Grand Theft Auto IV

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  • Carry on the Grand Theft Auto tradition playing through the single player campaign as Niko Bellic
  • Get cars and other modes of transportation anyway you can
  • Interact with various colorful characters who give you various missions to engage in
  • Engage in multiplayer challenges ranging from cover matches to shoot-outs
  • Game Rated 'M' due to Intense Violence, Blood, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Use of Drugs and Alcohol

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game
    There's not much I can say that hasn't been said better already but I'll give a quick list of my top good and bad points about the game.

    -Pure fun factor
    -Tons of missions

    -Some unfair missions
    -In game friend system is annoying/pointless

    Overall worth playing. Not the best game ever but definitely great....more info
  • Wow!
    Well, I was really disappointed with this game at first, I thought it was kinda boring, and then I got into It and I love it. This is GTA realized from the dreams of a millions of GTA fans. The story line is even a little less chessier. Niko is actually interesting and the cutscenes and plot are pretty entertaining. The graphics really show off on 360 you can tell that you're xbox is a monster when it shows you what it can do graphically and gameplay wise. All the new cars are pretty and the paint shimmers on them in the digital sun. The driving mechanics are lacking pretty bad in comparison to previous GTA games, It's kinda hard to drive fast and stay in control any more (especially in corners) but its still nonetheless entertaining. The city is big, sprawling and alive with all types of digital people, i've yet to see all of it. The min-games are even better with the addition of darts, bowling,drinking (driving drunk is fun! In this game I mean) and Im glad to see pool is still there. It seems like they based the aiming and shooting system off of Gears of War which make it really fun to shoot undesirables. And now you can steal any car anywhere. If the door is locked Niko just busts the window and hotwires it. I'm still making my way through the beginning and I love it! Buy this game!...more info
  • Non Stop Fun!!!!!
    I recommend this game to everyone, the most complete GTA yet, great graphics especially in HDMI,good sound and very good gameplay, if you are still stuck with san andreas don't think twice before buying GTA IV....more info
  • Great Buy
    In perfect condition.I ordered a book and then i ordered this a day later.This game got here 2 days before the book!!!...more info
  • Excelent!!
    It is a very good game if you like action and movement... it should be in your collection!...more info
  • Simply Amazing!
    This game is one of the most fun/addicting ones I have ever played! I had never played a GTA game before this, but it was so fun. The mix of driving and gunplay is just right to keep the game upbeat and new. The missions range from funny to dark, but they all are exciting- from robbing a bank to setting up an online job appointment with a lawyer firm (in order to get to a target!). The game is absolutely incredible.
    The story line isn't spectacular, but it has enough of a drive to keep you feeling like you are working towards something, though It's easy to get distracted jacking boats, cars, and helicopters.
    Anyone who has ever played a GTA game should definitely buy this one, and for those of you who haven't, you should give it a try!...more info
  • More Realistic Then Older GTA's
    GTA4 didn't disappoint me with it's gritty realism. I think I will be playing the game for years to come, just like how I still play GTA: 3/VC/SA every now and then.
    There are some small differences between GTA3 engine renditions and this new GTA4. These "small" differences make a huge difference to the overall experisance. You don't play GTA4 to go on a rampage without any guns and expect to survive for very long at all. You don't drive full speed through the city in GTA4 and expect to survive for very long (you will fly right out your windshield if you aren't careful and it will hurt).
    GTA4 has lost a lot of the "rampage" feel to it, but the added realism makes it fun in it's own way. (try Saints Row 2 if you want a rampage game)....more info
  • Paradigm of disappointment
    The first thing I noticed about this game is that unless you can find a sportier car, everything handles like its made of wrought iron and lead. And even the sports cars are a bit cumbersome at times... It's like some sinister mechanic drove all over the city disabling everyone's power steering while simultaneously filling their trunks with depleted uranium. I just don't get it, I have an 89 station wagon that corners better at forty than half of these cars do at a crawl.
    Granted, this is a move to make the cars feel more "realistic" (ie not being able to do handbrake hairpins at seventy anymore) but all it really does is make getting anywhere quickly in the city a game of pinball as you overcompensate and bounce off other cars. Thankfully this applies to in mission enemies as well, so you don't end up getting totally trounced in every chase because the AI is just riding some rail through the safe zones while you fight everything else. But even that is a double edged sword since there really are few - if any - true high speed, white knuckle chases in the game.
    Even all that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the wonky physics engine that will sometimes allow your car to slide under or flip other cars, and in the next moment send you hurtling into small, indestructible poplar tree or flipping end over end yourself after virtually the same collision.
    Driving can be somewhat mastered though, and after about five or six hours of play time spent learning the subtle nuances of it (like holding the right analog stick forward a bit so you can get a better angle to see where your driving) along with how certain cars handle, I stopped having as much trouble as when I started, but driving with an analog stick is never that much fun and the physics here only complicate it further.
    Other vehicles like boats and motorcycles handle about as well as they did in previous installments oddly enough, with the exception of the helicopter which - at least in this players opinion - has been completely nerf'd, and is now fairly useless as anything other than a sightseeing tool.

