The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack
The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack

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With The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack, you can maximize your inner mogul with a fantastic array of new cinematic choices. Turn your motion picture projects from The Movies into empire-building epics. Add spectacular stunts, eye-popping effects and dramatic new sets. Become the ultimate Hollywood player, with greater power to build and run your own motion picture studio.

  • Add Death-Defying Stunts: Add new action-shots to your movies with a new actor-class: Stuntmen. But risk their health in the process and patch them up in a new facility, the Emergency Room.
  • Create New Special Effects: New editor allows you to add special effects like smoke, fire, and explosions.
  • Use Dramatic New Sets: Create the impression of large scale buildings and sweeping shots with new miniature sets.

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the Best Computer Games EVER
    If you haven't played The Movies yet, you should, and definately add in the Stunts&Effects pack. The game plays on two levels. First, there is the game itself, the simulation in which you are the head of your movie studio, from scriptwriting to stunts (with the pack), to watching the filming, to post production, PR and Marketing and release. Simply put, its one of the most addictive games ever... a cross between The Sims 2, and say, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

    In addtion to that, though, with the Custom Script office, you have the chance to make your own incredibly detailed movies. A word of advice though, when you get to the point where you are making your own films, change the option to instantly make movies, as once you get started, you will make more "real" movies than the ones auto-generated for the game (those all have 9 scenes, yours will have 100+, and take for ever to film otherwise).

    A great game that I can't reccommend enough...more info
  • NOW we're talkin' MOVIES!
    I've been waiting patiently, and now it's here, the expansion to "The Movies" that allows a lunkhead like me to make the kinda films I would pay money to see!

    If you start a new game, as in the original game, you start off in the year 1920. You are a movie studio mogul, and you won't get to delve into the stunts and stuff until the game calendar reaches 1960. I don't get this, as the 3 Stooges were doing stunts WAY before 1960. Ah, well.

    This pack is filled with goodies. Stunt training facility AND hospital. Green Screen set (for those outrageous car back window shots). Miniature city set (Godzilla/Kaiju anyone?). Scrolling Landscape set, for recreating Fred Flintstone's repeating living room/city block background.

    The tutorials are great, you have the ability to add your own voices, and post your completed movies online. How cool izzat? All this for under 30 bucks. Okay, MORE if you haven't bought "The Movies". I'm now gonna sign off and try working on Marathon Man: The Musical....more info
  • Stunts and Effects is a must
    The tycoon element of The Movies is entertaining for gamers who enjoy that style of game. I certainly didn't mind it but the element that adds tremendous replay value is the ability to make your own movies. The expansion, Stunts and Effects, plays right into this. While it does enhance the "game" aspect, S & E really shows it's value in the "advanced movie maker" mode where you make your own films.
    One of the main enhancements is the free-cam which gives the film maker the ability to move the camera and set up his/her custom shots. Without this function, one is limited only to the shots and angles offered by the game's developers. There are also advanced environment controls and the ability to use overlays. I would say, however, the free-cam mode alone makes it worth every penny....more info
  • Necessary for serious moviemaking
    This expansion pack provides added special effects and camera controls that are needed if you want to use "The Movies" for serious machinima or even more advanced filmmaking. Particularly useful is the ability to save a custom scene after it has been set up - something missing from the basic game.

