today the charging system decided to give up the ghost. Called tech support and they are sending a "new" unit. Good tech support resonse but the unit itself works poorly. In contrast our 535 works great (and is the reason we got the second unit). However, I wouldn't recommend a 4290 to anyone I liked....more info
  • Beware remanufactured Roombas
    I purchased a remanufactured iRobot Roomba Discovery to take care of the continuous accumulation of cat hair in my apartment. After following the charging instructions to the letter, it worked for just 10 minutes before running out of juice.

    A bit of web searching revealed that this is a common problem, with the solution being to charge the battery for three days. I did this and it did improve the runtime, but nowhere near to the two hours runtime claimed.

    About one minute into its first run after the recharge, it starting making a nasty grinding noise. I opened the back and found that the brushes were not rotating when it was moving around the floor. This probably went some way to explain why it was picking up so little dirt.

    Another bit of web searching revealed that this, too, is a common problem. The solution this time is to return the unit, so I have. But for a refund.

    Read around in the web and you'll find that a lot of people have a reliability problems with these things. I will probably buy a new one (not remanufactured) in a couple of years when the technology has matured enough to make them reliable.

    That said, I'd recommended one of these for entertainment value if you have cats....more info
  • Love my roomba
    I got my first Roomba, which died after a few days of use. iRobot support was a little slow on the RMA, but they did replace my remanufactured robot with a brand new one.

    I've got the 4xxx series with scheduler. Pathing isn't as intelligent as the newer models, but at almost half the price I'd rather just buy two.

    Long story short: I love my roomba. I came home today and my carpet was vacuumed. All I had to do was empty the dust bin. The roomba is very user friendly and does a great job. It's something that I'm sure will become a common household item one day....more info
  • thank you
    Thank you so much.
    Roomba works hard for us and our room is always clean.
    ...more info
  • The Wife Loves It
    It's a very interesting device for sure. It gets hung up on rugs/mats very easily so you have to take them up ahead of time. The dirt chamber must be cleaned just about every time if you have a pet or two. The scheduler hasn't really come in handy for me. We're at home and away at random times so you never know when's a good time. Also, there's the issue of larger homes and where you put the base and virtual walls. It's not always practical to vacuum only room A and hall B (blocked off by the virtual walls and then return to the base if it's in another room. It would be great for apartments or smaller homes probably. Right now we just turn it on manually and let it do it's thing in a set area while we do other cleaning jobs.

    In addition, the Roomba won't replace your regular vacuum or broom. There's just no way it can handle certain areas like under and around the piano, corners, behind flower pots, etc. Every once in a while you'll have to do a good vacuum job manually.

    With all of that said though, it does do a good job picking up the dirt, hair and debris. The rollers tend to get clogged up with hair but we have 4 pets. However, considering that fact, it does come in handy to run every other day to pick up that hair.

    All in all, it's cool and amazes friends and family and does vacuum well where it can get to. If the money's no issue I recommend it....more info
  • Recommended but...
    We have three kids and numerous animals (all but one fur bearing). Our house is almost 4000 square feet. Needless to say, we put a lot of wear and tear on any vacuum. Our Roomba was purchased from Costco in June of 2007 in the hopes of freeing us up to take care of other stuff around the house. I would recommend this vacuum with a few things to keep in mind.

    First, the dirt canister is small. Expect to empty the canister much more frequently than a normal vacuum canister! We find that emptying the canister frequently during it's job helps the vacuum's suction. Emptying the canister is not an enjoyable job. Expect your hands to get pretty dirty.

    Second, the brushes need to be cleaned of hair very frequently (after every other use for us). This involves using sciccors (we found that the little tool that came with Roomba for this purpose was inadequate) and cutting out the hair. Again, not easy or enjoyable.

    Third, the vacuum's charge runs down quickly (I think ours runs about 30 minutes at max) and takes at least three hours to recharge.

    The vacuum does work on samll amounts of hair and dirt if it is run on a daily basis. Roomba is helpful at removing dirt from under beds and under furniture but not around the edges of a room. Make sure things like bedding are not hanging down to floor level.

    I think Roomba does the same job vacuuming as my 6 year old (as in spotty job and runs out of energy quickly). I read one review that said this is a novel and fun product but don't get rid of your main vacuum. Think of Roomba as a supplemental vacuum. When I am working at some other chore, my moral does get a boost knowing that when I walk into a room the Roomba has been working on, the floor will be cleaner than when I last left. One less thing!...more info
  • Excellent for pet hair
    Wow! What can I say, no vaccuum has ever picked up pet hair like the Roomba. I would certainly purchase one again. The only con is that you must pick up all your rugs prior to starting....more info
  • I love my roomba
    I have had this for a year and every weekend it runs through our house. With three dogs and four cats it has a lot to do. It amazes me how it doesn't go down the stairs and how it negotiates the throw rugs. A total joy!...more info
  • Stopped working after 1 week
    I bought this remanufactured roomba from amazon. After one week it stopped working. It basically starts going back and forth in one square foot of area and not going anywhere. It's returned....more info
  • Everyone should have one of these
    Fun to use, fun to watch, easy to clean. I haven't experienced anything negative about this vacuum. It picks up a lot of dirt every time I use it- even after vacuuming with an upright. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because it's not easy to control with the remote, doesn't always dock itself, and could use a more efficient cleaning algorithm. I've been wanting one of these since I first heard of them three years ago, but waited until the price was more affordable. I'm not disappointed. ...more info
  • Might be fun if battery worked - not for everybody though
    This is a remanufactured version - a scheduler in a discovery case. Scheduling options worked, but battery ran out after 35 minutes. Did the take-out, hold power-button, charge 72 hour thing, then ran 3x on max and got it up to almost 50 minutes - my living room has 80% laminate+hardwood and a smallish very short carpet. Only once saw it dock at its charger. Tried to contact seller but was foiled by non working answering machines and later working answering machines. I will return this itme.

    Aside from the battery issues, this is not for people with long hair - the main brushes are cleaned easily enough, but it wraps around the little side brush and that is much harder to clean. Also it ripped up the previously not frayed edge of my workout-room carpet and on one occasion 'lost' its dustbin, filter and all. It continued to run until I spotted the dustbin on the floor. By that time the air was saturated with sucked up very fine dust. Fortunately I'm only mildly allergic and an extra dose did the trick. The dustbin opens up rather messily under the best of circumstances, so forget emptying it without getting exposed to everything you wanted to remove in the first place. Also tends to get stuck on cables, bumps against stuff rather noisily, and gets stuck on random features of your furniture - most notably the edge on my rubberized doormat on the side of the door. Hardly ever runs 20 minutes without needing to be rescued somewhere, even after cables were banned in roomba friendly cable guides.

    However, if you don't have cables on the floor where roomba can get at them, if you're not allergic and don't have long hair or not perfectly finished carpet edges, this might be the toy for you.

    It did do a great job cleaning under furniture where I usually don't clean that well, and my floors did look cleaner than usual - but I ended up spending 15-30 minutes a day babying and cleaning that thing, and if I ran a sweeper during that time the floors would have looked even cleaner.
    ...more info
  • remanufactured had problems
    I purchased a scheduler one year ago. The unit ran for 30 minutes at first and went down to 10 minutes, by that time the 90 day warranty was over so I had to buy a new battery. The new battery ran for 120 minutes. If I were to get another remanufactured roomba I would send it back immediately if it doesn't clean for a minimum of 90 minutes. After 10 months or so, it started squealing when operating. I had to return it and purchased a sage for half price with the out of warranty replacement. I kept all the scheduler parts that I now use with the sage. When I put the battery from the returned unit in the sage the run time decreased to 60 minutes. I emailed irobot and did as suggested to super charge the battery. I am now getting about 90 minutes of run time.

    Even though I did not have great results with the remanufactured roomba I love that it is scheduled to clean every day. With two large dogs that shed it keeps the floor 'dog hair' clean. I would recommend irobot roomba, but I would make sure it works perfectly and runs 90-120 minutes on the battery it comes with or send it back right away before the 90 day warranty runs out. (If Amazon is free return shipping send it there, it cost me over $15.oo to send it to irobot)- (New batteries cost less at Amazon than directly from irobot)....more info
  • Remanufactured Unit is awful
    We received our Remanufactured unit and charged it, as per the instructions, for 16 hours. Upon testing the unit we found it stalled every few feet, would only run for a couple minutes before getting stuck, and then died completely after 15 minutes needing another charge.
    What an awful piece of junk.
    We understood that it might have "blemishes" but this unit arrived with battle scars. It really looked beat up.
    We did not want to bother going for an exchange. Our feeling was that if they let one really bad unit leave their shop, they would probably let another one go out the same way.
    We asked for a refund and are waiting to find out how they handle returns.
    Bottom line: Wasted money and wasted time....more info
  • Roomba Bafoomba
    I'm not overly impressed with this vacuum cleaner. I've tried vacuuming a room several times and because of the way the vacuum cleaner is programmed it vacuums the same area of the room over and over again. Also my remote doesn't work so I can program the scheduler....more info
    Charged vacuum overnight and started it the next day. It would only vacuum for 30 seconds and then quit. Called Allergy Be Gone and they sent Fed X to pick up item and exchange it. Two weeks later, no roomba. Called Allergy be Gone, usually on hold for 10-15 minutes or no answer. Wife contacted them via an online help service. This service is generally "offline". They said item would ship today. A week later, no Roomba. Called again for refund. They refunded $155 of a $185 bill claiming that I should pay shipping and a 10% restocking fee since I wanted to return instead of exchange. They sent me an email that did not mention the fee, it only mentioned the shipping. Called allergy be gone again, no one answered. Finally called a long distance # in the refund email for a different company called "Today Concept Tomorrow Success" and complained enough about the service that they gave me a full refund. This was 5 weeks after my original order. Here is a copy of the email they sent me (I x'ed out anmes and #'s)-

    My name is XXXXX; I'm the account receivable for Allergy be gone. You refund is done. Here is the reference of transaction: Item Subtotal: $172.95
    Shipping: $12.09
    Refund: -$155.65
    Item Total: $29.39
    Total Charged to Customer: $29.39
    If you have any question please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Account Payable Dept.
    Today Concept Tomorrow Success


    Email: XXXXXXXX...more info
  • Great time saver & fun product
    I bought this refurbished version of Roomba about 3 months ago and I am loving it. This saves a lot of time for you. Can you actually clean up your room while doing other things, such as dishes or laundary.

    The dust container(?) in this robot is too small and rather difficult to empty it.

    All in all, I am happy with this product and I am willing to buy the next generation when it is out....more info
  • Roombas are fantastic... IF you can keep them running!
    I love my Roomba. I really do. With two cats in a house with hardwood floors, daily sweeping or vacuuming is the only thing that keeps the floors clean of cat hair tumbleweeds and kitty litter. The Roomba is perfect for this task, and does a great job. When it's working, I use it every day, and my floor is clean as a whistle.

    HOWEVER, this is without a doubt the most unreliable household appliance I've ever bought. I've had mine for 9 months now, and it breaks constantly. I have fully Roomba-proofed my house, and being that I've got a small apartment with hardwood floors, my house couldn't be more Roomba-friendly. Yet, I can't keep mine running without major repairs every 2-3 months. Unfortunately, I live overseas and haven't found a place to take mine in for repairs, so I've had to do the repairs myself. I've taken my Roomba apart so many times that I'm sure I qualify to teach an advanced course in Roomba repair at Roomba's remanufacturing facility.

    Here's my history of breakage with this product:

    Month 1 - The plastic tabs that hold the wire cage for the brushes broke off... all three of them. This happened multiple times until I finally got enough epoxy on them in the right places to keep them from breaking off. Clearly, these things weren't designed to be sturdy enough for the purpose intended.

    Month 3 - Battery died, and the Roomba wouldn't run for more than 15 minutes. Yep, you guessed it... JUST after the 90-day remanufactured warranty expired. Tried all of the online tips for correcting the problem, but they didn't work. Had to buy a new one for $50.

    Month 6 - One of the plastic arms holding the yellow brush chassis broke off, requiring me to tear apart the entire unit multiple times. More epoxy, clamps, and supports on parts that were poorly designed and just too weak to function for the purpose intended. Finally got it fixed after about 3 weeks.

    Month 8 - The bearings on the little vacuum motor wore out, leaving the motor shaft loose and causing a shrieking, grinding noise when the unit is turned on. Unfortunately, I can't fix this one. Couldn't find a small motor of the same size and voltage, so replaced it with a smaller one. The Roomba works for a few minutes, and then dies. Guess I'll have another go at finding a repair facility...

    If you buy this product, I strongly recommend the following:

    1. Make sure you get AT LEAST a 12 month warranty. You'll need it.
    2. Be prepared for the thing to break every 2 to 3 months if you use it every day.

    It's a shame, really, that this thing is so unreliable. It is otherwise a fantastic product.

    ...more info
  • worth every penny
    I love my Roomba. You have to "roomba-proof" your house, i.e. Can't leave cords trailing on the floor, can't have rugs that can easily be picked up from the corners, can't have rugs that have tassels. But once that's done, I come home to a clean house every day. I don't have to do anything and vacuuming is done! The roomba does a great job going around in my entire apartment. It does get stuck once in a while, but it happens rarely enough that it's not really an issue. Bottom line, it works....more info
  • Product was defective had to order from Allergy Be Gone
    We ordered this product from Amazon, but product arrived defective. Had to send it back. Was told that there was no more available and to order from another vendor. Ordered from Alergy Be Gone. When product arrived, it was not item pictured on box. Called Allergy Be gone and they did nothing. Said it was same product. We called iRobot and was told it was not. Amazon was supposed to give us 20 percent discount for product, but later, after it was too late to return item, said: no discount.
    Very unhappy with both Amazon and AllergyBeGone. Will not purchase again from either company....more info
  • Insufficient shipping packaging may have broken roomba
    I ordered this as a gift for my significant other who likes gadgets. It arrived in a fairly thin bag, around the regular roomba box which had a tear in it and had clearly suffered some abuse either in transit or before shipment. At any rate, it turned out that the bristle guard was broken, and after we got that replaced by the iRobot people, the Roomba still doesn't retain its charge well. I'm guessing since it was refurbished, the Amazon customer service people, who were very prompt in response, were out of stock to send another one (hopefully an operational one) and could only offer a refund if we sent it back, plus a $10 discount on future purchases. Perhaps this was an anomaly, but at this point in time (about 4 weeks after the roomba arrived in the mail), the fact that it does not run properly still has not been resolved....more info
  • good product, when it works..but EXCELLENT customer service!
    The Roomba we got has already broken, within a month, but when I called about it, the representative asked me a couple of questions, determined that it was indeed broken and is sending me a new one, just like that. So far I love th product and can't wait to get our new one. I give iRobot huge marks for customer service!! It's not often you get that from a company these days. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I'd been wanting this device for years but thought it would be too indulgent. I just need to work harder to vacuum and swiffer more often.
    One day I saw the robot on Amazon at a much lower price for a remanufactured unit.
    With a lot of hesitation (for the self indulgent nonsense as well as it being a remanufactured unit), I diligently read everything I could find on the internet about the device.
    The last review I read on Amazon was posted by a woman who said her husband'd given it to her as she had MS and doesn't move around easily. She said a lot of positive things not the least of which is how much cleaner the floors get and how much less effort of hers it takes to accomplish.
    That did it for me. I have MS, too. So I ordered the less expensive remanufactured unit.
    It arrived with a couple of pieces broken but I contacted iRobot. They immediately sent the correct parts which all snapped in just as they were supposed to.
    I used to robot yesterday for the first time and all I can say is I LOVE IT!!! My floors haven't been this clean in eons.
    The bot knows just where to go and what to do. It picks up everything it can reach. Using it got me to get all the stuff off the floor so it could clean
    And clean it did then found it's home and docked itself to charge for the next round.
    It cleaned the living room and kitchen floors - no rugs to worry about.
    I only had to empty the bin once then cut all the hair it collected off the rollers.
    I highly recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • Roomba is Awesome
    You'll need to keep your regular vacuum cleaner - but this little gadget is really amazing. I set it and its virtual walls to clean the living/dining room Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Only once did it fail to dock itself properly. Otherwise, it keeps the area clean and I cannot help but smile when I hear it start to work.