    The sad thing is controlling Niko out of an auto isn't much fun either and while he does well running down the street, toss a ladder in there or any gun battle and you're in for a headache.
    The ladder issue is just one of many moments of a collision detection problem (which may be fixed by the patch that breaks other things) that makes you have to stand directly in front of the thing pushing forward on the analog stick and furiously tapping Y before Niko even considers thinking about climbing it. Other instants of this issue include trying to climb some fences or getting out of the water in many parts. It isn't too big of a deal outside of missions, but when time is of the essence it gets old fast.
    My problem with the cover system is simple though: It never works. Microsoft Game Studios pioneered it on the 360 with Perfect Dark Zero and refined it to a fluid state with Gears of War. I know they aren't the only, nor the first game maker to use cover but it seems like every game these days wants to make cover as big of a deal as it was in Gears. This would be better though if companies like Rockstar could program an engine that properly registers how many sides a couch has.
    Far too many times I've tried to duck behind something only to find a moment later that I am not only using empty air as cover, but my body has many new similarities to a sieve.

    Everything started to get particularly boring at about the time that the second island opened up, and by the time I was done with the story missions there I stopped caring entirely about what I originally found a very enthralling plot that had since become a drawn out way to justify putting anything other than guns and hookers in the third island.
    Not that you should ever think of using a gun for anything outside of a mission, as if you so much as shoot one of the tires out on your own car the police will be on you faster than you can say "What the hell? This is an empty lot... At night... With no one around to hear the gunfire... Why is this happening?" I'm completely serious about that too, and despite being able to run over dozens of people at a time without attracting any attention, or being able to gun down a battalion of gangsters in a given mission, any gunfire in your free time (so basically any screwing around) will automatically up your wanted level one star.
    Not that the police seem to care much about catching you at one star and even two stars is fairly easy - and more fun - to escape. Anything after three though and they're out for blood. They will stop at nothing to catch you and keep shooting you in the head. They lose all interest in your surrender, they just want you dead. But none of that is really matters, and contributes nothing other than frustration to the game. It isn't even realistic. If it was, there would be no violent crime in our cities.
    The problem here is that in the GTA series you're encouraged to acquiesce to your violent side a bit, to loot and pillage and all that. There have always even been stats for just how many heinous crimes you've committed. Yet here when you do so, your only reward is a bullet in the lung. It's like someone leaves the cookie jar open and tells you "Go ahead I wont look", then slaps your hand when you try to take one.
    I understand that running from the cops has always been part of GTA, and a rather enjoyable one at that, it just gets obnoxious when you can't even steal a truck from a vacant construction site without the cops being hot on your trail a moment later for some unknown reason.

    Despite all this though, the most inane, repugnant, time wasting activity I have ever encountered in a video game is by far Rockstar's friend system.
    Over time you'll encounter people that you can either befriend, or date. Either way you'll have to call them or get a call from them from time to time about hanging out. If you do, you have one in-game hour (one min twenty secs real time) to drive to their location and pick them up. Then you can take them anywhere from drinking, to eating, to mini games like pool or darts. After the activity is done you drive them home. If it went well, you're rewarded with a respect increase from that NPC, if not you lose respect.
    It can be amusing at first, and if you get their respect high enough for various friends or dates it will even unlock perks like free cabs, cheap guns, wanted level reduction, etc. Though these amusing little side quests quickly become tedious and almost malevolent in nature, with friends calling during missions, during other friend activities, while you're being chased by the cops... It's truly ridiculous.
    I know there are ways out of having to spend every minute of the game fulfilling their requests, but I shouldn't have to turn the phone off or accept then cancel every date, because the system shouldn't exist in the first place. It's asinine. If I wanted to hang out with my friends, I'd be doing it. But I'm not. I'm playing this game to kill time, not to start another life... And even if I wanted to do that, I'd have picked up a game that does it better instead, like The Sims.

