Sharp AF-S125FX ENERGY STAR? 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Sharps AF-S125FX ENERGY STAR? 1 qualified air conditioner provides cool comfort all summer long. Sharps air conditioners not only exceed federal efficiency standards, they exceed design standards as well. Sleek and stylish, they will fit into your home design beautifully. Saving you energy and enhancing your decor, Sharps air conditioner line is too cool to pass up. 12,000 BTU, EER 10.8. ENERGY STAR? Efficiency Save money, save energy, and help preserve the environment! Sharp's ENERGY STAR qualified products exceed the existing federal efficiency standards for air conditioners by at least 10% which qualifies them to bear the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR logo for energy efficiency. Comfort TouchTM Controls Convenience is standard with Sharp's user-friendly Comfort Touch controls. With a 12-hour timer delay on/off feature and two-degree temperature control, there's no more temperature guessing. Simply set the controls and forget about it!

  • ENERGY STAR? Efficiency - 12,000 BTU, EER 10.8.
  • Slide-Out Washable Filter for easy removal and cleaning.
  • 4-Way Air Direction lets you direct the cool air where you want it most.
  • Comfort TouchTM with 12 Hour Timer,2-Degree Increment Temperature Controls, 3 Cooling Speeds
  • Approximate Room Size : 415 - 745 sq. ft
Customer Reviews:
  • This Sharp AC AF S85FX stinks
    This product shuts down after 720 hours, supposidly to remind you to clean the filter. However, inspite of numerous attempts to restart the AC using proceedures specified on the web, it will not stay on. This is another potentially simple machine that is F***ed up by overly sophisticated and poorly implemented electronics....more info
  • This product seems designed to fail after 720 hours. "Made in China" and I don't like the low quality. I don't recommend this.
    This air conditioner seems designed to fail and caused me frustration after exactly 720 hours of operation. Before this, I had never seen a blatant design of a product to fail. I will never buy a SHARP product again.
    I bought this air conditioner about a year ago. "Made in China" right on the side and styrofoam inside the unit. But it seemed ok, then suddenly stopped working a few days ago. Now whenever I turn it on it runs for about 2 minutes, then stops completely and blinks "E1." Page 16 in the manual says "E1 indicates the requirement of a filter check after 720 hours of fan operation" and "the E1 program is a (built-in) time device that operates based on total (air conditioner) running time." The manual that came with the air conditioner says to switch it off, unplug it, and then plug it back in. We have tried this many times, without success. Frustrating when my 2 year old daughter is climbing on top of me and sweating here in a hot house! Blinking "E1" to me means "my 720 hours are up and now I'm hot!" I recommend you do not buy a SHARP air conditioner....more info