    It cleans in areas I otherwise could not (like under the couch) and has no difficulty transitioning from carpet to wood floor and back.

    You don't have to watch it - but if you do, you will be amazed. When I take it to another room, I use its remote to steer it back to the room where its dock is; use the dock command and watch it find the dock, dock itself and sing its little song of triumph....more info
  • Can't Tell What's In the Box? Read This...
    I couldn't tell what was in the box with this remanufactured robot, so I bought a few extra items I didn't need. Here's what you should know: this product includes the base station charger, two virtual walls, the scheduler remote, and the robot.

    As for the robot itself, I like it. I use it to clean my hardwood floors - almost 1000 sf of it. I divide it in half and let the robot run twice a week, once on each half. It does a very nice job on the hardwood and I only have to empty the container once a week.

    As others have noted, it works best if you do the prep work before it runs. For me, this means moving chairs and electrical cords. It takes about five minutes....more info
  • Love my Roomba
    Product performs just as it was stated. Came to me in less time than was stated and in perfect condition....more info
  • Great for animals
    I have 2 cats and hardwood floors. The Roomba Scheduler is wonderful because it vacuums everyday while I am at work and gets up the cat hair. It does a good job at finding its way back to the charging station. It occasionally gets caught up on an electrical cord or cat toy in the floor, but for the most part it does well at cleaning and going back when the battery is low. The battery typically lasts for about 2 hours. I do still occasionally move all the furniture around and vacuum the corners with a regular vacuum cleaner. The only bad thing is that the bumber in the front is a bit too hard and started scratching the legs of my furniture so stuck felt around the bumper of it for cushion and it does not scratch the furniture anymore. Also the 'trash' compartment is very small and needs to be cleaned out after each use. ...more info
  • Remanufactured Roomba Scheduler
    I've had mine over a month & it's the best thing I ever bought. If only it could cook I'd trade in my wife...more info
  • Robby the Robot
    I absolutely love my iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. I set it up to do the living room or kitchen/dining area and let it go. I have a short-haired dog that sheds year-round, so get lots of dog hair. After about 20 minutes of cleaning I empty the dirt container, then pop it back in and let it go. It does a wonderful job and the best part is --- I can be doing something else -- or even reading a book or watching TV, and the house gets cleaned....more info
  • Pet fur is 97% gone! Amazing!
    I have 2 big dogs and a long haired cat, all of which shed like crazy. I have an amazing Dyson upright vacuum that sucks fur up amazingly. However, I don't have to time, nor the desire, to vacuum as much as would be required to keep the fur problem under control. Then the other day a friend came over and made the comment "Your house always smells so good, you would never know you had three pets if it wasn't for the fur every where!" I hung my head in shame and then started thinking about the Roomba Vacuum which I had looked into a few months back. I deside that I would give it a shot, and even if it didn't do that great of a job it at least had to pick up a little something!
    Well I just set my new remanufactured Roomba Scheduler loose in my living room (it could not have been easier to do) and the result were so much better than I expected! It was a little scarey as it zoomed along, seeing the trail of clean carpet and hardwood behind it! It had no problem manuvering from the hardwood to the carpet, zipped under the couches with the greast of ease (who knows when I last vacummed under there), and every time it found itself in a tight spot it managed to find its way out. Half way through I did empty the debris bin just to be on the safe side. It took about 45 minutes for it to complete my good size living room and there is barely any fur left on the floor. In fact it probably left as much as I do when I am forced to do a quick, manual vaccum job. It did take my dogs a couple of minutes to get used to it, but they quickly forgot it was there unlike a normal vaccum which they hate. In fact the noise was so minimal that I've schedualed it to clean while I'm sleeping.
    Granted this is day one and it may fail down the line due to fur overload but it keeps my work load down for the time being, it is very much worth it!
    ...more info
  • Not worth buying it remanufatured
    Since I bought it 2 months ago I realized it wasn't cleaning well and every time we arrived home we founded it dead in a different place. I think the problem is the battery. It works for about 20 minutes than dies!!!! So it is far away from a new one. So we paid half the price of a new one but it works 95% less than a new one ...
    If you want to buy it try a new one.
    I even didn't complain, since I'm in Canada. It would cost a lot to send back the battery to them......more info
  • Experience not perfect but would buy again...
    Worked perfectly for 35 days. At that point it suddenly quit working and I contacted iRobot. I had to pay to ship the robot to them and it took about 3 weeks from when mine quit to when I got the replacement. Their customer service gave me absolutely no problems about getting another and responded to my emails very quickly.
    I have had the replacement for about a month and it has functioned very well so far. It maneuvers under chairs, around table and under couch. In fact, I am so impressed with the thing that I bought my sister one. She in turn liked it so well that she bought Scoobas for herself and for me. As far as I am concerned, if the Roomba makes it 6 months it has paid for itself because it is easily worth $1 a day to have clean floors without having to vacuum! Anything after 6 months is just bonus to me and I will happily buy another when this one goes. ...more info
  • Roomba and I make a great team!
    I'm a SAHM of 2 little girls and the wife of a messy husband :) I'm a neat freak and I can honestly say since I have gotten my roomba (Rosie) my life has been much easier. Shes set to run every morning at 9am and while she runs I bathe my girls and get breakfast going and dust and do laundry. This little robot is a wonder. Sure you have to prep the house before you let her go like hide wires, close any doors to rooms you don't want her in unless you have enough virtual wall units to put everywhere, and in my case pick up small toys and the rugs outa the bathroom and the trash cans. but i used to have to do that before i ran the big ol upright. I much rather do those things and then let rosie come thru and clean. The only problem i have had was when i tried to order a personalized skin with my daughters faces on it for my roomba from, they charged my credit card and i thought it shipped so after a few days i called and they said it had been cancelled days before. I'm still in the process of getting a refund. I have posted pics in the customer images on the roomba so be sure and check em out. I currently have my eye on buying a scooba :)...more info
  • Love my Roomba but is not perfect
    My Remanufactored Roomba would not charge after the first use. I e-mailed IRobot and after verification they sent me a new one. So, paid for remanufactored and now I have a new Roomba. It works perfect now and I have it scheduled to clean everyday. It is great to have when your house is on the market. I set it in one room and it vacuums. When my husband wakes he moves it to another where it cleans during the day and I have it do another room when I get home. The virtual walls are a great feature and it charges relatively quickly. You do have to roomba-proof the room but no more than for a regular vacuum session. It picks up much more then I would expect and it perfect for a multi-pet household. ...more info
  • Ethyl, my new friend!
    I was introduced to Ethyl (my Roomba) on my birthday. She was introduced to me by my husband. I have MS therefore vacuuming has become a difficult, exhausting chore so my husband brought Ethyl into my life and I am very happy with her! I only need to empty the receptacle and clean the hair off the roller (we have a Chow dog) a few times during her vacuuming cycle. I no longer dread this chore and would recommend Roomba to all!...more info
  • Just doesn't last
    This vacuum was great in the beginning. It did everything I was told it would do, but 6 months later it quit. I went through the diagnostic test to see what was wrong. It told me, fixed it and worked for another 8 months. Then about a month ago, it was vacuuming my floors and all of a sudden it quit. I thought maybe the batteries were run down so I charged it. It charged, but would not turn on. I bought a new battery pack for $43.00, put it in, charged it and it still won't work. I can't even go through the diagnostic test to see what in the world is wrong because it won't turn on. I paid $149.00 for a Discovery, but I can't afford to spend $149.00 every 1 1/2 years for a new vacuum. When it works, it great, but it sure does break down a lot....more info
  • Rosie the little robot that could
    My parents love the Roomba vacuum I got for my father on Father's day. They named it Rosie after the robot on the Jetsons. They wow all their friends with it. Oh, and it cleans the floor pretty well too. My father is actually cleaning the house, and he's enjoying it. The scheduler is a dream, and promptly at 8 am, Rosie goes to work. It makes me want to buy a scheduler for my roomba....more info
  • The rodent
    There was a broken bracket on the first unit. I complained, and a fresh unit was sent to me within a few hours. I had a month to return the defective unit, postpaid. The part of home maintainance I hate is vacuuming, and the Scheduler vacuums thoroughly. It does everything promised, including finding the base station. What tickles me, is that it has a pleasing personality. It noses around like a hamster poking into, and backing out of corners. It is a thoroughly desirable companion. ...more info
    Received Roomba broken. Could hear the pieces rattling before I even opened the packaging. The piece that holds in the brushes was broken in several places. Could not believe the lack of quality of plastic used. Based on the lack of quality of the broken piece I chose not to have a replacement sent. Idea is great but until product is better made I will not be purchasing.
    Was very pleased though with Amazon. Return was arranged promptly and refund was credited to my account promptly as well....more info
  • Love it!
    I was doubtful about how well this would work on my floors, but I have never been a suzy homemaker, so I figured I would use it more than I do the floors now. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well it cleans and I find that I use it more often than I ever cleaned the floors myself. I was also surprised at how well it cleaned the vinyl floors. I don't even have to sweep! I got a Scooba along with this Roomba, and they are quickly becoming my new best friends! Both were refurbs and I have not had any problems(knock on wood)....more info
  • This vacuum really BLOWS!
    Good luck, I have had nothing but problems with mine. It spends most of it's time spinning in circles. If not, it is stuck, on, up, or under something. Major dissapointment! Tech support has been weak at best. There seems to be no where you can send it for repair or evaluation. I have never put it in to any room and had it work. I have followed all Roomba's tips and still nothing. Think long and hard on this one. My "regular" vacuum is far more dependable....more info
  • I love all 3 of mine
    I no what u r thinking. If u love it y not give it 5 stars. I say to that, nothing is perfect. It does not do well on throw rugs, with fringes or not. So u do have to remove them from the floor. I also place my dining room chairs on the table. It seems it cant find it's way out once it gets in between the legs. Sofas and love seats are not a problem. But once the room is prep-ed, off it goes and i come home 2 a vacuum cleaned floor and the roomba is back in it's base. U do have 2 clean them regularly. I keep a can of compressed air to blow out the sensors and hard to reach areas. Regular cleaning is a must, so they stay n perfect working order. I have had mine for seven months, without a problem. I have a lot of hardwood thru out my house. I think the hardwood floors send out invites for a dust bunny party every week. It is amazing the amount of dust it collects on a weekly bases. I walk around my house n my socks. They do not look like i have been walking n the street without shoes anymore. I get regular compliments from visitors on how nice my floors look. No it is not perfect. But 4 a single guy, n a 3 level townhouse(1 for each floor), who hates 2 do any cleaning, they work great 4 me and i love them all... ...more info
  • Sweet little robot!
    It does all thats asked of it. It was slightly damaged when I received it, but a little super glue made things all better.

    As for the bot itself, I have a carpet living room and a pergo formal dining. It is outrageous good on the pergo and pretty good on the carpet. The carpet is high pile, so I didn't expect much. I have 2 dogs, so my main concern is getting the dog hair up. It does a nice job of that. I'm going to get one for upstairs so I can just set the schedules and let them go.

    I would highly recommend it, especially for a tech-minded person. It is a blast to watch and try to figure out the algorithm....more info
  • Cleans Well
    Don't get rid of your vacuum just yet, but as an in between vacuuming aid this vacuum is great. It wonderfully gets under chairs and the sofa and gets the pet hair and dust bunnies we all joke about.

    Just remember it takes quite a while to vacuum a room....more info
  • The Original Roomba
    Got one used -- the original version. FANTASTIC MACHINE -- We were actually a little disgusted by the amount of dirt and crud it picked up! WOW!! Who actually sweeps and vacuums that often? We both work too hard. The roomba is GREAT. GET ONE -- NOW!...more info
  • Good Concept, Good Product execution, poor quality control
    You've already seen the other one million reviews. Here's my addition to them, this applies to the remanufactured models. Be prepared to send it back a few times, on both that I received, the brush retainer clip was broken. This part is around $20 and amazon might reimburse the cost for it. After I bought one on ebay, I found that the iRobot store sells them for $5, but I had already paid for the part from ebay and amazon didn't tell me about it, so it was really their loss, not mine. The replacement they sent me is now flaking out in the battery charging dept, it won't fully charge battery, tried another battery, another power cord, even another roomba, and yes, I have tried the "hold the power down for 5-30 seconds (different pages have different times listed) to reset the charging circuit" with the battery removed and the unit unplugged, none of this worked.

    Another observation: If you get a "Scheduler equipped discovery" vs. a "scheduler" roomba, well it has a second dirt sensor other than that, I think they're the same just a different color....more info
  • Roomba
    Roomba woorks very well. The battery was dead at time of purchase but I bought a new battery and still paid less than I would have spent to buy it in a store....more info
  • Damaged goods
    After I received three damaged Roombas in a row, Amazon wouldn't send me any more. Said they needed to investigate. Sounded reasonable to me. The units were arriving with a broken brush guard. I already had a Scooba which I liked very much (see review), so I ordered another Roomba direct from iRobots. It also had a broken brush guard, so I suspect the problem is at the remanufacturing facility. I also ordered a Pet Owners ungrade, which came with an unbroken brush guard, so the unit works now. iRobot has accepted return of the upgrade with the broken brush guard for full refund, so it's OK. It works very well. It does not do really deep cleaning like my upright does, but it covers the entire floor and picks up pet hair, grass clippings, and most tracked-in dirt at the push of a button, requiring no other action except to empty it every couple of runs. It also fluffs the carpet, leaving it looking freshly vacuumed. Handles area rugs and furniture legs in stride. Nice job! I LOVE my robot!...more info
  • iRobot Roomba Vacuum
    Easy to schedule to clean every day. Picks up tons of pet hair! We have all noticed a huge difference. There are no more "dust bunnies" on the hardwood floors or ceramic tile floors.
    Some part breakage from bumping into things. Easy to obtain and replace parts. Very helpful customer service!...more info
  • I love my Roomba!
    When I first recieved my refurbished Roomba, it had a broken piece. I contacted the iRobot people, and they immediately sent me a brand-new one at no cost, plus some extra filters for my trouble. This little thing works way better than my upright. I love it, and my carpets are safe for my newly-crawling baby!...more info
  • This thing is great!
    Okay, when I first got my roomba, it came with a broken part. But, a quick call to their customer service and I had a replacement, free of course, a few days later. This thing is great! In fact, it's vacuuming my apartment as i type this. It gets stuck occasionally, and once in a while I'll come home and it will have run out of battery-power while looking for it's docking station. But all in all, this is a great invention! If you've been thinking about one--get it! Now, if only they'd invent a dusting and laundry robot .......more info
  • Good product and customer service.
    I have just bought a reconditioned Roomba, my third (I dropped poor old number one very hard on a tile floor). When the unit arrived it worked flawlessly for two hours, but then the little spinning brush fell off. No problem, I thought, I will just screw it back in.