    For simple gameplaying, this expansion pack doesn't really add a lot as far as strategy goes, although the new costumes and effects are still probably worth the relatively low cost....more info
  • Misses the Mark
    The movies by Lionhead Studios, was a better then average game. The game allows you to take the role of a Movie Studio manager to build and operate a Movie Studio. The game also allows you to make movies and this feature could almost be considered an additional game in its own right. The original game had a few flaws. One of the most serious was a lack of employees. There is an un-official patch witch corrects this but the patch can seriously bog down a slower computer. On my computer (Pentium 4, 3.20 Ghz.) the game is literally un-playable after a few hours with the patch in operation. The reason is that the patch simply provides an unending stream of employees which is too much for the computer to handle. Other problems with the game were minor. The lot is too small to build all that a player probably wants but a player can tear down buildings they don't use as often to build other ones. It is a bit "simmish", by that I mean the player is expected to provide a slew of comforts to the NPCs in the game and address their "needs".
    The original game had most of the best features of a tycoon style game with the added feature of making movies you can view and share online. My complaint with the expansion, Stunts and Effects, is that it really added very little to the game. You now have stuntmen and your actors can perform their own stunts as well. You also have more effects you can add to your movies. So the movie making side of the game has been improved a little. The problem with employees has not been corrected. The studio lot has not been expanded so you will not have room for every building you may want and the expansion gives more buildings to try to place into the relatively small lot. A larger lot would have been better. If this has been an optional download then I would have nothing negative to say about it but I am disappointed in Lionhead for making this an expansion. For those who use this game to make movies and are not overly concerned about the building and managing side of the game, this may be a worthwhile purchase. For those who want to play a tycoon style game, this expansion adds very little for the cost. My opinion is that Lionhead should address some of the flaws of the game before they go about adding expansions. The studio lot is too small and the employees' problem should be fixed. A good expansion fixes any problems that patches missed and adds at least 50% more features and game playing time to a game. You're not quite purchasing a new game but you expect to add substantially to your old one. This expansion adds a little but misses the mark to justify its price. ...more info
  • Not Just Stunts
    As many have said, you should get this expansion if you are getting the movies. After you've played with the expansion once you will wonder how you ever played The Movies without it. But the stunts are only the title feature. Plenty of other things are new too:

    -Freecam. Allowing you to move the camera yourself allows you to get exactly what you want out of a shot.
    -"Environment". The former weather button, now the environment button, lets you control the level of rain in outdoor sets, and gives you the new wind option, where you can choose what strength the wind is blowing and what it is blowing. You can also add overlays over the shots, to make it look like your video is on TV, a spaceship computer, or simply making the camera wet.
    -Makeover Screen. You can now control how much you zoom in
    with the scroll button on your mouse. You can also view a menu with all options for a certain part of their costume instead of just scrolling through forever.
    -There's plenty more costumes, including... a Santa Suit!
    -Copy scenes. Right clicking a scene in the timeline will copy it.
    -View all your scenes together. Watch all your scenes strung together as a preview of what your movie will look like. An easy way to see any problems with your movie.
    -More Sets. Not only are there the new blue screen, green screen, miniature, and scrolling sets for effects, you've got a couple more normal sets added too.
    -New scenes, stunts or otherwise.
    -New Props

    -Stuntmen. Ah, more people to train.
    -New facilities for the stuntmen. The hospital, some training facilities and a stunt school have been added to your facilities list in order to care for your stuntmen.
    -Stunt Awards. Stunt awards have been added to the Lionhead Motion Picture Awards, as well as a new series of achievements for stunts, each one rewarding you with a new set.

    This expansion is great. Lets hope Lionhead makes another.
    Maybe they should add more events in the future?...more info
  • An expansion that added to a game that REALLY needed it.
    The Movies:Stunts and Effects does add alot to the game. Now there is alot more options with certain types of action,sci fi and horror flicks, as well as romantic and comedy with a bit of creativity. It was over all a good expansion that allows the player to create movies in their own way. However, one of my annoyances with it is the fact that the lot does not get any bigger, it's annoying! However, I found a way around it after weeks of playing: don't buy all the lots at once, if there is a need for lets say, a jungle and its as big as the bombed city, break the bombed city and place the jungle there and vice versa. Do this during sandbox mode though. ...more info
  • A great sequel
    Somone who reviewed this (awesome) game sadi "the voiceovers are in english not sim speak". ONLY IF YOU PUT VOICEOVERS IN THE MOVIES!...more info
  • A great expansion.
    Like the one before it, the object is very simple. Make movies. The studio making mechinc is the same with a few more sets. The new stuntman feature makes the movies a little more comolicated to make. In summary this game is as good as the first possibly better. If you liked the origanal get this. ...more info


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