Sharper Image SI867 Quadra Silent Air Purifier with Ionic Breeze

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Faster air cleaning. Special 3+2 collection blade configuration significantly improves the capture rate of pollen, dander, tobacco smoke, dust and other airborne allergens and irritants. Five-minute Boost. Press a button for five quick minutes of high-speed air cleaning and rapid odor removal. Removable grills. The front and back grills slide off for easy cleaning. Just rinse with water to help keep your Ionic Breeze air purifier looking as good as new. Negative-Ion FeatureTM. This popular feature from Feel-Good Fan program gives you the option to increase the balance of negative ions in your indoor environment, to make it more like a refreshing outdoor place. Power-safe controls. Easy-access control switches automatically return to your selected settings when power is restored after unplugging or any unexpected power interruption. Cord wrap. Attractiveness is enhanced by a hidden cord wrap in the base Distinctive trim. Graceful tower design is enhanced by silver onyx accents at the top.

  • Electrostatic air cleaner with an upgraded Professional Series 3+2 five-blade collector configuration three charged collector blades have two inert diverter blades in between to significantly improve their particle capture rate. Ideal for larger rooms, more polluted environments or highly sensitive individuals.
  • Silent operation. Ionic Breeze technology moves air electronically with no motor, no fan and no noise at all.
  • No filters to replace. Charged airborne particles are trapped on oppositely charged stainless steel collectors that slide out for easy cleaning.
  • Saves money. Low energy costs and no replacement filters saves $100s compared to HEPA filters. Requires no more than 12 watts to power all functions at their highest settings.
  • Exclusive OzoneGuard in the front grill converts by-product ozone to oxygen as cleaner air circulates back into the room. Ozone accumulation is below the U.S. safety requirements for air cleaners.
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't believe Consumer Reports
    I have an Ionic Breeze and it works. I clean the soot and dust off of the blades every 2 weeks. Where did the soot come from except out of the air? It does have a slight ozone smell, but you won't notice it unless you are next to the unit or in a small room. Make sure you clean the the blades per instructions and let the blades sit for at least an hour to dry before using them again. I have had my unit for almost 2 years with no problems at all.

    Don't believe what you read in Consumer Reports. Their tests are not reliable, and everyone should read about the tests they did with the Suzukis. The top guy at CR was caught on camera demanding that the driver make the SUV flip over or else he would be fired. Who knows what their purpose is of skewing their tests. I think it's to get publicity for their magazines....more info
    Many people are complaining about this product for several reasons! I personally love this product & don't know how i would get along without it. 1st of all, i live in a 2 bedroom apartment, and 1 ionic quadra makes the whole apartment smell fresher! is there a staticy buzz sound??? YES, when the unit needs to be cleaned!!!!! the people who state that it buzzes constantly have no cleaning skills & should be ashamed of themselves...after the unit is cleaned, either hairdry the parts to dry them, or wait about 1 hour before turning the unit back on! there is less dusting, almost no noise, and most importantly, almost no increase in electric usage as with other brands that use mmore power! ...more info
  • CHEAP!
    Very expensive when you look at the price tag but a CHEAP piece of junk when you actually get it. It works, admittedly quite well, and then after a couple of months, it quits. Mine were on surge arrestors, just in case, and died anyway. They will, enjoy the hassle, eventually give a you new, or refurbished, unit but that one will quit as well; they are actually quite predictable, between five and seven months of life span. If you are into self-flagellation by all means get yourself a couple of these!...more info
  • Breathe easier!
    I have two for over the past 4 years. It is not a magic wand and those who expect it to do the work of removing ALL the dust in the air are misguided. It does clean the air. The air does smell better and if you have breathing issues, this product helps.

    I clean the blades at least once every two weeks. I use Windex and a toothbrush and let the blades dry before reinserting. Just recently I took apart the front and back covers and did a thorough clean.

    In short, I do think the price is high, but then again, you get what you pay for. I particularly like the warning light that tells me it's time to clean the blades. Don't light candles often because the blades will quickly attract the soot and blacken.

