Revlon RV402 Ionic Retractable Cord 1875 Watt Dryer with Worldwide Dual Voltage, Red/Black

List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $17.99

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  • Ionic technology
  • 1875 watts of power
  • Folding Handle , great for travel
  • 2 Heat/Speed Settings
  • Retractable Cord with Retracting Button
Customer Reviews:
  • So great I'm buying another!
    I love this dryer. I live out of the country most of the time and travel back to the US a few times a year. I just bought a second one of these to keep in my house in the States so that I don't have to bring my current one back and forth (I bought this knowing it isn't really small for easy travelling).

    This dryer dries my hair very quickly and I have nothing bad at all to say about it!...more info
  • great but HUGE
    I like this dryer but it is laughably large to have come up on my search for a travel dryer. It's the biggest hair dryer I think I've ever owned - both in size and weight. (I read this on other reviews but decided I liked the retracting cord and fact that it is ionic so I bought it anyway.) Yes, the cord retracts, and yes, it folds. I think in the long run what I will do is keep it at home - because it does dry hair fast - and get another little hair dryer to take along to swim class and on trips. ...more info
  • Great for travel
    This hair dryer is perfect for everyday use as well as for travel. I love that it folds up, and the retractable cord is also convenient. I was able to bring it with me to Europe and didn't have any problems. Plus, it dries quicker than any others I've tried!...more info
  • Good
    It is an OK dryer. Bigger and heavier than I expected, but works pretty well, dry wet hair in ten minutes. ...more info
  • Not what I had wanted...
    The item was much bigger and heavier than I expected, and did not dry hair so well. In addition, the retractable cord on my piece was not doing a very good job of retracting. The first hair dryer I bought after a year of borrowing hair dryers from roommates and so disappointing! I wouldn't recommend it as there are probably much better hair dryers at this price. ...more info
  • Kind of big
    The hairdryer is fairly heavy and hard to hold in one hand because of the weight but also because of how big around the handle is. Given I used this for travel, it also took up more of the 50 lb baggage limit that the airline gave me. It did work great on 240 voltage though and did a good job performance-wise. Would I buy it again? No....more info
  • Great
    This hair dryer is great, although a little heavy. I really like the retractable cord as I like to put away my hair dryer easily. It would have been nicer if the handle folded in also for compactability. Overall I'm happy with this product...more info
  • Best Hair Dryer I've Had!
    I have had this hair dryer for more than a year. I love the retractable cord and folding handle for traveling but also just for storing it at home. The easy cleaning filter is a great feature as I think it makes the dryer safer and last longer. It has plenty of power. I've used it when I had short hair and long hair and it's worked great for both. ...more info
  • Travel size?
    This dryer works well, but it is not travel size, it is a full size dryer with a folding handle, so don't expect a small size dryer to arrive....more info
  • Best Hair Dryer I Have Had
    This product has been great to me. This was the first time I have ever traveled. I was in France. I switched the voltage on the dryer before I left, which was so easy. It said in the instructions to keep it on low when using the dual voltage, which I was surprised of how high low was. It quickly dried my hair!! The folding feature was very beneficial in travel as well as the retractable cord. I will continue to use this product when I get home in America!...more info
  • Highly recommended
    Began to use this hairdryer and find it much improved over my older one
    Takes less time to dry the hair and the retractable cord
    is convenient for storage
    Weighs a little more than the old one,otherwise perfect...more info
  • The best hairdryer I've owned
    I have naturally curly hair so using a hair dryer can sometimes lead to frizz, but this hair dryer has been great. It has several heat settings, an attachment for straightening and I LOVE the retractable cord. I will definitely look at Revlon again if I need another....more info