FURminator Large Yellow deShedding Tool with 4-Inch Edge

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Product Description

People love their pets but they hate the shedding. This tool pulls out incredible amounts of loose hair and undercoat without cutting or damaging the pet's top coat. Small is blue, Medium and Large are yellow.

  • Innovative grooming tool for long- and short-haired dogs and cats
  • 4-inch stainless-steel edge quickly and easily removes loose undercoat hair
  • Decreases shedding up to 90 percent for about 4 to 6 weeks
  • Leaves a shiny and healthy topcoat; comfortable, ergonomic grip handle
  • Measures 6 by 1 by 4-1/8 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • This brush is awesome!!
    Love the Furminator!! It really has made a difference with decreasing the abundant shedding from my yellow lab. He loves it too! I would recommend this anyday. ...more info
  • The furminator works!!!!
    FURminator Large Yellow deShedding Tool with 4-Inch Edge My daughter-in-law has a Golden Lab. She bought the furminator and loved it. While visiting we tried it on our German Shephard. It Works. The dog loves it, my husband loves it and my house loves it. Great tool....more info
  • amazing
    We have a one year old lab-husky mix. Using the furminator twice a week reduces the amount of shedding to almost nothing. We spend about 10 minutes each session and it is well worth it. Also keeps our dog cooler in the hot summer months...more info
  • Trying to defur my dog
    I think this is a pretty effective tool however my dog needs at least 2 adults to hold her still - and nothing seems to stop her barking unless we put away the FURminator. ...more info
  • Great Product Ever
    I didn't know about this product until one day I was sneezing all the time because of my dog and somebody told me about it. This product is what it is, a "hair removal tool". You will love it, your dog will love it, the one who was forced to clean your furniture and floors -could be you or someone else- will love it too....more info
  • Think it's better for short hair than long hair dogs
    I have two large dogs one is short haired the other is a St. Bernard and has long hair. This comb does take out an abundance of hair but it seems to take out much more from the short haired dog and from the shorter hair areas of my Saint like the legs. The other thing I worry about is how often I'm going to have to replace the blade as my dogs are so big. If you have a short hair dog this is a must buy! ...more info
  • We LOVE This Product!
    We have FIVE DOGS - need I say more? This tool has helped us tremendously with shedding (which helps with my allergies and keeping the house clean). In fact this is the second one we've purchased. Now we have 2 different sizes to better suit our big and small breeds (and now my husband can furminate right along with me!). I highly recommend this product - but do be careful when using it. Don't be rough or press too hard. ...more info
  • Best Brush Ever
    I have a Husky and this is the best brush to help deal with the mountains of hair that tend to come form her coat. I encourage you to utilize this tool outside however, otherwise you will end up with a new style of carpet that is not particularly desirable. While the pup is not the biggest fan of the FURminator, I am sure she prefers it to the alternatives. This brush get the job done quickly and efficiently. ...more info
  • No more furballs.
    The Furminator is the best tool for removing shedding fur from cats and dogs I have ever used. This tool is worth every penny.FURminator deShedding Tool with 1-3/4-Inch Edge for Cats...more info
  • Such an awesome product!
    I just bought this for our lab and it works so well. I'm a big review reader and when I read all the great reviews, I thought I'd go ahead and try it. After the first use on my lab, he was slick and smooth. I think this was a great buy as well because at local pet stores, the large size sells for like 60.00! What a great deal Amazon is offering! ...more info
    We "furminate" our cat daily and notice a significant decrease of cat fur on furniture. The amount of hair removed is astounding! His coat is shinier and healthier looking, too. ...more info
  • furminator
    Our dogs and cats love it when we use the furminator on them. It does a great job and we have seen a big reduction of shed hair on the floor....more info
  • Furminator is a MUST-HAVE!
    I have a 1-1/2 yr old Newfoundland and he has alot of hair! Upon receiving the Furminator in the mail I took one swipe down his back and it was an instant success! It is super easy to used on any part of a dog's body and when you are finished it looks like you have been shearing a sheep! The best part is that there is not a blade in the device but rather finely crowed teeth that pull any dead hair from their coats! I don't have to worry that I am cutting any hair and am only removing unwanted dead fur! I recommend this to anyone with a dog or cat, large or small....more info
  • Excellent deshedding tool
    This product works just as stated. We have a corig and the amount of shedding she leaves in the house has been reduced by at least 75%. Very good tool to have....more info
  • Love it.
    I wish I had this years before; am getting so much hair from my Collie-Husky. He has allergies and seems less itchy....more info
  • One of the best things I ever bought
    I could build another cat with the fur that I get off my cat with this furminator. And he just loves it when I comb him with it. Great product....more info
  • great product
    This product really does the job. I have tried many other types, but non remove the amount of hair that this product does.
    ...more info
  • Absolutely Amazing!
    After seeing this device priced $50-60 USD in pet stores, I was somewhat skeptical. Then I read the Amazon reviews of the results people were having with this product. It was only priced $25.88 with free shipping on Amazon, so I said "Why not?"

