Neoair PLUS Air Purifier and Air Cleaner

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Product Description

The Neoair Enviro PLUS is the latest addition in the Neoair Family. More powerful than ever this model features a huge 600 sq ft coverage area. With the new SuperHEPA filter this unit is especially recommended to asthma sufferers and to people that are extra sensitive to dusts and pollens. The SuperHEPA incorporates twice as much filter media making it more efficient against the finest particles and allergens. The Neoair Plus is an excellent multi stage home air purifier that offers you and your family protection against a countless number of airborne pollutants and irritants. It combines proven to work technologies like SuperHEPA Filtration and the latest OFS sterilization technology. Whether you want to remove dust and pollen from the living room, neutralize molds and fungi in the kitchen or basement, drastically reduce certain bacteria from the bath the Neoair PLUS can handle all your needs

  • The Neoair Plus is an excellent multi stage home air purifier that offers you and your family protection against a countless number of airborne pollutants and irritants
  • Independent Tested: Ozone Free Certification, Mold Reduction Certification, Bacteria Reduction Tests
  • Large Air purification capacity for rooms up to 600 sqft
  • The Neoair PLUS is sharp, compact, powerful and very effective. Only 17.8" x 8.4" x 12"
  • It combines proven to work technologies like SuperHEPA Filtration and the latest OFS sterilization technology
Customer Reviews:
  • This is my 2nd Neoair air purifier and I'm very happy
    I'm already running the Neoair Enviro on my bedroom and now I got a Neoair Plus for the larger area of my home. As expected, it performs very well collecting dust from my house. This unit has a more powerful fan and a thicker HEPA filter that gets the job done quicker.

    I'm a happy customer!

    They offer a special with free filters, here's the link: Neoair PLUS all-in-one air purifier, 2-Pack (Includes 2 Neoair Plus and 2 Replacement Filter Kit)...more info
  • I use the Neoair PLUS in my living room. I'm a happy customer
    I purchased the Neoair PLUS air purifier for my living room and I'm pleased with the fine results....more info
  • Cheap, but quality machine
    I have lived with severe allergies most of my life back east. I tried allergy shots and like some other people, I got hooked onto the Ecoquest deal about 5 years ago and ended up buying one of their air purifiers for their claims that they help allergy sufferers. It did make a little difference, but not a whole lot. The unit did not really filter the dust in the air, it just knocked it down. Soon, everything in my house became dustier, and I found myself dusting and vacuuming more. Eventually I stopped using it because the ozone the machine kicked out starting breaking anything elastic or rubber down in the house. After I stopped using it, I figured after all the research done on purifiers, and if Ecoquest was the way to go, then are there really any good purifiers out there?

    Then I moved from PA to NV and found myself battling a new host of allergy inducing goodies. Finally fed up I began researching air purifiers again. I was determined to get my moneys worth and get something that worked, and worked very well. Most reviews and consumer reported pointed to the IQ systems as being the best, which I will not argue, but they were just too big and expensive. I looked through several other brands that were supposed to be top of the line, but when it came down to the average joe reviews, (which I take more for face value than the experts), I found most of them to have mostly good reviews, but not totally strong reviews. Each had there own flaws.

    Then I ran into information on the Neoair Enviro and I was impressed. Over the many sites I looked at, the experts and the average consumer had almost all positive reviews about this machine. I then found info on the Plus model and figured it would be the right machine for me because of the super hepa filter it has. It was also only $100 more than the basic model and I could get free shipping on it. For on $300 bucks, and from what the specs and reviewers were saying, this was a far better buy than a $700 IQ. I decided to buy it.

    A month later, I am not regretting my decision. It a fairly small machine and not very heavy at all. The filers are easy to take out and replace. There is virtually no assembly required and it is almost ready to go out of the box. Due to my allergies being so severe, I had difficulty sleeping at night due to congestion. I found myself eating allergy medication like candy to help me breath. After about six hours of running the machine on high right out of the box, I noticed a difference in the air quality in my bedroom (where I placed the machine) and I could actually breath better. The air became crisper and felt cooler. Even my girlfriend noted the difference and she does not suffer from allergies. A month later I could not be happier. It is easy to use and the settings help. It also uses UV but does not produce ozone, which is a plus. I do not thing the machine lives up to the claim that it takes care of 600 sq ft. My bedroom is not all that big and I expected it to reach into the hallway and maybe even other rooms in the house, but it seems my bedroom is the only place where I can truly see a difference. If you are looking for a cheap air purifier that is effective, I suggest you take a look at the Neoair's....more info
  • Great Air purifier Unit ****Highly Recommended****
    I purchased this air system, about 3 months ago, and what can I say , one of the best buys I have every made,, almost immediately you can feel the difference... Especially for me who has always had respiratory issues,,, FINAL I CAN BREATHE AGAIN.... I can say that this product is of high quality, I even bought one for my Mom and sister who has two lil kids... I have two units and if I had more money I would buy more... Thanks Neoair for putting out such a great product!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • I'm very satisfied with Neoair Plus.
    I got the Neoair PLUS to help reduce the toxic black mold on my basement laundry room due to high indoor humidity. So far the air purifier is doing a great job keeping the air clean and preventing new mold colonies from growing....more info
  • I use Neoair Plus for my large living room.
    Nice looking, compact unit, and it does the job as described....more info
  • Why?
    On the surface, this Neoair Plus has a ok spec. It is $300 for a compact purifier that has a low annual filter replacement cost of ~$60, a low power consumption of 70 Watts, not too noisy at 46 dB, and serving up to 600 square feet with a fan speed of 200 CFM. Now what can be wrong with such a purifier? Well, the problem is that NeoAir Plus is far weaker than it appears. The 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute) fan speed is not very powerful comparing to its competitors. Most purifiers on the market participate in the AHAM (Association Home Appliance Manufacturers) certification to get three CADR values (Clean Air Delivery Rating). There are 3 CADR values for smoke, dust and pollen removal rates. Neoair did not get certified and only reports its fan speed (200 CFM). This is very troubling because a fan speed does not indicate the cleaning power of a purifier. For instance, your typical fan at home has a CFM fan speed, but it has a "ZERO" CADR since it cannot purify air. The CADR of Neoair Plus is probably 200 at its best (where CADR = CFM). Honeywell 50250 has a certified 250 CADR and is sold at $150. 3M Filtrete FAP03-RC has an averaged 290 CADR and is $200. Whirlpool AP450 has an averaged 315 CADR and is $250. All three are cheaper and more powerful than Neoair Plus.

