The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess brings you back tot he land of Hyrule, as you uncover the mystery behind its plunge into darkness. Link, a young man raised as a wrangler in a rural village, is ordered by the mayor to attend the Hyrule Summit. He sets off, oblivious to the dark fate that has descended upon the kingdom. When he enters the Twilight Realm that has covered Hyrule, he transforms into a wolf and is captured. A mysterious figure helps him break free, and with the aid of her magic, they set off to free the land from the shadows. Link must explore the vast land of Hyrule and As he does, he'll have to enlist the aid of friendly folk, solve puzzles and battle his way through dangerous dungeons. In the Twilight Realm, he'll have to use his wolf abilities and Midna's magic to bring light to the land. Revisit classic and new characters - Link, Zelda, Midna and many others

When an evil darkness enshrouds the land of Hyrule, a young farm boy named Link must awaken the hero and the animal within. When Link travels to the Twilight Realm, he transforms into a wolf and must scour the land with the help of a mysterious girl named Midna. Besides his trusty sword and shield, Link will use his bow and arrows by aiming with the Wii Remote controller, fight while on horseback and use a wealth of other items, both new and old.

The most epic Zelda ever launches with the Wii.

Link roams an entirely new land of Hyrule. View larger.

Take control of your trusty horse as you travel from quest to quest. View larger.

Link must solve a number of challenging puzzles to progress to boss battles. View larger.

Fishing with the Wii Remote is a fun and worthwhile diversion. View larger.

Link's journeys, reinvented
Hailed by many as the best Zelda game since 1998's Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess thrusts players into a troubled world ravaged by a dangerous magic. Sporting a new, more realistic visual style than the previous Zelda title, Link looks much more like an adult than in previous installments and fits well into an environment that provides Zelda fans with a much more gritty and grim environment to explore. The entirety of the quest fits this darker mood, as both Link and NPC's alike share the same concern for the changes about in Hyrule.

More than just a spiritual successor to previous Zelda installments, Twilight Princess offers players a new way of controlling Link through dungeons, forests, towns, and the bizarre Twilight Realm: precise weapon controls with the Wii remote! Players can use the remote to control Links' weapons including the sword, arrows, and boomerang. This new control scheme allows for much faster and more accurate control than on previous Nintendo hardware. For example, waving the remote in the air will result in Link performing the same move with the sword. To fire off on arrow, players "pull back" on a virtual controller string as the Wii remote's speaker lets players know that the projectile is ready for release. It all works incredibly well and adds to the title's immersion and style- you feel more in the center of the action than in previous Zelda games.

As impressive as the new control scheme is, the scope and size of the new land of the Hyrule is equally as impressive- truly the Wii's first epic adventure. Beautifully crafted and four years in the making, the land players travel through is vast and diverse as the dungeons and monsters that lie within. As players collect triforce pieces from the distant sections of the continent, they will get to know many different villages and foes. Thankfully, Link will be able to move over long stretches of land faster thanks to "Epona," your faithful horse. Epona also helps Link become a more effective fighter, as a number of powerful and impressive sword strikes can be launched while galloping through fields of enemies.

The Twilight Realm awaits
Like most games in the Zelda franchise, Link begins his adventure with little more than the clothes he has on an an inkling that something has gone awry. After an initial trip to the Twilight Realm, in which Link appears as a wolf, a friendly shadow dweller named Midna will meet up with players and give helpful advice on gameplay. Fortunately for players, this virtual assistant spells out ways to be a more effective adventurer in and out of the shadow world. Early stages of the game have Link spending a lot of time in the Twilight Realm, and outdoor areas of Hyrule, attempting to clear areas of the strange darkness that has seemingly fallen over every village, forest, and field. As the story progresses, players will learn the cause of the shadows, and what they must to do vanquish them for good.

Puzzling puzzles
Link once again finds himself in a number of classic Zelda-esque puzzle scenarios in which he must light torches to unlock doors, raise and lower water levels, and fight enemies to collect keys and open chests for valuable rupees. A number of the dungeons present unique puzzle challenges that rely on the player's ability to hone their Wii remote's control, such as an air castle in the sky that can only be accessed by an extremely accurate grappling hook toss.

In general, Twilight Princess is more challenging than the average Zelda game, with a number of boss battles having protracted hit sequences with little support potions about, and even less warning. Still, there's never been an adventure experience such as this, wherein players can literally charge at a dungeon boss with their fists and punch the air to defeat an enormous foe. As the finest Zelda experience in almost ten years and the game fans have been waiting for, Twilight Princess will delight young and old gamers alike.