    The product does everything it claims to do. I tried it on our yellow lab who was terrible at shedding and I must have pulled enough hair to make a basketball sized hair ball. Absolutely amazing!!...more info
  • Fabulous, and the animals actually enjoy it!
    Our family includes six dogs ranging from a Chihuahua to a Doberman (two of them, a collie and a labrador retriever, have long coats) plus one (very wary) cat. I purchased this product after reading an enthusiastic review of it in a glossy dog-enthusiast magazine; the price at amazon.com was far less than half the price for the same item in the leading mail order pet products catalog. Not only does Furminator work as represented, extracting huge fluffy clouds of fur, especially from the dogs with long coats; the animals, even the cat, also seem to enjoy the grooming and happily remain passive and relaxed until I've been thoroughly over them. This one's a winner!...more info
  • Fantastic!!
    Love, love, love the Furminator. Not only does it do a great job but my dog loves it....more info
  • The Fantasic Furminator
    Excellent product, it has done wonders with my dog. I have a pug, who sheds excessively. The Furminator not only helps reduce the amount of shedding, but it doesn't bother Buster one bit. He normally hates brushes, but he doesn't seem to mind this one. He feels a lot softer as well. I was amazed at the amount of fur that this little brush was able to get.

    Fully recommended, no complaints!...more info
  • Can't beat $25
    $50 at petsmart, a must have for anyone with a german shepherd!!! love it....more info
  • Great Tool!
    This is the best comb I've ever used with a shedding dog. It really takes off the dog hair. The dog also loves to be combed with it. We've seen a noticeable drop in dog hair around the house....more info
  • A must have!
    This is an awesome tools for dog, and cat, owners! I bought this for 2 Norwegian Elkhounds who have a TON of fur!! It is easy to use, easy to hold, and the dogs love not having all that extra fur coat during the hot summer months. I recommend to use this outside because the amount of fur that is removed is remarkable!! ...more info
  • FURminator works!
    I have a basset hound and a Siberian husky. I was pleased that it worked extremely well on both their short and long hair. I strongly recommend this product....more info
  • Works Great!
    This product is everything it claims to be. I still can't quite figure out how it works so much better than other combs and brushes, but it really does. My 3 cats don't mind being brushed with it, and I have enough spare hair to knit myself another cat! Good product!...more info
  • 4" Furminator
    The furminator is a great product and works really well. Both of our dogs really like being groomed since we got it....more info
  • AWESOME....
    This is the BEST deshedding tool I have used.. I have, for years, dealt with the winter "shed" of my precious pets. It took a few times before they stopped running off when they saw the furminator but now they love to be furminated!! and I am so glad they aren't walking around shedding everywhere.... THANK YOU...more info
  • Fantastic Furminator
    I bought this for my border collie. It works great! It really removed an amazing amount of loose hair. I have gone from sweeping my house daily (to get rid of the constantly shedding hair) to less than once a week. I have also used it on my cat with great success....more info
  • Works very well
    Brush works very well on a shepherd-lab mix and on a large cat who hates to be brushed with any other brush....more info
  • I couldn't believe all the hair!
    I use the furminator on my dog and 2 cats and it works amazingly. The pile of hair after brushing was huge...I couldn't believe it. I would recommend this to any pet owner....more info
  • I like it fine, Dog - not so much.
    I have a 13-year-old pampered female Australian Shepherd. The FURminator works really well for taking out all that hair and I have thrown away a lot of dog hair that would have ended up on the carpet. The handle has a very comfortable and secure grip and the tool is very sturdy. However, the dog is not so crazy about it. The tool is pretty heavy and very rigid, unlike her old shedding tool. I have to hide the FURminator to get her close enough and hold her collar the whole time we are grooming. It's not really fun for either of us but it does do the job. We just don't do it as often as we otherwise might so today my carpet has quite a bit of dog hair on it so off I go to vacuum now!
    ...more info
  • I wish I had known about the Furminator long ago!
    A friend told me about the Furminator when we were all in Baja. I was trying it out on not only my dog but hers as well while we were sitting talking. The two dogs happily sat there and let me 'brush' them with this. Her dog is a full lab and mine is a lab/golden. Two totally different types of fur. I was getting gobs of fur off of both dogs!! It has removed just about all of the long hair from my Bailey and she looks gorgeous. Her fur is so soft and feels great. She looks like her fur belongs on a stuffed toy. Not a real one. I used this with the Furminator shampoo. Which I also loved! FURminator deShedding Shampoo for Dogs & Cats
    My kids don't mind bathing and brushing her using these two products. That's saying a lot!!
    The Furminator has really cut down on the fur balls on the floor. I don't have to sweep quite as often!...more info
  • FurGoneConcluded
    Simply amazing.