    I looked forward to playing this game, I really did. And even when I wasn't having fun I kept trying to convince myself I was in hopes that it would get better any minute. But it never did... The story got played out and boring, missions started to equate to nothing more than a fetch quest boiled down to its base components, sandbox gameplay was hampered by the omnipotent power of the LCPD... And thus eventually it just turned into mindless free drive for me while everything else turned to filler.
    Before I close though I just want to say, this game should have been a classic. It's obvious just by looking at it that a great deal of work went into its production; from the environment itself, to the voice acting, to every other little detail like the tv programs and internet sites. And it's worth renting or maybe buying used just for that.
    The tragedy is that for every one great thing it does right it seems to do two more wrong, and no matter how much time and effort was poured into creating this amazing interactive caricature of New York City, unfortunately it still isn't enough to outweigh its many flaws....more info
  • Not like GTA san andreas
    When I bought this game I hoped it was like san andreas, but better graphics and physics. Actually they accomplished physics really good, when you run somebody it looks like you would imagine it. Graphics are amazing!!!

    This game is awesome and realistic, but they're missing what GTA so far stood for like a lot of weapons and disaster. I'm going to say the most important things missing (the ones that I liked so much about san andreas):

    1 No planes, WHY????
    2 No car customization just the boooooring random paint
    3 No parachutes (so, no base jumping)
    4 Country side in the map, mountains and view point

    People say that the driving is meant to be realistic, in some way it is, but in which world you couldn't brake and turn at the same time... not too bad, but the bike driving is so unreal they feel like a truck turning

    ...more info
  • Buy It!
    Ok here is the deal. This game's fun will last for years and You need to experience it for yourself!...more info
  • Its good, but super repetitive.
    I'm a huge fan of Vice City, it had tons of stile and kept the story rolling. GTA four doesn't quit deliver in the same way. I loved it for the first couple of hours, then it started getting repetitive, the characters were boring, and the gameplay is a little frustrating, they have made improvements to the targeting system, but it would still be nice if I it worked like a responsive mainstream shooter so you could take cover and such.

    Its still a good game, and there's ton of game play here for people who like the jonra. However I have yet to meet anyone who's actually finished the game, everybody I've talked to has the same take as me. After awhile I abandoned story mode and started punching it cheat codes and going on killing sprees, when that got old I traded it in.

    Bottom line. Its good, but I was hoping for more....more info
  • Truly a great game, but....
    GTA IV is truly a great game. It is fun, the graphics are amazing, it has a lot of hours of gameplay... I just felt it was a step backwards from San Andreas.

    I miss not being able to truly change the main character, the weight gain and loss, haircuts, tattoos... all gone. There are even fewer clothing options (which I didn't miss that much). But these are the little things, the big thing is that it feels... smaller. I had a blast in San Andreas because the sandbox seemed almost infinite, felt you had seen it all and then discovered the train mission. Increase your skills. Did a bunch of Firefighter missions and discover yourself fireproof. Hunt for oysters. It was fun, and always rewarding to explore (for God's sake you could do a triathlon.. and it was tough!!).

    GTA IV is much,much, smaller. Having only one city (albeit a huge one) limits the visual style of where you can go and do. There just isn't that much to do other than the storyline missions. You can no longer buy a property and get missions through that (what were they thinking??), no work out, few safehouses, the sandbox is just plain smaller in general. Prettier, but smaller. No burglar missions, no ambulance missions, no gang wars, no skydiving, heck no plain diving...

    The tone is also a problem, San Andreas placed you in the cartoony universe of GTA, you could steal a fighter jet, you invaded military installations with your hommies, you stole military prototypes. It was clearly fantasy. GTA IV tries to go for a much more sober storyline style, and in my opinion it doesn't work. It doesn't make sense to have a more realistic storyline and character interaction amidst the super high octane action that the game is known for and is woven into the storyline. Not only that, I found that despite the deeper emotional subtext, the characters were far less interesting (heck, remember the shock Big Smoke gave us?).