    Sadly it was not as simple as I hoped as the little nut that goes on the motor shaft that spins the brush had come along with the brush and after carefully pushing it back on a couple of time I realized it was not as easy a fix as I had hoped.

    Faced with two options, #1 was a return to Amazon who I knew would have another on the way right after a call. #2 was to contact iRobot (Figured out how they spell it... not a mistake) and see how their customer service was (after all these years I had never had to do anything more than use their good web site). I have always recommended iRobots product and figured I would see how well they responded to the issue as it was clearly not Amazon's fault.

    They were great. I used the E-mail reporting feature and their responses were fast and friendly. A replacement unit was quickly sent out and the new little monster went right to work cleaning the kitchen floor.

    Amazon has set a standard for customer service. iRobot is also doing a great job. I am so pleased I am buying another unit in the next few weeks (Ok... Perhaps it is also because I am freshly retired and now in charge of vacuuming the house as the wife is still working. 3 little robots cleaning 3 rooms every morning leaves me time to attend to the rest of my "honey-Do" list).

    Also happy to report that I have no concerns that the two Roombas' will overthrow the humans in the house; I am not so sure my dog and parrot are as confident for their own wellbeing.
    ...more info
  • Vroom Vroom Roomba!
    This is a great product that you can trust even if it's remanufactured. Do not go to Ebay to buy this from unknown sellers. Get it from here! Because, when your Roomba is arrived broken will send you a replacement and have UPS pick up your broken Roomba from your doorstep where Roomba was delivered. Roomba is otherwise still fully functionaly self navigating robot. Most of the time, small plastic that holds the brush unit breaks during transit. I would suggest the manufacturer to change it to metal or stronger plastic. Until then, it's going to break during Transit. While it wasn't vacuuming, I let the motor run on battery and it was amazing to watch it work. It went under the bed and couch. When it worked for only once when I taped the plastic together, it really does gather all the settled dust bunnies from under the bed. I totally considering getting rid of my upright 12 Amp Bissel....more info
  • 5 stars for a Reman!
    I purchased this for my mom for Mother's Day and her Birthday on 5/5/7. Both my mother and father loved it. While I was at their home after a night of charging we ran it mutliple times the following three days. It is absolutely amazing. I can not believe all the debris and hair it has picked up from their floor. I have a remanufactured Scooba and have been amazed. Don't fear the 'remanufactured' label. My scooba may have a few scratches but it works amazingly well. Sometimes I believe these work better than new purchases. They actually have all the 'bugs' worked out....more info
  • Remanufactured, but possibly still defective
    I tried two - both defective. I was so excited about recieving the iRobot, that after reading all the reviews, I was even thinking of a pet-name for it! However, after recieving it, I found it to be basically useless. I have a one bedroom apt with marble floors and a few area carpets. Only one carpet is modern, without fringe. However the rest are Persians with fringe. So this meant that I had to first clean the Persians and then lift them and the padding from the floor and find someplace to put them while the iRobot ran. This was way to time consuming and labor intensive. The one carpet that it did clean, it cleaned well except that it would leave "dust bunnies" around the edges. So I would have go around all the edges of that when the iRobot finished. However there were several times that it would get under a dining room chair and just bounce between the legs for more than three minutes. One time, after timing it stuck for more than three minutes under a dining chair, I actually felt sorry for it and I walked toward it to remove it. It came out, went about 15", made a U-turn and went back in and started bouncing between the four legs again! The second machine would get stuck in corners and just go back and forth between the two walls bouncing ad nauseum. I'm not sure if iRobot has a problem with remanufacturing or what, but I'm over this very high-maintenance gadget. By the time I prep the apartment, I could be finished dusting the floors myself....more info
  • Love it!!! Works great on wood/tile with large thick wool rugs
    I was a little hesitant buying this because I do not have carpeting. I have tile and wood floors with large thick wool area rugs. It cleans them like a breeze. Picks up the dust and the cat hair beautifully. In fact,I love it so much I am buying a second one for the other end of the house....more info
  • Awsome !!!
    This is a must have if you have small kids and pets. We have two small children and 2 cats, one of which is a long haired cat. After running the Roomba just one time I was amazed on how much cat hair the thing picked up. Also is a time saver with the kids and all the other housework, kind of nice not to have to worry about the vacuuumeing just turn the thing on and let it go do it's thing.Highly recremended for anyone with small kids and pets. Although the one cat is affraid of it, it's funny to watch the thing chase them around the house. Any how if your looking for a time saver give this a shot plus when "Roomba" starts to get low on battery power it finds its way back to the chargeing base to charge up again for the next run (3 hr quick charge) if you run the battery all the way down which is nice.We love it !!!! Get one for yourself and give it a shot and see what you think, we did.......more info
  • The technology is *almost* there
    I've had my eye on these robots for a while now. It arrived on Friday (4/27/2007) and I put it through its paces.

    The technology is not perfect yet but it is now impressively close. Its NiMH batteries are MUCH better than the old NiCd ones (as anybody who ever owned an early generation video camera can attest). But not as good as the newer Li-ion batteries in terms of power density and recharge cycles.

    I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. It won't replace the need to do a thorough occasional vacuuming, but it sure looks like it's going to do a good job at keeping the dust bunnies at bay. This model is schedulable, it will activate itself at some time that you determine (a different time each day if you choose), do its business and then dock itself when it starts to run low on power so that it can recharge. The default cleaning cycle is an hour and the battery in this remanufactured model is quite up to that task.

    The description on Amazon indicates that 4 "AA" batteries are required but you really need 2 "AA" batteries (for the remote) and 4 "D" Cells (2 for each of the 2 virtual walls). After the initial charge (they say it will take 16 hours but the unit indicated it was ready to go after only a couple of hours) I manually initiated a "clean" cycle to watch it and see what, if any, problems it would encounter. I used the virtual walls to keep it away from the one area rug that we have out (while in the midst of our renovations) so that the unit would not get tangled up on tassels. This is something I see folks warning about in all the Internet postings that I've seen. I let the unit travel across our linoleum laundry room floor, our ceramic tile dining room and kitchen and then down the carpeted (low pile) hallway to the gym. The unit transitions between all of these surfaces surprisingly well.

    The only three things that it has issues with are:

    * Area Rugs - as long as the Roomba hits these at some kind of angle (which it eventually will) it can cross the edge of these just fine. If it hits the edge at 90 degrees it will catch the carpet and temporarily jam. The Roomba is very good at figuring this out and shifting itself around to unstick itself. It will even go so far as to turn off its brushes and move away from the problem object if necessary. So this isn't really an issue per se but it is disconcerting to hear it struggle when it does get caught on the carpet edge.
    * Power cords - I have a power cord for my treadmill that I haven't yet neatly tucked away yet. It is bunched up and then rises off the floor a couple of inches to disappear into a cord-hider that I have mounted on the gym wall. The Roomba can get itself raised up on the coil of cord and then stuck where the cord rises. I suspect that, if I left it long enough, the unit might even figure its way off of that little trap but I didn't like watching it struggle and picked it off of the coil after about 45 seconds of struggling. The solution here is simple, I need to just properly stow the cable. It looks bad where it is anyway. Again not a really "normal" issue.
    * Shoelaces - This is a real issue. One of the laces of a pair of shoes that I normally leave on the floor in our laundry room got caught up in the brushes and, for some reason, did not jam them. The Roomba is more than strong enough to drag the shoe around behind it and that's exactly what it did. New rule - pick up shoes and put them in closet. Ah well...

    The unit is about as effective as a good floor sweeper (if you remember those little units from the 20th century). Meaning it does a great job on floors and a good job on carpets. Those bits of yard debris and pet hair are picked up very well. It even picks up a goodly amount of pollen which we, in the South, have in spades in early April. When I inspect the debris bin I see that dust bunnies will rue the day that iRobot invaded the house.

    My home is about 2,500 square feet, I think it's realistic that the Roomba can handle about a third of that. This translates to roughly 3 or 4 rooms. More than that and there simply isn't enough time in a cleaning cycle for it to cover the area enough to be effective. Depending on how this unit fares, I may consider at least one more unit for another part of my house.

    Another thing to note, if you have allergies you may not wish to hang around while the little guy does its job. While it does sport a little filter for the exhaust air it will not be mistaken for a HEPA filter. When I use my Dyson 07, which has such a filter, the air is almost fresh coming out of it. The Roomba cannot make this claim. But this is a minor point - the scheduler means that the unit has done its job and any dust has settled long before I get home from work.

    In case you're wondering how the cats are dealing with the Roomba. Maverick just watches it from a distance, preferably from a higher vantage point such as a couch or an ottoman. If the Roomba approaches him when he's on the ground, he waits until it gets a little too close and then prances out of the way. Phoebe seems to regard the Roomba as her next great conquest. She follows it around looking for weakness. She often will crouch down and when the Roomba is retreating she'll pounce. So for her this is just another great toy. She follows it around from room to room....more info
  • Remanufactured Scheduler
    Loved the roomba itself as a timesaver and for vacuuming carpet so deeply. Although the scheduler was a waste of money since I'm messy enough to have to make sure there's nothing on the floor that the roomba will "eat" every time I run it.
    However, a mere 5 months after I purchased the remanufactured roomba, my battery recharged less and less and finally at 6 months was completely dead. Bought a new battery, followed all the advice on the I-robot site and from ppl's chats but nothing fixed it. The warranty for a remanufactured roomba is only 90 days instead of a year for a new one. I am sending it back for I-Robot to analyze, and they are sending me a new one (for the out-of-warranty price which is still deeply discounted). So only three stars for the remanufactured roomba. ...more info
  • Roomba Baby
    My robot is fantastic. It goes all over with no supervision except that I have to keep the two mini daschunds from trying to pick it up all the time. They think it is a toy for them although it is bigger than either one of them. Roomba does a good job of picking up all sorts of dog hair and other things in between regular weekly vacuuming. ...more info
  • My right hand
    This little robot has changed my life in the cleaning department. As I have a cat, I had to sweep or vacuum the floor every day or it would be a mess. I work too much and have very little time during the week for cleaning, so the iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot saved me! I have one upstairs and one downstairs. This one in particular brought a broken part, very small, and it worked OK anyway. Nevertheless we ordered the part and received it in a reasonable time at no additional cost. I highly recommend it, whether you are short of time or not, because you could always use that extra time you're saving for something more fun than cleaning!...more info
  • Got dog hair, getta Roomba
    It's not a maid, but it's better than nothing. Letting Roomba go once a day in our place means keeping the never-ending sea of dog hair at bay. Roomba broke herself after only a few weeks of service, but the iRobot customer service sent out a replacement part quickly. She can't scale our thick shag rugs, but she gets over the lower ones just fine. She's a tad noisy, but aren't all vacuums? Oh yes, and the dog enjoys watching her work too....more info
  • Amazing product, great service
    I absolutely love the Roomba! My house has never been cleaner. It cleans really well and is very easy to use. The one I purchased didn't work well. I called iRobot and they sent me a brand new one within days. The customer service people at iRobot were very knowledgable and helpful. Although I was disappointed that my remanufactured Roomba had to be returned, I was 100% satisfied with the end result. I tell everyone who will listen how fabulous this vaccuum is!

    ...more info
  • Didn't know what I was missing!
    We have run our remanufactured Roomba daily since its purchase two months ago. Although it requires a bit more thought and maintenance than a standard vac, that inconvenience is more than offset by having clean carpets, hardwood and laminate. It picks up a shaming amount of debris each day.

    On occasion, we have to dust out the corners of the rooms to complete the job, but it's minor. Do be sure to tuck oriental rug fringes under the rug edges and get electrical cords and blind pulls out of the way before letting the vacuum clean the area.

    Our Scheduler came with a Discovery shell, but that's only a cosmetic difference. I will buy another Roomba when this one wears out!...more info
    I purchased the ROOMBA VACUM thinking that it was probably too good to be true. I am happy to say that it works. I have 4 dogs, two are Border Collies with long hair and it has been a constant chore to keep up with the dog hair on all the carpet. I now run it everyday to assist my regular cleaning and it does a Great job. I named my Roomba "Rosie" after the robot on the Jetsons. My friends are quite impressed that I can vacum the living-room while we sit on the patio. My dogs don't give it much attention and actually ignore it completly until it touches them and they have to get up to move. Tired of vacuming everyday? GET A ROOMBA!!!!...more info
  • Died within 3 weeks.
    "Remanufactured." I should've known better. The vacuum did great for the first couple of weeks, and we were careful to maintain and clean the bin and all that. Then it started going in circles and staying in the same spot for an hour. Manufactured in China...what a surprise....more info
  • Exceptional Product
    The iRobot Roomba has been a very pleasant surprise. Before ordering, I read all of the available reviews and found that all were very positive. After receiving our Roomba, we have been nothing but pleased with its performance. It cleans on the schedule that we have established and all of the daily dirt our hardwood floors is gone! It has "learned" the dimensions of some of our furniture and now is able to efficiently and quickly go around those objects. We have not observed any scuff marks where it has scraped into anything; it is very good at changing course when it encounters an obstacle. The only drawback that we've encountered is the need to remove the dust and dirt after each scheduled cleaning. But as this only takes 15 seconds or so, it is not much of an inconvenience. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Roomba Scheduler
    This item works pretty well. We have only had a few problems. If you have wood floors the unit works well. We are still trying to figure out how to get the home base to sit still so the robot can get off of it. We tried taping it to the floor but then it wasn't flush so the robot had trouble. Without anything holding the base in place the roombot will pull the base along with it.

    We have also had a few problems with the roomba getting stuck under stuff. All we had to do was move some furniture around a little and now it is doing better.

    Irobot sent out a USB updater a couple days ago to enhance the battery life of the robot. I followed the instructions to the letter and it didnt work like they said. Who knows if it actually updated the robot or not.

