Hunter Quietflo Three Speed HEPA Air Purifier 30119

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Product Description

The upright, three-speed Hunter Quietflo Air Purifier (30119) features a true HEPA filter element that captures 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. This whisper-quiet unit has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that will exchange air up to six times per hour in a 14 by 14-foot room with an 8-foot ceiling. Other features include an air flow rating of 225 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute), and LED filter change reminders. It works well on the floor or on a shelf and it can be wall mounted. It maintains full effectiveness even when placed in a corner or against a wall.

The QuietFlo fan system draws air into the unit without the excessive noise associated with many competitive models. The advanced activated carbon pre-filter reduces cooking, tobacco, and pet odors at least 30 percent better than the competition, and it also captures large dust particles, lint, and pet hair. It finally exhausts clean, purified air back into the room from the top of the unit to avoid disturbing settled particles.

What's in the Box
Air purifier, filter, power cord, printed operating instructions

  • HEPA Filtration System
  • Three Speed Fan
  • Whisper Quiet Hunter Fan Motor
  • Separate Carbon Pre-filter fo Better Odor Reduction
  • CADR Rated to Clean a 224 sq ft room; 5 year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Dont Waste Your Money
    I purchased this item and very disappointed. Unlike my other air purifiers this does very little. I tried smoking inside my room and it takes few days to take the smoke out. I does not even make my room stay fresh at all. Waste of money. ...more info
  • Very nice air purifier
    We are very pleased with the air purifier. It is in the bedroom where my wife smokes a good deal and it keeps the room, which is 13 X 17, very fresh. It was a good buy....more info
  • leaves odor and stuffy air
    I bought this for my son's dust allergies. The carbon pre-filter leaves a strange odor. The filter does well at removing dust and allergens, but it seems to also remove available oxygen. It left my son's room so stuffy that he couldn't breathe. So the machine is just sitting in our closet. We found that shampooing the carpet, and vacuuming several times per week thereafter, did the best job at eliminating my son's discomfort due to dust. BTW, the HEPA air filter is not listed on this page and costs $80 and now, according to Hunter, lasts only 3-6 months, not one year....more info
    This is an expensive item for it not to work correctly. Not as I expected. Then I searched for filters and they are really high. I wished I had not bought this item. DO NOT BUY HUNTER, CHECK THE PRICE OF FILTERS FIRST. ...more info
  • gave it away
    The exhaust fan on this thing is so powerful and loud, it created a wind in my little motorhome. Blew dust all over the place. It did not take any more dust out of the air than the much smaller, quieter one that replaces it....more info
  • Better than expected
    This was one of the best purchases I've made. The unit is very quiet, gets the job done. One thing I didn't expect from reading the other reviews was that according to the box, this unit is rated for a 224 sf room with a 145 smoke/pollen/dust cadr rate.. ...more info
  • Gets the job done
    I bought this air filter due to dust, smoke. It is working very well, particularly re: the smoke. Im using it in my bedroom which is about 10x18. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Hunter is quiet
    I am pleased with my new Hunter purifier. It is very quiet and seems to be doing a nice job cleaning the air in our bedroom. It is an excellent value....more info
  • Warning: geeky review....but a positive geeky review. :^)
    I didn't buy this to help clear my sinuses. I bought this to combat the dust problem under my desk where 3 computers reside. So far it's doing a nice job consuming all the dust & my computer cases' interior aren't half as dusty as they were. If you're seeking an inexpensive way to reduce dust near your workstation then try this. It's working for me. Too bad the filters aren't washable & reusable. Maybe on the next model. ...more info
  • Wonderful Air Purifier
    This air purifier is just wonderful, it is not loud on high and since I have had it, my allergies are much better. My dog has terrible allergies and since I purchased this product she is much better.[[ASIN:B000FTDW5Q Hunter Quietflo Three Speed HEPA Air Purifier 30119] I ended up buying a second one after receiving and trying the first one, I use one in the living room and one in my bedroom....more info
  • Rating is for price !
    This is far and away the best price anywhere that I have been able to find on this particular model. It's CADR rating is 130/130/130 (smoke, dust, pollen) which is decent + it's a true HEPA filter type cleaner. This means the filter is not cheap...anywhere. I'll rate my opinion of performance after I get it and try it for a while. Meanwhile, this is a killer price for this unit as far as I'm concerned. Free shipping too ! Stay away from the model 30067. See my comments on that model. Noise on low speed is intolerable....more info
  • The air stinks, but my sinuses are clear
    The title says it all. The smell that the filter emits is hard to describe but certainly unpleasant. On the other hand, I no longer have clogged sinuses and a post-nasal drip. My sense of smell is more acute (I can smell how much I stink now) and my bad breath is disappearing.

    I wish I'd bought a higher-quality one, but I'm just glad I bought one!...more info
  • No more dusty air
    I live near FWY and a busy street, so this one does a fantastic job in capturing air born dusts that could otherwise enter into my lungs. Do this test in a completely dark room: placing a flash light right in front of your face will show you myriads of dusts, many are disease causing, floating around in the room. When those particles entering into body, our immune system must to fight against invaders by compromising other important tasks. In my view, all air cleaners are noisy and somewhat leave a room dry but this model is by far quieter than the other leading brands I have tested. If you're looking for one in your bedroom, you may go for the model#30090 or #30095, for they're even quieter at low setting due to operating with a smaller fan and motor. I place mine in a living room running w/a timer and leave the bedroom door open during the night, which seems to be okay. (I'm noise sensitive). Tips: gently vacuum the pre-carbon filter once a month and wash the filter and rinse with purified water every 3 months will maintain its optimal performance and also extend the filter's life (new filter costs $40 @ Lowes). For years, I had been skeptical about an air cleaner but I was wrong. In retrospect I should have bought it long time ago. Oh, for the best result, you' d try the "fresh air" by Ecoquest, which eliminates odors and kills dust mites, bacteria, and viruses altogether with ozone and oxygen ions the machine produces. There's been a misconception about the safety of ozone but is in fact a good guy at the low concentration. Believe it or not, the nature produces and uses ozone to clean the air. If you want to know more about it read the book "The Silent Killer" by Pete Billac. I bought mine at eBay for much less than the retail tag. ...more info
  • clean and quiet
    This unit is quiet enough to have a normal conversation in the same room as it is running on high. I've had this unit running for 11 weeks 24-7 and not the slightest problem. The air in my house is tremendously cleaner as i don't have a forced air (no furnace filter) furnace and several pets the dust would get pretty thick no matter how mant times we swept and dusted. I've also had a few cooking mishaps (burned food,smoke every where) and this unit cleaned the air quickly, it also helps control odors. I highly reccomend this unit for the price....more info