    Why four stars then? Well it is still a great game. The graphics are amazing, the driving is really good (I think bikes got short-changed though), there are tons of hours of great gameplay, the shooting is very well made, and did I mention that the graphics are great? The music, and radio in general, were also a step up (the TV and internet were a bust though for being too small and repetitive); the incorporation of the cellphone was wonderfully made. They tried adding a bit of new toys to the sandbox like bowling, but given all that was lost it couldn't compensate. The voice acting was very good, despite no longer having the big names as San Andreas had (I assume it was a cost-benefit decision, and probably the right one). It is truly a great game, but the previous one was a greater game and that stopped me from enjoying it at a five-star level....more info
  • Boring, Repetitive, same old same old.
    I didn't really know what to expect with this release. I have played every previous grand theft auto release before this. I thought the first one on PlayStation 2 was awesome along with San Andreas. The others were same old same old. Now this. There is NOTHING new in this release. It's the same old same old. Boring and repetitive. I think I might be done with the grand theft auto series after playing this. The "friend" thing they entered in this game is lame and annoying.

    I don't what else to say. The game is dull, the main story is actually ok, it's very repetitive, and did I say DULL? I'm mad that I wasted $60 bucks on this game....more info
  • A little glitchy, but stunning detail and fantastic gameplay overall
    I've enjoyed the GTA series since the old top-down days, and I thought it couldn't get any better than Vice City and San Andreas, but GTA IV takes it to new heights. This was my first next-gen gaming experience, as I bought an XBox 360 pretty much just so I could try this game. It's a bit glitchy, freezing from time to time (usually what I call a bedtime reminder) but I'm blinded by what all the game has to offer....more info
  • My number 10 in my top 10 games of all time.
    As I stated above GTA IV has made it into my top 10 games of all time.

    Let me begin by first saying I've never once played any of the GTA games before and didn't have any desire to. What got me to buy the game was me trading in to bad games in Lost Planet and Enchanted Arms. I decided to take a chance on GTA IV, and I am glad I did.

    Let me go over all the reasons why I loved this game. First is the story which truly surprised me. It's captivating, drawing you in with the great story of a immigrant coming to America looking for revenge. The characters were great and truly life like. Also I liked how I as a player could control many of the small and one or two big decisions of the game. The second thing was the game play which took a little getting used to but was amazing. The third thing was all the extral things you could do. From just going around blowing things up and trying to get away from the cops to trying to do all the stunts in the game.

    I only have to small problems with the game. First and the biggest was the saving. Once a mission started you couldn't save. So if it's a really long mission and you just about completed it and you die you have to start from the beginning which pissed me off a couple of times. The second was the slow load times, but like I said these are small problems.