    About a week into owning it the wire screen on the bottom broke. After calling customer service, they said they would send me another one free of charge. 10 days later, I emailed them and asked why it hadnt arrived yet - they said it was never ordered. How nice. Hopefully I get it soon so I can use the vacuum again. It does a nice job on the floor and saves my wife a lot of time in the morning. I usually program it to vacuum the floor before she comes down in the morning. It can do 3 rooms on a charge. All in all I would recommend it but some people might be frustrated with the problems I had....more info
  • Wonderful invention
    I own one of these and have given two of these to my clients as house warming presents. I highly recommend this. And my cleints love it. It's a great conversation piece and it actually works. I have 2 dogs and 2 children and keeping up with the fur and crumbs were diving us crazy - now I just turn this on, leave the room, and both are cleaned up. You will still have to run your regular vaccum over the floor to pick up non-surface dirt but this increases the time in between vaccum sessions and is a great help. I am glad I have mine. ...more info
  • Remanufactured iRobot Roomba Vacuum
    This was my second purchase of a remanufactured Roomba, and it was not worth the savings! The first Roomba I purchased I was able to use once and it worked pretty well. Before I used it the second time, I removed the dust/dirt collector to see what it collected and a tab broke off and the whole unit was broken and would not stay attached. I returned it and tried another one, this specific model above, and upon first opening it, noticed that again, the tab on the dust collector tray was broken off.
    I gave up on remanufactured Roombas and decided to purchase straight from Irobot, we'll see how that goes.....more info
  • It cleans areas that are often overlooked...
    As many other people have stated, it's not a replacement for a traditional vacuum, but it has been great for cleaning between major vacuuming. Also, it's really been great on our hardwood floors because it goes under dressers and beds (places that are easily overlooked when cleaning).

    I don't regret this purchase at all, especially at the refurbished price. I actually have my eye on a Scooba now ;)...more info
  • Nice addition to the household
    We are extremely happy with our Roomba purchase. It does a really nice job on the hardwood floors and our 18 month-old daughter enjoys chasing it around the house. I would recommend it for anyone wanting to save time and keep their house tidy....more info
  • Works really well
    Not perfect by any means. But my house is cleaner than it has been in a long time. Many cats to keep up with. Its amazing how much you empty from the dust bin each day......more info
  • Excellent. Does exactly what it's supposed to.
    This product works exactly as described. I set it to work 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Mon-Wed-Friday. My doggy goes to work with me, so we are BOTH happy about this. (Do one manual thorough cleaning before setting a schedule like this, and the small capacity bag-less collector is fine.)...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    This is my second remanufactured Roomba. The first one arrived with a battery that overheated. This one arrived with a bashed-in screen. The people at Roomba were not particularly helpful and suggested I return the entire product to Amazon because of a $2.99 broken part. The second time I called, the woman in customer service informed me the part was out of stock when I tried to purchase it. The third time I called, the customer service rep. sent one out for free, no questions asked.

    If you love the Roomba product, which I do, and are willing to go through the hassles of dealing with their customer service department, this is a good deal. I have two of these little machines, and they do a great job of picking up the dirt that my puppies track in.

    They do need a fair amount of maintenance though, so anyone who is not into taking things apart and putting them back together would probably not like this product. ...more info
  • Roomba. Great for pet hair!
    I purchased a Remanufactured IRobot Roomba. I have had it one month and had no problems with the unit. It does a great job on my tile floor picking up the tons of dog hair that my Lab leaves behind. The carpet is another story, it does make a little difference, but I still need to vacuum on the carpet often on top of what the Roomba does. It it wonderful on the tile though. I hardly have to sweep at all myself, only if I want it done quick do I bust out the broom. This little guy takes 45 min to what I can do in 5. It is fun to watch and my dogs are starting to get used to the loud noise it makes while it works. It does actually vacuum, and needs to be cleaned out after every cycle....more info
  • Awesome
    We use this robot almost every day. It's like having a maid come daily....more info
  • Miserable Customer Service: Return Impossible
    My Roomba Scheduler broke after its first use: the bottom cage door fell apart and it got stuck going on and off a rug. I wrote many e-mails and waited many a time on the telephone line to get an exchange from the company iRobot. Time after time iRobot repeated the same stalling technique: turn it off, turn it on, clean the sensor with a q-tip, with an air compressor, turn it off, turn it on...Eventually iRobot declared that it will not replace the Roomba because the color of the rug (green) was not bright enough for Roomba to see. So change the rug, replace the floor, just don't blame the robot. I was told to buy a new one. It is understandable that iRobot is a young company and therefore cannot afford to be too generous in its return policy. But to be shady and dishonest toward costumers is an utterly stupid business model that will not last long. I see many are happy with their Roomba, but if iRobot cannot even honor a simple contract, why should anyone expect it and its products to remain competitive in the marketplace? Buy a new one? I don't think so. ...more info
  • my maid
    I purchased this item because of recommendation from a friend. It has proven to be a very valuable tool in my hose. It picks up bird seed, nesting material and keeps the bird room floor free of seed. It starts automatically in the AM the time I chose, it vacuums and gets up all the seed prior to my entering the room. It is a welcomed tool in my house....more info
  • His name is MOTO
    I love this little robot. In fact I bought a second one.

    It is best on hard floors but does surprisingly well on low pile carpet.

    It is good for sucking up real fine dust and animal hair without stirring stuff up.

    I particularly like it in bedrooms because it gets up under beds really well.

    It is also best to do 1-2 rooms at a time and not expect to do the whole house.

    And it is best to set it when you are going to be out of a room as it is a little noisy. The virtual walls work well in dividing up your house.

    I really like it and kids will to because of the remote control feature!

    ...more info
  • I Have My Life Back
    With a cat, a long-haired dog, and a baby, vaccuuming was a time-consuming, every-day event in my house. I, begged...for a Roomba for Christmas, and my wish was granted. I haven't vaccuumed the floor since then (although I do vaccuum the furniture). I loved the idea of scheduling Roomba to work early in the morning, before we get up. But the dog wasn't so crazy about that, and barks her head off. So now, Roomba works away while we eat breakfast. He handily does the family room, kitchen, dining room, & living room every morning, and does the bedrooms 2x a week. Voila! No more tumbleweeds. In fact, hardly any fur worth mentioning. The only downside I've found so far is that it's tough to find filters, which need to be replaced monthly. Otherwise, Roomba has proven to be the best gift ever!...more info
  • worked wonderfully - right up until the warranty period ran out!!
    i loved this machine. it was an immense help in cleaning kid debris from my hardwoord floors. unfortunately it wasn't WELL refurbished and the darned thing developed multiple glitches two days - to the date - after the warranty wore off.
    now they want another $100 bucks to even look at it. i could have purchased a one new from lnt with the sunday 20% coupon for the price.
    buyer beware. ...more info
  • Daddy's New Little Helper
    We have a dog and a two year old so the floors are always getting dirty! Roomba does a great job of getting up the dirt and dog hair. It doesn't get all the way into corners so keep your big vacuum.

    I can't vacumm my entire ground floor, but it will do a good job on individual room. The virtual walls really help Roomba to stay in one area and focus. I haven't used the scheduler because it really didn't seem practical:

    1. I would need a dock in every room
    2. You would need to leave the virtual walls in place

    Both of which present problems with a curious toddler in the house. But it is cute when my son tells me that Roomba is working and when it recharges that Roomba is sleeping!

    Worked as advertised. Great product....more info
  • Eliminates cat fur tumbleweeds
    Roomba (a.k.a. Roomby) is lots of fun and it is disturbing how much cat fur gets packed into the tray even though it's scheduled to run three times a week. We haven't vacuumed manually since we got it. With two cats it really cut down/eliminated the cat fur tumbleweeds (if you have a long haired cat you know what I mean). We even purchased a Scooba and I've been rather impressed with that as well. The one thing I'm not happy with is that we have a rug with long fibers that it tends to get stuck on so that may be something to consider if you have a similar rug. Overall, I would purchase it again and hope for a long life for my roomba....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Initially I viewed this as another vanity trend item and never thought I'd actually buy one. A friend had one, though, and she's extremely practical (and loved hers) so I thought, what the heck... I'll try it. Then, when I found it refurbished and saw the other reviews, I figured it was worth a shot, especially at that price. This is the BEST purchase I've made in a long long time. It is SO worth the price. My floors have never looked better and I hardly have to work at it. Dog hair and small debris are easily picked up by this machine. I only have to lug out the big vac every couple of weeks now instead of every other day. I'm in heaven!...more info
    Despite what some of the nay-sayers have posted about the performance of the vacuum I belive that the irobot roomba does a good job of vacuuming. It doesn't get everything deep down in the carpet fibers. However, it does a very good job on surface dirt. The fact that it drives itself, there are no cords to deal with, it gets everywhere especially under sofas and beds and it will vacuum everyday without complaint makes up for not getting as much deep down dirt as an traditional vacuum cleaner might.

    The scheduler function is not really needed. If I were buying another one I would get just the robot and perhaps an extra battery just to have one ready at all times. Pushing the button to make it go is not a big deal at all. All you need to do is push "clean" as you leave for work in the morning each day and when you get home your carpet will look great.

    It does make a lot of noise but so does every vacuum cleaner I have ever had. You do have to clean it out everytime for it to work it's best but if you have a bagless vacuum cleaner now your probably already use to this.

    The technology represented in this little vacuum is very simple and straight forward. You do not need to be smart to operate or maintain this machine. I would strongly urge you to buy one and support further development of this type of product in the future.
    ...more info
  • Love, love, love my Roomba!
    My house is so clean, I don't know how I got along without one! Effortless! Thanks Honey, for the Christmas present! :)...more info
  • Love this thing
    I use this as well as another regular Roomba.

    This unit works well for large and non-complex (floorplan) rooms. If you have a lot of doors and thick rugs, don't even think of using this. The unit relies on the optical sensors on the main base and the unit to 'redock' when power runs low. I've had the unit get lost and run out of juice near my dining table when it was out of visual range of the docking station.

    Surprisingly, it picks up a LOT of junk. And when it found crumbs that my friend's kid dropped, it circled around until it picked most of them up. It did pick the rest of them up in subsequent runs during that cleaning cycle.

    My biggest gripe is that the 'virtual' walls didn't work. My two units were both DOA!!! I'm going to call them in as my other two walls from my regular roomba work just fine but are not 'scheduler' walls.

    The roomba has never gotten stuck on my slight accent rugs (not thick) but it does have long loopy piles that once got jammed in the unit and had to be cut, but that was because it's an older rug that had a fray that got sucked up and caught up in the rotating mechanisms of the Roomba.

    Keep the unit cleaned frequently as you will not believe how much junk it can pick up (obviously more efficient if the filter is clean!)

    My remanufactured roomba seems to run for less time than my normal non-reconditioned roomba unit. The scheduling unit is very self explanatory, but the memory needs to be reset everytime you switch batteries which is annoying. Why not just have flash memory that would remember the day/time for brief period of outages? but this is a minor gripe...

    I would highly recommend this unit to most everyone....more info
  • Cleans great and easy to use
    This is a great product that any house with a pet should have. It is easy to use and does a nice job cleaning. It isn't perfect, but it does a nice job in between regular vacuum cleanings.

    The only fault that I have found is the way in which hair and carpet fibers get caught on the rollers. You have to cut the wound pieces to remove them. If it wasn't for this, I would give it 5 stars....more info
  • I am clutterblind and the Roomba is wonderful
    I tend to have a lot of stuff around and was unsure the Roomba could navigate successfully. But it is amazing and almost always finds its way home to recharge. The little musical fanfares it plays always amuses me when I am around when it starts up. But the bottom line is that it does a great job and my floors get vacuumed much more often than in the past and even picks up my bird's dander and seed debris. Just gotta remember to dump the changer every couple of days and clean the brushes every few weeks....more info
  • es un engaño
    estaba esperando con ancia el ROOMBA y apenas llego hoy, no sirve, no lo revisaron posee piezas rotas asi como le faltan tornillos, tengo toda la noche cargando la bateria y no carga.... no sabemos si el problema es el cargador, la base, la bateria o el aparato como tal.
    he intentado de comunicarme con IROBOTS si obtener resultados....more info
  • Can't live without it or I don't want to
    I can't say enough good things about my little guy. He frees me to do other things. I don't use the scheduling feature because I move him around quite a bit. I've ordered three more--one for each of my daughters--who have also reported loving them and an extra for myself. I clean him after each run with canned air, a damp papertowel, and make sure he has a clean filter. The filters are easy to wash out and then dry for the next run. I have several and rotate two until one is too far gone and then get another new one. He reaches places I can't get to with my huge cannister electrolux or my self-drive Kirby. I cleaned for hours before starting the first run to give the little guy a good shot. He managed to find some dust and a moth's wing. Where I can't imagine. I like that he goes over the surface many times and picks up the nap of the carpet. With him around my floors are debris free. I've even rearranged furniture so that he can reach every little place--something I've never done so that I could vacuum the area. The only thing I caution is if you have some furniture that hangs a little too low and he gets kinda stuck--I don't think that's good for him. It might spring his wheels. I live in Southwest Kansas and so far he's managed to pick up sand, gravel, dust, string, hair, and bug parts. Some would say Roomba's nothing but a glorified carpet flick. I'd say, "so what?" At least he can get along the baseboards whereas every other vac I have leaves that tell-tale 2 inches of dust along every edge--my little guy doesn't! He also makes sure that while I'm doing the dusting because of unexpected guests--he's doing the floors. GET ONE--you won't regret it. Oh, and customer service is fantastic. Just call them and they'll help quickly with any problem or question....more info
  • Got it for our Kids
    Yes, we got the Roomba Vacuuming Robot for our adult son - a bachelor's pad can always use a bit of spiffing up. We wanted to be sure that it was really going to be useful so we unpacked it and tried it out in our own house. We like it so much we had to get him another one. Yes, you have to take the trouble to empty the bin after ( nearly ) every use, but that actually seems to endear it to us since we can see how much dust and fuzz it picked up on the last run. The system works as advertised. ...more info
  • Not yet mature
    The Roomba failed to clean all areas of my apartment (which has a hardwood floor plus some rugs on top). Often it recognized the rug's edges as barriers when coming from the plain floor. Though, even in rooms with no rugs, it didn't clean all the spots. The cleaning algorithm is pretty insufficient. I expected the robot to create some map of the apartment on the go and to then clean it in a systematic manner. Instead, it seems the robot can remember only the last turn. The only really planned movements are those following straight walls.
    To sum up, hardware itself is very good, but cleaning the algorithm (and possibly the computing hardware) needs to be improved significantly. There are many more sophisticated cleaning algorithms in robot research....more info
  • iROBOT
    I purchased this product because my wife wanted a vacuum that "goes by itself".
    At first we found ourselves standing and watching as this little machine went around the room. We had heard how much the Roomba picked up, but I think it is more about how small the capture bin is. It did however find a marble and another toy that would not have been picked up by our normal vacuum.
    There is some preparation time involved (moving chairs etc)and we have to monitor the machine occasionally as it gets stuck on some furniture in our house and sometimes a rug. Otherwise it's nice to just turn the thing on and let it go for an hour or so through the house and it gets the vacuuming done while we do other things.
    When we got the machine it had a broken part, the retainer grill for the brushes. I called customer service and they sent a new one no charge, no questions. The price was the final decision maker for me, I don't think I would have bought one for the regular new product price....more info
  • Stay with a new machine
    I have a Roomba at my office, and I love it. I decided to try this remanufactured one to take home. The first time I turned it on it seemed to run fine, but then it started this intermittant shuttering, usually after bumping into things. My other Roomba never did this. I turned it off and packaged it back up and sent it back. I probably would have been fine keeping it, it did pick up like it should. It just sounded funny compared to my new Roomba. I am going to buy a brand new one now, remanufactured wasn't worth the savings I would have experienced. But I do love Roombas!...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I have to send back the second one of these refurbs. Both units would not hold a charge. On this second return, Amazon admitted there was a widespread problem and they couldn't guarantee a fix, so they are refunding my money. I've just purchased a new unit from Brookstone in hopes that it will work.