    No complaints....more info
  • Loud machine. Bad customer service from Sharper Image
    The thing works for few months before it starts buzzing. I called customer service. They won't replace it unless you do all they asked you to do, such as shaking the whole machine, using the hair dryer to blow dry the insert, wipe everything clean...... which were very unprofessional. They came with 5-year warranty. Within 3 years, I have been through 5 replacements, and none of any last for over 6 months. It made buzzing sound all the time! After fifty replacement, they said they can't replace the machine for me any longer even with 5-year warranty!! Don't be fooled by Sharper Image. I will never buy anything from them!...more info
  • Love/Hate
    Seems everyone either loves or hates these Ionic breeze gadgets.
    I've owned one of the new Quardras for a few months now.

    1. Every time I clean it the plates are covered with dust and soot.
    2. It's dead quiet.

    I suspect a fan driven system could in fact perform better, but considering the dead-silence and the fact that the Quadra absolutely does collect airborne "stuff", I'm happy with it.

    More "CFM" would be nice, but not at the expense of more noise.

    ...more info
  • Buyer beware
    I purchased one of these 6 months ago. It has already stopped working I paid over $300 for it and now they(sharperimage)is telling me I have to pay to ship it back to them and they will send me a used one to replace this unit. So I paid for a brand new unit that worked for less than 6 months and now I will get a used one, I wonder how long that one will work. I wish I had done more research on this. ...more info
  • Ionic Breeze really works.
    Consumer reports compared the ionic breeze to cleaners with fans. Naturally,
    those cleaners will clean the air faster because the dust is circulated
    into the cleaner by the fan. The problem is that causing more dust to circulate is
    the worst thing for a person with allergies. The ionic breeze does not
    increase the dust in the air you breathe by stirring it up. When people
    walk in the room the stir the dust up naturally and then the ionic breeze
    catches it. So it works better than in the isolated environment CR tested it in. Consumer reports did not realize that people with allergies
    will suffer when dust is stirred up by a fan. That is why people with allergies suffer when a house has hot air heat, as opposed to baseboard
    or radiators.
    ...more info
  • Very simple. It works.
    I had pretty bad allergies. I went from having a soar throat and sneezing constantly to instant relief the moment i bought and started using this air purifier.

    I now own two. A desk size model i keep right on my bed stand. I read the consumer reports review but it really means nothing to me when I've seen the instant and obvious improvement i have with my allergies.

    I also got my gf one because my allergies would always act up at her place. Once she started using it again i had a very noticeable instant improvement.

    Even better is the San Diego fires have causes so much air pollution. The most harmful being the particles around 2.5nm. Luckily for me the ionic breeze removes from .05 nm and up. Using both mine and my gfs in the same 1 bed room apartment kept the air extremely clean.

    You might not notice this instant change if you don't have allergies. But just clean the blade once and you'll be a believer. The amount of dust and dirt this thing collects is amazing....more info
  • Bad Customer Service and Bogus Warranty
    Buyer beware! When this Sharper Image product bombs (and it will), they will refuse to honor their own written warranty, or as in my case, demand that I return the original product at my own expense and then wait MONTHS until they make a replacement from all their broken returns. It was the worse experience ever. Their arrogance is legendary. Save your money. There are cheaper and better alternatives elsewhere....more info
  • A Great Product
    I've seen TONS of criticism surrounding this product, and I feel like some of it should be addressed. First and foremost, I own two quadras. My girlfriend owns 3 ionic breezes and has 2 large (100+ lbs) dogs, which I am allergic to. Let me tell you, from the moment I step into her house I can tell whether or not she's had the Ionic Breezes running. I recently purchased them for my own house, and the air has never smelled fresher. I can say, from my personal experience with this product, that it really does work. Many people are criticizing this product saying it can't possibly work, without even considering the chemistry involved in it, and worse yet, without even owning it. If it really didn't take even SOME pollutants out of the air, where would all that gunk that you clean out every 2 weeks be coming from? And yes, there is quite a bit of it that builds up. It can't just appear out of nowhere!

