DH Diana the Hunter 310 Turbo 3000 Ion ionic hair dryer.

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DH Diana the Hunter 310 turbo 3000 ion hair dryer. 1875 watt AC engine. high power. Stealth IONIC generator (releases 30,000 negative Ionic charges per cm3). 5 temperature settings. 2 motor speeds. Ergonomically balanced housing. Lightweight design. Ceramic grill for added performance. 10 ft. professional electrical cable. Slim line concentrator. Made in Italy.

  • 1875 watt AC engine.
  • High power. Stealth IONIC generator
  • 5 temperature settings. 2 motor speeds.
  • 10 ft. professional electrical cable.
  • Made in Italy

 Customer Reviews:

  • Diana the Hunter
    After many years as a common hair dryer user, I decided it was time for a "professional grade" dryer. I went to the popular beauty supply store in NYC. I purchased an Ionic dryer for about $120. I used that dryer for about 6 months when I realized that my long thick hair was still coming out frizzy. Also, the handle of the dryer became so hot that I had to take brakes in between.

    A good friend of mine in Florida swore by her Diana the Hunter and I had used it much to my delight whenever I visited her. The store in NYC told me that the Diana was only available in Florida. I did a search on line, found the dryer for sale via Amazon and purchased it immediately.

    As I said, I have long thick hair. I wash my hair every morning and the Diana the Hunter gets my hair 100% dry in about 15 minutes. My hair comes out straight, glossy and FRIZZ FREE. This is the best hair dryer on the market and worth every cent I paid for it.

    Highly highly highly recommended.

    Oh and it was sent via Goodmans. It arrived promptly and well packaged. Thank you Amazon and Goodmans!

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