    UPDATE: 10/1/2007
    Love the NEW one! The new one has held up nice. The only issue we've had so far is the brush that rotates just on the outer edge of the unit broke - we think it must have gotten caught on something. It was an easy fix and the part was only $6 on the iRobot website. On full charge it will run for about 1 hour during its scheduled time. It did take it a while to find home the first few times, and sometimes it will find a new place to get stuck. But otherwise, with 3 cats and two dogs, this is a must have for daily vacuuming. Also, we clean it once a week or else it will just go around in circles.

    Bottom-line, you take your chances with refurbs. 9 times out of 10 they are fine, but in my case they were all duds....more info
  • don't throw away your dustpans just yet
    The roomba scheduler does what it claims, it vacuums at a set time and returns to its home-base after it finishes. If that's enough for you, then this is absolutely awesome. If you expect to not have to re-vacuum the same room, then you may want to hold off. The roomba does a really good job of hitting the entire room (just make sure it is clutter free), but seems to run into issues with hair and fuzz. Let me clarify that, dirt and dust on hardwood floors or light carpeting are easily picked up, but the spinning brushes on the front end of the roomba have a tendency to push lighter things (like the hair and fuzz) out of the way during each pass, so they never really end up in front of the roomba where the actual vacuuming takes place. I also noticed that alot of dirt gets pushed up against the edge of my throw rug, where the roomba is slightly off level (being half on the floor and half on the rug) and just doesn't seem to have the sucking power to pull dirt off the floor from higher than an inch or so. It's great for doing a quick run through the house while you are out, getting most of the heaviest dirt and such, but you will still need to broom up anything it left behind if you want a spotless room. On a side note, my dog absolutely hates it and barks like a madman everytime it starts up (he already bit off the plastic air vent on the back, twice). Even still, the price of the refurbished model is hard to argue with and, if you like having the coolest toys, everyone who has come into my house has wanted to see it run. Overall, it does a good job in open spaces and can get under furniture that i would never take the time to move, but neat-freaks may want to stick with their uprights....more info
  • iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot with Remote Scheduler
    I love my Roombas, this is my second Roomba. I have original series and wanted to upgrade to the scheduling and new intelligence features. I love the fact that I go to work and I come home to a vacuumed house with the Roomba happily charging in his base station. A Roomba is a must have!...more info
  • Good little maid.
    The Roomba does a good job of picking up most things. I am surprised how much it actually does do. I am still in the midst of Roomba-proofing my house (cords, loose rugs, etc.), but the little guy does good. Did I mention that it is fun to play with as well? It is not quicker than doing it yourself, but oh how nice not to have to do it yourself! ...more info
  • The little robot is a nice luxery item
    It does a pretty good job at picking up surface debris, however you are still not going to be able to avoid having to do the 'serious' vacuum occasionally to get the deep down stuff. It does program fairly easily, and will return to it's base when the battery gets low. I do wish the battery lasted a bit longer (good for about 20 min) however that may be unrealistic expectations considering what it does. If you can get this for < $200, it is worth it....more info
  • Awesome
    For Christmas I gave my 3 sons and their wives a iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot, they have gone on and on about it. Now I am wanting one since it works so well. Thankfully one of my sons asked for it for Christmas it was a gift that was a great hit.
    ...more info
  • Just one less thing to do!!
    I don't really remember what life was like before the Roomba. I think we had some big heavy upright looking thing that we had to push and pull back and forth across the flooring. But seriously, this was definately the best purchase for our household in 2006. The price is perfect, and the thing just keeps on going. The best part is that after a while, you forget that you even have it. You just come home, empty the dirt bin, and go about your business in your effortlessly clean house. We have pets and the hair builds up in the carpet over time. After two weeks of daily service (every day at 10:00 am) the floors are not only spotless, but the fine hairs have been eradicated from the carpet. Don't just buy one. Buy one for everyone you know!...more info
  • iRobot
    I bought the iRobot for my wife for Christmas since she hates to use the big canister vacuum. It works well, but doesn't seem to have the stamina as specified in the owner's manual - one hour on the "clean" cycle and two hours on "max". I get about half that time. It does a good job and is fun to watch it extricate itself from tricky positions. As soon as he hears the starting tune, the dog goes bonkers. He barks at it and follows it around the room. I scheduled the virtual walls along with the iRobot today so we'll see how that went. I wish there was a way to schedule it for more than once a week. So far no problems with the remanufactured machine....more info
  • Roomba is good but not perfect yet.
    Works excellent in smaller areas. If you have a large home the robot will not go to all areas, you must place it. Large home may need 2 or three of the robots to clean everything and make it back to the base to charge...more info
  • Roomba Referb may not be a good bargin
    The Rooma Scheduler we received looked great at first glance. But after closer review, the main brush assembly was cracked, one of the electronic door blocks was rusted in the battery compartment, and when we started the Roomba, the small side brush spun off and we could not find the nut.
    It was a gift for my mom so I was quite disappointed in the refurb's condition. I sent it back and I went to Sears that night and bought a new one. The new one works great!
    ...more info
  • Roomba
    Wasn't sure I would like it, but after seeing the results, I was very impressed. Doesn't eliminate the need to clean or do a thorough vacuuming, but it does a very good job in between, especially when you don't have time. Grandkids just love to see it go and are always asking to use it. You MUST clean it every time between uses. It picks up so much that it gets full every time. On carpet it literally sucks up the fibers. About every 3rd or 4th time I have to do a thorough cleaning of the unit because hair will get stuck in the rollers, just like my regular vacuum cleaner. But it is easier than my regular vacuum to take apart and put back together....more info
  • Have not used a vacuum in months
    I have two Roomba Schedulers (one for each floor). It is the only product in my house that I get excited to show to new visitors. Once you spend 2 minutes "Roomba proofing" the house with the scheduled walls and making sure you pick up your dirty socks next to your bed, our 'pet' Roomba keeps the entire house (except stairs) vaccuumed.
    It is better than a regualr vac in that it cleans right along your baseboards, under you coffee table, bed and dressers. I don't have a dog, but my friends with a 120lbs black lab say it keeps up with his shedding as well.
    Must Buy. This is the original. No one has built a better product for a cheaper price yet. Thank you iRobot for making my life easier....more info
  • Roomba can be excellent for some....
    Let me start by saying that there is no doubt that this thing picks up dirt. We have cats, and it does a great job on cat hair (as long as it's not attached to the cat). And the algorithm that keeps the device free from obstacles is fairly sophisticated. That said, it hasn't worked out so well in our house for a few key reasons. First, my hope was that it would roam freely through the first floor of our house as it searched for dust. But there's no way that it will do that. Instead, it will pick out a room or two, and spend all of its time there. To clean rooms farther from the base station, we need to start the device manually in the distant areas. And there's no way that it will ever make it back to the base station at the end of the cleaning cycle. Secondly, we have a rug with knotted ends, which is death for the Roomba. If I dont' use the invisible barrier, I can invariably find the machine stuck there, having tried to digest the knots and unable to free itself. That room has to be off limits to the machine.

    This device will work marveously in a small apartment or house with a simple layout, but in a more complicated setting it will not be up to the task....more info
  • clean kitchen floor every morning
    My kitchen floor is clean of dog hair every morning when I get up because my Roomba is set to clean during the night. Also It cleans under beds, furniture, stove, etc. that can't be moved. I love it....more info
  • Great Idea But Didn't Work for Me
    I really wanted a Roomba and have been following the ads, news, blogs and other media on this incredible device for some time. When I saw the price being offered on the Remanufactured Roomba Remote Scheduler I jumped at the opportunity and bought one for my wife's Christmas present:>) It arrived in great shape and we charged it up for 24 hours to make certain it worked optimally. After the 24 hour charge we fired it up only to discover that it was jammed and would not move. The brush guard had broken at the hinge and needed to be replaced. A call to Roomba's 800 number resulted in a very quick and painless delivery of a new guard. We popped that in and the Roomba was now in action. This lasted for about 5 minutes as it had a tendency to bump into a wall, stop, bump into it again and then die. Picking it up and putting it down again would start the process all over again. I assumed that it did not like travertine tile so I moved it to the bedroom which has low cut pile carpeting. It did much better here, scurrying around the carpet, brushing up cat hair, hit a wall and died. This time it died hard and no amount of power cycling, recharging or brush and trap cleaning would bring it back to life. Sadly, I returned it to Amazon for a refund. I really looked forward to using it but it just didn't seem to be robust enough to look like a keeper....more info
  • Roomba Vacuuming Robot
    I bought this vaccum remanufactured because I saved over a hundred dollars. The only flaw was a tab on the brush retainer was broken and since another...easily replaceable for a few bucks....Works great...I love it. I just schedule it to clean twice a week and it does it's carpets are cleaner than they have ever been! Its low maintainence too......more info
  • I love my Roomba!
    I was hesitant to purchase a refurbished Roomba after reading some reviews that mentioned troubles with the batteries. However, I have had my Roomba for a few months, and I love him!! He runs every day while I am at work, and most days I return home to find him resting on his home base, completely recharged and ready to go again! He vacuums an entire floor in one cycle, and I am amazed at how much dust, dirt etc....are in his trash bin every day. My friends and family are all mesmorized by him, and many have purchased their own after seeing how effecient he is! I can't recommend Roomba enough-he's worth every penny!!...more info
  • Problem being resolved by iRobot exchanging for a Service Model
    The hooks that catch the notches on the wire bale (which holds the brushes in place) chipped off, which eventually cracked one of the wire bale notches.

    The unit was returned to iRobot. I am awaiting their receipt of the unit when they will send me an exhange Roomba (Service Model).

    I really liked the Roomba and used it most days that I did not get out the regular vacuum. My dogs were a little afraid of it at first, but soon just took it in stride and would just move away when it came towards them.

    I am really looking forward to the replacement arriving. I would give it a five stars for the work that it does, but gave it 3 stars as I am unsure if this will be a problem on the exchange unit. As it takes a recharge to finish my house (mainly due to the items that the unit needs to go around), I am thinking about getting another one, which would alleviate this problem of not having one on hand when another needs repair....more info
  • Robo Vac
    The unit itself works fine but the remote still does not. I contacted Amazon they would not help, they told me to contact the manufacturer. I still have not gotten any word from them. ...more info
  • Very good as long as your expectations are reasonable
    It's only been a week, but so far, so good.

    We did a ton of research on these before the holidays, but it was hard to get past the price tag...until my wife found the remanufactured one. So far, it's been very good. We haven't messed with the virtual walls or the remote or the scheduling function yet - it's actually kind of fun just to let it wander where it will.

    *Appears to be brand new, works perfectly so far.
    *Seems to cover the entire area (our house is 1000 square feet with hardwood floors and linoleum in the kitchen).
    *Has not attempted to vacuum the cat, but does pick up LOTS of cat hair
    *Less work than dragging out the big vacuum.
    *Picks up (about) 95% of the stuff on the floor - floors feel clean to bare feet.
    *Entertaining and (dare I say it) even cute...we put googly eyes on ours and named it Scooter after the way it shakes its butt as it goes along.

    *A little loud - quiet enough to talk over easily, but probably too loud to watch TV. Still quieter than the big vacuum, though.
    *It does blow a small amount of debris around, but it gets most of it eventually.
    *The cats are still a bit freaked.

    If you're looking for Rosie from the Jetsons and want to just push a button and have the house magically be clean in ten minutes, you'll be disappointed. But if you don't mind moving a few things (small toys off the floor, rugs with fringe picked up, access to TV/DVD/etc cords blocked off, etc) and waiting an hour for clean floors, the remanufactured one is worth the money. I'm still not sure I'd pay the brand new price, though....more info
  • returned
    Returned item because it became stuck to many times and almost wore hole in carpet...more info
  • Glenn
    Very Convenient and money well spent.Hardwood and tile floors does a excellent job.Carpet floors makes the battery run down faster.Once a week,it dosen't find it's way back to the charger. ...more info
  • Roomba
    Whewww! I gave my single daughter a Roomba for Christmas. I was nervous because it's like giving someone a scale and bottle of mouthwash as a gift. She has a shedding dog and her floors were always hairy. And when she opened it she asked if she could return it. I told her to try it first. Now she won't live without it and has named it "Ron". She and her roommates find themselves talking to "Ron" at times. Her friends even comment on how clean her hardwood floors are now. ...more info
  • One good thing about this item...I didn't pay full price
    Arrived broken, gets stuck in tight spaces, not good for rugs with tassles, blows dirt around on hard floor, and dropped some of its debris when it hit a bump. Oh, and if you want customer service from the manufacturer, prepare to wait on hold for a long, long time....more info
  • Took a chance, failed but got better in the end...
    I saw that some folks received Roomba's that didn't work and had to return them to Amazon only to get another broken Roomba. Well, I took a chance thinking that might not happen to me. I was wrong. I charged up the Roomba for a few hours, hit the clean button and...bam...he didn't move. I went through the 3 day charging cycle after calling iRobot tech support only to have the Roomba still not work after a 72 hour charge. I called iRobot tech support again and they had me ship the Roomba to their factory and in it's place they sent a brand new (not refurbed) Roomba Discovery SE (very similiar to the Scheduler) with a year's warranty. I've since recieved the Discovery SE and have been happy ever since.

    I have the following complaints about this purchase...

    1. Amazon sold me a crappy unit. Reburbed or should work out of the box. I'm glad I didn't send it back to Amazon. Sending it to iRobot was the better idea.
    2. I had to pay the shipping for the Roomba to iRobot, cutting into the money I supposedly saved by buying the refurb.
    3. Shame on iRobot for boxing and selling (through Amazon) a unit that doesn't work.
    4. The tech support should have been better. In total, I spent 5 days waiting to see if charging the old Roomba would work.

    I love my Roomba...

    1. It does the job well cleaning under places I can't reach.
    2. Scheduling it could be a little easier, but as is it's simple to set up.
    3. It docks itself well, but make sure you give it space as it needs it to manuever into position.
    4. I went from the 90 day warranty to the full year warranty with the replacement unit.
    5. I look forward to coming home everyday and emptying out it's trash bin. It's confirmation that the Roomba is worth the money spent. Just make sure you hear the "click" when you re-attach the trash bin, otherwise the Roomba will lose it's bin while cleaning and all the dust and junk it's supposed to collect will end up back on the floor again....more info
  • It does its job
    It's good, but the battery died 2 weeks I used the machine. However, iRobot is able to send me a replaced one free of charge because the this unit has 90 days of warranty. I certainly does its job nicely. Without paying the full 300+ big bucks, this one is good enough to perform all its task and duty, I may buy one for my mom....more info
  • better than I thought
    I was uncertain about it's efficiency and robotics until it finally learned to dock itself. It did not do it right away, it seemed that it got to be a 'learned behavior'. Wonderfully cleans under beds, couches; all those places that are so difficult. The dirt is captured in an area that is easily cleaned out and surprises you to find out what you can't see!
    I haven't used the scheduler yet, but plan on it. I like to watch it from another room while I do what I want to in another!...more info
  • Robo needs better instructions
    Needs more complete instructions on: vert. walls (radius & direction, does the infer red reflect off walls) ...more info
  • Neat little machine
    This is a machine that grows on you. It takes a learning curve to get used to it. You have to clear the floor of phone wires and other small wires. If it gets tangled up it will shut itself down. I place it in a bedroom then turn it loose for about 20 minutes. It will clean under the bed and does a good job.