    GTA IV is a classic game in my book, one of the best I've played....more info
  • Best Game of the Year
    This game is an amazing game and the best of the year. Definitely not for young children, but 100 times better than GTA III....more info
  • Great
    cd looks like it is brand new (no scratches). Got here in 3 business days...more info
  • GTA 4 Pretty Good
    The graphics, sound and gameplay were all great. I really did enjoy the story, as it made the missions more challenging and coherent. Although I still think that we should get more save points....more info
  • huge dissapointment
    I thought this game would be different than the other Grand Theft Auto games, but I was sort of right. This game offers new vehicles, new hiding spots, a new twist to missions, and the ability to date and "try your luck" with your girlfriend. It offers mini games like darts or bowling. However this game was very bland overall, there was so much boredom to the missions you cant help but to rampage through the street with an rpg and a semi-auto machine gun, but even that hits its peak and drops like a rollercoaster. I would not buy this game having played it. 3/5...more info
  • Absolutely amazing....but the best has yet to come...
    I am a fanatic of the GTA series but I can tell you about 50 things which I absolutely hate about this game. Taking into account those 50 flaws or shortcomings, in my opinion, this is still by far the best video game I have ever played. I'm just trying to be patient and wait for DLC in hopes that the makers will add some player/weapon/vehicle customization, mission variety, meaningful content (as opposed to going bowling with your friends) and make the game more challenging. Either way, I'm glad Rockstar laid down this amazingly stunning and realistic foundation of Grand Theft Auto on to the xbox360/PS3 consoles and that going forward we should only see improvements via DLC, GTA V, etc....more info
  • GTA4
    This game to me is way ahead of its time(in a good way).The graphics are stunning and everything looks very realistic.Not exactly for the younger audience(the ratings prove it,rated M)but is very fun.There are very many modes of transprotation.There is even a tram system!Belive me,it is the best way to spend your money on videogames.You wont be dissapointed...more info
  • A decent game but no where near the hype
    I can't understand how nearly every mainstream gaming critics showered GTA IV with perfect 10 reviews. While it is a huge, well written, well produced game, it's small flaws outshine everything else.
    -The game ultimately fails because of its archaic health and checkpoint system. Health can only be regained by eating food but food can only be found at one of the handful of restaurants and hot dog stands (the latter of which aren't even shown on the map). Body armor, which doubles your health, is also only found at one of the three gun shops in Liberty City. This wouldn't be too bad if your health didn't deplete so fast. Enemies can deplete most of your health in a few shots. As for a checkpoint system, the game has almost none. If you make one mistake and get shot at the very end of a mission, you have to start all over again.
    -Simply walking around is a pain. You're constantly fighting the camera as it tries to reposition itself, instead of floating freely for you to control. As a result, navigating close quarters, like a building, can be daunting. Move to fast and you're likely to miss seeing an enemy who can take down half your health in a few rounds.
    -The voice acting is solid and well written as promised but the story simple takes too long. It takes hours just to figure out what Niko is doing there! And for all the talk of an excellent story, 90% of the time it's just different ways of saying "Go here, kill him." Also the first two hours are taxi cab missions.
    -The story requires you to date. Yes, as in, pick up a girl at a certain time, drive her to a bowling alley, play 10 frames, and return her on time. Where does this have anything to do with Grand Theft Auto?
    -Grenades sucks. Unless you're in a wide open space, free of any boxes or curbs, your grenades will constantly fly off course. If there are any obstructions too close when you toss it, there's almost a 50/50 chance it will land right at your feet (I was almost to the end of the VERY LAST mission when I tossed a grenade. Without any kind of grenade indicator, it exploded from under me, starting me back over without any of the ammo or body armor I started the mission with).
    -Finally, the game itself just takes too long. I was almost 5 hours in before I even got a machine gun. I didn't unlock the RPG until the last few hours of play.

    If I were you, rent GTA IV, plug in all the cheat codes, and spend a week going on a rampage. The rest of the game ultimately isn't worth the frustration. ...more info
  • Bigger Budget = Less Fun
    This game is boring, and the story is extremely shallow and disappointing.

    The point in the past of Grand Theft Auto was to do things that you would not normally do in real life. For example going out and just randomly blasting away, or driving down the sidewalks in a hummer just mowing people down. This wasn't necessarily taken away in GTA4, but I was less inclined to do things of this nature, because the rest of the game pushed realism so much. I don't know if this game was intended to be an extremely violent version of a life simulation of the first couple of weeks of an Eastern European immigrant into New York City, but that's what it ends up being. I'm quite sure that immigrants have a difficult time to say the least, but this approaches the subject in a cold manner. In fact it's quite disconcerting to me to play this game. The only relief in the game is about halfway through when you meet Kate, and in the end the game destroys that relief. The end of the game is so unspectacular that it leaves almost every player wondering if the game is really over.

    The environments of the game are incredibly detailed. If all you care about is seeing what New York looks like then rent this game and drive all over the city. It's beautiful to do, just don't watch Nico's animation, because it's atrocious. The Euphoria engine is used well when drinking is in effect, but that's simply because the screen is somewhat blurred by the drunk effect. When hit by a car the Euphoria engine takes over and it's abysmal at least 50% of the time. Also don't drive. GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas all had similar driving styles, but GTA4 does not. The driving is more realistic, and makes some of the missions unbearably frustrating.

    My real issue with Grand Theft Auto 4 is that they attempted to make everything more realistic, except for the story. The entire idea of the GTA series(prior to GTA4) is to have an unrealistic world to jump into and do any of the dastardly deeds that you want to that are possible in the game.

    The game also gives you choices of whether or not to kill people, but they are only certain people in the game and your choices have no real outcome upon the story, or the game world for the most part.