    Consumer Reports may have been the source for honest opinions at one point in time, but recently CR is a joke! They've been under fire for biased reports and problems with "sample size, self-selected samples, and different ratings of the same product when sold under different names". If that doesn't prove bias, I don't know what does. And how is CR responding to these accusations? Nope, they're not rethinking the way they rate things, but they're threatening legal action. Hmm.. Recently they've been trying to spark controversy in order to keep their own popularity high. The sad part is, more people would rather watch a news story on a devastating natural disaster than hear about how the economy is doing, even on a supposedly unbiased news channel. Metaphor sound familiar?

    Another criticizm of the product involves the fact that it creates ozone as a byproduct. Well, yes, ozone is harmful in larger concentrations. But the quadra comes with the OzoneGuard which reduces the ozone emitted to very safe levels. Still not convinced? Well the government claims that the Ionic Breeze is quite safe. But people still somehow don't believe it! The very same people who trust the government to make sure the food they eat, the medicines they take, and even every other electronics product they use are all safe for them to use! So why do people think that the government is perfectly reliable for everything other than this? Just because it is new technology? That's my guess.

    In my experience, this product really works, and really is safe. If others have had problems with the quadra, or if they just don't think it works after giving it a fair shot, then I am sorry that it didn't work for them, and I respect that they at least tried it out. It's hard to believe how many people are bashing this product without even trying it. If this product really were unsafe, you'd think that there would be a lot more about it in the news, or at least one story of even one person who suffered from "ozone poisoning" as the result of this product. Or at least a lawsuit? Or anything. The only lawsuits concerning this product that I hear of are Sharper Image against those people unfairly slandering its name....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    We own two of these units in my home. They were both purchased less than six months ago. One of them had stopped working (We have been told to just continuously return it when this happens). These units do not work. We have not found that the level of allergens in our home had decreased at all since we bought these units. As a matter of fact, we now have to dust the units as well as the furnishings.

    I called to see if we could get our money back. I was told that we could get a store credit or a refund. Apparently Sharper Image's bottom line has taken a big hit as word has gotten out that the best-selling product that they have does not work.

    I will NEVER buy another item from Sharper Image again. What a ripoff!...more info
  • Asthma Relief
    I have allergies, asthma, and three dogs. This unit has improved the quality of my life tremendously. I clean the blades every few days and the black crap that comes off of them is amazingly disgusting. I'm glad that at least I'm not breathing that. In conjunction with my Dyson Animal vacuum, I've cut my meds in half. Highly recommended....more info
  • basically Worthless
    The 'Power of Suggestion' and extensive marketing can convince people of almost anything. These things have been proven in test after test to be all but worthless. This has also been shown in court. Try any Google search hit and prove it to yourself. The latest quote from Consumers Union (Consumers Reports) "The bottom line: The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Professional with OzoneGuard does little to clean the air. If you own one, try returning it for a refund."
    Instead, buy any decent AC filter for $15 and change it once a month....more info
  • Highly effective and totally silent. Very happy Customer.
    I bought my first Ionic Breeze five years ago. At that time I had a tabby cat and a good friend who was allergic to cats. My friend couldn't be in the apartment for more than a few minutes without sneezing and his eyes itching. After running the Ionic Breeze for a week, he no longer had a problem visiting and staying for dinner. I was amazed and have been a fan ever since.

    I've since added two more of the newer Ionic Breezes to my apartment. One in my bedroom and one in my walk in closet. I keep a hamper in there for laundry (including gyn clohes) and it keeps everything smelling fresh even if I don't get the laundry done as soon as I like.

    The Ionic Breeze keeps the air fresh (I live in a city on a busy corner) and I no longer need my allergy pills at night.

    Cleaning in the sink is easy but I do recommend getting the extra grids so you can still use your Ionic Breeze while the grids are drying. I have had some trouble with noise but it went away once I thoroughly cleaned the unit.

    I've heard the talk about Ozone with these but it doesn't seem to be an issue since the new one's have something called Ozone Guard that turns the Ozone back to oxegyn anyway.

    Overall this is a really great product and one I highly recommend....more info