    It will clean under the couch and cabinets. Some cabinets have a curving border and roomba will go under but can't get out. I block these cabinets off with something set in front. Throw rugs can be a problem. I pick the fuzzy ones up. The hard ones are no problem.

    The remote is very handy. Use the remote power button to turn roomba on and off. The electronic walls work good, just don't have them too close to the dock. When you enter schedule it use the power button on remote to turn roomba on. Otherwise it won't work..
    Charge the battery over night when you first get it. The battery has plenty of power and so far has not been a problem. Roomba is really good at picking up hair off floor. Be sure to empty the dust bin after every use and clean the air filter.
    Works really great on hard floors. I turn it loose in the kitchen with the doors blocked with the electronic walls and give it about 20 minutes floor will be clean. I have a large kitchen.

    Warning: When you remove the plastic frame to clean the brush, there is a small tab catch that will slip off the frame. It is easy to lose. So beware..

    Gadget lovers will love roomba. It is fun to watch.

    The manual that comes with it is skimpy. Go to the website for more answers. The online technical help works very well. ...more info
  • roomba
    i love this product!!!!!!!!!does better than my last housekeeper...i had not used my regular vacuum for weeks....when we did use it ,there was very little it picked up....we have indoor cats and the roomba gets under beds,dressers,etc...............more info
  • Works GREAT!!!
    Gave as a gift to my Mom and she says it is by far the best gift she has ever received. She has 2 cats and she says it is so incredibly strong that it will pick up so much stuff that she has to empty out its contents frequently!! It is incredible!!...more info
  • iRobot Roomba
    The unit seems to be eratic in its behavior and I am not sure that it is working properly. Product fails to meet my expectations for what it is advertised to do. Does not clean area completely, does not find its way back to the home port, gets caught in certain areas, seems to have eratic charging behavior. Also no parts list supplied with unit to order replacement parts such as edger brush, filters, and battery. Not up to the standards I would expect for the product....more info
  • Is there anything cooler than a robot in your kitchen?
    So far, we've had a very positive experience with our Roomba. We use it in the kitchen, on a tile floor, so I can't really speak to how it works on carpet. We keep our dog in the kitcheen when we're out of the house, so there is plenty of dirt and hair to keep the Roomba busy. Sometimes it has a little trouble either leaving or getting back home to it's charging base, but I think that's because it's on tile and the little feet on the base can't get a grip. I'll probably fix that with some double-sided tape.

    The package arrived with all the parts intact (a little bit of a concern with refurb product). Everything works great. Our animals are a little wary of it, but they aren't as afraid as they are of the regular vac. It does take a whileto do the kitchen, much longer than doing it by hand, but we usually fire it off when we are headed out to dinner or something similar . It does get stuck on throw rugs frequently enough that we've just started pickeing them up before we turn it loose.

    ...more info
  • Needs lots of help
    My home is only 600 sf with mixed hardwood and low-pile carpets, but Roomba has only managed to find its way back to its charger/base once in over two months of daily use. Although I clean it out after every use, it gives up and stops in its tracks if the roller and/or wheel mechanisms get too wound with dog or cat hair; if it finds itself with one wheel on a rug and one on a floor; and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. Customer support from i-Robot has been virtually nonexistent.

    It's a fun toy, but I would not buy it again....more info
  • So So
    I have two dogs and it is time consuming to keep the unit clean.
    It will not accept any weekely commands from the remote.
    This worked one time and never worked again. You must manually press the clean button to get it to clean. The home base will not stay stationary.
    It does an acceptable job on FLAT floors.
    Cliff...more info
  • Remanufactured and Works Well
    The Scheduler arrived with one little scratch on the bump plate. We've been using it for several weeks now with no problems at all. ...more info
  • I just love it!
    I bought one for my apartment. I didn't think it was going to be all that good, but I tell you this little gizmo gets the job done. It's not perfect (just like any other technology out there), but if you give the little machine the right enviroment (no small cords, drapes or small socks on the floor where to get stuck) you'll be amazed at how much dirt it picks up!
    The only other thing I've noticed is that it does have a little bit of a problem finding it recharging base. But... oh well, I don't have to vacuum that often anymore!...more info
  • Didn't last long
    Within a couple of weeks, my roomba had some sort of mental breakdown and now will only go in a small circle, like its confused and imaging objects blocking its way that aren't there. Not sure if this is because of remanufactored or if this product is faulty.

    even when working right, roomba will miss dirt you can see but it doesn't. If it would work right, its a help, but the product has a way to go to be all its advertised to be. Mine did not work right long. Its a pain to return....more info
  • Real Cool Robot
    The Roomba Vacuuming Robot with Remote Scheduler is a cool robot to have at home. Have owned this product for few months now and have worry free cleaning of my room.

    The scheduler is very helpful, I program it for the times when I am not at home and get a clean room when I enter the room.

    The friends are so thrilled about it returning on its own to the base for charging after doing the job.

    It is simply amazing!!!...more info
  • Roomba Review
    I read a lot of reviews about this product, but was still hesitant about how well it would perform. So far it has done really well. It picks up a lot of hair off the carpet also. I purchased the reconditioned unit and have been pleased with the results....more info
  • Great House-keeping Assistant!
    The Roomba robot works very well and saves a lot of time for us. It is particularly good in cleaning in hard-to-get locations like under the bed....more info
  • Great Product
    This is my second Roomba purchase. This unit has operated faultlessly. Great improvements...more info
  • Roomba
    I really liked the function of the product itself. I was not happy with the purchase of a remanufactured Roomba because it broke after the second use. I was unable to determine if the part was the initial part that caused the remanufacture in the first place. I was happy with Amazon's level of customer service. The return was accepted without question and my account was credited properly....more info
  • Remanufactured iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot with Remote Scheduler
    Works great; saves time; reasonable cost for the results....more info
  • Once replaced it worked better
    Myself and a buddy of mine got this and we both had to replace ours after about 2 weeks. The tech support and customer support was very good and I had to pay about an additionial 16 bucks to ship it to them and they sent me a new one. The new one is working good so far but I havent had a chance to really test it. When it does work it works really well and it would be hard to live without. ...more info
  • Customer service is first rate...
    I was skeptical with a remanufactured product, but I have ordered a remanufactured product before and it all worked out then, so tried again. I also could not pass up the free shipping and $25 coupon code. The item arrived in new packing and everything looked brand new. I did have problems with the battery not holding a charge, but when I called Irobot customer service, they were so friendly and helpful, and after following their steps and it still not holding a charge, they sent out a new battery right away which arrived in one day. I didn't even have to send out the old one. I've used the machine twice now. Please remember that it is a sweeper and not a vacuum, so it won't tackle the dust but it will pick up crumbs and little pieces and importantly pethair. The reservoir was full of dog hair and crumbs the first time I used it (after not vacuuming for 5 days; we have a German Shepherd and a cat). It doesn't get into most corners like I would like and you really have to watch it getting tangled in cords but otherwise, I think if you use it everyday, it'll take care of the crumbs, hair and dirt particles...I liked that it went under my buffets and dining room table...where I don't go did a good job under there. All in all, I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • iRobot Exceeded Expectations
    Very cool technology. For the first couple of days I followed it around in amazement of how well it works. This has to be one of the best and coolest home cleaning technology products ever invented. I told my wife she better watch out if iRobot ever invented one that could cook and do laundry. I was very skeptical of this product thinking it would do a sub-par cleaning job, bounce around the room like an idiot missing areas, or get stuck several times during the cleaning process. I was wrong. It cleans great, cleans just about every inch of the room that it can get to, and is able to maneuver around the tightest areas under my dining room table and chairs. I have all hardwoods with a couple of rugs. It keeps the dust bunnies, animal hair, and wood damaging small hard particles (small pebbles, etc) off the floors. My dogs and cats are intimidated by it due to the noise it makes and stay out of its way. I have to highly recommended this product. It made a believer out of me. The remanufactured Roomba Scheduler I received looked new. Some minor cosmetic issues but you really had to look hard to see them. The battery, home base, virtual walls, and Roomba guts looked brand new to me....more info
  • I use it everyday!
    **5/31/08 Update**
    I wrote my original review below back in Dec. '06, and here we are - a year and a half later, and my roomba has finally died on me. I suppose that's not too bad for a remanufactured unit. It began its last run a few days ago by jerking in all directions and then beeping as if it has an error. I checked everything and all inside compartments were fine and clean. I reinserted the battery and pressed the 'Clean' button. It jerked again but then completed a full vacuum session. The next day when I tried to use it, it did the jerky movements again and this time just wouldn't resume no matter what I tried. Obviously any warranties on it have expired so I think it's time to move on. I have definitely grown dependent on using the roomba everyday, so I will have to start looking into getting another one!

    **End of update**

    I have now owned this remanufactured roomba for four months now and can say that overall, it's been great. I was a little apprehensive about purchasing it remanufactured since it's still a pricey item and I didn't want it to break down on me just as the 90-day warranty expired. I'm happy to report that despite using it everyday (often 2X's a day), it's still going strong and not showing any signs of weakening.

    I'm giving this 4 stars because even though I love it, it's not perfect. First the positives:
    - The convenience. Obviously I love that I can turn it on when I'm not home and my floors are cleaned daily.
    - It picks up dust, hair, dirt, and debris you didn't even know you had. I'm always amazed when I clean out the filter at how much dust and debris it picked up. I figure since I use it daily that I wouldn't have that much, but it just goes to show how not using it can cause a home to accumulate a lot of dust.

    Things Roomba can improve:
    - It's loud. You definately can't watch TV or talk on the phone while it's vacuuming in the same room.
    - I wish it could recognize where it's been so it doesn't go over the same areas over and over, and skip where it needs to go. It'd be great if they could somehow sense which areas need the cleaning most and focus on those areas.
    - It gets tangled easily in the tassles of rugs, long drapes and shade cords. I have to make sure all these are out of the way before running the roomba.

    All in all, despite the areas of improvements, I'm glad I purchased the roomba and feel it's been a great investment!...more info
  • Must have for small apartments with pets
    I own 2 cats, always indoors, and my apartment is all hardwood floors with a few throw rugs. I schedule Roomba to go on a mission every weekday while I'm at work, and leave the bedroom doors open so it can get to all 500 square feet. Every day, I come home, my floors are clean, and Roomba is back on its charger full of cat hair. It's amazing!

    After the first few missions, I found that I could get away with emptying it out every other day, as long as I clean it out on Monday (since it has to make up for the weekend days). It's so good that sometimes I completely forget about it for a few days, until one day I come home and find it parked in the middle of the floor because it was so full of cat hair it couldn't go on.

    It is such a great feeling being able to walk around barefoot in my place and having no fur or dirt on my feet afterwards! I also am glad that the occasional stray kitty-litter pebble that the cats track around (amazingly far sometimes) gets cleaned up every day no problem. Speaking of which, my cats were pretty suspicious of it the first week or so, but never had any big freakouts. Nowadays they just flatten their ears a bit in annoyance, and then go somewhere they know it won't go -- like the bed, or the bathroom (there's a ledge so it doesn't go in there).

    I got this one refurbished, and the only reason that I can think of not to is the shorter warranty. I did recently have to superglue a bit of rubber on the underside that was coming off, and the whirly sidebrush (that doesn't really do anything) vanished into thin air within the first week (seriously, I still have no idea where it went). I've had it four months now, so maybe if I had the warranty I would send it in at this point and try to get those two things fixed.

    My brother, who lives in a studio apartment with carpet and three little dogs also loves his Roomba and is the one who recommended it to me. Overall, I think anybody with a pet should have one....more info
  • Remanufactured: Not a bad idea
    I purchased my Roomba a couple of months ago and I was quite skeptical at the time. I decided that purchasing the remanufactured model at the discounted price would be a good compromise. If it didn't work well, at least I wouldn't be out that much, but I was not disappointed. My Roomba works great.

    Or I should say WORKED great. It stopped running the second month. I thought, "that's what I get for buying a remanufactured model", and got ready to sit on hold with customer service for hours to come. Although to my delight, things turned out better than I expected. There was no wait to talk to customer service. I was talking to a real person in a matter of a couple of minutes. They had me troubleshoot a couple of things, and asked me to charge it overnight. After I got off the phone with them, they sent me an email to confirm my issue and to keep track of it all. The next day, my Roomba was still not functioning, so they gave me a authorization number to return it. I sent it out to them, and days later, a brand new Roomba arrived at my door. This one works just as well.

    -I have short carpet and the Roomba works great on them.
    -The cleaning is not comparable to a powerful standard upright, but since the Roomba runs more often, it balances out to the same clean.
    -I have brick walls that shed leaving residue close to the wall. The Roomba is able to get at these tough to reach areas using a special spinning bristle that I thought it would not reach.
    -It glides easily under my couch, coffee table, and entertainment center to reach areas that I would never vacuum on my own.
    -If you have any problems with the remanufactured model, customer service is more than willing to help you troubleshoot the problem, or replace it (as my case) if necessary

    -These guys don't like cords. I have to make sure my floor is picked up so that it doesn't mangle or get caught in any.
    -The virtual walls take D batteries....who has D batteries lying around?
    -Navigation with the remote is not as responsive as one would hope, and if you are within ten feet of the charger base, it will think you are trying to send it back....more info
  • Not perfect, but works well
    My husband and I recently purchased a remanufactured Roomba as our Christmas gift to ourselves. We were so excited to get this. We have a dog that sheds terribly, and we saw this as our solution to keeping the pet hair picked up.

    Our remanufactured Roomba had some slight dings on it when we received it. (DH said it looked like a cat had had a run-in with it.) Although the exterior was not new, all of the internal parts were. Everything but the exterior seemed to be in mint condition. After charging it up for a couple of hours, Roomba was ready to go.

    Boy, did he go!

    Roomba picked up TONS of pet hair, particularly in our bedroom. Our dog sleeps with us, and a tremendous amount of hair accumulates under our bed. We had to clear out the bin a few times before it covered the whole house. When it was finished, I was pretty impressed. DH, on the other hand, suggested that perhaps it's more of a super Dust Buster as opposed to an actual vacuum. After using it for a few weeks, I would have to agree with that.