  • Combines the amazing new interface features of the Wii with the Zelda franchise
  • Amazing new horseback combat system
  • Attacks, moves, and even fishing, are controlled with the Wii Remote
  • Link transforms into different creatures as part of his quest

Customer Reviews:

  • A surprisingly fun, but misclassified, game
    This game is listed as a role-playing game, but it really doesn't have the characteristics of a role-playing game. I would classify it as an action/adventure instead; most sites that discuss this game agree with this classification. There is no character development, aside from being able to collect "heart containers" to raise your maximum health. Defeating enemies does not yield experience or otherwise improve your character, other than receiving heart containers from boss battles. You don't get to choose from a wide selection of weapons, armor, etc. either. You occasionally receive a weapon upgrade, but this is entirely dictated by the game. Nonetheless, you do get a variety of utility items you can use to help you along. Money does not play a huge part, and you are limited in the amount you can hold at a time; however, you will rarely find yourself unable to buy what you want.

    All this is not to say that the game is not enjoyable. I found it very much so. However, if you are used to Final Fantasy or other such "traditional" RPGs and that is all you are interested in, you may be disappointed. While combat is an important part of the game, it is far from being a straightforward hack-and-slash game. You are required to alternately assume the form of human and wolf, with each form having its own abilities and limitations. Unfortunately, the gameplay during wolf form is quite limited and repetitive. You are tasked with finding "tears" to fill a vessel, which must be liberated by fighting bug-like creatures. Every foray into wolf form involves this same puzzle, with the locations of the tears being marked on the map for you. It would have been nice if there had been some variety to the wolf play, although the wolf form's inability for the most part to use items limits what could have been done. The puzzles encountered in human form involve more in-depth challenges to overcome, requiring manipulating objects, pressing switches, and finding hidden objects and areas. And, oh yes, there are boss battles; while they generally require a certain amount of quick reflexes, mostly they are about discovering the combination of items/maneuvers needed to win. For this reason, I strongly recommend playing through the first time without resorting to walkthroughs, at least not for the boss battles, because once you know the tactics you need, most battles are not terribly difficult.

    The control scheme can be a tad complex, if you want to use the full range of moves and special attacks. The game makes great use of the Wii system to make the controls easy to master. I can't imagine being able to do it so easily with a traditional controller, so kudos to Nintendo for giving game developers something with so much potential to build on. They don't go quite all the way with this; for example you aren't rewarded for the strength of your swing in combat, but I think it is a matter of personal taste whether that would make the game better or not, and they have simply chosen not to go that route. The buttons within menus can be rather confusing; part of the time the A button selects and the B button "backs up" or exits, and part of the time it is the other way around, depending on what you are doing. It usually won't cause a big problem but occasionally I found it somewhat irritating.

    The game starts out being very linear without a lot of side quests, although there is always fishing if you want a diversion. I thought for awhile I was going to be done within 20 hours. At a certain point, however, the game broadens out greatly and you encounter many secrets and side quests you can investigate. I played around for over 100 hours before finally completing the game (you can complete it much faster if you wish, but I was trying to find as many secrets as possible). One very nice point of this game: If you are a fan of Final Fantasy and read the FAQs for one of those games, you will usually find one dedicated to "missable items" (items where if you don't get them by a certain point in the game, they are gone forever). This game has no such items. You can always complete a quest or find an item (once it becomes available) before the end of the game.

    I think that the game does too much "hand-holding" at times instead of having you discover things for yourself. For some quests, the game marks locations on your map that you must visit (such as the wolf form's teardrop collecting quest), when the designers could have made the game last even longer by only offering subtle hints and making finding the locations part of your quest. I suppose that this reduces the chance of frustration by being stuck not knowing what to do next. Some players might see this as a positive rather than a negative, and it does reduce the chance of having to resort to a walkthrough, which is admittedly disappointing to have to do.