    To be honest this is a beautiful rendering of New York City, but is extremely overrated in terms of gameplay, animation, style, and story....more info
  • A scaled down, but good installment for GTA
    I'm not a huge GTA fan, but I've enjoyed the last two games Vice City and San Andreas. This one was the best of the three, even though it was scaled back alot from San Andreas. GTA 4 had a better more realistic story, that was immersive and entertaining. The characters were fun and believable and well voice acted. The characters and radio station were also as humorous as ever. The animation and sound effects were good.
    This game still has plenty of roam free and do whatever you want elements to it. If you liked the previous versions you should enjoy this one....more info
  • An Average game
    Good game, but it's too difficult. It gets pretty boring and annoying to have to restart a mission from the beginning if you lose because you have to drive all the way the same place, see the cut-scene, etc so that then, you can begin the mission from the start again. The graphics are so-so for HD video game standards. The fist fight sucks. The game is still original, though, and that's the only thing going for it....more info
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
    Great game, as good and in many ways better than the previous GTA games. A great purchase for the price I got it for....more info
  • Great
    still the best game ive played in a longtime, some people dislikes it but its your option i wont blame you, but love this game......more info
  • better with a question mark
    A beautiful game which brilliantly portrays the power of the x-box 360 with a pretty good story. The only thing I wanna note here is that fans of San Andreas will find quite a few things missing in this installment. Haircuts, a physique meter, flying airplanes and stuff like that. Nothing big but stuff I felt didn't neccesarily need to be taken out. Overall though, a wonderful game. I reccomend it to anyone with this system....more info
  • Simply Amazing
    I'll keep it short.

    The franchise has improved upon every subsequent release and it has gotten to the point where this game is so amazing that I have dreams about it.

    It's gigantic, beautiful, incredibly detailed, has a great story, is incredibly realistic, ... the list goes on.

    If you're a GTA fan, it's a must buy, if you're considering buying it, BUY IT! If you're not considering it, why are you reading this review?...more info
  • An Excellent Follow Up
    The previous installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA San Andreas, left gamers will a lot of unfulfilled desires. Although the introduction of RPG features made the game slightly more entertaining, its sub par graphics, enormous map, and underdeveloped cities made San Andreas more of a nuisance than a playground. In response to these complaints and with the foundation of a more powerful gaming system, the series was revived with the 5-star Grand Theft Auto IV. Set in a reinvented and modern-day Liberty City, GTA IV forgets about the unnecessary huge map and focuses more on the details of a slightly smaller playing area. The result, an extremely life-like world, with more things to see, better automobiles and pristine graphics. The video game has moved from a mere entertainment device to an actual art form with incredible depictions of Times Square, Liberty Island, Wall Street and more. Topped with the addition of Xbox Live features, one can roam this picture perfect playground while playing against skilled opponents from around the world. Thus, the only uncertainty a player could possibly have after experiencing GTA IV is the inescapable question "What will they do next?"...more info
  • near perfect
    so,this is the next gta game,huh?first i would just like to say that the multi player games on this game can only work on your computer,which bites.there are also a few other gta games such as liberty city stories,lost and the darned and chinatown wars that dont let everybody play which is not only bad buisness but really sucks.but enough about that.this game,gta 4 is in the top 2 video games ever created.niko bellic is the main character who is a slavic x soldier who came to america to be with his cousin.they quickly get wrapped up in the criminal underworld.niko is cooler than previous mc's like tommy vercetti and carl johnson.there is a lot of character development certain points in the game,niko can choose between 2 game altering choices thereby effecting the plot.the cars dont drive as smoothly as on gta san andreas but arent too hard to get the hang car accidents,dont be suprised to see niko being hurled through the windshield.another great thing about this game is, while it keeps you on your toes,it isnt one of those games that require luck to win like san andreas.i beat this game in 3 weeks,but i did little else than play it.there are 2 cheat codes that are mandatory i think.the first one allows you to turn the cops off when they are chasing you.the cops on this game are more like soldiers.even on 2 stars,they are blood thirsty,bezerking,pissed off madmen.they can also follow you from above if youre trying to get away,making evading them difficult.the second cheat code allows you to refill your bullets and health.this is also a must have unless you are bullet proof.this is definately the best new gen game.its the best xbox 360 game.its the best gta go get it!you are not getting the full video game experience if you havent played this iconic masterpiece! ...more info
    This is the fourth installment in the GTA series, yet there are still basic rudiments of gameplay that are still broken and in desparate need of fixing. The controls make doing even the most simplistic tasks complex, and I don't like how you are forced into doing tasks at the beginning of the game before the world completely opens up to you.