    While Roomba certainly won't replace your regular vacuum (unless you have no pets or kids), it will keep the worst of the dirt picked up in between serious cleanings. We have hardwood floors, and it's fabulous for those. It also seems to work well on carpet despite its limited "sucking" action. Overall, it was a good purchase for the money. I'm not sure that I would shell out a full $400 for this product, though....more info
  • Works great.........but for only about a year!
    The Roomba works great. I have 2 dogs and would set the Roomba Scheduler to vacuum my family room every day. It got dog hair up with no problems. It was awesome. But.........after about a year it started to have mechanical problems. ...more info
  • Great Little TikTok
    I just love my little robot. I used to use my Swivel Sweeper on my floors and rugs every day and I thought I was collecting all the cat hair and detritis. I can hardly believe how much more the Roomba collects on its daily rounds and all without my ever lifting a finger. The cat thinks it's interesting to watch from her perch on the sofa and she's not at all nervous about it, as she was with the Swivel Sweeper. I have named it "TikTok" after the robot helpers described in the book "Wicked"....more info
  • Customer Support is horrible
    We've had our Roomba Scheduler for a year now and it is fun (although not a serious vacuuming device). The battery stopped charging so I tried to call customer support. 1 hour on hold without ever answering. The Roomba is apparently still under warranty, but it won't do my any good if I can't ever get through to someone.......more info
  • Giving this as a gift? Beware of where you ship it...
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife because we're both sick of hauling the vacuum up and down the stairs to clean the house. I had it shipped to the house and asked her not to open any Amazon boxes addressed to me. No need to worry about that - they never put it in an Amazon box, just stuck the label on the outside of the roomba box. Oh well, I guess we'll be trying it out early....more info
  • Definatly NOT a vacuum!
    We got one because of the great reviews. I was surprised to find that it really isn't a vacuum. It's a sweeper. It has no suction at all, so i'm not sure why they call it a vacuum. As a sweeper on low carpet, hardwood and tiles it does an ok job. Don't expect this thing to get anything deep in your carpet. If you have pets and carpet you will spend a lot of time detangling the hair on the bristle brush that sweeps the debree into the chamber. That's my oppinion, take it for what it's worth. ...more info
  • Almost Ready For Prime Time
    The reviews from multiple Websites seemed to be pretty much favorable so we ordered one. Cool technology with potential but we had to reluctantly ship ours back after only two runs. You really need to order with the idea of testing on your home floors (keep all packaging handy).

    Our living room and bedroom are not shag carpet -- more sculptured to medium pile. The Scheduler unit would struggle in the bedroom but could not handle the living room. On bare wood floors, kitchen linoleum, and very short and tight weave carpet no problems. For us it couldn't handle these two main living areas so the cost was not worth it for restricted use.

    The units can take a lot of "care and feeding" too. You need to prepare the room for the little bugger, like moving items out of the way that could cause hangs or blockage. This includes some throw rugs, light cords, certain chairs with rails, etc. By the time you move stuff, prepare, clean the unit out after each run, well, for us it's quicker just to run a standard vac. With a standard vac, we move things once and only a couple of feet rather than out of the room.

    There isn't much of in the way of filtering the dust and dirt. With the sun shining into the bedroom we could see the dust exit the rear vents. These units don't have a filter bag nor the suction of typical vacs. While you can set it and go away, the unit may get hung and beep for help. Our dog didn't care ether way about the thing but could see some pets going nuts....more info
  • I Love the Roomba
    I'm very happy with the Roomba. (We named ours Ralph.) We have 3 cats and a dog, so there's always something hairy on the floor -- it does a great job of general de-fuzzification of the floor. It could do a better job at the edges of the room, by the wall, but really beats doing the vacuuming myself. I like the docking station and the virtual walls and useful. The scheduler isn't as useful in reality as I would have liked. My plan was to have it automatically vacuum every morning, but in reality I need to spend a few minutes getting the room ready before the Roomba runs: picking up the throw rug and cat toys and stray laundry that it would choke on. So a scheduled daily run just doesn't work in my household. But still, my floor gets cleaned more often than when I do the vacuuming myself....more info
    It is so easy to vacuum the house now. The only thing this doesn't do is empty it's dirt bin and clean itself--and it's a lot quieter than our upright. We don't use the scheduler option as much as we could though because we have little ones leaving their stuff around and we have to make sure cords and such are out of the way.

    We liked it so much we had to get the Scooba too! I very highly recommend both the Roomba and Scooba to everyone....more info
  • Good cleaning idea but unit not robust
    The machine has being a lot of convenience but only use for 3month.. It start to give problem!! Firstly, the main card was gone then after the replacement, starting seeing unit unable to return to home base after 2days of usage from the repair....more info
  • Remanufactured product
    Love this Irobot product but would be very carefull next time about remanufactured product -
    1st unit had a defective remote (would reset itself when any button is pressed)
    2nd unit had one non-working wheel (spins all the time on same spot), so I just combine remote from 2nd unit and 1st unit.
    Now on this unit the rubber piece separeted from the casing, so I am waiting on 3rd unit replacement.
    I should note - Amazon customer support was excellent! ...more info
  • Get remanufactured instead of a new Roomba, which is also a futuristic dust pan
    My remanufactured Roomba is good as new. Your results may vary, but mine had no blemishes, has plenty of battery charge, and leaves my carpet feeling clean. Its first trip around my apartment filled its bin, which I believed to be a good sign. After the first few vacuums the bin will be much less full - since you are now cleaning your floors more often!

    It also works as a great dust pan. The Roomba does pretty good on hard floors, but the edges of the walls it just doesn't always clean perfectly. So occasionally I use my regular broom to sweep debris next to the wall into a little pile, then let Roomba suck up the pile. My dustbin is now a thing of the past. No more bending over to sweep dust into a little pan, yet still leaving behind that little line of dirt in front of the dustpan.

    The scheduler works as expected, but two caveats:
    * Scheduler does not automatically change for daylight savings time.
    * Walls need D batteries (not included), which are neither easily nor cheaply found in rechargeable varieties. Wish they would switch to AA, and eliminate the little orange blinking (maybe that would save on battery?)

    This Roomba is wonderful. It makes my floors, and my apartment, feel cleaner with minimal work. That's the robot's ultimate goal, and it succeeds. Totally recommended....more info
  • Very pleased
    We have been pleased with Roomba. We have new carpet which is shedding and needs frequent vacuuming - Roomba to the rescue! ...more info
  • Works Great
    First time I used the Roomba I was embarrassed at how much dust was on my floor. I had to run it 3 times to clean my small carpeted studio.

    I have had the Roomba for a few weeks now and it is still working well. I would not get the scheduler. I didn't clear out the apartment well one day and left a stack of papers on the floor by my desk. The Roomba ate through them like a dog would.

    The recharging bases yes. Now I make sure the floor is clean then press the button on the Roomba and the virtual walls on the way out. When I get back the Roomba is recharging and the dust bin is full.
    ...more info
  • Remanufactured? No Thanks.
    Love those Irobot products and everything they're capable of doing. In fact, this was my third purchase, but my first remanufactured product. What a headache! The product worked correctly just three times, then died. Both technical support and customer service from Irobot were helpful and prompt, but still took weeks to resolve the issues. I tried a different way of recharging, which didn't work. Then they replaced the battery, but that still didn't solve the problem. Ultimately I had to send the product back, then waited more than a month for a replacement, which was on backorder. Finally, they substituted a different model, and which works just as advertised. I'd never buy another remanufactured model. But I still believe in Irobot. ...more info
  • works as promised - reconditioned no problem
    Delighted to have it for my wood floors, tile and area rugs. Works great picking up cat fur and other organic and non-organic detritus that collects. Does require emptying the fur catcher and cleaning the brush regularly - gosh darn! So much easier to do that than taking a broom or dust mop to the entire house. Also have to set up the virtual walls and carry it upstairs and down, when I want to change areas being cleaned. Again, gosh darn! Can't totally eliminate ALL the work, no matter how much I might like to.

    Don't know what was wrong with it initially that it needed to be reconditioned, but its fine now....more info
  • good for my needs
    this vacuum is great for my apartment because it's mostly one big room loft. it get's the job done. though i haven't been able to get it to work on its schedule. i set the scheduler remote, but it won't send the info to the robot, so it's pointless. i just start the vacuum when i'm leaving the apartment. keep cords and things off the floor or it will get stuck and don't be surprised if it doesn't always make it back to its home base....more info
  • money well spent and Im cheap
    I love my robot NOW. The paperwork say let charge for 3 hrs you need to charge for 24. the first 3-5 times you have to pay attention to where it gets stuck,like under my kitchen chairs, it waistes time trying to get out& the battery dies, Now I move my chairs. it also died out before it found its way back to the charger now its great.It is alittle loud but I set the timer and no cat hair when I come home. Thats what sold me was the reviews of it picking up lots of animal hair.And it does work great I have two monster cats and there was hair everywhere.My friend also bought one a different model she had an issue with it she called customer service they were great sent her out what she needed to fix it and is loving it as much as I am. Thanks...more info
  • Changed our lives!
    I was skeptical about this product even after clicking "buy". But while it's not perfect, it has done wonders for our house! Set it to go right after I head off to work... It goes under most of the furniture, cleans until its batteries run out, and makes our floors look nice and clean. It does far better a job than I ever thought possible. Plus, it secretly makes YOU clean up a bit to take care of things it might get caught on (great for lazy folks like us who can appreciate the "leaverage" of a few minutes of cleaning)...more info
  • Works great
    I love my Roomba. Even though it was refurbished, it works wonderfully. Hard wood floors are a nightmare when it comes to hair and dust buildup. I used to have to sweep at least twice a week. Not anymore. However, I must say that it is much better for floors than for carpeting. I still have to vacuum. But I am satisfied b/c most of my home has flooring. My only complaint is it has trouble climbing from the floor onto my rugs. I usually have to prod it along. ...more info
  • not for everyone
    The vacuum worked ok but it damaged my $20000 travertine floors. The front wheel needs to be redesigned or coated with rubber. Hard plastic spinning on a stone floor is not a good design....more info
  • Great Roomba
    To start with Amazon shipped the item out right away I was suprised I received it so quickley. My wife loves the thing it does everything the manufacturer says it will do. My wife hase to show it off to anyone new that comes to visit. We just love it....more info
  • The Roomba behaves as version 0.7 not 2.0
    I bought a refurbished Roomba Scheduler. Overall it is worth keeping, but it is not as good as I would wish. It takes about 5 times as long to clean a room as you could do it with a hand held vacuum, but of course you are not actually doing it. It takes perhaps 3 minutes to "clean it after use." This means empty it, clean the filter, brush, rubber roller and the dust sensors. A traditional vacuum is useful here.

    I thought the scheduler was a good idea before I bought it, but having used the Roomba, I now think the scheduler is a waste of time. I have never seen the need for it. Next time I would buy a cheaper version without the scheduler. The virtual walls don't seem to work too well for me either. My Roomba escapes! So I have to use physical barriers like large cookery books in front of the fireplace. My Roomba has never managed to get on to its docking station by itself so this is another feature that doesn't work properly!

    My rooms are large, so one recharge lasts about 1 hour enough for 1 room. This is OK, it eventually gets around all the rooms. A second battery and a fast charger are probably more useful than the scheduler. It cleans, it doesn't fall down the stairs. What more can you expect for about $200.

    I am sure iROBOT is making lots of money with this product and I hope that in time they will use some of this money to develop a much better product. You really want a machine that runs at least twice as fast and at least twice as long. This would let me clean 4 times the area in one go. It really needs to be systematic rather than random this would also save a lot of time. I would like it much quieter too....more info
  • So far so good
    I love this thing. My floors are cleaner now than ever before. This is a must have- especially if you have hardwood floors and cats as I do. As an added bonus the cats are really fascinated by the little guy. The only real drawback is the dirt compartment fills fast- which is why I drop to 4 stars. As a result, you need to empty it after every use- meaning you can not schedule the little guy more than once if you are away from home on vacation or business. That said, I am still happy with the purchase! ...more info
  • Dead within first day, support lacking
    While the lure of a robotic vacuum may be strong, after our experience with the remanufactured product (as well as iRobot support) we're returning the 4230 and have decided not to buy another iRobot product.

    The unit we received was nicely packaged, all pieces were present. The actual plastic housing of the robot was fairly heavily scuffed but this was not surprising considering it's remanufactured, and the brushes and filters looked new.

    After charging the unit fully, we ran the robot twice. The first time, the robot ran about one cleaning cycle but the battery died before it found its way home. It charged fully again and we sent it off to clean. It managed to do a fairly good job and find its way home again this time.

    One impressive aspect of the robot is its ability to keep from getting stuck; the little guy refused to get stuck amid table and chair legs, crossed a fairly rough carpet/linoleum boundary multiple times, and did a good job getting into most every nook and cranny.

    Of course, it did take it 60 minutes to accomplish what would otherwise take 5 minutes with a broom and vacuum, and it's fairly noisy; think dustbuster mounted to radio-controlled car noisy. Yet we were content thinking that the Roomba would do this daily without fail, and we could trigger it as we walked out the door to run errands (or put on headphones).

    But then it DID fail. Upon parking itself at its home base the second time, all lights went out in the base and the robot. After some troubleshooting it appears the AC power supply had died. Not very encouraging, considering similar problems people have had with the remanufactured versions.

    Instead of just starting the Amazon return/exchange process as we should have, we followed the request in the manual and contacted iRobot directly for help. They agreed that the power supply was likely the culprit but wanted us to send everything back just to be sure, and we'd get a replacement. In four to six weeks. Only after they received this one. On our dime. After a significant amount of arguement, they finally agreed to send a UPS label to pick it up, but all this would still be done UPS Ground (sadly cross-country) and there'd be around two weeks of processing once they received it.

    Unfortunately the combination of a painful exchange policy, previous owners' testimonies on horrible customer service experiences, and our own abrupt and inflexible CC experience has soured us considerably on iRobot products. We'd rather not risk having to be without our vacuum for over a month any time a problem arises with the unit.

    If the above factors are acceptable to you and you're still intent on buying an iRobot product, you may want to think twice about choosing the remanufactured version over one of the brand new ones....more info
  • Love my Roomba
    I love my Roomba. My floors (hardwood) have never been so clean. I have two cats that shed a lot. After letting the roomba go, my floors were cleaner than anytime I sweep.

    Love it. The roomba works well for me, beacuse I can easily "hide" any power cords before I let the roomba go, I don't have tons of furniture and my rooms are large and open. If you have lots of furniture, floor lamps, rugs with fringes on them or power cords running around the roomba might not be for you....more info
  • Bait and Switch
    I've had my Romba Discovery for about a year, and its worked pretty well. Now the battery is dead, and Irobot won't replace it. They say the batteries are on back order, but offer a discount for a trade in. It's been 2 months since I ordered the battery and Irobot can't tell me when I can get this replacement part, but they can offer a good deal on a new unit. THIS IS CLEARLY A BAIT AND SWITCH AS WELL AS A DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE. THIS UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR MEANS I WILL NEVER DO BUSISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY AND I ADVISE EVERYONE TO AVOID I-ROBOT.

    DO NOT BUT THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • Only good for small open areas
    I had high expectations for the Roomba based on reviews, but was disappointed.

    We have a large L-shaped kitchen area. After starting the Roomba and waiting an hour, it rarely visited some parts of the kitchen that needed cleaning and spent considerable time in other areas it had already visited several times. I thought it might be because our kitchen is big. So, I used the virtual walls to cut the L in half. It had problems with the island in the kitchen. It would rarely find its way on one side of the island, and spent most of its time on the other (larger) side. One side was clean and the other dirty.

    I should say that I had moved everything that could possibly be moved, out of the way, including chairs, rugs, etc.

    iRobot customer service simply said there's nothing more that can be done, except to subdivide the kitchen into even smaller areas with the virtual walls. The point of an automated vacuum is to save work. To subdivide a kitchen into 3 or more areas is too much work, and the scheduler would be useless since you have to set up the walls.