    In the end, I was kind of saddened to see the game be over. It was a great experience, and I would recommend it to other action-adventure fans out there. The characters you meet are likable, although only Midna, your twilight companion for most of the game, is fleshed out in any great detail. It can appeal to gamers of a variety of ages and experience levels. I would certainly be interested in playing more in the series as they are released....more info
  • Zelda Fan
    This game is fun, entertaining, and educational. If you like adventure, you will highly enjoy this game....more info
  • If you liked Ocarina Of Time, buy this game!
    There's not a lot that I can tell you that you haven't already read somewhere before. Twilight Princess is fun and very well thought out.
    I am a relative late-comer to Zelda games. My first was Ocarina Of Time. I'm hooked on 3-D. There is depth of reality you just don't get in 2-D. This is a first-class 3-D game.
    We first bought this game in the GameCube version bacause we didn't yet have a Wii. Loved that version and played it for numerous hours.
    When we got the Wii, I wanted to try the game with the controller that you Swing like a Sword! What could be cooler than that?
    Nothing!!! It's the greatest feeling of accomplishment when you cut down those horrible creatures who are trying to Kill you. Vicious little beasties!
    Confession time. I need a guide. Can't play without one. I go as far as possible, then need help. This game is complex, with many side games and quests. You don't have to do everything to succeed, but you increase your carrying capacity of items, like arrows, if you search out the side games.Plus you become more comfortable with the surroundings and equipment.
    You've probably read that you are a wolf during parts of the game. It is enjoyable because you can really get even with the bag guys when you can bite them!
    I've always enjoyed adventure games more than gorey ones. Though there are places in this game that put your heart rate up, you play a lot in the defense mode. So, you feel you are not the one Causing harm. In between battling the Bosses and trying to Not Get Killed, you can go fishing and bug-hunting.
    Once you gain confidence, you go to the areas that were scary the first few times through. You can take these guys!
    Twilight Princess is an addictive game and you will want to play it. Every day. Of course, that is true of all good games, I think.
    Try this one and see if you don't agree....more info
  • Disappointing entry in the franchise
    This game has gotten so many rave reviews that I wonder if I played a different version where all the fun and Zelda spirit were left out. I'm a long-time fan of the Zelda games, and eagerly anticipated playing this latest entry. I was very disappointed. From the very beginning and continuing throughout the game, everything felt formulaic and empty, with no real sense of urgency or importance to your missions.
    It's been a few months since I played Twilight Princess, and I'm sitting here trying to remember the good and bad parts of it. Sadly, I can hardly remember any of it - it's just not memorable like the better installments in the series. There are fun bits in it, certainly, but overall the adventure is dull and unengaging. Recommended for rental only....more info
  • Best Zelda game Ever
    Buy this Game. really fun. i like that it is better than any other zelda game, because the prior ones were amazing. i own for both the wii and the gamecube. gamecube is easier to maneuver but once u get the hang of the wii you might disagree, i love the graphics and taht it actually takes a while to beat, usually with games i can beat in a matter of days, this one took me a long time. my only ocmplaint is that it has all the bonus stuff, such as magic armor and crap like that. i beat the last boss really easily without that stuff and i guess u have that kind of stuff in every zelda game. great fun is found in this game, prepare to be addicted...more info
  • LOVE the game, HATE the ending.
    Absolutely loved this game!! I don't know why people complain about the wiimote and nunchuck, because I think they are quite compatible as controllers. The graffics are terrific as is the storyline, and if you're not using cheats, the game is just difficult enough to keep you interested, but not so difficult that it drives you nuts and you give up, and chuck the wiimote at your poor HDTV. I really love the little villages; they are so quaint and charming (you've guessed it; I'm a chick)! The only thing that I disliked about the game was the end: You can't go back and free-play after the grand finale. (I was hoping to return to the cute little villages and make Link & Zelda "create" little sword-and-shield-yielding babies! ;) Ha!) Unfortunately, this kind of ending is typical of Zelda games. Why oh WHY???...more info
  • best Zelda game ever!
    this game is really fun, but at first, (spoiler) it makes Midna seem evil, when she really is one of the main characters! We got this game for my brother's birthday, and it's great, ecept the only thing the master sword is for is to (another spoiler) stab in the pedstal. I thought it would at least make your sword twice as strong! And when you battle Ganon, Midna dosent give you a hint that helps once! She just makes you think really hard about nothing. Epona is really great, and you can shoot arrows, use your claw-shot, and even swing your sword, but you kinda forget about the horse once you can warp. Overall it's still a great game, though....more info
  • Awesome new chapter in Zelda mythology
    Loved the game. Using the pointer and wiimote were fun additions to the Zelda franchise. Highly recommended.