    I also don't like how you can't customize your character's gender or looks in anyway. Yes the story is dependent on being Nico Belic but the story could just as easily have been constructed to give the player more freedom in who they want to be.

    The best thing about GTA IV is the graphics and I can't see anything else about this game that deserves a perfect rating but it has received several perfect reviews as evidenced by metacritic. Color me perplexed because I just don't get it. ...more info
  • get 4 free
    ge this game 4 free at [...] no joke i got a mic and mirrors edge in like a week...more info
  • Great game that lacks some extras.
    I'm just going to keep this simple. Likes and dislikes about the game.

    What I liked

    1. Great graphics.
    2. Driving physics, the tires even blow out if you spin your tires too
    3. Attention to detail is amazing. Seems like Rockstar went all out this
    time and created an animation for all of Niko's actions. For example:
    when he breaks into cars he actually breaks the window and looks like
    he is actually bending down inside the car to hotwire it and the
    hookers actually do something in the car now instead of just sitting
    there and making noises while the car rocks back and forth lol.
    4. Combat is much better, the shooting is better, being able to take
    cover is a nice addition.
    5. Lot's of activities to do after or instead of missions.

    ( Really aren't too many, but enough to take a star )

    1. Still can't create your own character? Except for in multiplayer mode
    of course and if you can do it there why not in the game? Who cares
    if his name would still be Nikko at least you could make him look how
    you wanted. ( Rockstar could have at least given different characters
    to choose from. )
    2. Car customization would've been nice. Spray paint doesn't count. I'm
    talking Saint's Row 2 customization or better.
    3. What happened to the bicycles? Could have added a skate board and no

    That's about all of my dislikes. GTA IV is definitely an improvement, but when they add things they should keep the good stuff from previous games....more info
  • Not for kids! Fun as h**l!
    I played GTA 1 on the PC and GTA II on the Sega Dreamcast. Then, stopped gaming for a while. Now GTA IV is my return to the series and gaming in general. The game on Xbox 360 is just beautiful. An open recreation of New York City, that is very realistic (including a mock Statue of Liberty). The gameplay takes some getting used to for older gamers not used to all the buttons. But once you get used to it, it's so much fun. The story line is enjoyable, and the cut scenes are close to reality and fun to watch.

    This game is not for all. Sex, drugs, language and very realistic violence are rampant throughout the game. Wanna lap dance? Done. Wanna have sex with a hooker? Done. Wanna execute your cousins boss? Done. Wanna do some coke off the dashboard of a taxi? Done. See what I mean about not being for kids? The game has such a realistic feel to it, that anyone might have an issue disconnecting from the game and reality...not a good idea for kids.

    Think of this game similar to an episode of the Sopranos. Sex, drugs, language,'s all there, and done very well.

    The missions start to get a bit repetitive, but after each mission you learn more about the story which is enjoyable. I'd recommend this to hardcore adult gamers who love shows like the Sopranos....more info
  • overrated
    the game is a little repetitive at times. i thought the story line in san andreas was bad, now i think san andreas could have won an oscar after playing through some of gta 4. however, for thirty dollar's it's a great deal....more info
  • Terrible Game
    Ok let me start off by saying this game was the worst game I've ever played in my life. The only fun thing about this game is the crash graphics. Now I bought the first Saints Row and LOVED it.. i ended up being a Saints Row fan and id like to say SR is 10x better than GTA 4. On GTA 4 they took out planes the only thing is like 2 helicopters. Anyways they took out all planes theres no parachutes the driving controls are crap. If your going 30 MPH and theres a turn well prepare to crash unless you slam on the brakes and hand brake to reach 0 MPH then you start up and turn. Its just that bad. Like i was driving my dirtbike about 10mph and hit a cop and went flying about 50ft now that is crap and so unrelistic maybe you'd do a frontflip and land on the hood but no 50ft thats just rediculous. They also have the dumbest selection of clothes and they took out modding of cars.