    Also worth noting is that, even in the areas it did clean well, it takes probably 5-6 times as long as manually vacuuming the area. In other words, if company is dropping in unexpectedly, the Roomba's not the one you'd reach for.

    I am returning the Roomba. A not-so-cheap lesson, considering Amazon charges for both the original shipping and the return shipping. For unproven technology, always buy from a merchant that allows local returns....more info
  • Steer Clear of Remanufactured Roomba's
    We're long-time fans of the Roomba and decided to pick up another unit for our beach house. The price on the reconditioned units was appealing. That was the beginning of the nightmare. The first unit would run for about 5 minutes and then just stop. The replacement unit (weeks later!) would run about 2 minutes and then had a dead battery. If their new units worked like these reconditioned items, they would have been out of business long ago. I'd avoid the reconditioned machines like the plague unless you have lots of spare time and enjoy letter-writing campaigns with Amazon....more info
  • What a hoot!
    I ordered this on the Friday sale, and with the $25 coupon it was a sweet deal! I was a little nervous about it being a refurb, but it came like new. Everything was packed and perfectly clean and new-like. In fact, I wouldn't have known it was a refurb except that I knew I ordered one.
    I ordered it on Friday, it came on Monday! Wow!. I charged it up and it is a hoot! It was worth the money just to watch it! My kids had a ball following it and running from it. The other reviews really say it all... it doesn't pick up everything, it can get tangled on cords, etc. I don't think it is supposed to be a deep cleaner, but just getting the little junk off the top of the carpet makes it look clean. And it did an excellent job of getting the little stuff up. In fact, when I emptied the bin I was SHOCKED! I didn't realize the carpet was that dirty, or that the Roomba was picking up as much as it did! It was amazing. And I didn't think it was noisy at all... much more quiet than a regular vacuum.
    I've only had it a day and I ran it twice, so I can't comment on longevity, but I am thrilled with it! It's already part of the family... my kids are naming it "Scooter"....more info
  • No good if you have longhaired pets
    Have a longhaired pet friend? Forget this Roomba. The long hairs will get stuck in the brush, and more problematic, in the bearings. The bearing locks up and breaks. This is what happend to me 10 minutes into the first run. Now I have to service the bearing every 10-20 minutes.

    Even if it doesn't break, you will probably end up spending more time cleaning your Roomba than it would take you to vacuum the floor with a good old vacuum cleaner anyway.

    It does actually clean when it works, but I wish it had been a bit more gentle with the furniture. This Roomba is not a keeper....more info
  • Crusade for cleaner floors.
    I bought the Roomba based on my positive experience with the Scooba. This was an opportunity to try it out (remanufactured) without the full-price investment. They definitely do clean and do so without kicking up dust and dirt into the air as happens with sweeping or using a traditional type vacuum that exhausts a lot of air. However, on the remanufactured device I noticed some broken clips out of the box and the battery does not last even a full hour. The replacement should arrive in another day and we'll give it another try....more info
  • Great Product *Small Mis-Advertisment by AMAZON*
    First, I want to say that this is not a review of the Remanufactured Roomba, but more of a notice. The AMAZON website states that the Remanufactured iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum comes with a cleaning tool and spare brush pack (which is a $30 value). This is not true. The box for the remanufactured roomba states that it includes a Roomba Scheduler, scheduling remote, scheduling virtual walls (2), home base, fast charger, and APS battery. Other than the AMAZON mis-advertisment, the Roomba works as advertised. All the customer acclaims are true. This thing always has dirt and cat hair in it at the end of the day. ...more info
  • Great so far, but I have a few reservations
    The remanufactured Roomba is working very well so far. I have two cats and several plants on Pergo laminate flooring. After three days of consecutive use, this floor is cleaner than it's ever been. It picks up all the daily dust, fur, small plant debris, and litter particles. It does a better job than any broom, as it has a squeegee that gets all the superfine particles. So, after three days, this floor is looking super clean. It also doesn't have a fan in the back that can sometimes hinder the pickup of dust bunnies. So, it did surprisingly well in cleaning and exceeded my expectations, and appears to consume less power to boot.

    I am a little concerned that it only has a 90 day warranty. The unit I received did look like it had been used for awhile, as it had some small scratches. When Roomba cleans the room, the plastic edge bumps into things intentionally, and I worry a little about the longevity of this product. It seems slightly delicate with several parts that look like the could come off or break fairly easily.

    That being said, it did a great job (albeit in a roundabout fashion) on a flat surface and nimbly found it's way into all sorts of corners. It is quieter than a full-size vacuum, but does not replace the need for a vacuum altogether.

    If I run into issues with the remanufactured unit, I will update this post. Otherwise, I am contemplating purchasing another as a present, because it's very handy.

    Addendum: This product excels are getting the daily (short) cat hair picked up. Another unit was purchased as a gift and recepient says they do have to empty the dustbin once or twice a session (they have 850 sq ft apt. with wall to wall carpeting). This is really good for cat owners with hard or laminate flooring who don't want to vacuum every day. The only grip is that I need to make sure all wires or stringy things are up out of Roomba's reach. Scheduler works perfect and I come home to clean floors every day. If your home is cluttered, has a lot of small rooms, and you routinely have a lot of stuff on the floor everywhere, Roomba would not be happy camper working for you....more info
  • Beauty
    When the question of hiring the help with cleaning the house was places in our family, i just thout that a little help from Roomba would help. And it did - while it was vacuuming, i was able to clean up the bathrooms and kitchen. As it sceduled to clean the living room every morning ( there is a door to the backyard from there and the place gets pretty messy after going in and out) the room is extremely clean, always. And it does a very good job at doing it - i would cover every inch of the room with my regular vacuum as it does. Besides, i don't really think that i would take my vacuum every day.

    The bottom line - make sure your room is prepared for cleaning and relax - it will do the job. I'm planning on buying the 2nd unit for the 2nd floor....more info
  • Great for pet owners with wood or tile floors and throw rugs
    I love love love our Roomba!!!!

    Roomba is perfect for our situation. We own 3 cats -- indoor/outdoor -- and before Roomba, we'd have to vacuum every day to pick up all the cat hair and dirt they drop or track in. We have all hardwood floors with a few throw rugs (some are taped down, some aren't, Roomba cleans them all no problem). Roomba handles floor-level changes like they aren't even there, cleans under the couch and tables and chairs, and so far has completely cleaned our floors without once scratching or marking our brand-new furniture. In the far corners there may be a few grains of dirt she couldn't reach, but overall we are ecstatically happy, and our hardwood gleams.

    We schedule Roomba to run around every day we're at work. Every day we come home, and Roomba is back on her charger and full of cat hair. It's awesome.

    Once Roomba got stuck under a couch, or so we thought, but it turned out she wasn't stuck at all -- just automatically shut down because she was so packed with cat hair, she couldn't even make it back to the charger. There was a lot of cat hair under the couch. :) Now I watch when she goes under the couch, and she never gets stuck, so I am 99% sure it was the cat hair (1st time cleaning).

    If we had bought an IntelliBin, Roomba would tell us when the chamber needs cleaning. But we opted for the Scheduler ($199 refurbished), and just clean the bin once every time Roomba cleans. Cleaning the bin is done in one simple motion and is MUCH easier than big vacuum chambers.

    On the pet side, our cats didn't freak out as much as we thought they would, in fact 2 out of 3 just ignore it, unless it comes straight at them. The third one just sits and stares at it with the evil eye whenever it's on.

    This is the best purchase we have ever made. Picks up all the cat hair our three cats leave everywhere! That's all we wanted!

    ...more info
  • Awesome product!
    As soon as I opened the package, I understood that I'd made the right choice! It performes perfectly well. The things you need to do is just schedule it once, and then only not to leave any wires on the floor and empty the box in time.
    My best compliments to IRobot!...more info
  • Noisy but cool
    The Roomba is very handy, and if I used it when I was away from home the noise would never bother me. Of course, I don't use it when I'm away, so the noise is a bit irritating. And, because the little guy is so clever, I actually stand around watching it. So, when the novelty of it wears out, I won't have anything to complain about at all. ...more info
  • I bought two!!
    I enjoy using the products from iRobot. The Roomba picks up an amazing amount of dust and pet hair from my carpets. I do have to supervise my Roomba in certain rooms of the house. Mine tries to "limbo" under some low furniture and get stuck. However, it does a great job under the bed and other areas that other vacuums cannot reach without extra tools. I have frieze carpet in one room which slows down the Roomba considerably.

    I also have a Scooba which I do not use as often.

    iRobot offers good product support. I have called three times with my Scooba and have had my questions resolved by telephone.

    I liked my Roomba so much, I bought one for my brother and sister-in-law. I do not hesitate to recommend the Roomba....more info
  • Roomba Scheduler
    Although this was a refurbished unit, I did have some minor problems at first. One of the virtual wall units was missing and the brush retainer broke the first time we removed it (the plastic looked to be bad). To IRobot's credit, they immediately sent a new wall unit and a new retainer, however the replacement was also bad (the plastic was warped and wouldn't fit). The third retainer was fine and again, IRobot responded very quickly. The unit works great, although I don't get the 120 minutes indicated on our carpet (more like an hour 15 or so). For the price I paid for this unit, I can't fault it and although I'm not sure how it will hold up over the long term, it does work well now and I'm impressed with the quick response I've received from the company! The longest hold time was about 10 - 15 minutes....more info
    Really impressed with the performance of the remanufactured Roomba Scheduler. I recently had my entire house done in ceramic tile (single story, about 2000 square feet), and fully swept it the day before the roomba arrived. After charging the unit, we set it off on its way, watched it for a while, and then let it do its own thing while we continued to straighten up and move furniture around. After a couple of hours, we heard it play a little tune, and found that it had returned to its charging dock. When we checked the dust bin, we were amazed at how much stuff we had missed when we swept up the day before. Very fine dust from the new tile grout, along with long black hair (my wife is chinese...), and loads of dust bunnies. Each time I watch this thing it amazes me. It navigates under the dining table, meticulously working around each chair. As it finds an object, it manages to find its edges and move along the edge, and when the virtual walls are set up, it hits the invisible barrier and moves off in another direction. It's a little noisy, but if there is a clutch mechanism inside that uses the powered rear wheels for steering, it is understandable that it would have the same coffee grinder sound that my Tamiya RC Tank makes. Regardless of the noise, it is nowhere near as noisy as an actual vacuum cleaner. It seems to have some issues with area rugs, and whatever you do, don't leave rubber bands lying around on the floor. They get wrapped around the beater bar and the brush unit and the unit aborts its mission.
    Cleaning is really easy. Dump the bin each time after it cleans, and do a full cleaning once a week. If you use one of those rhino-razor letter openers (the kind with a rhino horn on it that conceals an integral razor blade) to cut through the long hairs that wrap around the brush, remove the small ball bearings from the end of the beater bar and brush, clean the hair and debris off the spindles, rinse the beater bar and brush (NOT THE BEARINGS!) and let them air dry. Remember that it is a tool, not a toy, and as such it requires some maintenance.
    If you are generally good at keeping house, you will love this machine. If you have a lot of junk, newspapers, plastic bags, rubber bands, or other snags laying about, this little machine will get snagged, abort its mission and sit there beeping at you. Under these circumstances, you are probably better off hiring a maid.
    ...more info
  • not too bad, but need quality control
    I gave the roomba 4 stars, it really works very well and more than what I expected. But some of the plastic parts, such as the filter holder made of plastic and metal wire was a piece of crap. It failed only after 10 uses. ...more info
  • Lemon
    I bought a Roomba 4230 "remanufactured" vacuum robot from Amazon last week. I was really excited to get it. Plugged it in, charged her up, and pushed the Clean button. Dang.

    It said Uh-Oh. E-mailed IRobot tech support. That was over a week ago. Still waiting for their response. I called tech support last Friday. They told me the same thing that I read on their website. The cliff sensors think they are obstructed. Roomba uses cliff sensors to keep it from falling down the stairs. Tech support suggested spraying compressed air into the sensors, and sent me RMA forms, knowing the air thing would never work.

    Surprisingly, the compressed air worked. Roomba worked for 5 minutes. It was a beautiful thing. But then it quit and said Uh-Oh. More air. It ran a while longer. More air, it ran even longer. Emptied the dirt out several times. It ran out of juice, found its home base and parked on it for a refill. Amazing and wonderful and cute. It did a decent job cleaning too.

    After it recharged I put it in my bedroom and pushed the button. It ran about 10 minutes and died. No amount of compressed air would revive it. Rather than pay to ship this lemon back to IRobot, I sent it back to Amazon postage paid. I miss it already, even though it never ran more than 10 minutes without needing some kind of attention.

    After reading a bunch of postings in the Roomba forums I learned that it's not unusual to go thru 3 or 4 of these units before getting a good one.

    My suggestion: Don't buy a remanufactured Roomba. Your chances of getting a lemon are much higher than with a new unit.

    ...more info
  • Robot cleaner
    The I-robot cleans well, in a random pattern rather than a comprehensive one. I still need to use my usual vacuum to get places this doesn't quite cover. However it does things my regular vacuum doesn't like getting under furniture, couches, etc. I'm pleased with it because I'm a gadget guy....more info
  • Works Very Good!
    I'm very pleased with the Irobot Roomba 4230. It works alot better then I thought it would. I mainly wanted it to pick up our cats fur when shedding but it picks up much more then that. More quiet then a full size vacuum. Don't get it thinking it will make your floor spotless but it comes close!...more info
  • Good intelligent robotic sweeper but not perfect
    I just got my roomba 4230 package from Amazon. The Roomba 4230 works great cleaning my house and is intelligent enough to navigate around an obstacle course I call a home. It picks up alot of dirt and debris. I definitely recommend it.

    I only have a few gripes about it:
    -The debris bin is not big enough so it has to be emptied often, maybe once per day.
    -It does not pickup bigger pieces of debris like a quarter size piece of paper.
    -It will get tangled up on adapter cords if it runs across them
    -It has trouble finding its recharging base when sweeping is complete.

    I'm waiting for my iRobot Scooba to arrive and see if can really mop my floors. This is cheaper than the $25 dollars per hour the maid services are charging....more info
  • Better than expected
    I was worried about a reconditioned product but when you open it up it's in perfect condition. I've scheduled a cleaning between two rooms every day while I'm at work and it's been amazing. You have to pick up any cords it might run into, and anything else that it might snag on. Just really takes some common sense and watching it run for the first few times. Now it makes it back to it's charging base ever time.

    The only thing I didn't expect was the cleaing of the brushes. I have a cat so the hair gets spun around the brushes. Not that big of deal though since it only takes 2 minutes a few times a week. Before Roomba I came home to clumps of hair and dust on the carpet that was blown from all over the house. Now I come home to a completely clean floor and carpet every day. Oh, and you have to empty the bin EVERY DAY! It's small...don't forget.

    If you expect to open the box and have it running perfectly within 10 minutes it's not for you. With a little trouble shooting and common sense it's amazing. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • As a Roomba original user
    I have the original first generation of the Roomba. It's still going strong, still does it's job, still holds it's charge, and still entertains me. The newer generations are only getting more clever. I have never regretted my purchase of the Roomba....more info