    Game is suitable for children as well....more info
  • Best adventure game for the Wii
    This was the first game I bought for the Wii in November 2006. I finally just beat it after 105 gameplay hours. I actually broke a sweat in the final 2 hour battle. It is definately worth your time to play this.
    Now I am considering buying Ocarina of Time which I skipped while I wait for the next Wii Zelda....more info
  • Boring with nothing to do
    Not really sure what to say about this game... it's one of the most boring games I have ever played in my life, with no clear sense of direction or what you're supposed to do. You start up the game, and you walk around, and there's absolutely no indication of what you should do. You talk to a few people, you get on a horse, and then you just go around and explore things. Not much to explore, either. They give you some vague task like "close up the ranch", with absolutely no indication of how to do that. After about 2 hours of walking around and accomplishing absolutely nothing, I looked up some online hints for this game, and I could see why I couldn't figure anything out. It's because there's no LOGIC associated with any of the tasks in this game. You would never be able to figure out these things on your own, without somebody guiding you through them. [...]. If you have a TREMENDOUS amount of time on your hands and like reading online hint booklets, maybe this game is for you. Instead, I would recommend saving your money and purchasing an outstanding adventure game like Zack & Wiki instead. ...more info
  • zelda rules
    this a great game that i strongly recomend for anyone if you really want this game to be fun get the link crossbow for the wii but the game is just fun anyway it has a good storyline, good fetures, allright graffics but thats the only downside...more info
  • Easy To Learn
    I just got a Wii and this is one of my first games. It's easy to learn and control. I liked that you didn't have to press a ton of different button combos to execute cool moves. Lots of reading though which turned off my 11-year-old nephew, but if you like adventure type games it shouldn't bother you. It reminded me of Ocarina of Time, but easier....more info
  • The New Zelda!
    My brother had gotten this for me for my Birthday. It was the first Wii game I had gotten. I loved it !! :) It was just a very fun game. I loved the way everything looked too.. so beautiful.. It just made me want to jump into the screen! Link can fish, blow up walls, and blow up things under water with special bombs.
    I especially loved the dungeons.
    I know I didn't complete the game and get every secret 100% ( because there is this girl who is obsessed with bugs and she wants you to find her bugs, and I couldn't find all of them ).
    There are a lot of side quests too! Like finding the Souls, or finding bugs, the hearts for life, etc.
    There is a fortune teller who will help you either find more hearts, or figure out where you're going if you get confused in the game.
    You can even fish!!
    ( I really did love this game! )...more info
  • Who Did This???
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has a lot going for it, and lives up to many of the expectations. BUT...too many downright crummy elements get in the way.

    Positives: Stunning graphics, clean and natural control, a great variety of locals and setting-styles, several very cool weapons and tools, and some of the biggest bosses in any Legend of Zelda title(size matters). You can slash while you run. You can slash while you RIDE EPONA. The Twilight world is cool, unique from the Dark World in Link to the Past. The new Link gives himself a new character, setting this game on its own feet, independent of previous ones. Unfortunately...

    Negatives: . . . the old Link had better games to play. The Control lacks the sensitivity and accuracy of previous titles. The new tools are incorporated poorly, generally just useful in the dungeon where they're found. Wolf-Link has NO COOL ABILITIES OR ITEMS. He's not fun at all. Bosses only LOOK tough, and enemies are often annoyingly hard to kill.

    Most especially, this game lacks the bulls-eye brevity of so many previous titles. The world is big, empty and lonely. Characters are weak and uninteresting, generally without any semblance of personality. The story is told amazingly poorly, cheapening Midna's interesting character, and the main bad guys never feel really bad at all. The cinematics, though nice, aren't worth the bloated loading time. There are about 2 minigames(not enough, plus being the worst minigames in the series).

    This game is well-worth its 3 stars, but it really feels like folks at Nintendo just got sloppy after putting in some great ideas. This game is one of the weakest titles in the series, and for that alone it loses a star. Under any other title, it would have merited four/five. Not under the Zelda mantle, though.