    Overall i dont recommend this game to people that loved San Andreas its nothing like it. Me, my brother hated this game. My other friend thought it was ok....more info
  • Don't buy the PC version - it has DRM
    I bought the Xbox version instead. Why? Because it doesn't include virus-like DRM copy-protection or frak up my computer.

    My copy cost ~$10 Used at my local gaming store, so Rockstar's decision to include Virus-like DRM software on the PC version cost them a $50 brand-new sale. Serves them right. Any company that seeks to damage my computer is not going to see a single penny from me.

    As for the game itself -

    Did you like GTA3 Liberty City, Vice City, or San Andreas? If so, you'll like this too. It's the same great game, albeit the PC version is marred by Rockstar's poor decision to include DRM, which is why I recommend the Playstation or Xbox version instead.

    ...more info
  • The quintessential GTA
    This game is the jewel in the crown for Rockstar Games. I bought it for my son and let him finish all the missions first, of course, and now I sneak it while he's at school and have a blast. It's got a great storyline with different endings. It's pretty linear but you never feel forced or boxed into following a set path as you can always go off on a side tangent and have fun and forget the missions for a while.

    I highly recommend it for everyone, except younger children as it can be pretty bloody, graphic, and profane. But that's what makes it so fun for the rest of us....more info
  • One of the most engaging and entertaining games available
    I was never a huge fan of the GTA series but I knew that the this one was going to blow everyone away... and it certainly did. Beginning with the 1997 release of the original Grand Theft Auto, the GTA series has been one of the most prolific, controversial and down right entertaining franchises in video games history. First of all GTA 4 is fantastic full of mouth watering visuals down to the weeds growing in the cracks in the sidewalk, cars and buildings of all heights and the unbelievable NPCs who are intelligent, modern, human representations that laugh, cry, eat, drink, use cell phones and ATMs, and talking amongst themselves regardless of Niko's interaction with them. However the subject that really stands out is the gameplay with massive improvements since the previous one with an improve combat system and modern features such as a mobile phone which runs the show and a social where you can have a girlfriend. With players experiencing entirely new and exciting emphasis centered on the blending of on-mission and off-mission play, resulting in an increased sense of realism and more interesting and unrestricted gameplay.

    An outstanding and a first to the GTA franchise is the new multiplayer modes allowing you to play online in competitive, co-op, and free form modes. Competitive mode has you fighting against the cops, jacking cars, or racing to finish odd jobs.

    GTA 4 others so much more to the series than ever before with a polished story line with a slick script, detailed world of the modern New York City, releastic social life full of gentleman's clubs, comedy clubs, bowling alleys, and bars, which all house unique activities, an environment which you can interact with, with 4 islands to explore, plenty of side missions and of course a very entertaining multiplayer with plenty to do for several months or years to come. A must have for console owners.

    ...more info
  • near perfect
    so,this is the next gta game,huh?first i would just like to say that the multi player games on this game can only work on your computer,which bites.there are also a few other gta games such as liberty city stories,lost and the darned and chinatown wars that dont let everybody play which is not only bad buisness but really sucks.but enough about that.this game,gta 4 is in the top 2 video games ever created.niko bellic is the main character who is a slavic x soldier who came to america to be with his cousin.they quickly get wrapped up in the criminal underworld.niko is cooler than previous mc's like tommy vercetti and carl johnson.there is a lot of character development certain points in the game,niko can choose between 2 game altering choices thereby effecting the plot.the cars dont drive as smoothly as on gta san andreas but arent too hard to get the hang car accidents,dont be suprised to see niko being hurled through the windshield.another great thing about this game is, while it keeps you on your toes,it isnt one of those games that require luck to win like san andreas.i beat this game in 3 weeks,but i did little else than play it.there are 2 cheat codes that are mandatory i think.the first one allows you to turn the cops off when they are chasing you.the cops on this game are more like soldiers.even on 2 stars,they are blood thirsty,bezerking,pissed off madmen.they can also follow you from above if youre trying to get away,making evading them difficult.the second cheat code allows you to refill your bullets and health.this is also a must have unless you are bullet proof.this is definately the best new gen game.its the best xbox 360 game.its the best gta go get it!you are not getting the full video game experience if you havent played this iconic masterpiece! ...more info
  • Grand theft auto 4 I never got it
    I never recieved my Grand Theft auto game and am not pleased on how you guys never returned my message so I won't be going through you anymore and will tell others about this experience...more info


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