Dingo Mini Bones 21-Pack Value Bag, 9-Ounce

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Product Description

Dingo, 21 Pack, Mini, White, Rawhide Bone, Premium Hand Tied Rawhide Bone With The Irresistible Combination Of Real Chicken Breast Jerky Wrapped In The Highest Quality Rawhide, Helps Promote Healthy Teeth By Preventing Tartar Build Up, Value Bag.

  • Value bag of your dog's favorite bones.
  • Premium hand-tied rawhide bones with the irresistible combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the highest quality rawhide.
  • Helps promote healthy teeth by preventing tartar build-up.

Customer Reviews:

  • Missy's "Must Have"!!
    When I got my dachshund from the Humane Society, she was overweight and had bad tartar on her teeth. The vet said she'd need to be seen in a few weeks to have the tartar removed. Instead, she was given a Dingo Bone every evening, which she chewed up. Her teeth are nice and clean now.

    Missy was also placed on a low calorie food and no longer receives "people food". She gets her daily Dingo Bone right after her evening meal and she wants it IMMEDIATELY! Doxies can get quite bouncy when they really want something.

    I really appreciate the large value package which is not offered in any store, and the price, plus the ease and fast shipping when I purchase through Amazon. ...more info
  • Dog Treats
    My 2 dogs are addicted to these!! They get one a day, when I come home from work...needless to say, they are always excited to see me come home!!!...more info
  • my yorkie loves them!!!
    Its hard to find treats that my yorkie really loves, he goes completly crazy with Greenies but he can eat one in like 5 minutes so I feel like they are not worth it. I saw these and target and I decided to give them a tried... He smelled them and in like 10 min he was already chewing on one... He eats one in like 15 minutes and Im trying to give him one a day, during a week his teeth look so much better and his gums are not red anymore... so I think I prefer these treats over Greenies. ...more info
  • Our Doxies Love these
    It's true, our miniature dachshunds absolutely love these. They are a special treat for them. Unfortunately, they go through them fairly quickly, but it's their absolute favorite!...more info
  • Our dogs go crazy for these things!
    We have two dogs, both medium-sized, Beagle mixes that we got from rescue places. These Dingo Mini Bones are unquestionably their all-time favorite treats. The "mini" size is really perfect because it makes it much more economical to give it to them more often....more info
  • A great treat for dogs
    I discovered Dingo's about 5 months ago. My 2 dogs love them. I give them greenies which they devoured in less than a minute. The minis take longer to chew and are a perfect treat. I give them several times a week....more info
  • My dog loves these bones.
    My dog loves these but I only give her one or two a week because they can be fattening. I also always keep an eye on her when she is eating one. Great product....more info


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