    Overall: It's worth buying and playing, and you'll probably like it enough to play it twice. There are a few truly Zelda-worthy moments and concepts. It's just that the rest of the game bangs off in a new - bad - direction....more info
  • Good game.. slight disappointment
    It's a Zelda game.. it's bound to be great.. and it is. I've loved every Zelda game all the way back to the original on NES. They've all been great games. I only have 1 real problem with this game and it's really not the games fault. I bought a classic controller for the Wii strictly for this game but guess what... you can't use it! The classic controller is not compatible with this game. You're forced to use the wii-mote and nunchuck. Extremely odd feeling way to play. That's a very large drawback for me. I haven't played the game since the very first time I popped it in. So if you're buying this game and plan on using the classic controller.. don't....more info
  • Satisfaction.... FINALLY! *spoilers*
    I've had my Wii for about a month now and I've played three games previously but none measure up to Twilight Princess. This game is addicting although it is slightly different from the two other Zelda games I've played which are Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. It does have a few things I don't like which are:
    Now you cannot call Epona wherever you happen to be, you have to look for Whistle Grass. This wouldn't be so bad if Hyrule Field wasn't so massive compared to its size in OoT.
    Now when you catch a fairy in a bottle you don't keep it until you use it, you keep it until you exit whatever temple/area you are in & it only refills eight hearts instead of all them as in OoT. Not that you even need them, at least not for the bosses because they are too f*n easy to kill which is the third thing I don't like. If you die you're not paying attention to what you are doing and getting too close too many times.
    One other thing that kinda gets me annoyed is that they have locations from OoT but they're not in the same place as they were before. Like the Temple of Time. Now access to it is from the Sacred Grove which is similar to the Lost Woods in that it has Skull Kids and you must follow the music, as well as the Skull Kids lantern light to find the right path. The Skull Kid now attacks you and you fight him twice. The first time is as a wolf which makes it a bit of a challenge but it's still not too awfully difficult. The second time is a lot easier as you are back in human form and shoot him with arrows.
    Lastly, Midna takes Navi's place as far as informing you about the next task you need to do but she doesn't give you hints about how to kill certain enemies. I'm one who likes to know what the enemy I'm confronted with is called which Midna doesn't tell you.
    But even with all these things I like the game. Midna is a bit annoying because of her attitude but I still don't hate her. There are a lot of new enemies as well as some old ones. You still must hunt down special items such as the Fused Shadows and Mirror Shards. There are also Golden Insects which I'm not sure what you get as a reward for but I think it's a bigger wallet. But I haven't gotten them and still have managed to make significant progress in the game. I have all the Fused Shadows and am working toward the final Mirror Shard but like I said, they were easy as 123 to obtain.
    I still don't understand why they changed the location in which Link supposedly grew up but oh well. I still consider the $50 I paid for this game money well spent which I can't say for Spyro.
    ...more info
  • Bueno
    Bueno el juego, pero un poco corto y mas sencillo de lo que nos tenian acostumbrados (?o sera que ya tenemos mas practica?). Eso solo lo sabremos jugandolo....more info
  • One of the Best Zelda Games out there
    I love this game, its truely one of the best zelda games out there. Its a bit challengeing so I wouldn't recomend it for young children, but other wise this game is great. I really enjoyed this game, and you don't have to be a zelda fan or have previous zelda game history to love this game....more info
  • Better than Ocarina of Time
    As always the Twilight Princess is yet another epic addition to the Zelda franchise. Involving storyline, beautiful scenery, amazing character design and intuitive game play, its everything a great action RPG is made of. I would highly recommend this game and eagerly await the next installment in the Zelda universe....more info
  • Liked it... but not the best Zelda game out there
    lets start with the pros
    -play in two different perspectives
    -swing the wii mote to swing the sword and whatnot
    -solve puzzles to get through(sometimes you gotta use internet breakthroughs... at least i had to)
    -lots of weapons to use... though a lot of them are just upgrades(ie bombs, slingshot to arrow)
    -you could actually combine your bombs with the arrows to make a bomb arrow
    -hours finding heart pieces
    -you can warp around, saving time from wandering through Hyrule Field
    -it wasn't as fun as i thought it would be
    -the people are UGLY. They could have been drawn better. I really don't like playing games with ugly people.
    -gets repetitive
    - the point of your "travel" isn't clear cut really.
    -you HAVE TO switch between human form and beast form... which i hated beast form.

    i don't know. Maybe I just outgrew Zelda Games. i LOVED Ocarina of Time, but maybe it was because I played Ocarina of time when I was 12.

    but still i think i'd recommend this game ...more info
  • Needs a short game with the sword
    When I played this game in the store, I loved how you make Link use his sword by swinging the Wii remote, and he would match your movements. It was like you were really sword fighting!

    But when I bought it and played it at home, I found out you have to finish several levels before you get even a bad (wood) sword! I tried to play it for awhile, but it was taking forever to finish the necessary levels to get the sword. Instead it was having me do things like herding sheep and talk to the townspeople. I don't want to herd sheep, I want to do some sword fighting!

    I'm older now, so I don't have as much time or patience to play thru these levels before I get the sword. They should of had a short game or practice mode where you already have a sword and can do some sword fighting. Maybe one day I'll go back to it and try to finish those levels, or get some kid to do it for me....more info
  • It is good and fun.
    I was looking forward to getting this game because I was a fan since I played this game with superfamicom long time ago...This game is upgraded a lot. Just one thing I don't like very much is 3-D vision sometimes make me confused. It might be bad for some people....more info
  • Too Hard for Non Gamers
    I think the game is wonderful and seems to be very fun but I'm a 43 year old non-gamer. I purchased the Wii to play Guitar Hero and purchased Zelda b.c I remembered it from years ago. I was really hoping I could enjoy one of these types of fantasy games. I did get past the very first section where you jump the horse but could not get passed the fishing game.

    In summary:
    -Cool looking game; seems really fun
    -If your are a beginner, need a lot of time to figure it out
    ...more info
  • What happened after the beginning???
    I just finished this game a moment ago, and boy, all I can say is booooooooring. What was with that ending? Hyrule Castle and final fight. Too short and rushed. Like the latter half of the game as a whole.
    The ending of Wind Waker was LEGENDARY! I yawned once I finished Twilight Princess.

    Listen, this game had a wonderfull beginning. I liked the cutscenes and the first time I transformed into a wolf I was in awe. But then I hated how weak and rushed the plot became. Why the hell did those orcs just drop the kids somewhere? And around the time Ilia got her memory back the plot fizzled completely. Also the plot in this game was too little about Triforce, history, the world/land of Hyrule etc. They were touched really superficially.
    The plot and dialogue were *extremely inferior* compared to Wind Waker.
    Twilight Princess was boring, choppy and jumpy after a great beginning.