    Cat is happy, I am happy, Vacuum cleaner is happy....more info
  • Furmanator is Great
    I read about the furmanator in an AARP magazine article. I thought I would give it a try instead of taking the dog to the groomer. She is a long haired dog and sheds all over the house. The first time I used it, there was a big difference in the shedding. Today is my second time using it and it didn't take me as long and so far no hair shedding. I recommend it and this is the first time I have ever commented on a product. By the way my daughter-in-law used it on her cocker spaniel and was really surprised it worked so well....more info
  • Furminator is a fantastic tool!
    This product is wonderful! We have 2 dogs - a long haired Border Collie and a short haired yellow Lab-Chow and sometimes their shedding is overwhelming. This little tool is amazing. The only problem is that the hair that comes off of the Lab-chow is so fine that it flies all over the place so get yourself a bag to try to put as much as you can inside of it. The Lab-Chow was always skittish about brushing but he holds perfectly still for this. The only thing is, I can't tell when to stop grooming! I don't want to make them bald but the hair keeps on coming! Any hints?...more info
  • Absolutely great!
    This is the tool that is used by professional groomers, and it does the job! After a few minutes of use, the main shedding-undercoat is almost eliminated. Be sure to use outside for a large dog, as you will have to pull the freed clumps of fur from the brush and their body as you brush....more info
  • Just like they say....
    Before ordering I figured it can't be too bad, even if the online videos made it look like half the dog/cat was being combed away. I did find out, much to my surprise, that this was no exaggeration.
    I had brushed my two labs the day before my furminator arrived and still got results similar to the pictures and videos, a ridiculous pile of hair. Getting several more for my brothers and sister (well, for their pets) as gifts this year. Great product, awesome price regardless of whether it's on sale. Well worth it in effectiveness and time savings compared to standard brushes. ...more info
  • fabulous furminator
    The large 4" furminator does a competent job of removing enough loose fur to make a puppy out of my dog's shedded hair! I love the smooth, sleek feel of my furminated pooch. I highly recommend this tool. My dog loves the attention and tolerates being furminated....more info
  • Yes, this tool is as awesome as everyone says it is!
    It went above and beyond my expectations and the cats are so happy right now. Springtime is typically such a misery for my long haired Ally cat but not this season. Piles and piles of soft underfur came off of her in minutes and this is a cat who doesn't like to be combed either!

    My husband, the big tool fanatic, was teasing me for spending so much money on a cat brush. He justifies his purchases by saying that good tool is worth every penny. Well, this humble pet comb is one excellent piece of equipment. Another satified customer. ...more info
  • Great Item
    FURminator deShedding Tool with 1-3/4-Inch Edge for Cats Fantastic product. Did not think it would work but it did. Make sure you have a bag beside you because the hair will brush right off....more info
  • poor service
    I ordered and paid for this product over a month ago. Still have not received furminator. I have written two letters in last 10 days and have received no reply from anyone....more info
  • Don't know what I did before getting this!
    Brushing my dog was always a chore because she hated it and none of the brushes really got any undercoat out - but this tool is amazing. In one 10-minute session (without her running away - she even was lying on her back for a belly rub!) I pulled out as much fur as I sweep up in a week. The hardwood floors will look better longer, her coat is shinier, and she loves it so it is like a personal rub down for her! I would recommend it to anyone who has a big shedder in the house....more info
  • excellent deshedding tool
    This was an amazing price for 24.95. Sells for 60 in Petco. Works great. Keeps hair contained while using and cleans very well. I have a short hair mixed lab and I can't believe all the hair I get. I wish I would have gotten it sooner....more info
  • great tool
    really good product. i couldn't believe all the hair after only a short time using the furminator....more info
  • furminator
    It is OK, It came cracked but does not affect the use. Just did not want to go through the hassel of sending it back. Not the first time Amazon products were defective. I think they buy seconds because of the price. Thanks...more info
  • Works better than I thought!
    I previously used a smaller pet grooming tool that I thought was doing a good job. I bought the large furminator to reduce brushing time for myself and the dog. However, after using it for the first time my mouth dropped in amazement as it removed an extremely large amount of shed hair. I thought my original grooming tool was doing good, but not anymore!! The Furminator is a must have and it will do the job 100% of the time. Try it for yourself and see the awesome results!...more info


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