    What also concern me is some of the marketing and customer services of this young company. It is rather important to point out that when Neoair claims this unit can serve 600 square feet, the statement is overrated and misleading. The industrial guideline written by the AHAM is to use the smoke CADR and a 5 air change per hour to estimate the usage space. While Honeywell, 3M, and Whirlpool purifiers are more powerful, they are suggested for a smaller usage space of 375, 348, 500 square feet, respectively. This is because these companies follow the standard guideline. (Even through 3M filtrete has a higher pollen and dust CADRs than the Honeywell 50250, 3M has a lower smoke CADR and therefore a lower recommended floor space) Using the standard definition, this Neoair Plus should be used for a 300 sq ft, half of its advertised 600 sq ft. The fact that Neoair did not go to an independent organization to certify their CADR should raise some eyebrows. This misleading 600 sq ft advertising tactic sure seems like a way to prey on average customers. Please understand that, unlike CADR, there is no legal guideline for defining the recommended floor space. Thus, companies can deviate from the standard calculation with no legal consequence. In this case, NeoAir used a 2.5 air change per hour for its calculation -- instead of 5. In addition, this company customer service is somewhat lacking. They do not seem to know their products well when I contact them.

    Finally, even if you believe Neoair made a honest mistake, you have to wonder why you want to pay more for a weaker purifier. Let's just take Whirlpool AP450 as a comparison again. Whirlpool AP450 is rated as the number ONE purifier by Consumer Reports. Neoair Plus is $300 and Whirlpool AP450 is $250. Neoair Plus has a cleaning power of 200 CADR at best and Whirlpool has an averaged 315 CADR. Alternatively, you can get two Honeywell 50250 for the same price as Neoair Plus. So, here is another choice: one Neoair for ~200 CADR or two Honeywell for a total 500 CADR. I am simply wondering: Can someone honestly justify a purchase of Neoair Plus in light of all of these superior purifiers on the markets which also happens to have better support?

    **For people who are interested here is the math. The recommended floor space is calculated based on a 8 feet ceiling height and a 5 air-change per hour condition. Let's uses Honeywell 50250 as an example. It has a 250 CADR which translates to a 250 cubic feet per minute cleaning speed or 15000 cu ft per hour. Now divides 15000 cu ft per hour by a 8 ft ceiling and by a 5 air change per hour will result a 375 floor space. A shortcut is to simply multiple the CADR value by "1.5". e.g.: 250CADR X 1.5 = 375 sq ft **...more info
  • Product works and the results are immediate
    Within a few days I noticed how much easier it was to breath. The Neoair Plus lives up to the test...I read numerous reviews before buying the Neoair and this product was so new that there were not many reviews available. But trust me, after owning another type of air purifier, I could compare performance between the models and now I can guarantee you that Neoair works better and the results are immediate at a 1/4 of the cost....more info
  • Excellent product - it really does what it says it will do!
    I bought the Neoair PLUS a couple of months ago because I was suffering from respiratory problems caused by dust mites and mold. (I figured my health was worth the investment of a few hundred dollars, so I decided to try it.) Since purchasing the unit, I have noticed a very significant improvement in my condition - so I have been converted from a skeptic to a true believer in the value of this air purifier! It is very well-designed, attractive and easy to use, and I particularly like its portability, which allows me to use it in my basement office by day and my bedroom by night. The Neoair PLUS is an excellent product - it really does what it says it will do!...more info
  • The ones I have run like a champ
    I bought the Neoair after a fair amount of research. I've been very
    pleased with the results. I have two units, one at work and one in my
    bedroom and I run them all the time. I've been breathing much better ever
    since I got the units and I'll definitely keep buying Neoair whenever I need more units. (The ones I have run like a champ and I don't forsee
    replacing them for quite a while.)

    ...more info
  • I definitely endorse this product.
    I bought the enviro Plus 6 month ago and have been using it constantly ever since. It's quiet and it made a world of difference for my allergies. Other than being an outstanding air purifier it is very light to carry around. The remote is very useful. I definitely endorse this product....more info
  • Awesome Product! I wish I bought it before...
    I finally got the Neoair Plus after reading many positive customers reviews and because its reasonable price tag.

    I started to notice a difference in the air just after few hours of use. First I could see a lot less stuff flying around on my living room. Second, the air was much easier to breathe and somehow crispier. After a couple of weeks I sneeze a lot less and I don't wake up anymore in the middle of the night. Another cool thing is that this air cleaner is very compact and I can move it around the house with zero effort. I love the remote control too. I highly recommend the Neoair Plus, it works for me.

    ...more info