    And the dungeons. Something was severely lacking. In the beginning they were ok, though nothing great, but then they got horrible. Like the City in the Sky and Twilight Realm. Horrible.
    I guess they went for quantity not quality. The dungeons were boring and repetitive, the puzzles old and they lacked any atmosphere.
    Also if I remember correctly in Wind Waker you had to use many of the items you had acquired in different places. Not here.

    This game was also *WAY too easy*. I'm not a good player, honestly, but I never once died during the game. As a matter of fact I was near perfect health nearly all the time. Once you got the Master Sword you just needed to swing the nunchuk and the enemies would vanish. I mean I'd want standard enemies that would be at least as tough as Ganon was in the final swordfight.
    The bosses were also very easy and somehow lamer than in Wind Waker.

    I liked the Wii controls and they were well planned and easy to use. But I have one complaint. Circling behind an enemy's back really didn't work that well. First you had to sidestep and then roll. But guess what, most of the time the roll (+sidestep) brought you around the enemy to where you started. It was irritating (though not by any means impossible) to hit the enemies in the back.

    Oh, and why did most of the characters have to look so retarded? They showed with some models that they could make neat looking ones as well...

    Riding on the horse was the greatest part of this game!
    You should really buy Wind Waker instead of this. People complain about the graphics but they're quite nice once you get used to them. And did I mention that the dialogue and plot are awesome. The Triforce Hunt is the only annoying and tedious part of that game. TP felt the same all the time after the beginning. Just scores of poorly designed dungeons and a choppy and weak plot. ...more info
  • Okay. So? I'm a Dog.
    This reboot of the Zelda franchise once again pits the heroic Link against the dark forces of he evil wizard Ganon...dorf. This time, however, Ganon has brought along some friends from a parallel universe, which can only be visited by humans who turn into wolves.

    So very Japanese.

    Anyway, goat-herder Link lives a quiet life of simple happiness in the forest of Ordon, until one day a bunch of pig-riding demons invade his home and cast the kingdom of Hyrule into twilight. Link wakes up on the other side, but now he's a dog, with a little Pikachu-thing that orders him around.

    Long story short, Link will travel over and under the lands of Hyrule, through nine dungeons and countless tasks and side missions in his quest to free his land from the clutches of evil.

    GRAPHICS: $7

    Wii games are generally weaker visually to begin with, so it's no surprise that this game, originally designed for the GameCube, does not exactly wow you with its visuals. That said, environments are attractive and fit well with the fantasy theme. It's a big world for you to explore. No frame-rate or clipping issues.

    SOUND: $7

    Soundtrack is a little Muzak-friendly, but the scores are rousing and mood-setting nonetheless. The characters do not actually talk, but just make lots of small vocalizations to accompany the onscreen text. Midna sounds like a Pokemon chibi singing the White Album backwards - I expect to hear her say "hail Lord Satan" at any moment.


    Finally, a Wii game that actually knows how to swing a sword. Well, kind of. It still doesn't detect the more detailed motions very well (I really hope the Wii2 improves on the motion detection), but at least you can control your sword by actually swinging it. Camera is good and rarely sticks in a bad place, which is impressive on a system with only one analog stick.


    Once again, Nintendo hits the fantasy game out of the park. This quest is very long and fulfilling, with lots of plot twists, side quests and cool items to collect. Even Midna is useful, however annoying she can be.

    FUN: $10

    Creatures. Puzzles. Boss fights. Cool places to visit. Tons of unlockables. Everything about this game is a joy to play.


    I have been playing this game for almost a year and have not gotten tired of it once. That's all I need to say.

    VERDICT: $54 out of $60

    Yes, I know. Wii games are only $50 new, but since I review for other platforms, I wanted to use six criteria for everything. Bottom line, this game is worth the money and then some. You should definitely own it if you do not.
    ...more info
  • Pros/Cons

    - Immense quest
    - Satisfying combat
    - Good use of motion controls (using the bow is a blast)
    - Epic storyline
    - Tons of side-missions
    - Boss battles are original and take advantage of newly aquired skills
    - Wolf stages add variety
    - Dungeons are expertly designed
    - Classic Zelda soundtrack


    - Some might find it too long
    - Some tough puzzles
    - No voice acting
    ...more info
  • Eh
    I've heard a lot about this game and how great it is from my classmates. But...I found it kinda boring. At first it was exciting. Running around with a sword, shield, cool monsters, and fun puzzles that required logic. But after the first temple, it got very repetitive. The same old monsters showed up over and over (these goblin like things), the temples were obnoxious because they took lots of running back and forth and they weren't easy. Yeah, I like a challenge. But the temples were plain stupid. For example,I spent too much time trying to figure out how to kill these fungal like plants until I realized that I had to throw bombs at them. After all this, I found the fighting system to be annoying. While swinging the wii remote is fun and all, it sometimes doesn't register with your wii and you end up making mistakes because you're not coordinating right. Also, it should be a little more realistic. Although reality would make the game too difficult, I found many things stupid. An example is your jump attack. When Link does a jump attack he jumps into the air and hangs around there for five seconds. Lastly, the music can melt your ear drums. While the music is helpful in the beginning and adds a lot to the gameplay it repeats over and over like a broken record player. Midna's giggles are very annoying and they sound more like someone's having sex than someone letting out a gasp of surprise...
    Do yourself a favor. Don't buy this game and don't waste hours trying to figure out how to move a block of stone....more info
  • Amazing
    Many people say Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda ever, but I disagree. Twilight Princess is not only a great game, but it's the greatest Zelda game ever. Yes, Ocarina of Time was more fresh when it first came out as it was the first 3D Zelda, and it was indeed a great game. Although, today, I'd have to say that I'd play Twilight Princess over Ocarina. Twilight Princess has the fun Wii controls, better graphics, more variety, and the wolf gameplay is real fun too. Ocarina was more innovative, but Twilight is, hands down the better game....more info
  • OMG let me start by letting you know that I am your average almost 40 'soccer mom' and my favorite game series is Fatal Frame. (I also really like to watch my hubby play Final Fantasy X.)
    Got the Wii and rented Zelda knowing I would hate it, but thought the kids would like it...I ended up running to Walmart and plunking down the crazy $50 for this game. I loved the graphics, the story, and the easy play. Wait...let me explain that...I am very easily discouraged from games that are too hard or frustrating. (Haunting Ground kind of kicked my butt) Zelda is not too hard without being too easy. Yay!
    When hubby is playing Final Fantasy he is bombarded with my screaming "TREASURE!!!" and used to joke that someone could make millions off me if they made a game dedicated to just finding treasure....and Zelda is chalk full of 'em!! Blades of grass...chop it for treasure! Rocks? Pick 'em up for treasure! Trees? Yup...roll into them for treasure!! I am in heaven....EXCEPT, my stinking wallet will only hold a certain amount of $$. DRAT! Also, the ending is really lacking especially if you are a FFX fan.
    Bottom line, I am recouping from a broken elbo and not very good at playing games, but I did ok on this one and only had to have my teen beat two bosses. (ok, and the walkthrough helped at times :-) )...more info
  • The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
    If you had to sum up Twilight Princess in one word it would be Epic in fact so epic it will take a whoping 70 hours to complete or for those experts possibly 60 maybe 50 hours.In my eyes this is the best Zelda game since the original back in 1985.The reason being is the same feeling of being in a vast land much in the same way in the first Zelda , and to put correctly that is exactly right it is extremely vast , the graphics are phenominal , the controls are superb and for once Link is back to his old teenage warrior looking self, with the nunchuck and the wii controller gives it a hightend factor of fun , use the nunchuck and the wii conroller for your weapons and items makes this Zelda unique, you get friends along the way to help you you get a horse and you get to become a wolf wich i have to say is pretty damn cool.But just because you have an easier platform of controls don't make the mistake of thinking its going to make the game any easier it's not.At first you don't even get a sword until a little later.Another gripe i would have is that it was always a privaligde in most the Zelda games to have bombs , not this game instead your forced to use exploding insects other then that this is an awsome game for the Wii and should be a must on everyones list if they have one of these systems buy it you will be glad you did....more info
  • Shame
    I would recommend buying this for the Game cube and not Wii. The games are different for each system but on Wii it is very hard to play this game. I am not thrilled with the Wii and so I bought the game again for my game cube. It isn't as dark as the Wii version, there are things that are in the Wii version not in this but the game play is better, you get further and have more fun then you do on the Wii, I am sure people would disagree with this but then it is just my opinion....more info
  • Great Fun, Quite a Challenge
    I am the son of Gregory. I got the game shortly after purchasing my Wii, which we waited in line for (gooood times). I had never played a Zelda game before, and I always thought it was nerdy. I soon realized that Zelda is the Vice President, as Mario is the President, of the Government of Nintendo Games. Wow, I know, but it's true. I am an expirienced video gamer, and I got some pretty sweet skills, haha. I was up for a challenge, and I got what I wanted. It is a pretty hard challenge, and I love it! BEWARE: Do not use your water bombs when you get them, save them to break the underwater boulder! P.S. The graphics will amaze you!!...more info
  • This is a good game but not for very busy people
    This is one of those games you need to sit down and play for a few hours at a time. You will want to do so. Some of the challenges are a little frustrating for novice gamers but you can get through this with a little persistance and a lot of time. ...more info
  • Zelda is the Best!
    I went to every store in town (and the next town) and no one had Zelda, I asked one store to special order it for me... two weeks later I ordered my own from Amazon - I got the game AND FINISHED IT before the local store got back to me. This is the way to go!...more info
  • An excellent game and a must have for wii owners
    Even though the wii version is a port of the gamecube game, this game is still tons of fun and it will have you hooked for hours upon hours. The graphics are great for a gamecube title, but it does not push the limits of the capabilities of the wii. But any player will easily put that minor flaw aside to play this great game. The motion controls are fun and the game fits great with the wii remote. Wii owners, don't hesitate to buy this game if you haven't already....more info
  • A great game, well executed
    I got this game for my wife, an avid Zeldaphile, and she loves it. The scenery is beautiful, and the controls are easy enough to learn. Some of the dialogue has that "lost-in-translation-from-Japanese" feel, but heck, so did the other Zeldas. Put briefly, if you liked the other Zeldas, you'll like this one. If you're new to Zelda, but own a Wii and like a challenge, this game is for you, too. Parents: Good news--I haven't found anything offensive in this game at all. Some parts may be a tad scary for the really little ones (<6), but your average third grader will eat this up. Same goes for adults....more info
  • The Legend of Zelda
    My family in Tennessee bought the WII system for Christmas and this game is my grandson's favorite....more info
  • Lots of nostalgic elements
    [Note: Except for about 30 minutes of Legend on my sister's Game Boy a couple years ago, I have not played Zelda in about 20 years. I only played the first 2 on the NES.]
    I just got the game 2 days ago but I'm having a lot of fun. It took some time getting used to how to play it since I got it when I got my Wii and was new to everything. I also felt a little bleh about some of the opening stuff but Once I got into the game and got the handle of how to do things I started having a blast. There are also many nostalgic moments from the original Zelda.
    Without spoiling too much, getting the first sword and then the boomerang were "Oooooh I remember these" moments. Then there's certain things you do a certain way, just like you did in the original The Legend of Zelda that are fun. There are also familiar locations and some familiar faces. Well, not the faces since it's much more advanced graphics, but "I remember that monster!" moments. I'm loving the game not just for the gameplay (a mixture of fighting/shooting and action-puzzles of the jumping, running, timing type) but also for the memories....more info
  • One of the best
    After just finishing this game I must say it was one of the most fun I have played in a while. I have been a fan of the Zelda series since the very first one. The overall mechanics to the game are very similar to Orcarina of Time, but with much better graphics, bigger levels, and more items. The best part about the game is the outstanding level design. They are challenging, but not so much that you loose your mind. The story is OK, but how many times can you keep creating the same game? I think this game falls short compared to orcarina of time. That to me was the best Zelda game to date. But this one certainly doesn't disappoint! This will be one of the greatest Wii games ever made....more info
  • A-
    Not even close to Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker but fun none-the-less. A must have for WII owners....more info
  • The game that hooked me up into games again
    To start I want to give you a little backstory on my gaming. To be honest, I had been away from games since I stopped using my PSOne back in the day. Historically I had an ATARI 2600, a NES, a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo 64 and Playstation... and by the time I graduated I had just stopped using my Nintendo 64 and my Playstation; that was, definitely, a while ago.

    After that I just did some occasional gaming with some of my mates in my computer, one LAN party every 3 months or something, but I wasn't really addicted. Unfortunately I also lack the time to dedicate to games 24/7 as one would like.

    I had played Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask back in the day of the Nintendo 64, and had absolutely loved them.

    A few months ago I decided to buy a Wii while I was on a trip with some of my mates overseas. I bought my Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl then because it was all I could afford at the moment, (and by the way, do I love those two) but then I decided to buy The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, to get back to more serious gaming.

    This game is absolutely gorgeous, aesthetically, the maps are huge, and you have a lot to explore, you feel the vastness of the world (and would be seriously bored if you didn't have access to Epona most of the time).

    It is difficult enough to keep you thinking most of the time. I honestly have been too busy working on my research project to be playing too much, and thus I haven't finished it, however, being in the part of the game where I am gives me authority to write a review about it.

    I really enjoy the game, the music is amazing, though it could be better if it weren't synthesized. The story is intricate and interesting, it has enough twists, and you really get to "know" the characters. You even end up loving Midna.

    There are only two things I don't like about the game that much, and hence my 4-star rating.

    One is the lack of a musical instrument in the game, I really loved how the ocarina was integrated in the N64 versions, and how the Wind Waker worked in its game... I just feel it's kind of lacking.

    The other reason for my 4-star rating is that the game feels way too linear, there aren't many side-quests, and thus you feel like you're reading a book more than playing a game, at times.

    All in all this is a wonderful title, and you should definitely add it to your library....more info


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